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Key Stages - DOC


									Early Years Links: Kented early ICT site
Early years resources (mostly powerpoint) collected by a school
.asp Music games
(KS1) boohbah music site
Some free software at
foundation programs to download
infant explorer a bbc music site tweenies music

British Association for early childhood education
European overview of early years ICT education
Early learning resources

Foundation links NGFL Infant site The Mr. Men Website (various activities) downloadable
resources from a school (some perhaps not as appropriate) BBC preschool site BBC site for children BBC site for children Bob the builder activities Teaching resources Interactive
talking books
Early years - colour Elmer online
Blank Elmer attachment.
Early years government site
Using ICT in Foundation (inc. resources)
Using ICT in Foundation stage
KentEd Foundation website
Using ICT in Foundation phonic spelling Early years games

(SEN Very ICT-rich
community special school /SEN)
Interactive talking books ) Replay how art work is made or letters formed

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