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                     AND CAPITAL

                          THE CITY OF
                           SAN DIEGO
C I TY                                                                                   C I TY G OV E R N M E N T
       San Diego is the nation’s seventh largest city with a diverse population of              The City of San Diego operates under a Council-Manager form of govern-
1.275 million residents, and a land area of 342 square miles. The City is both a         ment. There is a directly elected Mayor and an eight-member City Council, who
major tourist destination and an international trade center. There are 17 miles of       are each limited to two consecutive terms. Council members are elected by dis-
coastline extending three miles off shore along Pacific Ocean beaches. In addi-          trict on a non-partisan basis for four-year staggered terms. The Mayor, who is
tion, there are two beautiful bays including 4,600 acres around Mission Bay Park.        elected Citywide, presides over the Council meetings and sets the Council agen-
The San Diego metropolitan area ranks seventeenth in population nationally.              da, may vote on all matters that come before the Council, but has no veto. The
Despite its size, San Diego continues to have a comfortable small town atmos-            Mayor and Council appoint the City Manager, who serves as the chief adminis-
phere. Pleasant Weather Rating Service Poll voted San Diego as having the best           trative officer for the City with responsibility for appointing all department heads.
year-round weather in the nation and second best in the world.                           The City Council is considering a Charter amendment which, if approved on the
       San Diego’s traditional military-based economy has diversified during the         November ballot, would change the Council-Manager form of government to a
past two decades and includes significant growth in high-tech research and man-          Strong Mayor form of government.
ufacturing, bio-tech, tourism and service businesses. Additional growth has                     The City’s Fiscal Year 2005 total budget is approximately $2.48 billion, with
resulted from adapting defense technologies to market-based products and over            over 11,000 highly dedicated full-time City employees. Additional information
43,000 new jobs have been created in San Diego.                                          about the City of San Diego can be obtained on the City’s website:
       Because of San Diego’s proximity to Mexico, the region is becoming increas-
ingly bicultural and the City is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse
places in the nation. San Diego residents come from all parts of the world and
speak more than 100 languages. San Diego has a young population, with approx-            D E PA R T M E N T
imately 56 percent of its citizens under 35 years of age. San Diego has become
                                                                                               The Engineering and Capital Projects Department is a full-service engi-
the safest big city in the United States due to an aggressive anti-crime stance
                                                                                         neering “firm” with a 2004 budget of $65,196 million and 505 employees who
taken by local government. Additionally, the health system in San Diego County is
                                                                                         are responsible for the planning, design, management and construction of pub-
among the best in the nation with 26 accredited hospitals and over 6,600 beds
                                                                                         lic improvement projects and providing traffic engineering services throughout
                                                                                         the City of San Diego. With the goal of accomplishing the City’s CIP in the most
       San Diego is world renowned for tourist attractions that include the Wild
                                                                                         effective way possible, the Department performs most of its design and con-
Animal Park, Sea World, Palomar Observatory and the San Diego Zoo located in
                                                                                         struction management services with in-house staff. There are 440 identified
Magnificent Balboa Park. The region is home to five professional sports teams: the
                                                                                         projects and an additional 150-200 smaller projects in the 6 year program that
Chargers (football), the Padres (baseball), the Flash (soccer), the Gulls (ice hockey)
                                                                                         totals $1.7 billion.
and the Stingrays (basketball). The arts – music, dance, opera, art, film and muse-
                                                                                               The Department has a state-of-the-art materials testing laboratory and a
ums – are abundant and include the San Diego Opera, the Civic Light Opera, the
                                                                                         large survey group utilizing GPS. The Department utilizes up-to-date CADD in
Master Chorale, the Chamber Music Society, the LaJolla Playhouse and the Old
                                                                                         Microstation, Primavera P3E/C and GIS applications. The nature of the
Globe Theater. Museums include the Museum of Art, Natural History Museum,
                                                                                         Department’s work includes: developing the infrastructure for PETCO Park;
Aerospace Museum and the Space Theater and Science Center. Other attractions
                                                                                         widening the beachfront boardwalk; building libraries and fire stations, and other
in the area include Legoland California, Old Town State Park, Birch Aquarium at
                                                                                         public facilities; rebuilding older streets and large-scale water/sewer pipeline
Scripps, Del Mar Thoroughbred Racetrack and Cabrillo National Monument.
                                                                                         replacement program; responding to traffic requests from the public; and main-
       San Diego is also a center for education and research, with public and pri-
                                                                                         taining the City’s traffic signal system.
vate colleges and universities. The University of California at San Diego (UCSD),
                                                                                               The Engineering and Capital Projects Department has received more proj-
San Diego State University (SDSU), and the University of San Diego (USD) are three
                                                                                         ect awards from the American Public Works Association and American Society of
major universities in the City. In addition, there are ten community colleges locat-
                                                                                         Engineers than any other agency in the region. The Department’s success is
ed throughout San Diego County and 540 public K-12 schools. The City of San
                                                                                         directly attributed to an outstanding staff and the commitment to extensive
Diego has the highest percentage of college graduates of any city in the country,
                                                                                         involvement of the communities and neighborhoods who will be served by the
with one in four residents holding a college degree.
                                                                                         projects. Additionally, the Department has developed into an organization which
       The region has a well-developed highway system. Four major interstate
                                                                                         allows for maximum employee development as well as inclusive decision mak-
freeways and six state highways serve the City. The average daily round-trip com-
                                                                                         ing through the utilization of mentoring programs and innovative approaches to
mute ranks fifth best compared to the 20 largest metropolitan areas in the nation.
In addition, nearly 50 miles of light-rail trolley lines circle downtown San Diego.
Amtrak and Coaster Commute provide passenger rail service trains. The
                                                                                         The Department is organized into five divisions as follows:
Metropolitan Transit operates 29 bus routes covering 635 miles. San Diego
                                                                                         Administration Division       provides management and fiscal support
International Airport ( Lindbergh Field) is located near downtown San Diego and
accommodates daily flights to 158 cities serving an average of 36,500 passengers
daily and 70, 000 tons of air cargo annually. The Port of San Diego controls the         Architectural Engineering and Contracts Division manages the City’s public
maritime operations of San Diego Harbor, and has three major terminals, including        building contracts (i.e. libraries, fire stations) as well as Community Development
cruise ships as well as cargo operations.                                                Block Grant (CDBG) projects.
Field Engineering Division provides construction management and inspection,            bridges, coastal low flow diversion, coastal erosion, street lights, pedestrian
survey support, materials testing and traffic control review for City capital          ramps, local streets and bikeways.
improvement projects. The Division also oversees all private developers/permit-
                                                                                       Water and Sewer Design Division provides professional engineering services
tees doing work in the public right-of-ways.
                                                                                       and quality water/wastewater facilities for the Water Department and Metropolitan
Transportation Engineering Division provides design and project management             Wastewater Department.
for various transportation improvement projects, storm drains, traffic signals,

