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					READ/San Diego’s 18th Annual
Tutor Conference
          Saturday, June 14, 2008
Joan B. Kroc InStItute for Peace & JuStIce
         unIverSIty of San dIego
                     KEYNOTE addrEss

                     enhancing the Perceptual and
                     cognitive Building Blocks for reading
                     Keynote SPeaKer Paula Tallal, a world-recognized authority
                     and leading researcher on the neurobiological basis of lan-
                     guage, is a cognitive neuroscientist and board-certified clinical
                     psychologist. She is a founder and co-director of the Center for
                     Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience at Rutgers University
                     in Newark, New Jersey, as well as a founder of Scientific
                     Learning Corporation. Dr. Tallal is an active participant in
                     many scientific advisory boards and governmental commit-
                     tees and is an international authority on both developmental
                     language disorders and learning disabilities. She has authored
                     over 200 professional publications, holds sev-
                     eral patents, and recently earned the Thomas
                     Alva Edison Patent Prize for her work lead-
                     ing to the development of Fast ForWord. Dr.
                     Tallal received a bachelor’s degree from New
                     York University and a Ph.D. from Cambridge
                     University, with additional research training at
                     The Johns Hopkins University.
                     Photo courtesy of Rutgers Magazine
                    e s s e n t i a l                                            i n f o r m a t i o n

READ/San Diego’s 18th Annual Tutor Conference                                                                 Registration
Saturday, June 14, 2008 • Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice, University of San Diego                 complete and detach the registration form on page 7
                                                                                                              of this brochure, return it with your $30 payment in
this conference provides opportunities for learning and practicing innovative teaching skills.                the enclosed envelope and send to:
Join literacy tutors, teachers and literacy professionals from across california for a day of                     read/San diego
informative, enjoyable, hands-on workshops. 28 workshops are scheduled in 4 strands, with                         5148 Market Street
breaks between the 1st and 2nd strands and 3rd and 4th strands. a catered luncheon will be                        San diego, ca 92114
served between the 2nd and 3rd strands and will feature the Keynote Speaker Paula tallal.                     The registration deadline is Friday, June 6, 2008
For more information call (619) 527-5475                                                                      the first 300 tutors, teachers or literacy professionals
                                                                                                              who send in registration forms are guaranteed
                                                                                                              attendance at the conference. forms received after
                                                                                                              that date will be accepted on a first-come, first-served
                                                                                                              basis. If more then 300 forms are received, the sender
                                                                                                              will be notified in advance and those forms and fees
                                                                                                              will be returned.

                                                                                                              Scholarships are available for those participants who
                                                                                                              may have difficulty paying the $30 registration fee.
                                                                                                              to confidentially request a scholarship, contact valerie
                                                                                                              Hardie at (619) 527-5479.

                                                                                                              If for some reason you cannot attend, please call (619)
                                                                                                              527-5475 so another tutor can attend in your place.
                                                                                                              refunds will not be given in the event of participant
                                                                                                              cancellation or no-show.
   Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice,          ■   Institute for Peace & Justice parking garage is   Check In
   University of San Diego, is located at                   first right at top of hill.                       Registration check-in time is 8:00–8:25 a.m.
   5998 Alcalá Park, San Diego, CA 92110.                                                                     Workshops begin promptly at 8:30 a.m.
                                                        From the East
                                                        ■ use I-8 (West), exit at Morena Blvd.                Meals
   From the North
                                                        ■ Bear right onto Linda vista road.
   ■ use I-5 (South), exit at Sea World drive and                                                             a continental breakfast and lunch are included in the
                                                        ■ Make a left at the second stoplight on Linda
      tecolote road (just past the Hilton Hotel on                                                            registration fee. Breakfast will be available on the east
                                                           vista road onto Marian Way, uSd’s West             Plaza, garden of the Sky from 8:00–8:25 a.m. Lunch
      Mission Bay).
                                                           entrance.                                          will be served in the ballroom from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.
   ■ turn left on tecolote road.
                                                        ■ Institute for Peace & Justice parking garage is
   ■ right at Morena Blvd.                                 first right at top of hill.                        Dress Code
   ■ Left on napa Street to Linda vista road.                                                                 dress comfortably and consider bringing layers such
   ■ Make a left at the second stoplight on Linda                                                             as sweaters and jackets in case temperatures fluctuate
                                                        ■ Parking is free in white lined spaces.
      vista road onto Marian Way, uSd’s West                                                                  indoors and out.
                                                        ■ the Institute for Peace & Justice is the first
                                                          building on the right side at the top of the        Silent Auction
   ■ Institute for Peace & Justice parking garage is
                                                          hill. the entrance to the underground parking       as with previous years, you’ll want to bring more
      first right at top of hill.
                                                          garage is on the right.                             than just pencils and book bags. Pack your wallet and
   From the South                                       ■ there are handicap spots in the Institute for       checkbook! throughout the day, we’ll hold a silent
   ■ use I-5 (north) to I-8 (east) and exit at Morena     Peace & Justice garage.                             auction where you’ll have the opportunity to bid on
      Blvd.                                                                                                   items such as books, art, gift certificates, tickets to
                                                        ■ Park in white lined spaces onLy or you may
                                                                                                              local attractions, gift baskets and more! Be the highest
   ■ follow Morena Blvd, and bear right onto Linda        be fined/towed. If garage is full, park in
                                                                                                              bidder on any item and you’ll take it home! Best of all,
      vista road.                                         Lower West Lot located near the campus West
                                                                                                              the proceeds benefit read/San diego and help to keep
   ■ Make a left at the second stoplight on Linda         entrance, or any white lined space on campus.
                                                                                                              the registration fees low. visa and Mastercard debit
      vista road onto Marian Way, uSd’s West                                                                  and credit cards are accepted with a $10 minimum
      entrance.                                                                                               purchase. also, cash and checks will be gratefully

