December 2009 Spanish - MON by lonyoo


									                              DECEMBER 2009                                     Spanish / Mr. Pacheco
         MON                            TUE                         WED                          THU                            FRI
7                             8                            9                            10                           11
Aim:                          Aim:                         Aim:                         Aim:                         Assessment
Vocabulary and Writing        Reading Comprehension        Spelling # 12                Reading Comprehension        Exam # 2
C.W.:                         C.W.:                        C.W.:                        C.W.:                        -Matching antonyms in
Exercise # 13                 Reading # 24                 Exercises (A to P)           Reading # 25                 Spanish
(Los colores – El jardín –    “Sola no, en grupo sí”                                    “Actitud hacia el tiempo”    -Completing a paragraph
Voces – Palabras)                                          Direction:                                                with the missing Spanish
                              Direction:                   Students will be given a    Direction:                    words
Direction:                    Students will go over the    reading and a worksheet     Vocabulary:                   -Replacing English
Vocabulary:                   vocabulary and the           with 15 exercises.          -Each student will get a      expressions with their
-Two students will come       reading, silently.           –In groups of two, they     piece of paper with an        corresponding one in
to the front; one will read   –Students will answer oral   will select 10 of those     English word.                 Spanish
the Spanish words and the     questions (from the          exercises and will do them  –Teacher will pronounce       -Completing Spanish
other one its English         reading)                     following the heading.      Spanish words                 words with 2 missing
version.                      -Students will do written                                –Students will check the      consonants
–In groups of 2, students     exercises (A to F) on the    HW: # 5                     paper to see who’s holding
will do class work            worksheet.                   On a separate paper, do the the correct translation
following the instructions                                 five exercises that you     –After that; students will
on the worksheet.             HW: # 4                      didn’t complete as a class  do a variety of written
                              Follow the instructions to   work.                       exercises, from the reading
HW: #3                        do exercises J and K, from                               provided.
Go to the puzzles–Copy,       the reading.
in columns of 3, all words                                                              HW:
starting with the same                                                                  Study material from
consonant (45)                                                                          (12/7 to 12/10)
                          DECEMBER 2009                                       Spanish / Mr. Pacheco
14                          15                           16                          17                            18
Aim:                        Aim:                         Aim:                        Aim:                          Assessment:
Vocabulary and Writing      Reading Comprehension        Spelling # 13               Reading Comprehension         Exam # 3
C.W.:                       C.W.:                        C.W.:                       C.W.:                         -Students will choose and
Exercise # 14               Reading # 26                 Exercises (A to O)          Reading # 27                  write answers in Spanish
(La letra G –Vocablos –     “Poniendo la Mesa”                                       “Nombres y Saludos”           to questions in English
En el avión – Vocabulario)                               Direction:                                                -Students will write
                            Direction:                   Students will be provided   Direction:                    sentences dictated by the
Direction:                  Students will look at the    with a well-written         Students will get a           teacher in Spanish.
Students will get 80        vocabulary.                  sample. Following the       Reading in Spanish with       -Students will organize
Spanish words, which they –Students will go over the     instructions on the         its corresponding             Spanish words into a
have to find in 4 different reading, silently.           worksheet, they are         vocabulary in English.        correct sentence.
puzzles.                    –Teacher will go around      expected to select and do   –Each student will get a
–Once they’ve found it;     checking students working    10 spelling exercises.      worksheet with several
they should underline it    on their worksheet.                                      instructions to be followed
and rewrite it correctly on                              HW: #8                      (It’ll be collected at the
the paper provided.         HW: #7                       On a separate paper,        end of the period).
                            Go to the reading and look   complete 5 exercises left
HW: # 6                     for these words. Every       from the class work.        HW:
Copy all those words (25), time you find one, copy                                   Study material from
which have the accent       the whole sentence.                                      (12/14 to 12/17)
                            DECEMBER 2009                               Spanish / Mr. Pacheco
21                          22                            23                  24                25
Aim:                        Aim:                          Christmas
Vocabulary and Reading      Spelling # 14
                                                          Celebration         No School         No School
C.W.:                       C.W.:
Exercise # 15               Rewriting Correctly                 Staff vs.                      **Students and
(Palabras, Cosas,
Synonyms, Vestimentas)      Direction:                           Students                       Staff Will Return
                            Before receiving a well-             Volleyball
Direction:                  written sample (in                                                  to School
Vocabulary:                 Spanish), students will
                                                                Afternoon                      on January 4,
–Teacher will read 75       look at their worksheets to
Spanish words.              mark down 17 (out of 25)             Games &                        2010**
-Students will follow him   spelling exercises which             Activities
reading aloud the           they want to do. Then,
corresponding English       they will be working,
version.                    individually, on each of
–Students will go to the    those exercises.
worksheet to rewrite the
Spanish words, which they   HW: #10
find in the puzzles.        Do the 8 exercises left on
                            your worksheet.
HW: #9
Go to the list.
–Select and rewrite 40
words starting and ending
with different vowels.
28                          29                            30                  31

No School                   No School                     No School           No School

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