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					    Nlets – the
Justice and Public
Safety Information
 Sharing Network

March 13-15, 2006
What is Nlets?


 • …to provide, within a secure environment,
   an international criminal justice
   telecommunications capability

 • Nlets will assist those national and
   international governmental agencies and
   other organizations with similar missions
Nlets is…

 • Non-profit corporation chartered by the States –
   funded by user fees
 • Members are all 50 states, DC, most federal
   agencies & territories, and the RCMP, and other
 • 40 years in operation
 • Links 30,000 agencies and over 550,000 access
   devices in the U.S. and Canada
 • Over 50 million transmissions per month
Power of Information

    State Criminal Histories
    Electronic “HIT” confirmation
    Canadian Files (CPIC)
    Homeland Alert Messages
    Screen Officers Flying Armed    ONE WAY
    INS databases at LESC –
    Driver records and vehicle
    Aircraft Registrations
    HAZMAT, GSA Federal
     registrations, NICB
    Push administrative
     messages to all CJ agencies


               F           B
           H               C

                        President = Florida
                  1st Vice President = Wisconsin
                 2nd Vice President = Rhode Island

                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS
         Vermont     North Carolina   Illinois       Kansas
         Maryland    Mississippi      Montana        Hawaii

     A   B          C       D         E          F       G    H

          Executive Director • Director of Operations
              • Director of Program Management
Members with T1 Connection

                   All 50 states, DC, Puerto
                   Rico, Virgin Islands,
                  Canada - RCMP
 Federal Agencies (DOJ, Dept. of Interior, Dept. of
 State, DHS, FBI, U.S. Postal Inspection Service,
 SS, U.S. Courts, Fed. Protective Service, DOT
 Fed. Motor Carrier Admin., TSA, Federal Air
 Marshals, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard
 and more….. )
How Nlets Works

 • State-of-the-art, high-speed, secure frame relay
Disaster Recovery:

• Redundant hardware housed at
  Idaho State
• Disaster Recovery (DR) site
  mirrored with NLETS Phoenix
• DR site supports TCP/IP states,
  with full functionality with RAND
• Operational since June 2002
• 20 minute recovery of all critical
How Nlets Works

 • Adoption of off-the-shelf Internet protocols such
   as XML and web services
How Nlets Works

 • 80 different kinds of messages are sent and
   received between states and federal and
   international agencies in seconds

                                         Courtesy State of Connecticut
Some of the Information you can get
from Nlets………
 •   GSA Fleet (Government Vehicle Registrations)
 •   National Amber Alert (Reciprocal Activation capability)
 •   Traffic (camera) enforcement pilots via Nlets
 •   NVPS – Target De-confliction system (DEA, HIDTA’S,
     Missouri, Nlets)
 •   INSUREnet – Pilot for roadside valid vehicle
     insurance inquiry via Nlets
 •   National Weather-wire feed via Nlets
 •   Operation Respond on-line (Hazmat, Chemical name,
     Rail Car ID)
 •   Coast Guard (Undocumented Vessels)
 •   Mesonet Pilot
Some of our newest developments……

• Regarding last years FBI APB motion to align
    Nlets and CJIS have aligned the MQ specification
    Nlets and CJIS have deployed GJXDM 3.0 compliant
     rapsheet (<1M XML rapsheets being passed monthly)
• STILL NEEDED: Early alignment of NCIC XML efforts with
  existing Nlets XML
    Re-use of existing and implemented Nlets specifications
       Minimize impact on user community and unnecessary
• STILL NEEDED: Early alignment in use of Web-services
• STILL NEEDED: Develop a joint (CJIS/Nlets) validation
  process for state implementations of GJXDM
Some of our newest developments……

 • Hurricane Katrina
    NICB called, needed a capability to run
     nationwide vehicle checks pursuant to
     hurricane fraud “Z1”
    NCMEC called asking for assistance getting
     Katrina Hotline started up with LE nationwide
    New Orleans called, YQ’s re-routed to US
    FBI called, asked for assistance with service
     disruptions in MS, FL, LA, AL
Some of our newest developments……

• INTERPOL Inquiry
   Electronic law enforcement access to Interpol
    data housed in Lyon France via Nlets…
    scheduled to be complete in January 2006
     Nlets inquiry, using wanted person format to USNCB
      in Washington DC
      • Global XML compliant
      • Processed by USNCB and sent to Lyon France
      • Returned to U.S. law enforcement through USNCB via Nlets
        including caveats, warnings and additional information
Current Projects ….…NIJ Grant

 • S.R.F.E.R.S. - State, Regional and Federal Enterprise
   Retrieval System project PHASE I
     Nlets
     ARJIS
     CAL DOJ
     AZ DPS
     NLECTC – NW
     Maricopa County
     Alaska Law Enforcement Info Sharing System (ALIESS)
     …..more for Phase II
 • Objectives:
     Inter-State Booking Photos and data
     License Plate Reader date (LPR over Nlets)
     Nlets message archive query (RAND)
     Tool kit and model for Inter-State Sharing
     Privacy and Security Assessments