                                             w    o       r      k     s   h      o      p     s

   Strand 1                        break Strand 2                      lunch Strand 3                        break Strand 4
   8:30–9:45 a.m.                      10:00–11:15 a.m.                    1:45–3:00 p.m.                        3:15–4:30 p.m.
1	mARIlyn gIlleSPIe                 8	mARIlyn gIlleSPIe                 ••	KAne/SPhAR                         ••	KAne/SPhAR
   The Neglected R:                    The Neglected R:                    Improving the Writing                 Improving the Writing
   Practical Tips for Teaching         Practical Tips for Teaching         Achievement for Adult                 Achievement for Adult
   Writing to Adult Learners           Writing to Adult Learners           Learners through                      Learners through
   writing                             writing                             Mentor Texts                          Mentor Texts
                                                                           writing                               writing

2	elenA menDozA                     9	elenA menDozA                     ••	mARIlyn gIlleSPIe                  ••	nAnCy hAmPSon
   Comparative Approaches              Comparative Approaches              Applying Research in                  Effective Lesson Planning
   to Teaching Phonics                 to Teaching Phonics                 Reading Comprehension                 general
   PhonicS                             PhonicS                             comPrehenSion

3	CARRIe SCoTT                      ••	JeRRy eDWARDS                    ••	KAThy ST. John                     ••	KAThy ST. John
   Are We There Yet?:                  Queuing up Your Miscues             Integrating Critical Thinking         Integrating Critical Thinking
   Evaluating Learners’ Progress       aSSeSSment                          Into Every Lesson                     Into Every Lesson
   aSSeSSment                                                              general                               general

4	CARolyn mcgAvoCK                  ••	CARolyn mcgAvoCK                 ••	Colleen KRAUSe/                    ••	Colleen KRAUSe/
   Making the Most of                  Making the Most of                  KAThleen vISel                        KAThleen vISel
   Conversation Practice:              Conversation Practice:              Bridging the Literacy Gap:            Bridging the Literacy Gap:
   Active Listening for                From Speaking to Writing            The Refugee Experience                The Refugee Experience
   Effective Feedback                  eSl                                 eSl                                   eSl

5	KellI SAnDmAn-hURley              ••	ChARloTTe yeSSelmAn              ••	IDA BoARD memBeRS                  ••	IDA BoARD memBeRS
   Introducing Learners to the         Taking the Mystery Out              Walk in the Shoes of a Dyslexic       Walk in the Shoes of a Dyslexic
   Internet via WebQuests              of Fractions, Decimals              learning diSabilitieS                 learning diSabilitieS
   general                             and Percents

6	CARol nAegele                     ••	CARol nAegele                    ••	ChARloTTe yeSSelmAn                ••	AlmA eSPInoSA/lUz ReynoSo/
   Flannel Board and Oral              Age Appropriate Materials for       Taking the Mystery Out                BeATRIz lAPenSee
   Storytelling as Literacy            Early Language Learning             of Fractions, Decimals                My Dad, My Book and Me:
   Learning Tools                      Family/youth literacy               and Percents                          Engaging Fathers in
   Family/youth literacy                                                   math                                  Family Literacy
                                                                                                                 Family/youth literacy

