Suitcase of Artifacts by lonyoo



                                     Suitcase of Artifacts

   CATEGORY           3                          2                          1                          0
Container             Container is decorated Container is decorated Container is not      Container is not
"Suitcase"            on the outside with    on the outside without decorated but handles decorated and no
                      handles attached.      handles attached.      are attached.         handles are attached.

Items in Suitcase 5 or more items                4 items included in        2 or 3 items included in   Only 1 or no items
                      included in suitcase.      suitcase. All items are    suitcase. All items are    were included in
                      All items are              appropriate to the time    appropriate to the time    suitcase. And were not
                      appropriate to the time    period being               period being               representative of the
                      period being               represented.               represented.               time period.
Clothespin Doll       Doll/s included and        Doll/s included but not    Doll/s included but not Doll/s not included.
                      dressed to represent       dressed to represent       dressed appropriately
                      the country and or time    the country or time        for the country or time
                      period.                    period.                    period.

Written               4 or more written          3 written paragraphs       1 or 2 written             No written
Paragraphs            paragraphs included        included for items in      paragraphs included        documentation was
                      for each item in           suitcase.                  for items in suitcase.     included for any items
                      suitcase.                                                                        in the suitcase.

Paragraph             Paragraph includes: -      Paragraph includes: -      Paragraph includes: -      No written
Mechanics             Correct Capitalization -   Correct Capitalization -   Few errors in              documentation was
                      Correct Punctuation -      Few errors in              Capitalization -Few        Included with the
                      2-3 details to describe    Punctuation -2-3           errors in Punctuation -    items.
                      the item and are at        details to describe the    1 detail to describe the
                      least 4 sentences in       item and are at least 3    item and are at least 2
                      length.                    sentences in length.       sentences in length.

Oral Presentation Shared all information Shared all information Shared only the items Was unable to share
                      and could answer           but could not answer       and not written work.      the collection or
                      questions related to       questions related to       Could not answer any       answer any questions
                      project.                   project.                   questions related to       related to the project.
                                                                            the project.

Date Created: November 23, 2003. Revised/ July 2005.

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