 • Possible Phase II:
    More States/Regions
    Add 3 of the following data sources:
      Drivers License photos
      CAL-PHOTO
      Parole Leads
      Probation information
      Rap Sheet info
       (history returned with mug shots is limited)
Current Projects ….…NIJ/BJA Grant

 CANDLE (Collaboration Between Nlets and AAMVA for
   Driver License Exchange)

 Provide driver record and history transactions to Nlets
 users in standard format

 Problem Statement:
 • Interstate exchange of licensed driver status and record
   history has been occurring via Nlets for decades
 • Responses have not been standardized
 • Law enforcement officers and dispatchers challenged to
   quickly and accurately interpret the response

 • Goals and Objectives
       Build upon the existing Nlets infrastructure.
       Leverage the AAMVA data standards
       Use mainstream technologies and conventions,
        such as eXtensible Markup Language (XML) -
       Provide a technical solution that supports both
        current legacy and new XML users.
       Minimize the impact to Nlets and AAMVA agencies.
 • Grant Participants: Nlets, AAMVA, New York, Delaware,
   Wisconsin, Iowa, Maine, ATS, CPI
Current Projects ….…NIJ Grant

  AISLE II (Accelerated Information Sharing for Law

  To exchange operational law enforcement information
  between multiple states using XML and Web Services

  Problem Statement:
  •Need to improve the accuracy and efficiency of
  information sharing by providing consistently formatted
  responses utilizing new (internet) technologies

 • Goals and Objectives
     Extend Web Services infrastructure to large states
     Enable direct Web Services data exchange
     Extend NLETS XML specification to include
     Expand NLETS services and interoperability
     Provide NLETS infrastructure improvements

 • Grant Participants: Nlets, New York, Delaware,
   Wisconsin, Iowa, Maine, ATS, CPI
 Current Projects ….…NIJ Grant

• RAND (Random Access to Nlets Data)
    Goals and Objectives
      Exploit U.S. law enforcement’s latent knowledge by
       applying strong data mining tools to Nlets message stores
      Demonstrate the feasibility of delivering a secure national
       intelligence analysis capability through a trusted source
        • Secure Nlets RAND Expansion web portal interface for
          participating pilot agencies
        • Nlets RAND preparation (data cleansing, normalization, application
          of ETL/EAI tools)
        • Delivery of query and analytical tools via secure web portal

• RAND Portal – delivering improved Nlets services
  through a powerful new medium
   First-time offering of web access to Nlets services
   Affords new Nlets access/service delivery model and
    offers a view to future business methods
• Significant corporate donations
   Nlets-Microsoft public/private partnership expected to
    gain national visibility and positive reception
   Show value/strength of public/private partnerships
Technical project list

 •   CANDLE                             •   NCMEC Secondary Dissemination
 •   Aisle II                           •   Customs Land Border Targeting
                                            System/Line Upgrade
 •   Western Demo/SRFRS                 •   Interpol Hotfile Over Nlets
 •   Draft Security Document/Policies   •   Initiate Field Editing to Canada
 •   Epic Open Connectivity             •   Users Utilization of Msg Keys
 •   Missouri Amber 911 Portal              Spreadsheet
 •   Website Redesign/Security          •   FTC/Identity Theft
                                        •   Web Services Security
 •   RAND Enhancement Grant Work
                                        •   FBI Connection to Nlets via NCIC
 •   RAND Upgrade In Phoenix/Idaho          Circuit
 •   Disaster Recovery Document         •   Nlets Access to CDLIS via AAMVA
 •   Uploading Data to WeatherWire      •   RISS Line Install for Backup
     via Nlets                          •   DOS Plates to GSA
 •   FAM's Nlets/NCIC Over Nlets        •   INSURENET
 •   Nlets Connections to the FBI       •   Terrorist Watch List
 •   LoJack Access                      •   Users Utilization of XML
 •   Mesonet Over Nlets                 •   NESTOR Registration Checks
 •   Terminal Survey Online             •   ATS Registration Checks
 •   FAA scrape via Nlets off Voyager   •   Nlets Building Security
New Website, BBS and Online Reporting


 • Outreach efforts continue
    Meeting with congressional delegates
       Letters sent, annual reports sent, face to face
        meetings occurring
    New Partnerships with Microsoft and Cisco
       Corporate sponsorships, resource sharing
    New brochures, new message
    White papers, magazine articles, press interviews
    2006 conference hosted by Fred Witte in Hawaii,
     2007 in Phoenix
New 15,000 Square Foot Building in 2006
           Steve Correll
       Executive Director
          Bonnie Locke
Director of Program Management
         (602) 224-0744

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