7	gARy KoSmAn                       ••	gARy KoSmAn                      ••	BIll ByRne                         ••	BIll ByRne
   America Learns:                     America Learns:                     Wacky for Wikis:                      Wacky for Wikis:
   An Innovative Web-based             An Innovative Web-based             An Introduction to                    An Introduction to
   Approach to Supporting              Approach to Supporting              Creating Blogs & Wikis                Creating Blogs & Wikis
   Volunteers, Teachers and            Volunteers, Teachers and            technology                            technology
   Programs                            Programs
   general                             general

                   w         o         r       k        s       h    o        p             p       r       e       s        e      n        t       e      r       s

                                                                ••	My Dad, My Book and Me:                                       on-going assessment and consider the connections
William S. Byrne, MLS, is the Literacy Program                  Engaging Fathers in Family Literacy                              between reading and writing. Participants will
Coordinator of the Burbank Public Library. He is also the       3:15–4:30 p.m. (Offered Once)                                    engage in pre- and post- course reflection on teaching
Vice President of the Southern California Library Literacy      fathers who participate in home literacy activities and          reading and develop a personal action plan for how to
Network (SCLLN) and is the consultant for SCLLN’s               read to their children, send them to preschool and               implement key concepts into their own instruction.
webpage. In addition to creating the literacyspace blog         kindergarten better prepared to learn. this session
and SCLLN’s blog, Bill is a regular contributor to three        will present the program structure and outcomes
blogs and one wiki sponsored by the Burbank Public              from father-focused early literacy workshops currently           Nancy Hampson has been an English as A Second
Library.                                                        being implemented by even Start in two San diego                 Language and Adult Basic Education instructor for 30
•• & ••	Wacky for Wikis:                                                                                                         years at Continuing Education, San Diego Community
An Introduction to Creating Blogs & Wikis                                                                                        College District. As a member of the San Diego Literacy
1:45–3:00 p.m. & 3:15–4:30 p.m.                                                                                                  Network, since its inception in 1986, Ms. Hampson
(Offered Twice)                                                 Marilyn Gillespie, a Senior Educational Researcher at            has presented tutor trainings and given presentations
Blogs and Wikis, two interactive technologies, are              SRI International, has taught, published and presented           at many national, state and local conferences. She
transforming the way many people communicate.                   on teaching writing around the U.S. She first became             has a Master’s Degree in Special Education, Learning
this workshop will provide an introduction to creating          interested in the teaching of writing in mid-1980 when           Disabilities. Her challenge is helping students succeed
blogs and wikis. Participants will briefly examine the          she founded a small adult literacy program with writing          who have not been able to learn to read by discovering
history of blogs; review popular library literacy blogs         at the center of instruction. Over the years Dr. Gillespie       how they learn and designing strategies and materials
and will learn how easy it is to post to a blog.                has conducted numerous workshops and written varied              that will work for them.
                                                                publications related to writing research, standards              ••	Effective Lesson Planning
                                                                for writing instruction and the teaching of writing for          3:15–4:30 p.m. (Offered Once)
                                                                adult and K-12 educators. Two of her greatest interests
Jerry Edwards has been the literacy specialist for the                                                                           Plan and deliver effective lessons! this workshop
                                                                are curriculum development and teacher professional
Santa Fe Springs City Library for 21 years. His illustrious                                                                      takes participants step by step through the process
                                                                development. She has developed a curriculum on buying
career in literacy began in 1977 when he was trained                                                                             of lesson design. Participants will learn up-to-date
                                                                a new home for the Fannie Mae Foundation, a work
by a fierce little nun, Sister Michelle Renee, in the city of                                                                    strategies for planning lessons using a combination
                                                                readiness curriculum for the State of Florida, an online
Orange. This volunteer work in ESL was a natural bridge                                                                          of the WIPPea stages and “backward design.” using
                                                                teaching and learning toolkit for the NIFL Equipped for
to literacy. After graduating from college, he dabbled                                                                           the information and skills taught in this workshop,
