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Identity Theft IDENTITY THEFT  Phoenix Police Department  Property Crimes


									            IDENTITY THEFT

 Phoenix Police Department
 Property Crimes Bureau
 Document Crimes Detail
 Detective Matt Arndt #6850

 602-534-5940,Info Line 534-5958

                               Phoenix Police Department
         Presentation Objectives

 What is Identity Theft
 How Big is the Problem
 How I.D. Theft Information is Obtained
 What To Do If You Are a Victim
 Prevention Of Identity Theft
 Resources

                               Phoenix Police Department
         Taking The Identity of Another
   A.R.S. 13-2008

   The use of “personal identifying information for
    any unlawful purpose”

   Name, electronic identifier or screen name, biometric identifier,
    driver or professional license number, access device, residence
    or mailing address, telephone number, employer, student or
    military identification number, social security number, birth date,
    savings or checking account number, credit card, charge card or
    debit card number, mother’s maiden name, fingerprint, retinal
    image or DNA.

   Class 4 Felony

                                                     Phoenix Police Department
           Trafficking in ID Theft

 A.R.S. 13-2010. A
 Knowinlgy sells, transfers or transmits
  personal identifying information without
  consent of person or entity for unlawful
 No Economic Loss Required!!
 Class 2 Felony

                                Phoenix Police Department

   A.R.S. 13-2002
   A. A person commits forgery if, with intent to
    defraud, such person:
   1. Falsely makes, completes or alters a written
    instrument; or
   2. Knowingly possesses a forged instrument;
   3. Offers or presents, whether accepted or not,
    a forged instrument or one which contains
    false information.
   B. Forgery is a class 4 felony.
                                     Phoenix Police Department
Phoenix Police Department
                What are the Issues?
   Identity Theft is one of the nation’s fastest-growing
    and most expensive crimes.

   An estimated 9 million Americans have their identities
    stolen annually.

   Identity Theft will victimize one in four families.

   There is a high correlation between methamphetamine
    drug usage and forgery/fraud related crimes.

   Undocumented Immigrants

                                               Phoenix Police Department
           What Are The Issues?

 73% Increase in cases over last year.
 Phoenix area in top five in Arizona for
  o   Mail theft
  o   Auto theft
  o   Methamphetamine use
  o   Identity Theft

                                Phoenix Police Department
 How big is the problem?
Year        Cases
2002   804
2003   1401
2004   1740
2005   2435
2006   2937
2007   5080
2008   880 (as of 02/29/08)

                       Phoenix Police Department
        What Can Be Forged/Altered?

   Checks                     Hotel registrations
   Credit cards               Traffic citations
   Debit cards                Booking slips
   Vehicle titles             Fingerprint cards
   Vehicle registrations      Court papers
   Insurance cards            Leases
   Identifications            Social Security Cards


                                         Phoenix Police Department
    Who commits Identity Theft?

   Relatives           Repairman
   Boyfriends          Cashiers
   Girlfriends         Food servers
   Roommates           Telemarketers
   House cleaners

                             Phoenix Police Department
     Why Are These Crimes Committed?

    Primarily To Support Habits Such As :

A.   Drugs
B.   Gambling
C.   Spending

These habits require large amounts of
                                Phoenix Police Department
Phoenix Police Department
    How is my information obtained?
   Burglaries (commercial, residential, vehicle)
   Dumpster diving
   Files (credit, medical, employment)
   Hacking (computer tampering)
   Internet searches (
   Pharming (redirected internet browser)
   Phishing (fake business emails)
   Receipts (with personal information)
   Skimming (handheld card reader)
   Thefts (including mail theft)
   Corrupt Employee
                                     Phoenix Police Department
How personal information is exploited

                     Checks
                     Bank account
                     Vehicle purchases
                     Apartment leases
                     Credit card accounts
                     Computer fraud
                     Open utilities
                     Cell phone accounts
                     Employment
                             Phoenix Police Department
Counterfeiting Mill

                  Phoenix Police Department
Counterfeiting Mill

                  Phoenix Police Department
Phoenix Police Department
           If You Are A Victim
 Start   Identity Theft File Immediately

        dates, times, names, titles and
 Include
 telephone numbers of all contacts.

                                   Phoenix Police Department
             If you are a victim
   Make a police report in the jurisdiction where the
    crime occurred.

   Contact your bank, credit card issuers, and creditor
    involved, and CLOSE ACCOUNTS.

   Write dispute letters to each fraudulent creditor

   Contact Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian to place
    a FRAUD ALERT alert on your file.
   Write letter for fraud alert to each credit reporting
   Request contact for all new account activity,
    Increased Credit Limit, Change of Address, or
    Telephone Number
                                           Phoenix Police Department
         If You Are A Victim

 Filea report with the Federal Trade
  Commission at: 1877-IDTHEFT
 Report Your Identity Theft to:
 US Post Office(mail)
 Social Security Administration
 State Department(passport)
                               Phoenix Police Department

 Buy     a cross cut shredder and shred
 Junk mail
 Credit card offers
 Mortgage loan offers
 Anything with name, social security
  number or date of birth

                               Phoenix Police Department
 Guard your personal information
 Remove    social security number
  from driver’s licenses and any other
  sources not absolutely necessary.
 Scratch off account numbers on
 Mail from inside Post Office, or Blue
                             Phoenix Police Department

 Opt out of all mailing lists and product lists.
 Check your credit card and bank
  statements regularly.
 Check mail daily(as close to delivery as
 Get a secure Post Office Box near your
 Be cautious in disclosing information over
  the phone(if your not sure Don’t).

                                    Phoenix Police Department

 Never, give anyone your e-mail or online
  account password!
 Do not use obvious passwords.
 Your  provider has it and will never ask!
 If you are online, buy, install and use
  firewall software.
 Secure your wireless network at home.
 Get a credit report on yourself at least
  Once every Twelve(12) Months.
                               Phoenix Police Department
                Credit Bureaus

 Equifax        800-525-6285

 Experian       888-397-3742

 Trans union 800-680-7289
                                    Phoenix Police Department
Phoenix Police Department

         Phoenix Police Department

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