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					  Public Speaking Assignment

Musical Stage Play Script


           XI SCIENCE-1
  Davita Hartadi          - 11
  Ervan                   - 14
  Jessica   Wongsodjaja   -
  Johanes Effendi         -
  Putri Indah             -
  Vincent Hartanto        -
                        THE SOUND OF MUSIC
                         CAST OF CHARACTERS

Captain Georg Ludwig von Trapp   : Vincent
Maria                            : Rosalina
The von Trapp Children
      Liesl von Trapp            : Davita
      Friedrich von Trapp        : Johanes
      Louisa von Trapp           : Putri
      Kurt von Trapp             : Ervan
Baroness Elsa Schraeder          : Jessica
The Nuns
      Mother Abbess              : Jessica
      Sister Margaretta          : Davita
      Sister Berthe              : Putri

Salzburg, Austria --- There was a young postulant at the Nonnberg
Abbey named Maria, who was constantly trying the patience of the
nuns. She loves singing very much, eventhough singing in the
abbey was not allowed for the nuns in that time. She may have
many troubles with the abbey‟s rules and seldom on time, but
inside her wild spirit, she is honest and brave.

SCENE 1: The Nonnberg Abbey - overlooking the arcade
* The holy communion has already finished. All the nuns walks out
from the church, getting through the arcade to their dormitory
tower. Three of them are Mother Abbess, Sister Margaretta, and
Sister Berthe.
MA:   (in gentle tone) Relax, my dear. Have you checked outside?
SM:   (seemed    in   tense)   Yes,   Mother.   I   have   checked   the
      storehouses, the fountain, and around the postern gate… But
      she is nowhere to find.
SB:   She is not in the chapel too, Mother. Neither the refectory
      and her room.
      (sighs) Oh. Where is she?
MA:   Oh, well. Always the same everytime. (sighs) Maria…
SM-SB: (sigh) Maria…
* With all of sudden, there is a loud drap behind them.
      [Maria comes running passes them, then stops and walks back
      towards them]
M:    (grumps) Okay. I know I am late.
MA:   And where have you been, my dear?
SM:   You missed the holy communion. Again.
M:    (sighs) I am from… The hill, Mother.
SB:   The hill again. What will happen if you get lost?
M:    Oh, I will not get lost! I am the friend of the nature.
MA:   (sighs) Maria. My child. There is something I want to tell
      you, actually.
      (to Margaretta and Berthe) Sisters, you may leave now.
SM-SB: Yes, Mother.
SM:   (to Maria) You are in trouble, young lady.
* Then, after the two sisters have left, Mother Abbess has a
serious talks with Maria.
M:    (takes a deep breath) What is it, Mother? Will I… Get a
      punishment? I know I have missed the holy communion twice
      already, and I am so undisciplined and all…
MA:   Ho. (voice becoming more gently) No, that is not it, my
      dear. I see that you still want to be free. Maybe the abbey
      is not ready yet for you, Maria.
M:    (surprised) It is not? But… Then… I… But I am in my way to
      be a nun, Mother!
MA:   Yes, yes, I know you are. But, dear, you need time.
M:    So… You mean that I have to wait?
MA:   Yes.
      Hmmm. Well. There is actually a captain with seven children
      who needs a governess.
M:    (shocked) Seven children?!
MA:       That is right. But they told me that four of them have
          lived with their grandparents in Berlin, so there are just
          four who stay with their father here, actually.
M:        Four! Oh! What a relief…
          But where is their mother? Does she live with them too?
MA:       Their mother died 5 years ago. That was the reason why the
          captain quitted from the navy.
M:        Oh, dear. Poor children…
MA:       Yes. They must be very lonely. So, have you guessed your
          new duty?
M:        (worried) Oh… Do I have to be their governess?
MA:       Yes. You are going to be their governess until you find
          yourself ready for this abbey.
M:        … Yes, Mother. I will.
* Doubting Maria‟s devotion to a life in service to God, Mother
Abbess has answered a call from Captain Georg Ludwig von Trapp, a
widowed former commander in the Austrian navy who is searching
for a new governess for his three children, and sends Maria out
into the world to serve in the position.