                                                                the Future (EFF) Project, and Many Literacies: Training
in a variety of volunteer-based positions before joining                                                                         participants will find that lesson planning becomes a
                                                                Modules for Adult Beginning Readers and Tutors as
the City in 1987. The adult literacy program grew to                                                                             quick, easy process.
                                                                well as a number of other publications to help teachers
include service to families and children. Jerry has served
                                                                connect research and practice. At SRI, Dr. Gillespie
on the boards of the Southern California Library Literacy
                                                                works on a range of projects related to K–12 and adult
Network, the Literacy Network of Greater Los Angeles
                                                                education and is currently an evaluator for a large-scale        Christine Kane and Christine Sphar are educators,
and BookEnds, a board serving children.
                                                                evaluation of the National Writing Project.                      literacy coaches, staff developers at their respective
••	Queuing up Your Miscues                                                                                                       school sites and represent the leadership team of the
                                                                1 & 8	The Neglected R:
10:00–11:15 a.m. (Offered Once)                                                                                                  San Diego Area Writing Project. The San Diego Area
                                                                Practical Tips for Teaching
Have you ever felt frustrated by the errors your student        Writing to Adult Learners                                        Writing Project provides opportunities in professional
makes in reading and spelling and aren’t quite sure             8:30–9:45 a.m. & 10:00–11:15 a.m.                                development for teaching practitioners, literacy coaches,
what to do to correct them? this workshop will scratch          (Offered Twice)                                                  administrators, curriculum specialists, and community
the surface of tools that help you (and your student)           come to this workshop to learn why writing is so                 college and university instructors. Located within the
understand what the mistakes are and practical ways             important! you will get a brief “taste” for research on          Center for Research in Educational Equity, Assessment &
to correct them. tutors will leave this workshop with a         how people learn to write; get strategies for teaching           Teaching Excellence (CREATE), University of California,
systematic approach to analyzing errors.                        writing in your tutoring session or classroom and learn          San Diego, the SDAWP is one of 17 California Writing
                                                                about how aBe and eSoL students progress as writers.             Project sites dedicated to the improvement of student
                                                                Participants will also receive practical tips, worksheets        learning through the effective teaching of writing.
Alma Espinoza has been a Program Coordinator                    and graphical organizers.                                        •• & ••	Improving the Writing
with EvenStart for eight years and is responsible for           ••	Applying Research in                                          Achievement for Adult Learners
overseeing EvenStart projects as well as day-to-day             Reading Comprehension                                            through Mentor Texts (Continuum)
operations.                                                                                                                      1:45–4:30 p.m. (Double Session)
                                                                1:45–3:00 p.m. (Offered Once)
Luz M. Reynoso is a Family Liaison with EvenStart at            this workshop for aBe and eSoL instructors introduces            the San diego area Writing Project supports socially
Walter J. Porter Elementary and formerly worked as              participants to the key components of reading                    responsible approaches to the teaching of writing
a preschool teacher with a local San Diego Head Start           (alphabetics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension)             and is dedicated to improving the writing skills of
program.                                                        described in nIfL reading publications with a focus              our culturally and linguistically diverse populations.
                                                                on teaching reading comprehension strategies and                 Participants will work with SdaWP teacher
Beatriz Lapensee has worked in the                                                                                               consultants to learn how to construct a writing
EvenStart program over the past eight years                     vocabulary development for low intermediate level
                                                                students and higher. We will learn about how students            program that meets the needs of adult learners,
as a Parent Educator and Family Liaison.                                                                                         including english Language Learners, and improve
                                                                may have different “reading profiles,” learn about why
                                                                teaching “reading strategies” is important, discuss              overall writing achievement. Participants will help

