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					              SMART Board Follow Up
   Rachel Yurk & Toni Heinowski – New Berlin Public Schools

Something to keep in mind . . .
The installation of the SMART Board was not for the sake of
technology, but rather for the sake of using technology in
enhancing curriculum. The SMART Board should be viewed as an
interactive, highly motivational teaching tool within your
classroom. This training will show you ways to customize your
SMART Board to best fit your teaching needs.

The galleries collection lends itself nicely to your classroom

To open the collection, go to “view”, “gallery” or click
the Gallery tab on the side of the notebook page.

Open a collection by clicking the plus sign of the list you want to
display, select a template, click and drag it into Notebook. Select
clip art to enhance template, then click and drag those into
Notebook as well.
Category                   Templates                  Images                   Interactive
Administration &           certificates, awards,      balloons and             Spinner
Evaluation                 lined paper,               performance              Timer
• Enhanced Resources       calendars, task            reinforcements
• Paper Backgrounds        planners
• Planning
Arts                       Home design, stage         Household items,
• Design                   Large/small plain,         Acoustic, electric
• Music                    duet, quartet, and         guitar; cymbals;
                           trio staffs                snare, kettle drums;
                                                      keyboard; recorder;
                                                      sax; tambourine;
                                                      triangle; trumpet;
                                                      violin Combination of
                                                      notes, rests and
                                                      musical notations
English &                  certificates, awards,      lower and upper case     Grammar Show
Language Arts              lined paper, decorative    letters and numbers      Game, Writing
• Grammar                  writing papers, lower      (dotted and solid),      Concrete Poetry
• Paper Backgrounds        and upper case letter
                                                      expression bubbles       Game, My Spelling
• Poetry                   and number printing
                                                      and characters, fairy    Friend Game,
• Printing                 paper, expression
                           bubble paper, fairy tale   tale and nursery         Musicians of Bremen
• Spelling
                           and nursery rhyme          rhyme characters
• Story Telling
                           pages, teller, cashier,    and props, people
                           home, hospital, office,    and activities
                           school, stage, village     categorized
Geography                  Blank areas to hold        Flags from each          Where in the World
• Africa                   flag images, each          country, each            is Barnaby Bear?
• Asia                     continent either           continent has            Game,
• Europe                   blank or with              countries (states)
• North America            countries outlines;        that fit into template
• Oceania
                           North America has          outline
• South America
• Landscape                Canada and United
• World                    States either blank
                           or states/provinces
                           outlined. World
History                    Various maps, and          People, methods of
• 1930s Europe             events, blank              transportation,
• 19th Century Europe      timelines                  artifacts and
• Ancient Egypt                                       important items from
• Ancient Greece
                                                      each era.
• Anglo-Saxons
• Bayeux Tapestry
• Columbus
• Native North Americans
• Normans
• Romans
• Stuarts
• Tudors
• Vikings
• Timelines
Category              Templates                 Images                   Interactive
Science &             Desert, lake,             Animals categorized      Blood and
Technology            mountain, ocean and       alphabetically,          Circulation,
• Animals             rain forest scene,        various beakers,         Breathing and
• Astronomy & Space   worksheets,               flasks, test tubs        Respiration, Changes
• Biology             landscapes, space         various atoms            of State,
• Physics
                      shuttle scenes,           various pictures –       Displacement
• Technology
                      various beakers           spring, coil, piston,    Reactions, Reactions
• Transportation
                      periodic table and        etc. Organs,             with Metals with
                      blank table various       skeletons, bones,        Acids, Reactivity
                      forces – spring,          systems Fulcrum,         Series of Metals,
                      displacement, etc.        level, load, arrow,      Structures and
                      Cells, vessels, bones,    Concave, convex,         Bonding, Measuring
                      ear, tooth, egg,          parallel lens Leaf,      Current, Parallel
                      sperm Class levers,       plant, tree Planets,     Circuits, Series
                      wheelbarrow,              moon Microphone,         Circuits, Measuring
                      scissors Color            tuning fork, volcano,    Voltage, Gravity,
                      mixing, pinhole           glacier, 19 different    Pivots and Levers,
                      images, camera lens,      weather icons –          Measuring Speed,
                      eye diagram Leaf,         cloudy, drizzle,         Stopping Distances,
                      plant, tree, tulip        flurries, sunny, etc.,   E-Mail Detectives –
                      diagram; cross            various physics          Adding an
                      section of leaf; carbon   images pictures,         Attachment,
                      and nitrogen cycle        various workshop
                      Comet, planet sizes,      tools, wheels,
                      solar system, the sun     transportation
                      various sound waves,      pictures
                      Physical geology
                      scenes, Blank and
                      numbered Celsius;
                      Blank and numbered
                      various physics
                      templates, Bridges
                      and Structures,
                      computer templates,
Sports & Recreation   Each game has its         Each game has            Interactive dice
• Badminton           field for the page        opposing team
• Baseball            template                  players,
• Basketball                                    Xs and Os for plays,
• Field Hockey                                  and game
• Football                                      equipment (bat, ball,
• Hockey                                        glove, etc.)
• Rugby
• Soccer
• Tennis
• Volleyball
• among others
• Games
Category                 Templates                Images                   Interactive
Mathematics              Teller, register,        Front and back of        Charlie Chimps Big
• Currency               cashier, piggy bank,     coins, bills (US,        Modeling Part Game,
• Number Concepts &      price tag, 10 and        Canadian, Euro and       Axial Symmetry,
Operations               100s numbered and        UK), hands, register,    Angle Measure
• Patterns & Relations
                         blank tables,            piggy bank, Counting     (reflex, acute and
• Shapes, Space &
                         percentage and angle     objects and shapes,      obtuse), Pythagoras’
• Statistics &           calculator, fraction     numbers, blank           Game, Elf Tales –
Probability              boards, blank and        tables, fraction         Tidying the Books
                         numbered hundred         pieces, unit pieces,     Game, Captain
                         boards, grids,           algebra tiles,           Coordinates –
                         multiplication tables,   tessellations, angles,   Understanding Scale
                         blank and numbered       parallel lines, Metric   Game, Co-ordinates
                         number lines, place      ruler, Imperial ruler,   interactive, Balance
                         value and base 10        protractor, metric       Scale Interactive,
                         charts, printing         triangle, imperial       thermometer
                         number paper, dot        triangle,                Interactive, dice
                         paper, Venn              measurement tools,       interactive, spinner
                         diagrams,                3-D shapes,              interactive
                         worksheets, one, two     thermometers (C and
                         or four blank or         F), large and small
                         numbered clocks,         hands, blank or
                         card table, graphing     numbered clock,
                         charts                   digital display, deck
                                                  of cards, dice,
People & Culture         teller, register,        front and back of        Paddy Gets Better
• Everyday Things        cashier, piggy bank,     coins, bills (US,        Game,
• Health                 price tag, schoolyard,   Canadian, Euro and
• People                 playground, sandbox,     UK), hands, register,
• Religion
                         food pyramid, place      piggy bank, pencil,
• Special Occasions
                         setting, plate,          eraser, calculator,
                         bathroom, bathtub,       ink, pen, pins,
                         shower, sink, girl &     airplane, children’s
                         boy, teller, cashier,    toys, food categorized
                         home, hospital,          alphabetically- meat,
                         office, school, stage,   fruit, vegetables,
                         village, various         personal hygiene
                         religious maps &         items, people and
                         scenes, PAPER -          activities categorized
                         Fancy -hemp thread;      alphabetically,
                         parchment; crinkly       religious symbols
                         parchment & sand         and items, seasonal
                         Lined - Handwriting      symbols, western
                         large, small Lined       hats, spurs, cowboy,
                         paper – large, small     cowgirl, horse
                         Holiday – Christmas,
                         Easter, St. Patrick’s,
                         Valentine’s, Seasonal
                         – winter, fall, spring
                         & summer, fair
                 grounds, pancake