SCENE 2: The new governess’ arrival
* Maria stares at the big house that stands in front of her. It
is    a    very   large   manor   with   a   big   fountain   in   the   corner,
surrounded by a vast grass-yard. Maria pulls the heavy black
gate, crosses the yard towards the house building. Soon after she
reaches the large door, she rings the bell.
Maria waits for a moment or two, but nobody opens the door. So
she starts knocking on the door, until all of sudden, the door is
opened. A tall man with stack posture stands out in front of her.
M:        (jumped) OH!
          [Maria, who has not expected him to come out that fast,
          quickly pulls her hand to her back]
CG:       (clears his throat, looking at Maria coldly)
M:    (stammering) I, I am very sorry… errr, Sir! I thought the
      bell is broken by some reasons.
      Uh… I am here to see the… Captain von Trapp, Sir!
CG:   (still giving a cold-look) I am the Captain.
      And who are you, Frauleine?
M:    I am Maria, Sir--I mean, Captain! I am the new governess
      from the abbey.
      Errr… How do you do, Captain? (shakes the Captain‟s hand
CG:   (ignores her hand) Follow me.
M:    Uh… Y, yes, Captain!
      [Maria follows him in]
* Maria follows the Captain into the house, and stares at the
tall ceiling with the enormous pillars, and the ancient statues
all along the corridor through the hall.
      [The Captain stands beside the stairway, and suddenly blows
      a whistle.
      Maria jumped, and puts her both hands over her ears in
      reflect.     Then    she   hears   loud    slamming-doors       followed   by
      footdrap from the top floor]
* Here comes the von Trapp children, all four of them, dressed in
white sailor-uniforms, marching down the stairs.
      [As   soon     as     they    reached      downstairs,     the     children
      immediately formed in a line]
CG:   Children.     This    is   Frauleine      Maria,   your   new    governess.
      Stand out and say your names in order.
Li:   I am the first. I am 16 years old. My name is Liesl.
F:    I am the second. I am 14. My name is Friedrich.
Lo:   I am the third. I am 13 years old. My name is Louisa.
K:    I am the fourth. The only man of the house. I am 11. My
      name is Kurt.
M:    (comes over, takes a look of them carefully) Well. Hello,
      children. You look all well.
      [Maria comes to Liesl first]
Li:   I don‟t need a governess.
M:    Oh. Well, we can just be friends, I think.
      [Then Maria comes to Friedrich]
F:    I am stubborn. And I am very impossible.
M:    O-ho. Okay. Let‟s just make it possible, then.
CG:   (claps   his   hands   once)   Alright.   Introduction   is   over.
      Children, I have some announcement for you.
      I have to leave for Vienna tomorrow morning.
Children: Vienna! Not again, Father… (all grunting)
CG:   (raises his eyebrows) May I know what is wrong with Vienna?
Li:   It is not the place. It is you who can not accompany us
      tomorrow. Do you remember of our weekend-plan to watch the
      orchestra together, Father? (looked disappointed)
CG:   Well, I do. But this is so sudden. How about watching it
      after I am back?
Children: Okay… (+++lesu)
F:    Are you going to see the Baroness again, Father?
CG:   Yes. She will come with me when I am back on the evening.
      [The children all moan heavily, and Maria just watching it
      all in silence]
      Alright, everyone. Dismissed.
      [The children turn back and marching their way            back to
      upstairs. The Captain now turns his body to Maria]
      You too, Frauleine. Make sure your works are already done
      before the dinner.
      Frauleine… (stops to look over Maria, head-to-toe) Please
      change your clothes, will you? This one looks hideous.

