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					                                                UAEU GIRLS’ STUDENT ACTIVITY CHART FALL 2005
              (for additional questions about these groups, please contact Youth Care & Student Activity Dept or UGRU Student Development)
   CLUB NAME                DESCRIPTION                      CONTACT                    MEETING TIME           MEETING PLACE         NEWS 15/10/05
         Art                Offers painting
  (Creativity Club           workshops for                      Salwa                        SM 4-6               Building 4
  Arts Committee)               students                 UT 5-7                First floor
         Art             Offers art workshops               Rachel Lange                     SM 1-2               Building 62      Anime, perspective,
 (UGRU Art Club)              for students                    UT 11:30-12:30              L017           collages, still life…
                             Workshops in
     Art Studio           drawing, painting,                Nawal Saeed                       Daily               Old Theatre       October Exhibition
                         sculpture, animation                7:30-4:30              Basement             Abu Dhabi
                         organizes exhibitions
                           Students helping
    Biology Club           each other in the                                                                      Building 37
                                 faculty                                         Computer Lab
     Business &           Trains students via
     Economics              extracurricular                     Salma                                             Building 80
     Association                activity                                            Room 209
  Chemistry Club                                                Mona                                              Building 81
  Civil & Environ.        Trains students via
    Engineering             extracurricular                     Athra                                             Building 80
     Association                activity                                            Room 102
                           Trains students in                                                    Saturdays- -Bldg 66 Lab 005
Computer Training          various skills and         Time to be announced
       Group              software packages                                                   Sundays 12-1- -Bldg 71 Lab #4
Computer Training
     (Scientific         Offers workshops in                    Abeer                         Daily               Building 4
    Committee)             graphic software             9:00-4:30              First floor
                          Trains students via
    Educational             extracurricular                      Wafa                                             Building 80
   Association                activity                             Room 103
  CLUB NAME              DESCRIPTION                 CONTACT                MEETING TIME     MEETING PLACE       NEWS 15/10/05
                          Helps students
   Engineering          develop skills via            Aysha                                    Building 80
   Association            extracurricular                            Room 102
                          Seeks to raise                                                       Building 80
  Environmental       student awareness of             Hanady                                   First floor
   Association                 issues  
                          Helps students
   Food System          develop skills via            Zena Wahbi                               Building 80         30 Cctober
   Association            extracurricular                           Room 105             Food Day
                              activity                                                                             Gymnasium
     Games             Popular game using
 (UGRU Scrabble        English vocabulary      Said Alim and John Askew       Sundays 2-3      Building 64
     Club)                 and spelling        Tuesdays 12-1        ILC
                         Supports skilled
    General           students with various          Bana Al Khaili              Daily          Building 4
 Creativity Club         creative projects      7:30-4:30        First floor

    General               Projects and                                                         Building 34
Graduates’ Group       facilities for UAE                             SLTC
    (SLTC)                  graduates

     General            Organize student               Fataheya                  Daily           Hostel 4
Hostel Social Clubs    activities in hostels                                   7:30-4:30       (main office)

     General             Helps various                  Iman                                   Building 80        Collecting old
    Lifemakers              charities                            Room 206        belongings to donate
     General          Support for various
      Project          individual student                           Building 34
   Development              projects                                                             SLTC
  CLUB NAME            DESCRIPTION                  CONTACT               MEETING TIME      MEETING PLACE      NEWS 15/10/05
     General           Organizes student
    Student           activities; connects            Rana                                    Building 80    Helped organize Open
  Ambassadors          with off campus                            Room 206               Day
Student Learning      Support for various           Dr. Amal                   Daily          Building 34
Technology Centre     workshops, projects,           7:30-4:30          SLTC
     (SLTC)              publications

     General          Supports innovative               Ahlam             Monday mornings      Building 4
    Think Lab              projects     8:00-11:00         First floor
     General            Administers &
 UGRU Student          supports various          Karen Caldwell                Daily          Building 62
  Development          student activities
  Youth Care &           Administers &           Taroub Mahmoud                Daily          Building 80    Organized Open Day
 Student Activity       supports student         7:30-4:30        Room 203
   Department         activities on Maqam
     Geology                                                                                  Building 32

   Government         Trains students via            Hanan                                    Building 80
 Policies & Urban       extracurricular                             First floor
Studies Association         activity
                      Trains students via
Heritage & Culture      extracurricular                Najat                                  Building 80
   Association              activity                             Room 106
                      Trains students via
   Information          extracurricular                Noora                                  Building 80
   Technology               activity                           Room 206
   Language &         Trains students via
 Communication           extracurricular               Asma                    Daily             Building 80           Opening souk in
   Association               activity                                 Room 106          Building 34 in October
  CLUB NAME             DESCRIPTION                 CONTACT               MEETING TIME         MEETING PLACE          NEWS 15/10/05
 Library Friends’      Organizes various              Wafa                                       Building 80
   Association          library activities                                 Room 106
                       Organizes various         Patricia Fratangelo                             Art Library
 Library Friends        library activities                              Reserve Room