                  w         o        r       k       s       h    o        p              p       r       e       s      e       n       t       e       r        s

adult learners discover a whole new world of writing                                                                         of the Lindamood-Bell clinic in Atlanta, she received
mentors . . . inside books! tutors will learn how to use     Kathleen Visel was the Founder and Executive Director           additional training in other methodologies including
the work of published authors to teach writing. this         of the Sudanese English Project, an award winning               Orton-Gillingham and Wilson Language. She also began
workshop will explore the use of mentor texts, both          after-school program for refugee youth. She has                 her private practice and founded a learning center.
for the purposes of improving a writer’s craft and for       over 10 years of experience in beginning literacy/ESL           Elena has re-located back to California after selling
learning the rules and reasons behind grammar and            education and non-profit administration. She is a fully         her learning center in Georgia. She currently serves on
conventions.                                                 credentialed teacher with the San Diego Community               the board of the San Diego Branch of the International
                                                             College District, holding a Master’s Degree in Elementary       Dyslexia Association.
                                                             Education, Curriculum & Instruction.
                                                                                                                             2 & 9	Comparative Approaches
Gary Kosman is the founder and CEO of America                •• & ••	Bridging the Literacy Gap:                              to Teaching Phonics
Learns, a national educational performance and               The Refugee Experience                                          8:30–9:45 a.m. & 10:00–11:15 a.m.
accountability firm, reaching more than 20,000 child         1:45–3:00 p.m. & 3:15–4:30 p.m.                                 (Offered Twice)
and adult students. In 2003, Gary was named among            (Offered Twice)                                                 What does phonics mean? What is phonological
the ten best emerging social entrepreneurs worldwide         Have you ever wanted to learn more about the refugee            awareness? What is the difference between phonics
by Echoing Green, the global social venture foundation.      experience? attend this workshop to learn more about            and whole language? How do I know which students
This past September, former President Bill Clinton           refugee resettlement in the united States highlighting          need phonics? Ms. Mendoza will discuss the meaning
recognized Gary and America Learns in his latest             two new groups: the Burmese and Burundians, and                 of phonics, phonological awareness, controversies
book, giving: How each of us can change the World.           how to overcome challenges in teaching literacy to              regarding and different programs that teach phonics.
Gary recently received an iParenting Media “Excellent        refugee learners. Participants will gain practical skills       We will explore different programs through lecture
Products of 2007” award for his co-authorship of the         and strategies in working with beginners and walk               and activities. different programs to explore will
parenting book, Bonding While Learning: activities to        away with hands-on activities for teaching or tutoring.         be LiPS, Wilson Language, and orton gillingham.
grow your relationship While Preparing for reading                                                                           applying these programs to classroom curriculums
Success. In his spare time, Gary coaches children’s sports                                                                   and Spanish speaking students will also be explored.
teams at local LA City parks America Learns’ core work                                                                       Bring an open mind, a willingness to learn, and
involves helping nonprofit organizations, school districts   Carolyn McGavock has been teaching ESL to adult                 several sheets of paper for notes.
and universities track, evaluate and provide ongoing         learners since 1991 after receiving a TESL Certificate
guidance and support to tutors, mentors and student          from Seattle University. She has taught students
teachers. America Learns’ clients include UC Berkeley,       from literacy to advanced levels of ESL in a variety of
Duke University, Dwight Hall at Yale, Georgetown             program settings in Seattle, New York City and San              Carol Naegele, known as “Miss Carol” to children
University, the Minneapolis Public Schools, the Literacy     Diego. Currently Ms. McGavock is an ESL instructor in           and teens during 25 years of library service to youth,
Network of Greater Los Angeles, and the English at Work      Continuing Education for the San Diego Community                became a passionate and active advocate for literacy
program.                                                     College District.                                               services when she was appointed Coordinator of Youth
                                                                                                                             and Literacy Services for the Oceanside Public Library.
7 & ••	America Learns:                                       4	Making the Most of Conversation Practice:                     After several years, she retired from the library and took
An Innovative Web-based Approach                             Active Listening for Effective                                  a three-year break to focus on teaching at Palomar
to Supporting Volunteers,                                    Feedback (Continuum)
                                                                                                                             College and pursuing personal interests. She has
Teachers and Programs                                        8:30–9:45 a.m. (Part 1 of a double session)
                                                                                                                             recently joined the Carlsbad City Library as the Principal
8:30–9:45 a.m. & 10:00–11:15 p.m.                            Participants will discuss methods to help learners              Librarian for the new Library Learning Center scheduled
(Offered Twice)                                              expand their speaking skills and improve accuracy in            to open this summer. The new facility will provide
get an overview of how programs nationwide use the           pronunciation and grammar. emphasis will be placed              expanded services currently offered by the Centro de
america Learns network to provide ongoing support            on strategies that have broad applications and require          Informacion and the Adult Learning Program. Carol
to tutors and track their progress. the america Learns       little preparation. Participants will learn from the            firmly supports the vision of the Library Learning Center
network was developed in partnership with more               facilitator and each other in this interactive workshop.        as the gateway to supporting family literacy, life-long
than 300 individuals—tutors, tutoring program                ••	Making the most of Conversation Practice:                    learning, and community enrichment.
managers, teachers, parent advocates and other               From Speaking to Writing (Continuum)
stakeholders. come to this workshop to give candid                                                                           6	Flannel Board and Oral Storytelling
                                                             10:00–11:15 a.m. (Part 2 of a double session)                   as Literacy Learning Tools
feedback on how the america Learns network might
                                                             Participants will discuss strategies to incorporate             8:30–9:45 a.m. (Offered Once)
work for you.
                                                             writing practice into conversation sessions. emphasis           What learning style works best for your learner—
                                                             will be placed on strategies that have broad                    visual, auditory, or kinesthetic? flannel board
                                                             applications and require little preparation. Participants       storytelling is an ideal tool for every learning style,
Colleen Krause, Community and Family Strengthening           will learn from the facilitator and each other in this          and also brings an element of creativity and fun to
Program Manager at the International Rescue                  interactive workshop.                                           reinforcing the six basic keys to early literacy. this
Committee of San Diego, has over 12 years of experience                                                                      workshop will feature practical tips and techniques,
in teaching, education, and administration. Recognized                                                                       demonstrations, and resources for tutors to use with
as an IRC National Field Expert, she has provided                                                                            learners. Best of all, tutors can help their learners
                                                             Elena Mendoza began her work as an educational
technical assistance to programs throughout the United                                                                       discover that flannel board storytelling is a perfect
                                                             therapist shortly after completing her degree from
States. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for                                                                   way to share stories with the family!
                                                             California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.
San Diego Council on Literacy and Survivors of Violent
                                                             After leaving her last position as the clinic consultant        ••	Age Appropriate Materials for

