Inspired by their own creative impulses, stimulated by our era's unprecedented access to mass media, and encouraged by an active and ever-growing art market of eager galleries and collectors, such artists slip free from tidy definitions and categories to take their work in multiple directions. Having long been "basically a realist in watercolors and acrylics," and looking for a change following the 1991 death of her husband, painter and illustrator David Price, she found herself drawn to the textures and colors of rustic walls and doorways on a visit to the Mexican artists' colony of San Miguel de Allende. Lane Timothy also focuses on his process rather than style to define and unite such disparate paintings as PRANCE, an oil-onplaster, textured panel that interpretively fractures an image of an ancient Chinese bronze horse into a cubist-style grid, and AHEAD OF THE STORM, an oil-on-panel depiction of three plow horses done in a finely detailed heroic style evocative of the figurative realism popular in the mid-20th century.

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