SCENE 3: The Captain’s (+++kepergian)
      [Maria and the children are in the library. She is teaching
      them history. The children lies on the floor, reading their
      books unethusiastly]
* The Captain has left for Vienna very early morning. As soon as
the Captain gets off, the children become unenthusiast. They feel
disappointed      because      they    can    not    spend       the    day    with   their
father. They do not want their father to spend his weekend in
Vienna. And honestly, they do not even want their father to meet
the Baroness.
Baroness Elsa Schraeder is a wealthy socialite from Vienna whom
the Captain has begun courting since last year. She often visits
them here in Salzburg, and whenever she comes, she always brings
many presents for them. The children know that their father is
going to make her their new mother, sooner or later.
K:    Frauleine       Maria,    can     we    stop   reading       this       “History     of
      Austria” just for a second? I am tired…
M:    You are tired?
K:    (+++lesu) Yeah…
Li:   Me   too…   I    think    my    brain    can    not    absorb       this   anymore…
      (throws her book away, sighs)
Lo:   I want father to come back quickly.
F:    No! If he comes back, he is taking the Baroness with her
      too, you know!
M:    And what is wrong with that, children?
Lo:   (moans) Oh… You will not understand. We do not want Father
      to get married again…
K:    That is right. We still love Mother…
Li:   But this is a secret, Frauleine Maria. Please swear you
      will not tell Father about this.
M:    I… What can I say? I am surprised. But I understand how it
      feels like. I will not tell him.
      (then suddenly claps her hands) Well, no more grumps now.
      Let‟s go outside!
F:    (not moved) Huh? Are you serious?
Lo:   Father does not want us to play outside since                              mother‟s
M:    I know. But you need fresh air. Sunshines. Life!
K:    I want to play outside so bad! What do you think, Liesl?
Li:   (looked     meaningful)         You    know…   If     we    can    keep    it   as    a
M:    (+++menyambung) He will not know. After all--
Children: (screams happily) FATHER IS NOT HERE! (laughs out loud)
* So the children are ready to get outside. They are very happy,
because they haven‟t play outside since their mother‟s death.
As a new governess, Maria learns quickly about the von Trapp
family. She knows that the Captain is still stricken with grief
over the loss of his wife, so he does not want to be reminded of
the joy they once had. Music is expressly forbidden, and he has
been raising the children according to the principles of military
discipline.    That    is   why     he   demonstrates        the   discipline    with
blowing whistles to issue orders and makes them wear uniforms.
As   for   today,   Maria     has   made       fresh   play    clothes    made    from
discarded draperies dor the children.
      [The children come out from their room happily in their new
      clothes. Maria stands in front of them, smiling, and nods
      in satisfy]
M:    (held her guitar on her back) Come on, children. Set off!
Children: Aye, Captain!
M:    Now I will teach you how to sing. You will sing a wonderful
      song for the Baroness when she comes this evening. She must
      be very welcomed.
      We will practice it along the roads, okay?
Children: Okay!
* Maria lets the children follow her to come out from the manor
grounds,    bouncing    happily       in   their       new    clothes,   fresh    and
adventuring.    Then    she    held      out    her    guitar,     and   they    start

SCENE 4: The children are in trouble
* The children have so much fun with Maria that day. They climbed
trees, had a canoe-ride, and learned to sing so many songs. It
has been already evening when they walks back to the manor, their
clothes are all wet and full of dirt, but they are laughing
      [Maria and the children walks home, joking along the roads]
* When they reach the gate, they see the Captain is waiting for
them in the front door.
Children: (shocked) Father!
      [They quickly run in to the Captain, then formed in a line,
      restlessly, with Maria stands at the back, seemed in tense]
CG:   (not smiling) Have fun? Where have you been?
Li:   We… We played on the hills, Father.
CG:   And?
F:    (coughs unnaturally) We learned how to sing.
CG:   Then? What made you all dirty wet like a drowned-puppy? (in
      cynical tone)
Li:   We rode a canoe…
K:    And we climbed trees…
CG:   (snorts    unhappily)    Heaven.    Now    get   back   in   and     clean
      yourself. Immediately!
      [The children drap hurrily into the house. The Captain now
      turns to Maria]
      And you too, Frauleine. Pack up your things, and go back to
      the abbey. You are fired.
M:    (finally burst to a protest) Me? Fired?! Because of taking
      the children to play normally like other children do?! I do
      not understand you, Captain, and I do not care of your
      business. But they are your children, and children need to
CG:   (becoming   more   cynical)   They   can    play   inside,      with    not
      acting    like   local   urchins.   You   know   the    rules   in     this
      house, Frauleine. I hired you for that.
M:    Yes! I was hired to be their governess! And I take them to
      play! You do not even want to know well your children,
      Liesl and Friedrich do not need any governess, and they are
      mature enough to be ruled like this. Louisa wants to know
      music so bad, but you said that music is forbidden because
      of their mother. And Kurt, you do not even know that he
      admires you so much! He wants to get near to you, but you
      never have time for him! And--
CG:   (cuts Maria off) AND who you think you are, Frauleine, to
      speak to me like that, lecturing me about my own children?!
      Now you are fired, so please get packed.
      [The Captain turns back angrily, then get into the house,
      leaving Maria alone in hatred]