                  w         o        r       k       s       h    o        p             p       r       e       s       e         n     t       e      r       s

Early Language Learning                                      Kelli Sandman-Hurley are designed to teach adult                  ■  emphasizing tools, strategies, and processes
10:00–11:15 a.m. (Offered Once)                              literacy learners how to use the internet while                      that students can use to help them analyze and
family literacy fosters life long learning for both adult    learning content about Health Literacy, Workplace                    evaluate information
learners and their families. However, too often parents      Literacy and family Literacy at the same time. this               ■ Questioning students to help them think about
become frustrated and discouraged when they try              workshop will demonstrate how you can use this tool                  their thinking
to read aloud or share books with their children. this       with any learner and introduce them to the internet.            In this workshop, participants will
workshop will introduce tutors to the different stages
                                                                                                                               ■ Identify the skills that help students gather
of child development and how these stages influence
the ability to comprehend and enjoy literature. tutors
                                                             Carrie Scott is the Interim Literacy Coordinator for the          ■ Learn tools, strategies, and processes that
will learn how to guide adult learners in choosing
                                                             Carlsbad City Library Adult Learning Program, where she              students can use to analyze and evaluate
books, using oral language, and incorporating
                                                             started as a volunteer tutor 20 years ago. She has served            information
ritualized dialog into special activities shared with
                                                             on the Board of Directors of the San Diego Council on
their children.                                                                                                                ■ Learn about graphic organizers to understand
                                                             Literacy since 1999 and is a former Board President.
                                                             3	“Are We There Yet?”:                                            ■ Practice developing questions that help
                                                             Evaluating Learner’s Progress                                        students think about their thinking and examine
The San Diego Branch of the International
                                                             8:30–9:45 a.m. (Offered Once)                                        information critically
Dyslexia Association is a nonprofit scientific and
educational organization dedicated to the study and          those of us who have participated in driving vacations          Handouts and materials will be given to participants.
treatment of the learning disability, dyslexia. The Branch   will recognize the familiar refrain of, “are we there
was formed to increase public awareness of dyslexia.         yet?” tutors and learners sometimes share this
Through seminars, conferences, and workshops, our            uncertainty of knowing whether they are heading in
organization has served San Diego County individuals,        the right direction and wondering how long it will              Dr. Charlotte Yesselman has a M.S. degree in
families and professionals who have an interest in           take to meet their learning goals. you will learn a             Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.
challenges and solutions related to dyslexia. The San        simple model for measuring your learner’s progress.             She has taught mathematics at all levels from beginning
Diego Branch, which was formed in 1976, is affiliated        discover, too, how this model can help you plan more            to advanced college level. For the past 19 years she has
with the International Dyslexia Association, a nonprofit     effective lessons and help your learners overcome               worked with READ/San Diego as a tutor and assessor,
organization that was founded in 1949 to continue            learning plateaus. you will receive an easy-to-use              and also as a presenter at conferences and workshops.
pioneering work in the study and treatment of dyslexia.      laminated handout to take with you.                             She has also written many programmed texts on
                                                                                                                             Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Foreign Languages, and
•• & ••	Walk in the Shoes of a Dyslexic                                                                                      writing skills.
1:45–3:00 p.m. & 3:15–4:30 p.m.
(Offered Twice)                                              Kathy St. John taught ESL in Washington D.C.,                   •• & ••	Taking the Mystery Out of
                                                             Chicago and Madison, WI from 1989–1993. She                     Fractions, Decimals and Percents
Participants in this workshop will get the chance to
“walk in the shoes of a dyslexic” by experiencing            was a literacy program director in Chicago from                 10:00–11:15 a.m. & 1:45–3:00 p.m. (Offered
                                                             1993–1995. Kathy directed Read Santa Clara, a                   Twice)
several different simulations designed to simulate the
symptoms of dyslexia. there will also be time for a          volunteer-based library literacy program in California,         Success in using fractions, decimals and percents and
question and answer period.                                  from 1995–2001. From 2001–2002, Kathy researched                associated application problems is vital for everyday
                                                             funding opportunities and wrote grant proposals for             activities and further education. Learn sure-fire tested
                                                             Literacy Volunteers of America. She has been a freelance        methods to help your learner achieve that success.
                                                             literacy, resource and board development and program
Kelli Sandman-Hurley has been a Tutor/Learner                improvement consultant and trainer since 2002. Kathy
Coordinator for READ/San Diego for more than nine            is currently ProLiteracy America’s Southwest Regional
years and she is currently a doctoral candidate in adult     Representative and Regional Institute Coordinator. And,
literacy. She is the President of the San Diego Branch of    she is also a consultant and trainer for the National
the International Dyslexia Association and on the board      Institute for Literacy.
of the Southern California Library Literacy Network.
                                                             •• & ••	Integrating Critical
Kelli also coordinates the educational technology lab
                                                             Thinking Into Every Lesson
and wrote the grant to introduce WebQuests into the
                                                             1:45–3:00 p.m. & 3:15–4:30 p.m.
curriculum.                                                  (Offered Twice)
5	Introducing Learners to the                                It’s not enough for students to learn skills, strategies,
Internet via WebQuests                                       and processes for reading, writing and math. for
8:30–9:45 a.m. (Offered Once)                                students to be confident and successful in using these
Have you ever heard of a WebQuest? Has your learner          skills, they need to be able to understand, evaluate,
asked to learn how to use the internet? It is almost         and solve problems. In this workshop, tutors will learn
impossible to get a job these days without knowing           how to integrate critical thinking skills into every
how to use the internet. the large majority of people        lesson by:
are now getting their health information from the               ■ emphasizing skills that help students gather
internet. the WebQuests that have been created by                  information appropriately

