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									Introducing the Literacy and
         Learning Materials.
             Stoke on Trent LEA
Literacy across the curriculum 2001-
Literacy across the curriculum training
 folder 2001
Whole school training day 2001
Literacy in subjects LEA training 2002-
Support material for literacy co-ordinators
Literacy across the curriculum key
 messages 2003
Literacy in subjects for school based use
 ‘Headway has been made in the development of literacy
  across the curriculum but it remains too slow in some
  schools, with insufficient consistency of approach across
  subjects.’ Evaluation of the Key Stage Three Strategy
  third year, OFSTED, March 2004

 OFSTED links the following factors with the effective
  development of literacy across the curriculum:
 a clear direction from senior staff
 appropriate support for literacy coordinators
 A requirement on subject leaders to include aspects of
  literacy in schemes of work and lesson plans
Activity 1: Key features of literacy
across the curriculum
In pairs:
 Sort the key features cards by placing
   them in the appropriate space on the A3
   sort sheet
On your table:
 Compare the results of your sorting tasks
   and discuss why some aspects have
   been established more easily than others
The impact of literacy on
achievement in subjects
71% of pupils who achieve Level 5 or
 above in English at the end of key stage 3
 achieve five or more GCSEs at grade C or
Only 10% of pupils who achieve below
 level 5 in English at the end of key stage 3
 gain five or more GCSEs at the higher
                            Based on 2003 data
The framework of cross-curricular
objectives: talk
                                                Three strands
  Key aspect
                                                  of learning
of the framework           Learning              through talk

          Using talk    Active listening    Talking
           to clarify          to            and
         and present     understand        thinking
             ideas                         together
The framework of cross-curricular
objectives: text
                                          Three strands
    Key aspect                             of learning
of the framework        Learning            from text

         Developing     Reading    Understanding
          research        for        how texts
            and         meaning        work
         study skills
The framework of cross-curricular
objectives: writing
                                              Three strands
                                                of learning
   Key aspect                                 through writing
 of the framework

           Using writing   Structuring   Developing
            as a tool         and         clear and
                for        organising    appropriate
             thought         writing     expression
                                         Sharing the objectives across subjects

                                     geography, art, science,                 Literacy and learning: key skills in subjects
                                     D&T, citizenship                                                                                                Maths,
                                                                                                                                                     science, ICT,
                                                       9                                                1                                            history,
                                                                                                                                                     geography, RE,
 history,                                              Developing clear and                                                                          Citizenship, Art,
                                                                                        Using talk to
 geography,                                            appropriate                                                                                   Music, PE, D&T
                                                                                        clarify and
 MFL, RE,                                              expression
                                                                                        present ideas
 citizenship    8                                                                                                                                2
                                                                                                                       Active listening
                         Structuring and
                                                                                                                       to understand
                         organising writing

                    Using writing as                                                                                               Talking and
                    a tool for                                                                                                     thinking
All                 thought                                                                                                        together
           7                                                                                                                                                3
                                         Understanding how                                                  Developing
                                         texts work                                                         research and
                                                                        Reading for
                                                                                                            study skills

                                 6                                                                                             4
                                                                                                                           history, geography, D&T,
               history, MFL                                                   5                                            music, art,
                                                                 RE, maths, MFL, history,                                  ICT,citizenship
                                                                 science, ICT
Session 2

 Working with the Literacy and learning
  resource pack
Features common to each whole
school project
A focus on school managers as key
 drivers of change
Implementation through systematic
Materials are flexible and designed to
 have impact at three levels
  - Senior leaders
  - Subject leaders
  - Subject teachers
Literacy and learning
                             A pack (A) containing
                                                                  B - Guidance for
                             • B - Management Guide
                             • C - 12 subject specific guides     senior leaders
                             with individual associated CD-
                             ROMs                                 booklet
                             • D - DVD

         A - Pack
                       C - Literacy and learning                      Training days
                             series plus individual CD-            supported by lead
 ICT    Math   Sci
                             ROMs with:                           literacy consultants
                       a)    Literacy and learning subject
                       b)    Literacy in … for school based use
                             and self-study
                                                                  D – DVD
 MFL    D&T    PE
                       Literacy and learning in…
                       ICT                          Music
                                                                  1.Leading cross-
 Mus    Art    RE
                       Mathematics                  Art           curricular change:
                       Science                      RE            literacy
                       MFL                          History
 Hist   Geog   Citiz                                              2. Literacy and
                       D&T                          Geography
                       PE                           Citizenship
                                                                  learning: key
                                                                  teaching approaches
Focusing the materials

                                 Literacy and learning pack

        Senior leaders                Subject leaders                    Teachers

  Guidance for senior leaders   Literacy and learning booklet   Literacy and learning booklet
            DVD                          and CD ROM                      and CD ROM
                                    Literacy and learning           Literacy and learning
                                      Literacy in subject             Literacy in subject

      Executive summary            Curriculum planning          Support for lesson planning
  Whole school implementation      Department training            Development through:
   Monitoring and evaluation     Monitoring and evaluation         peer coaching and
                                                                         self study
EAL and Literacy

The ‘Literacy in Learning’ pack is integral
 to developing literacy skills with EAL
Using the ‘Guidance for Senior Leaders’
from the LAL suitcase.
Strategy resources to support the
 development of Literacy skills. (page 37)
Prompts for a review of school literacy
 (page 23)
Observing effective literacy teaching (page
 The roles and responsibilities of senior and middle leaders in the monitoring
  and evaluation of literacy and learning are clearly set out and understood by
  all staff

 Literacy monitoring and evaluation procedures are integral to the school’s
  overall systems for self-evaluation

 Teachers’ literacy planning is routinely monitored

 Evidence about the quality of Literacy teaching is gathered from work
  trawls, pupil interviews and lesson observations

 Evidence is used to review school and departmental literacy targets

 Support is provided to teachers who need to strengthen their literacy
Observing effective literacy teaching

Use the prompts in Appendix 2 to support
 your observation as you watch the video
You will be using the prompts to judge the
 explicit teaching of literacy in the subject.

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