Use the SMART Board to meet your needs!

Images searches – a classroom idea

Why not try searching for images off the Internet to enhance
vocabulary, background knowledge, historical images, virtual field
trips or current events?

One place start searching is with a Google Image Search. Go to then click on Images. From here you will be
able to search for images.

It is not recommended to allow your students to search! There are
no filters for inappropriate images!

Clicking on Advanced Image Search, allows you to set filters.
Tip! This is a tip for your searches – not your students!
While not 100% safe, there will be some sort of a filter in place.
                                     You’ve found a picture,
                                     now what?
                                     Right click the picture you
                                     have found.
                                     Now you have two options:

                                    1. Select “Copy” then
                                       paste the picture
                                       directly into
                                    2. Select “Save picture
                                       as” and save the
                                       picture for future
                                    3. When this option is
                                       selected, you will
                                       then navigate to
                                       you want your
                                       picture saved. (The
                                       default is to you’re
                                       Pictures folder in
                                       your My Documents
                                       folder, a great place
                                       for all your pictures!)
   You can always save to My Documents or on the Desktop so
   you remember where they were saved.

TIP!Saving to the Desktop allows you to easily find an image. It
also is helps you remember to recycle or trash the image after it
is no longer needed.
Inserting your own clipart into the Collections
Using your own clipart for the collections could be more powerful than the
prepackaged clipart with the SMART Board Collections. So once you find clipart,
here’s what you need to do:
There are two ways to do this task.

                                       Insert Menu:
                                          • Save your clipart to My Documents
                                              or to your desktop.
                                          • From the “Insert” menu, select
                                              “Picture/Template” then “From File”
                                          • Choose the image that you have
                                              saved by double clicking the image.
                                          • The image will not be saved in the
                                              Gallery, but will appear on your
                                              current slide where you can resize
                                              and alter it.

