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					The Adventures Of Hurley And Ben

We See A Flash Of Light To Hurley,Ben,And Desmond Outside The Light
Cave.Desmond Gets Down In The Water To Get A Drink.He Begins To Yell Into The

Desmond: Jack! Jack!

Hurley: Ah. Dude I'm Pretty Sure That He's Dead.

Ben: I Guess That Rabbit John Fed Me Three Years Ago Didn't Have A 23 On It.

Desmond: We Have To See If He's Alright!

Hurley: Jack's Gone Dude.Now Do You Wanna Go Home Or Not?

Desmond: Show Me The Way, Brotha

10 Years Later

We See A Gray Haired Ben And A Tall Slender Man with A Big Beard And Long
Hair.The Two Sit Down In Front Of Two Poorly Made Coffins.The Slender Man Stands

???: Rose And Bernard Were Wonderful People And They Died Because It Was Their
Time.In Their Sleep.Rose One Night And Bernard The Next...We Will Miss You.

Ben: That Was Truly Magnificent Hugo

Hurley: Thanks Dude

The Two Bury The Coffins As Vincent Runs Out Of The Jungle.Vincent has Very Little
Meat On His Bones And He Is Wimpering.

Hurley: What Is It Boy?

Hurley And Ben Follow Vincent Into The Jungle.They Come Out On The Beach Where
The Foot Is.We See A Plane Flying Over Head And Breaking Apart.Hurley Goes To The

Hurley: Would You Kindly Welcome The Guests?

Ben: Sure.I Would Be Honored.

Other Side Of Island
We See Ben In Front Of A Blond Boy Holding Hands With A Korean Girl.

Ben: Welcome To Hurley's Island...Are You On The List? Please State Your Name

???: My Name's Aaron Littleton, Who The Bloody Hell Might You Be?

Ben: I Am Benjamin Linus...Who's The Girl?

???: My Name Is Ji Yeon Kwon

Ben: Excellent You Are Both On Hurley's List...I Assume You Both Are 13 And 10

Aaron: Yes

The Three Walk Into The Jungle.


Desmond,Ben,And Hurley are walking to the beach.They are On The Hydra Island Now.

Hurley: Goodbye Des...I think You Can Manage The Rest Of The Way.

Desmond: Thank You Brotha...Come With Me.Both Of You

Ben: I Shall Stay With This Island For As Long As I Live

Hurley: Besides...I Have Nothing To Go Back To.

Desmond: You Mother And Your Father Hugo,They Will Be Wondering Where You Are
When The Others Arrive In LA.

Hurley: I Told Them I Loved Them And That We Probably Wouldn't See Each other
Ever Again.

Ben: Son Of A Bitch!

Hurley: Oh! And Because I Am The Protector Now...I'm Pretty Sure My Number 2 Can't
Protect It Alone.

Desmond: I Understand...See Ya In Another Life, Aye

Hurley: Aye!

We See Hurley Filling Two Glasses With Water And Giving Them To Ji Yeon And

Hurley: You Are Both Now Like Me

Aaron: What Are You Like?

Hurley: Speical

Ji Yeon: What Happens Now?

Hurley: The Two Of You Must Protect The Island For Many Years To Come

Aaron: From What?

Hurley: Nothing...Just Have Fun

Ji Yeon: That's It?

Hurley: That's It...Good Luck

Back On The Main Island

We See Hurley Crying Over Jack's Body...Ben Is Crying Too While Hugging Vincent.

Hurley: I'm Sorry Jack...Ben We Gotta Find Us A Coffin.

Ben: Where? It's An Empty Island...We Used To Push Our Dead Out To Sea...

Hurley: Get Me John Locke's Coffin...It's In The Shadows Of The Statue

Ben: Right Away Number 1

They Both Smile.

Hurley: It's Gonna Be Fun Working With You Dude.

10 Years Later

We See Hurley Approach Ben.

Ben: Where Are You Going?

Hurley: To Turn The Donkey Wheel And Go Home...Your Welcome To Come

Ben: No...I Still Wish To Stay
Hurley: Goodbye My Friend...You Always Were A Great Number 2

Ben: And You Were A Great Number 1

Hurley: Thanks


We See Hurley And Ben Burying Jack.Ben Stands Up.

Ben: Jack Shepard Was An Extraordinary Man.He Did Great Things And Even Went To
Great Lengths To Protect This Island...Rest In Peace Jack

Ben Sits Down As Hurley Stands Up And Cries.

Hurley: I Love You Jack,I'm Gonna Lose Weight For You Dude...SO When We See
Each Other In Heaven...Or Hell You Will Be Able To Say "Lookin' Good Hugo"

They Both Sit Down And Stare At The Coffin.

Hurley: I'm Gonna Miss Him.

Ben: Me Too

The End

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes Died On September 22nd 2019 from Being Stabbed By James
"Sawyer" Ford Over Kate Choosing Him Over James.

Benjamin Linus Died May 23rd 2017 from a Heart Attack When Aaron Littleton Sadly
Became The Smoke Monster.

Ji Yeon Kwon Was Left Alone To Battle Aaron At All Times.

Nobody Knows What Became Of Aaron Littleton And Ji Yeon Kwon As Of Today.

The Year Is 2254...The Search Is Still On-Going


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