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					                                    PRESS RELEASE


Many issues face prospective home owners of the future. Undoubtedly for the first time
in recent decades people are being challenged on a variety of fronts to weigh the longer
term impact of their housing decisions. Global environmental considerations are
changing the way we orient homes, the spaces within and the materials used. Locally, the
strength of the economy has created a finance hurdle for new entrants into the market.
For reasons of affordability into the new home market and even the rental market, your
children may well stay at home until their late twenties and beyond. This begs the
question whether your new home of the future will be suitable for adult children and
potentially a third generation under the same roof?

Affordability for the next generation of home buyers will remain an issue until the two
main fundamentals governing affordability change; of significant wages growth and or a
serious correction downwards in house and land prices. Typically, the most affordable
areas for entrants into the housing market tend to be on the fringes of cities, where
unfortunately the infrastructure is usually minimal. Add in the cost in both time and
money of transport to work and family from these outer suburbs and the resulting
environmental impact of vehicle emissions, and there is an even stronger argument for
children to stay at home longer.

The trend in our housing market has been to trade homes about every seven years, to suit
changing lifestyles and family dynamics. Unless the replacement stock for these new
houses comes from urban infill where the density of older inner suburban sites is
increased, the metropolitan area will continue to expand unchecked. Better use of existing
sites is a recognised key to slowing urban sprawl and the ills that large scale cities suffer.

Zorzi Builders have long recognised that housing should be about making the best use of
a site with the accommodation specifically designed to suit the lifestyle of the owners
with a degree of future proofing built into the home for changing trends. Over the years
the company’s outstanding level of workmanship has led the market into the
incorporation of luxurious theatres, wet kitchens tucked out of site off the main kitchen,
alfresco areas that seamlessly blend the indoors with the outdoors and a general resort
feel that makes people want to holiday at home. Accepting their role as industry leaders
in residential housing, Zorzi Builders have borrowed a standard housing concept that has
been existent in Europe and Asia for centuries, and they have used the term
“intergenerational housing” to sum it up. The concept is to keep families together on the
one site instead of separating and adding to the urban sprawl. This concept is
demonstrated in the plans for the next Zorzi Builders Appealathon Home.

In longer established cultures it is very common to find multiple generations living in the
same home. Apart from the obvious strong bond and resulting respect and love that this
creates between family members there is a considerable financial benefit that this gives to
younger generations.

If we are to build homes for the future that will suit the differences in generations there
should be suitable separated spaces to allow each generation to live and develop with
harmony. An architectural concept of merit that has been around for a long time is to
create homes that have interconnected “pods” branching from a central communal core.
The core features all the areas that are commonly used by members of the home, like
kitchen, meals, family, entertainment and laundry. The separated areas are specifically
intended to be private spaces. As this concept requires both market and regulatory
acceptance this Zorzi Builders Appealathon Home is deliberately designed to be as “main
stream” as possible, where the casual observer will not notice any difference. The
difference is in the detail.

From the front elevation, the latest Zorzi Builders Appealathon Home is a stunning home
of layered facades. On the left hand side is a single storey section with two stories beside
and beyond. The low level front portion of the building to one side of the apparent front
door and the triple garage is the detailed difference and a key to the future in housing.
The obvious is certainly not what it seems when entry is gained to the building. The
apparent front door is but an entry to a covered walkway that leads past a central
courtyard to the front door. The garage turns out to be parking for four cars not three.
And the single storey structure is a self contained “pod”. Imagine this pod to be used by
the uni student son or daughter living at home but in a private space that allows
interaction with other members of the family when needed but suitable independence to
come and go at will without interruption to those in the main residence. Expand upon the
idea of quasi-independence and put the same young adult into a serious relationship,
marriage or even into a family of their own in the same space. Grow the new family,
move them into the main residence and the future potential is for the original owners and
now grandparents to give up the main residence and move to the pod. The pod is still
working. And importantly the site is supporting a family of three generations.

Regulatory acceptance of the concept will depend upon satisfaction that the pod will not
become a self contained structure that could be used for unrelated people and rental
income, similar to the treatment in the past of aged care accommodation that was
affectionately labelled as “granny flats”. With such acceptance the size, fit out and
number of pods on site can vary.

Within the main residence of this Zorzi Builders Appealathon Home all the features of a
large well thought out luxury home abound. The home contains spacious rooms and
features an additional four double bedrooms, study, media room, huge kitchen with
adjacent walk in pantry and appliance room, family room, dining and upstairs lounge.
The home has a central lift that is well located to an upstairs bedroom that is configured
with wider doors to both the bedroom and ensuite that will allow future wheel chair
access if required. The layout of the upstairs sleeping zones has been planned to ensure
maximum distance between rooms to create zones and a sense of privacy.

The home has recently commenced construction in Jutland Parade Dalkeith where
recognition is due to the Nedlands Council for the forward thinking in acceptance of the
concept and the Civilian Maimed and Limbless Association of Western Australia (Inc.)
and the Paraplegic-Quadriplegic Association of W.A (Inc.) for their backing of an
exciting new trend in housing.

Zorzi Builders reputation for building homes of exceptional quality that stand the test of
time will ensure this Appealathon Home will be one that will be worthy of a visit as a
fitting model for the future.

                                   David Marks - May 7, 2008

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