Magazine - Literary     student stories,         James Dalglish                                   Building 66       Presenting 2005 issue
(Voices in English)     essays, poems,                             Ground Floor          after Ramadhan
                           drama, art                                                               Office
                        Helps students
   Management          develop skills via              Raya                                       Building 80
    Information         extracurricular                                 Room 209
Systems Association         activity

Mathematics Club        Students helping             Maryam                                       Building 32
                        each other in the
                       Trains students via
Medical Association      extracurricular            Mawaheb                                       Building 80
                             activity                                    Room 206
                      Finds Japan cartoons
     Media               on internet and             Zainab                   Mondays            Building 71
  Anime Group                 shares             11-12            Basement Lab 3
                      Offers workshops in
 Media Committee        photography and                 Lamya                   Daily              Building 4
 (Creativity Club)         journalism       9:00-4:30            First floor
                         Selects films to               Muna                  Mondays 11-12-   -Bldg 66 Stud. Lab    Discusses Thursday
      Media            watch and discuss       Saturday/Monday 4-   -Building 80 Café.   films from Channel 2
   Film Group                                                                             5-
   Media Group       workshops; student                                 SLTC
      (SLTC)             publications
   CLUB NAME           DESCRIPTION                    CONTACT              MEETING TIME         MEETING PLACE         NEWS 15/10/05
       Media           Researches ways
Internet Education   internet can educate                Noura             Saturdays/Mondays       Building 66      Developing survey for
       Group               children          12:00-1:00pm     Student Lab        children internet use
                                                                                                   Building 71
 Media-Newspaper      Publishes material              Dr. Tamimi                                      Mass          Accepting material for
   (Al Fanar)              monthly                                     Communication           next issue
                                                                                                   Building 66
Media-Newspaper       Publishes articles in       Dr. Aisha Al Noemi             Daily            Second Floor        Working on Fall
  (Al Ilamiyah)        Arabic & English         8:00-4:00        by Faculty Office     semester issue
Media-Newspaper         Covers various
   (Challenge)       student concerns and                                SLTC
      SLTC                 problems
  (Student Life)     Focuses on student                                 SLTC
      SLTC                activities
      Media          Researches different              Mariam                Wednesdays           Building 80
Newspaper Group       topics in English        10:00-11:00am       Upstairs Comp lab

      Media          Photographs student                Lateifa               Wednesdays           Old Theatre      Training in Photoshop
Photography Group          events              12:00-1:00pm           Basement              and Flash

     Media           Trains students in
  Photography         using digital and                 Maitha             Saturdays/Mondays       Building 80      Starting workshop late
    Workshop           normal cameras           12:00-1:00pm         Room 106               September
     Media           Developing student
 Student Activity     activities website                Fatma                  Saturdays          Building 66
     Website                                    11:00-12:00         Student Lab
                       Mounts student
   Performance         productions and              Graeme Tennent                                 Building 66        Developing spring
 (English Theatre     conducts workshops                               Ground Floor             project
   Committee)                                                                                       Office
  CLUB NAME            DESCRIPTION                   CONTACT               MEETING TIME        MEETING PLACE         NEWS 15/10/05

   Performance        Students discussing                Roqia                                   Building 80      Developing drama &
(Butterfly Theater)     and developing                          Cafeteria       education projects for
                       different projects                                                                         Campus Life Festival