                                                                          City Council

                                                                        City Manager

                                                                 Engineering and Capital


                                  Field                     Architectural                 Transportation              Water and
                                                           Engineering and
                               Engineering                    Contracts                    Engineering               Sewer Design

      Under the general direction of the City Manager and reporting to a Deputy          part of the approval process.
City Manager, the Director is responsible for the successful operation of the
                                                                                       • Directs the City’s major Capital Improvement Projects including public
Engineering and Capital Projects Department. The Director plays a critical role in
                                                                                         buildings, street improvements, and some water/sewer projects.
City government and assumes a leadership position in enhancing the
Department’s focus on customer service, efficiency, contract management,               • Builds and maintains strong relationships with various city departments
responsiveness, and innovation in a professional and collaborative manner. The           including the water and waste water departments to ensure capital projects
position requires the establishment and maintenance of a wide variety of working         are managed in a timely and cost effective manner.
relationships with City departments, senior staff, elected officials, regional enti-
ties, employees, contractors, vendors and the community. The Director assess-          • Provides professional and technical engineering advice to other city depart-
es engineering services programmatically throughout the City and makes recom-            ments; maintains professional standards for engineering services provided
mendations to the City Manager.                                                          throughout the City.
      The Director is responsible for ninety-five (95%) percent of the City’s CIP.     • Serves as focal point and arbitrator of disputes and interpretation of engineer-
The Director ensures that all CIP projects are successfully executed within their        ing and construction management policies and regulations.
established scopes, schedules and budgets. The Director represents the
Department in dealing with various regional agencies, prepares and/or make pre-        • Provides city-wide leadership in developing and enhancing construction
sentations before the Mayor and City Council, Council Committee, and various             methodologies.
civic, community, professional and business forums.
                                                                                       • Represents the Engineering and Capital Projects Department and interests of
                                                                                         the City to outside groups and organizations; and provides technical assistance
Specific responsibilities include:
                                                                                         as necessary.
• Develops and implements goals, objectives, policies, procedures and perform-
  ance standards for the Department.                                                   • Maintains Strong regional involvement with other public agencies, trade
                                                                                         groups, and regulatory entities.
• Plans, organizes, assigns, supervises, reviews and evaluates the work of pro-
                                                                                         Performs other duties as assigned.
  fessional engineering, technical and administrative staff, through subordinate
  supervisors.                                                                         Key Challenges include:
                                                                                       • Reauthorization of the Transnet tax, the .05 cent sales tax due to expire in 2007.
• Coordinates Engineering and Capital Projects Department’s activities with other
  departments, outside agencies and organizations; provides staff assistance to        • Coordinating development projects with other public agencies and private
  the Mayor and City Council and relevant boards and commissions; and pre-               developers to reduce adverse effects on the City’s infrastructure and to ensure
  pares and presents reports and other necessary correspondence.                         appropriate compensation where necessary.
• Provides management direction for engineering services and capital projects,         • Continuation of the aggressive pipeline replacement project in conjunction with
  including design, construction management, contracting, and inspection services.       the street replacement program.
• Supervises and participates in the development and administration                    • Developing new approaches, in light of budgetary constraints, to reduce cost
  of the Department’s budget; oversees the development of the City’s Capital             and improve operating efficiencies.
  Improvement budget and participates in various citywide presentations as
     Candidates for the Director position must possess strong leadership skills
coupled with excellent engineering experience gained in large engineering/public
works organizations. Experience should include eight to twelve (8-12) years of
increasingly responsible management experience at the director and/or division
chief level. Educational background should include a degree in civil engineering
or construction management with a masters in public/business administration
preferred. In order for the Director to also be appointed as the City Engineer, can-
didates must be licensed professional engineers in California.
The ideal candidate will possess the following attributes:
• Outstanding proven leadership and vision in successfully managing a major
  multi-faceted multi-year capital projects program.