  READ/SAn DiEgo’S 18th AnnuAl tutoR ConfEREnCE

registration form                        Detach this registration form, return it with your
                                     $30 payment in the encloseD envelope by Friday, June 6 to:

               READ/San Diego • 5148 Market Street • San Diego, CA 92114

                                                                                       ❑ Enclosed is my $30 registration fee (personal check or
Name (please print)                                                                        money order) payable to:
                                                                                           Friends of the READ/San Diego Literacy Programs
Organization/affiliation (if applicable)
                                                                                       ❑ Check here for vegetarian lunch
street address                                                                         ❑ I cannot attend but I would like to sponsor another tutor(s).
                                                                                           Enclosed is my tax deductible contribution of $______.
City, state, Zip Code
                                                                                       Register early to secure a reservation in first choice work-
                                                                                       shops. Assignments will be given at the check-in table the day
daytime Phone                              Fax                                         of the conference. To receive a confirmation of your selec-
                                                                                       tions in advance, check one of the appropriate boxes below:
E-mail                                                                                 ❑ Mail              ❑ Phone                ❑ Fax           ❑ E-mail


                                                                                                                                                  4   Workshop one
    Workshops are free, underwritten by generous sponsors. Every                                                                                  4   Workshop two
                                                                                                          “1” in this position indicates
    attempt will be made to allow participants to attend workshops of                                     that workshop four is your              4   Workshop three
    choice. However, space constraints limit the number of participants                                   first choice for this strand.           1   Workshop four
    in each workshop. Attendees are asked to select a 1st through 4th                                                                             4   Workshop five
    choice in each of the four strands below on this registration form.                                                                           3   Workshop Six
    Please refer to the example at right.                                                                                                         2   Workshop Seven