SCENE 5: The song for the Baroness
      [The children have put on their clean clothes. They are in
      the music room, ready to sing for the Baroness]
* The children have cleaned up themselves, and put on clean
uniforms. They are going to sing a song for the Baroness, the
song that Maria has taught them today.
      [Liesl gives the sign to start]
* The Captain hears a choir from the music room, and then comes
over to check who is singing. Maria silently follows him in a
distance, hoping the children are doing well. She thinks of them
sadly, for this is her last time in the von Trapp manor. Then she
go upstairs to her room, and start packing.
      [The Captain walks into the music room, and the children
      keep singing. The Captain looked amazed. He just stands
      still in the entrance, and watches the choir]
* The Captain‟s heart is touched with the song the children sung.
He remembers how he is used to sing this song with his wife. His
wife liked music so much, and the Captain himself used to love it
too. But it was just until before his wife‟s death...
Now he realized something. He has to get up from this grief over
the loss of his wife. It has been over 3 years since that time.
And now Maria has brought the music back to the house.
      [The song is over. Kurt gives the Baroness a flower]
* Now the children are not even dared to look at their father.
They put their heads down, waiting to be scolded in a minute.
BE:   Georg! Why are you just standing there? Come here, dear.
      Oh…   (holds   her   hands   together,   looked   very   happy)   The
      children are so wonderful! It is so sweet of you to let
      them sing for me, Georg. I am very surprised.
      [The Captain slowly walks in, and put his one hand in the
      Baroness‟ shoulder]
CG:   I--Do not know they can sing this well… (clears his throat
      uncomfortably, still looked amazed at the children)
BE:   Oh, of course they do! (rubs the Captain‟s hand)
      Who taught you the song, children?
      The children keep silent for a moment, whispering to each
      others with heads down. Then Liesl starts to speak up]
Li:   It is Frauleine Maria who taught us the song this morning,
F:    She is great. We could not even know a tune before.
      [The others wait nervously]
BE:   (eyes rounded, eyebrows raised) Oh, really? You could not
      sing before?
      And… Do I know Maria?
Lo:   It is our new governess, Baroness.
K:    (adds quickly) And she is beautiful.
      [The Captain is nervous now, not knowing what must to say.
      He just stands very still]
BE:   Oh. Can I meet this Frauleine Maria, then?
CG:   (finally speaks something) I--I am afraid not, Elsa.
BE:   No?
Children: (surprised) Father! Why?
CG:   She might be on her way back to the abbey now.
      (takes a deep breath) I fired her, children.
Li:   No, Father! You did not!
K:    That is not fair! Tell me that you are lying!
CG:   (eventually looked tired) No. I did fire her. I thought…
      Maybe she is not good for you because she has broken the
      rule of this house…
Lo:   But that is wrong! It is you who did not let us know music!
      [Liesl comes to hug her, calming her down]
Li:   We are sorry, Father, if you think that we are so wrong.
F:    But we like singing, and we are very thankful to Frauleine
K:    And now we are done. Hope you like the flower, Baroness.
      [The children slowly walk out the room after bowing to the
      Baroness,    ignoring the meaningful-look in their father‟s
* The Captain feels very guilty. He does not know what to do. He
likes seeing the children singing, and the look that Elsa gave
him because she was very happy that the children sang for her.
But he also thinks about Maria. Has he been so wrong to the
children? Has he been so wrong to Maria?
CG:   No, I was wrong. She should still stay. My children are the
      everything for me, and they need Maria.
      [He walks out the room]
BE:   Georg!
      [But the Captain ignores the call]
* So the Captain hurriedly goes to Maria‟s room, hoping that she
has not leave yet. He will stop Maria to go. And the Captain
meets Maria on the entrance door, carrying her things ready to
CG:   Frauleine!
      [Maria looked surprised and turns over]
      Frauleine, I was wrong. I should have not ask you to leave.
      You have brought the music back to this house. I am very
      thankful     for   it.   Can   you   forgive   me?   Please   stay,
M:    I… I, I think I can not, Sir. I have made a big mistake. I
      have broken the rules of the house. I have been acting
      impolite to you. I… I really should leave!
      [Maria opens the door and walks out]
* So Maria leaves the house, the children, and the Captain, back
to where she hopes she belongs to. The abbey.
SCENE 6: Maria returning the abbey
      [Maria   is    in   her   nun‟s   clothes.   She   is   walking     to   the
      Mother Abbess‟ office room, rubbing her hands restlessly]
* After Maria‟s back to the abbey, she becomes more quiet and
always attends in every holy communion. She spends most her time
in praying, and always looks sad all of the time. Mother Abbess
realized this, and called Maria to meet her in her room to have a
talk with her.
      [Maria knocks on the door]
MA:   Come in, my child.
      [Maria opens the door, and sits]
      (with the-always-gentle-tone) Well. Maria.
      Tell me everything.
M:    Well… Uh…
MA:   Maria. You have already told me on your first letter that
      you love the children so much, right?
M:    Yes, I do, Mother. I love them with all of my heart.
MA:   If it is it, Maria, then why are you here?
M:    It is… Because I am very afraid, Mother.
MA:   What are you afraid of? What happened?
M:    I am afraid… With the reality. I-- I think I can not face
      him anymore…
MA:   Him? The Captain?
      What is wrong with the reality? Speak, my dear.
M:    I have broken the rules in the house. Well, I-- I know I
      was wrong, Mother. But I…
MA:   He has asked you to stay, hasn‟t he?
M:    Oh… He has. But I… I don‟t know.
MA:   Oh. Maria.
      You are in love with him.
M:    Me? I… No, Mother! I am not!
MA:   Yes, you are, my child. I can see it in your eyes.
M:    But… But it can be right! I‟m going to be a nun, Mother!
MA:   Maria.   You   are   not   wrong.   God   lets     us   to   love   people,
      Maria. And He has made you to meet the right person.
       You can not just run from the reality. The abbey is not the
       place for hiding. So go back, and reach your love.
M:     If you say so, Mother, then I will go back.

