Neighborhood Map Machine by lonyoo

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Map Machine

 My Software Evaluation
 By: Khristal L. Harbert
    System Requirements:
• Windows 3.1 or higher
• 486/33 processor or higher
• Minimum of 8 megabytes of RAM
• 10 megabytes of free hard disk space if your are
  using floppy disk version
• 4 megabytes of free hard disk space if you are
  using CD-ROM version with Windows 3.1
• VGA or better display
• To hear sounds, you must have a Windows-
  compatible card
  System Requirements:
• System 7.1 or higher
• 2 megabytes of available RAM
• 9 megabytes of free hard disk space if you
  are using the floppy disk version
• 640 x 480 color monitor.
         Children Learn

• Grade Level: 1-5
• Skills used: memory, critical thinking,
  creativity, memorization, geography,
• Modes: creative activity, educational
  game, & exploration
   Program Description
• Neighborhood Map Machine reinforces
  basic geography skills while allowing
  students to use, create, and print maps.
• The software offers the students three
  ways to access maps
  Documentation and
Supplementary Materials
•   Learning objectives integration into curriculum
•   Ideas for Neighborhood Map Machine slide shows
•   Printing ideas
•   Different uses in different settings
•   Tips for teaching geography
•   Teacher Resources
•   Annotated bibliography
      Program Content
• Instruction matches stated objectives
• No research in necessary
• Instruction addresses various learning
  styles and intelligences
• Program is free of bias and stereotypes
• The information is presented in a clear and
  logical form
• There are no examples given on the
  software; but there are pictures in the
  information packet given
• The screen displays are creative and keeps
  a child’s attention
• There is not a lot of text; only information
  needed to play the games
• Spelling and grammar are correct

• Children can take home knowledge from
  software and apply to everyday life
• Students can develop further interest in
• I feel this is an appropriate instructional
   Audience Appeal and
• Program will keep all the students
  attention, but older students may become
  bored with the basic instruction-
  extensions will be needed
• Not a lot of reading required
• No examples, but icons easy to understand
• You are able to save your work and go back
  to old projects
• You can customize your project
• Practice only needed to get a full
  understanding of the game
• There is not a lot of feedback; just in the
  mystery section so you can know if you
  were correct
• You can assess students by seeing if they
  understand how to give directions (using
  the slide show)
          Easy To Use

• Easy to navigate through the software
• Help options are available
• User can stop at any time and save their
• Can work at their own pace
    User Interface and
      Media Quality
• The environment is appropriate
• Graphics, audio, and animation enhance
• Students interests stimulated by graphics,
  audio, and animations
• All the graphics, audio, and animations are
  of high quality
• I enjoyed looking at the software. It reminded
  me of the software Oregon Trail, which I played
  when I was younger. I feel this software could be
  used at the Geography center in the classroom,
  while being integrated into all other subjects.
  This would make geography a lot more interesting
  to some students. The students would enjoy the
  time playing this game at the computer. I feel
  that this is a good asset to the classroom and
  recommend it to other future teachers.
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