                                      Gallery Additions:
                                         • Save your clipart to My Documents or
                                             to your desktop.
                                         • Open the Galley Collection from
                                             within SMART Notebook by clicking
                                             the Gallery tab.
                                         • Open the “My Content” tree. This is
                                             where additional clip art is easily
                                         • From the Gallery side menu, select
                                             “Add/Import”, then “Import
                                             Picture/Template File…” then
                                             navigate to where your clipart has
                                             been saved.
                                         • Select and open the clipart. It is
                                             placed in with the pictures in the
                                         • You can now drag it into a slide and
                                             resize it as needed.
                                         • Before closing the collection you will
                                             have a chance to save the clip art to
                                             your new collection.
Changing the Floating Toolbar of the SMART Board to
meet your classroom needs.
  1. Along the bottom of the computer, select the SMART Board.

  2. Open the floating toolbar by selecting the floating tools.

  3.   The floating toolbar will appear on the desktop.

  4. Select the add items                                                           2
     or more button
     indicated by three
     dots in blue.
  5. A drop down box will appear. Select the item
     “customize the floating

  6.    A large box will open giving you the opportunity to add many tools to the
       floating menu. Some handy tools to have on this menu are the calculator,
       the keyboard and the screen shade.
      7.    To add an item, select the available tool you want to add and choose the
           ADD>> button. Once you have made the selections, click on add and they
           should appear on the floating toolbar.

Another Classroom Shortcut - Capturing Print Capturing
Notebook icon.

Use the Capture icon      in Notebook to capture an area, window
or an entire screen to SMART Notebook. The capture window will
open and stay open floating above any program or application
until you select what you want to capture. This is good to use if
you want to capture a picture or just a portion of a document or
screen into Notebook.

 Tool                                      Function

            Captures a screen area you’ve defined using your finger or mouse.

            Captures the window area. You define it by placing the capturing
            icon over the
            window portion to be captured and clicking the mouse.

            Captures the entire screen, tool bars and all.
Capturing a document into Notebook

If you want to capture a document into SMART Notebook, follow these steps:

   1. Open the document
   2. Go to File, then Print
   3. In the drop down menu, select SMART Notebook Print Capture
   4. . Click OK. Your document will open in SMART Notebook. (If you can’t see
      the entire document once it’s in Notebook, scroll to the bottom of the
      Notebook page, and click “Grow Screen”.)

Capturing annotations in Microsoft Word

When displaying a Word document on the SMART Board, additional tools
will appear on the toolbar of the Word document. This tool bar gives you
several options.
  Tool                                         Function

             Captures the entire screen and places it in a Notebook application
             Saves annotations to insert your handwritten note as an object into
             the document or spreadsheet (in Excel)
             Saves and converts handwritten annotations as text in the document.

Recording steps in SMART Notebook

Using the Record feature from the SMART Notebook tools, you are able to
record the process or steps of a problem. To enable
this feature, open the SMART Board tools and
select Record. The SMART Record menu will
open. Clicking Record will record all your steps.
(This includes opening documents, navigating on
the Internet, or just writing in Notebook.) When
you are done, click “Stop”.

After clicking “Stop”, the program will prompt you to save the file. It will save as
the date and time the recording was made into your My Documents. You might
want to rename it for ease of remembering what it was!


          Speller is a spelling and vocabulary application. This application
          can be downloaded from EdCompass at

          By using Speller in your classroom, not only are you able to
practice basic spelling but you also can modify lists of categories by inserting
your own pictures for vocabulary practice.
                        To run Speller, launching it from your desktop then
                        click “Go” for a list of categories.

Then choose a category for practice.

   •   Once a category is selected, a picture is shown. The student spells the name
       of the picture in the boxes either by using a stylus or their finger. The writing
       can be changed into text by clicking the “A” or it can stay as their
       handwritten letter.
   •   The student can select the ABC button for an alphabet to show. The child
       now can click and drag a letter into each box to form the word.
   •   If the student needs a hint, press the question mark. Speller reveals one
       letter in the word with each press.
   •   Press the check mark box to check the spelling. Correct letters turn blue,
       incorrect letters turn red.
   •   When you’re ready for the next word, press the forward arrow. After you
       spell that last word in the category, click stop.
Making Speller work for you!

Edit the categories to insert curricular pictures or vocabulary words. Here’s
   • Go to “Options” “Edit word categories”
   • Type in your new category, then click “Add Category”
   • Type in your new word, then click “add word”
   • Click the folder to the right of the image blank box to navigate for a
       picture of your new word. (Refer back to page 3 for finding and saving
   • Finally click OK. Now you are ready to go back to Speller and select
       your new category! It will now be in the list of categories when Speller