SCENE 7: Maria is back
       [The children is in the frontyard, sitting on the grass,
       looked blank]
* Without Maria, days are so blank for the children. They have
not done anything these days, except reading boring-books and
trying to sing some songs they know, but they just want to see
Maria again. Suddenly, they hears Maria‟s voice, calling them.
       [Maria appears from their back, holding her guitar with
M:     Children!
K:     Frauleine Maria! You are back!
       [The children quickly runs towards Maria, trying to hug her
Li:    Frauleine Maria! I thought you will not come back anymore!
Lo:    We missed you so much!
* The Captain hears so many noises from outside, and comes out to
see what is happening, with the Baroness follows him on his back.
Then the Captain sees Maria. Their eyes meet together.
       [Suddenly a silence]
M:     Captain.
CG:    Frauleine. You are back.
M:     Yes. I am. I missed the children.
CG:    Of course. They missed you everyday. They really need you.
       [They both suddenly feel awkward and not dared to look at
       each other‟s eyes]
*    Then   the   Baroness,   who   has   just   watching   it   all,   feels
something from the Captain‟s eyes, telling her that he is, too,
like the children, missed Maria so bad.
       [The Baroness pulls the Captain‟s hand suddenly]
BE:    Well. So this is Maria.
      Happy that you are back.
M:    Oh. You must be the Baroness. How do you do?
      [Maria helds her hand out to the Baroness, but the Baroness
      does not want to accept it]
BE:   (in a high-tone) Well. As you know, I am his fiancée. We
      are getting married soon.
* The atmosphere suddenly becomes uncomfortable, and Maria wishes
she can just go away from this place.
M:    (uncomfortable) Oh… I… Uh, of course I know that.
      I guess… I will take the children to play now. Excuse me.
      Come on, children. We will practice new song.
Children: Alright!
      [The children follow Maria to the backyard. They bounce
      happily beside her, leaving the Captain and the Baroness in
      a stiff-atmosphere]
* The Baroness, who does not share Maria's rapport with the
children, becomes jealous of Maria's talents and the effect she
has on the Captain. It becomes obvious to her that Maria and the
Captain have both begun to have feelings for each other.
BE:   So. Have feelings for her now, Captain? (full of jealousy)
CG:   Who? Me?
      Elsa. Please. What are you talking about?
BE:   Oh. Come on. Do not pretending like you are innocent. You
      have fallen in love with her. Am I right, Georg?
CG:   I… I don‟t know. I really don‟t know.
BE:   Well. Seemed as a „yes‟ for me.
      You know… Georg. I have just been thingking. Maybe I am not
      quite good for you. For the children. They love Maria so
      much. And… I think you have to get her.
CG:   Elsa. I told you I am confused.
BE:   Confused about what? You love her!
      [suddenly becomes gentle] Well. It is okay for me. I can
      let you go. I will return to Vienna, and I will not disturb
      your life anymore. (smiles) You can call me if you need any
      Now you are wasting your time! Go and get her!
      [The Baroness pushing the Captain to go]
CG:   Well. Elsa… Thank you so much. I owe you for your kindness!
      [The Captain hurriedly walks away to the backyard]

SCENE 8: Happy ending
* It is already late in the night when the Captain sees Maria
through the window, sitting beside the fountain in her night
gown. Then he comes over her.
M:    (surprised, then quickly stands up) Oh! Captain!
CG:   Maria… I know this is very strange for you, but I am happy
      that you came back to us.
M:    … Yes. I missed this place so much, and I don‟t understand
CG:   Well. I started to think about you, and my children every
      night. You know, they love you so much… As much as I love
M:    (looked more surprised) Captain! You can‟t…
CG:   (ignores her) Do you love me, Maria?
M:    I… Yes, I do…
CG:   Will you marry me?

* The von Trapp family finally realized that music has made them
stronger more than anything in this world. Music, family, love--
together forever.

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