• Demonstrated track record of managing large complex construction projects
  using modern/innovative construction management techniques.

• Progressively responsible supervisory and management experience
  which demonstrates the ability to direct administrative, technical and
  professional staff.
                                                                                       M A N AG E M E N T
• A results oriented style, responsiveness and goal driven.
                                                                                       C O M P E N S AT I O N A N D
• Strong assessment skills and the ability to bring different perspectives on
  how to streamline and reduce cost, while enhancing quality and customer              BENEFITS
  satisfaction.                                                                              The annual salary for this position is open within an established range.
• Proficient in budget development and management.                                     Salary for the last incumbent was $135,000. In addition, the successful candi-
                                                                                       date will be eligible for participation in the City’s Flexible Benefits Plan ($5,575
• Knowledge of various public works funding mechanisms.                                annual value) which offers several optional benefit plans or a taxable cash
                                                                                       option, supplemented by the City’s Management Benefit Plan ($3,000 annual
• Highly competent in exercising fiduciary responsibilities to protect the City’s      value); paid annual leave accruing at 22 days per year for the 1st through the
  interests including water and sewer rate payers.                                     15th year of service; defined benefit City retirement system (2.5% at 55) with
• Knowledge of construction contract management including prevailing wage and          Cal PERS reciprocity for applicants with eligible service; and optional deferred
  project labor agreements.                                                            compensation and 401 (k) programs. All employees must join the City’s supple-
                                                                                       mental pension savings plan, with a minimum required contribution of 3.00% of
• Committed to construction industry outreach including small and minority             salary (however, the City will match salary contributions up to 6.05%). In addi-
  business outreach efforts.                                                           tion this position receives a $300 monthly car allowance.

• Broad public works engineering background, preferably including water/waste
  water infrastructure.

• Ability to build strong consultative relationships with client departments with a    S E L E CT I O N P RO C E S S
  strong emphasis on customer service and collaboration.                                    Candidates for this position will initially be evaluated by The Hawkins
                                                                                       Company (Consultant). The most qualified individuals will be invited to partici-
• A strong, demonstrated orientation toward community collaboration and public         pate in the next phase of the selection process. To be considered for this
  engagement processes.                                                                outstanding career opportunity, please submit a letter of interest and resume as
• Genuine commitment to managing diversity in the work place and in incorpo-           soon as possible, but no later than September 3, 2004 to:
  rating diversity in high performing teams.

• Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to work with various external and
  internal stakeholders.                                                                                             William D. Hawkins
• Exceptional team building and collaborative leadership skills with strong                                         The Hawkins Company
  mentoring and staff development skills.
                                                                                                                    5455 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1406
• Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
                                                                                                                     Los Angeles, California 90036
• Strong political acumen and highly skilled in working with elected officials in a                                     (323) 933-3337Ext.14/
  proactive, informative and responsive manner, especially in dealing with sensi-
  tive issues surrounding community-interest.                                                                            (323) 933-9765 (fax)
• Experience working effectively on regional issues and collaborating with other                             
  agencies in a leadership role.                                                                                           The City of San Diego has an active
• Proven ability to make effective presentations in a variety of settings.                                                Equal Opportunity/ ADA program
                                                                                                                            for employment and rigorously
• Understanding of personnel and labor relations principles, policies and                                                 supports diversity in the workplace.

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