  Performance           Having fun with              Jeff Weiss            Saturdays/Mondays     Building 62
 (UGRU Drama           basic drama skills          1:00-2:00pm           L017
  Performance          Trains students in           Basil Muir                 Sundays           Building 80      Developing projects for
Drama Workshop          aspects of drama           7:00-9:00pm          Cinema           Campus Life Festival
                      -Offers guitar/piano
   Performance             workshops                Aisha Al Jaber         Saturdays/Mondays     Building 4            Starting after
   Music Club          -Organizes events           6:30-7:30pm        Gymnasium              Ramadhan
   Physics Club                                                                                  Building 32
                      Trains students via
Science Association      extracurricular              Maryam                                     Building 80
                             activity                               Room 107
     Services          Provides medical                Gnana                     Daily           Building 80
      Clinic                services             713-4270 (office #)        7:30am-9:30pm        Room 212
     Services         Provides info about
Employment Group      on-campus jobs and                             Building 34
     (SLTC)               volunteering                                                             SLTC
     Services         Various workshops
    Training              (teamwork,                                Building 34
     (SLTC)             computers, etc.)                                                           SLTC
                       Offers extra help
    Services          with math, English,                                       SUMT             Building 62
    Tutorials                and IT                                            8:00-4:00        Tutorial Centre
                      Trains students via
Shari”ah & Law         extracurricular                 Aysha                                         Building 80
   Association             activity                                      Room 107
Society & Human      Trains students via
    Behavior           extracurricular                  Hayfa                                       Building 80
   Association             activity                                    Room 104
  CLUB NAME           DESCRIPTION                    CONTACT                 MEETING TIME        MEETING PLACE            NEWS 15/10/05
                                                                                                    Building 66
    Speaking          Organizes student            Suzanne Heaton                                  Ground Floor
Debate Committee            debates                                      Office
                     Offers speaking help                                    Saturdays/Mondays
    Speaking           for International        Dr. Kimberly Connors              11-3, 4-6         Building 62
 (IELTS Speaking      English Language     Sundays/Tuesdays     IELTS Speaking
     Centre)            Testing System                                        10-11, 12-3, 4-6         Centre
                                                                                                    Building 66
     Speaking          Trains students in               Najla                    Mondays          Upstairs teacher’s
Interviewing Group    interviewing skills           12:00-1:00             office
     Speaking          Trains students in               Noor                                                             Working to develop
   (Toastmasters)       public speaking                                                       Maqam chapter
  (UGRU English      Casual conversation            Andrea Minnis            Sundays/Tuesdays        Building 62
       Café)              in English          2:00-3:00pm          L17 Majlis
                      Games to improve              Michael Tunzi            Saturdays/Sundays
 Speaking Games        English speaking        12:00-1:00pm
                         Takes care of
  Special Needs      students with special       Nada Abu Al Qasem                 Daily             Building 80             7-11 May
     Centre                 needs               (Office #) 03-7134035            7:30-4:30               009                 Exhibition
   *Aerobics/          Aerobic exercise               Dr. Grace              Saturdays/Mondays       Gymnasium
   Taekwondo              sessions              1:20-2:20pm

  Sports/Health       Training, practice,    Dale Taylor and Jane Collison       Mondays              Maqam 2
    (Football)            and games                8:15-9:15pm       Hostel football field
                     Exercise equipment for
  Sports/Health      female students & staff          Dr. Hanan                  Daily           Gymnasium              30 Cctober
  Health Club          Trains students in            7:30-4:30                                 Food Day
                        physical fitness/                                                                               Gymnasium
 CLUB NAME             DESCRIPTION                    CONTACT               MEETING TIME      MEETING PLACE           NEWS 15/10/05
 Sports/Health        Discusses nutrition
 Nutrition Club        Helps with food                   Haifa                 Saturdays          Maqam 4          Starting late September
                     selection in Bldg 80                                     6:30-7:30pm        Dining area
                          and hostels
  Sports/Health       Reports on student               Marwa                  Wednesdays         Building 66
  Sports Group           sports events         9:00-10:00am      Downstairs lab
  Sports/Health       Offers swimming                Dr. Hanan                   SMT          Ladies’ Swimming       See Health Club to
   Swimming          classes for students            10-11,11-12            Pool                 register
                          Basketball                  Alawiya
  Sports Teams             Handball                      or                      Daily           Gymnasium         Looking for additional
                         Table Tennis                Dr. Hanan                5:00-9:00pm                             sports trainers
                     Reads and discusses                                                                     
Storytelling Group   good short stories in            Khadija                   Mondays        Library Reading
                     Arabic and English           12:30-1:30           Room              short/
                      Offers extra help
 Writing Centre        with writing in                 Jodi Lefort            SUMT 11-6          Building 62
                           English              W 9-12          Writing Centre
                     Shares feedback for                                                         Building 62
 Writing Group         student stories,                Fatima                                    Art Library        Open Day Exhibition
                     poems, essays, etc.                          (near coffeehouse)       Old Theatre
     Writing         Offers workshops in
    (Literary          writing stories,                                     Monday mornings      Building 4
   Committee)            poems, etc       8:00-11:00         First floor
                      Offers workshops
   Writing       writing stories,                   Ken Miller                          UT                        ILC
(UGRU Creative   poems, etc. in                                                     2:30-5:30pm                Quiet Room
   Writing)          English
                                                 Chart developed by Basil Muir, English Skills
                                    Compiled by Basil Muir with Youth Care and Student Activities Department

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