Strand 1                                   Strand 2                                    Strand 3                                     Strand 4
8:30–9:45 a.m.                             10:00–11:15 a.m.                            1:45–3:00 p.m.                               3:15–4:30 p.m.
____ the neglected r:                      ____ the neglected r:                       ____ Improving the Writing achievement       ____ Improving the Writing achievement
     Practical tips for teaching Writing        Practical tips for teaching Writing         for adult Learners through Mentor            for adult Learners through Mentor
                                                                                            texts                                        texts
____ comparative approaches to             ____ comparative approaches to
     teaching Phonics                           teaching Phonics                            Part 1 of double session                     Part 2 of double session
                                                                                       ____ applying reading research to            ____ effective Lesson Planning
____ “are We there yet?”:                  ____ Queuing up your Miscues
                                                                                            Instruction: comprehension
     evaluating Learners’ Progress                                                                                                  ____ Integrating critical thinking Into
                                           ____ Making the Most of conversation
                                                                                       ____ Integrating critical thinking Into           every Lesson
____ Making the Most of conversation            Practice: from Speaking to Writing
                                                                                            every Lesson
     Practice: active Listening for             Part 2 of double session                                                            ____ Bridging Literacy gaps:
     effective feedback                                                                ____ Bridging Literacy gaps:                      the refugee experience
                                           ____ taking the Mystery out of fractions,
     Part 1 of double session                                                               the refugee experience
                                                decimals, and Percents                                                              ____ Walk in the Shoes of a dyslexic
____ Introducing Learners to the                                                       ____ Walk in the Shoes of a dyslexic
                                           ____ age appropriate Materials for                                                       ____ My dad, My Book and Me:
     Internet via WebQuests                     early Language Learning                ____ taking the Mystery out of fractions,         engaging fathers in family Literacy
____ flannel Board and oral Storytelling                                                    decimals, and Percents
                                           ____ america Learns: an Innovative                                                       ____ Wacky for Wikis: an Introduction to
     as Literacy Learning tools                 Web-based approach to Supporting       ____ Wacky for Wikis: an Introduction to          creating Blogs & Wikis
____ america Learns: an Innovative              volunteers, teachers and Programs           creating Blogs & Wikis
     Web-based approach to Supporting
     volunteers, teachers and Programs

                                           FOR MORE InFORMATIOn, PLEASE cALL 619-527-5475
Thank you to these fabulous folks and sponsors:
valerie hardie                              LITERACY PROGRAMS BOARD OF                   SAN DIEGO PUBLIC LIBRARY               Susan hildreth
                                            DIRECTORS                                    Anna Tatár                                 State Librarian of california
REGISTRATION CHAIR                          Jackie Abrams                                   Library director                    Tom Anderson
Regina e. Seaton                                President                                meryl Balko                                Bureau chief,
                                            Kaelin Broaddus                                 deputy director, Branch division        Library development Services
READ/SAN DIEGO STAFF                            vice President                           Bruce Johnson                          Carla lehn
valerie hardie                              Carlye nystrom                                  deputy director, central division       Library Programs consultant
    Literacy Program administrator              Secretary/treasurer                                                             Jacquie Brinkley
Regina e. Seaton                            Sharon Barton                                SAN DIEGO COUNCIL ON LITERACY              Library Programs consultant
    office Manager                              director at Large                        mike Rose                              Cindy Tackett
nancy norcross                              Cindi Brown                                      chair                                  Literacy Program analyst
    Literacy tutor/Learner coordinator          director at Large                        Jose Cruz                              Andrea Freeland
Tracy Block-zaretsky                        Jim Wadman                                       chief executive officer                Staff Services analyst
    Literacy tutor/Learner coordinator          director at Large                        Chris mcFadden
Kelli Sandman-hurley                        luAnne evenson                                   Manager of Program Services
    Literacy tutor/Learner coordinator          director at Large                        Colleen Krause
Kim noriega                                                                                  network chair
    families for Literacy coordinator       VOLUNTEER PRESIDERS                                                                    Don’t forget to visit
marci Paulissen                             the relief Society, Peñasquitos
    cLLS americorps Member                  third Ward, the church of Jesus christ                                                 these vendors who
Antoinette Quintal                          of Latter-day Saints                                                                   will be on site during
    cLLS americorps Member
Amy Barry                                                                                                                          the conference:
    SdcoL americorps Member
                                                                                                                                   Farnsworth Books
                                                                                                                                   USBORNE Books
                                                                                                                                   Proliteracy America

                                                                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                                                           PERMIT #2276
                                                                                                                                        SAN DIEGO, CA 92199
P.o. Box 712343
San diego, ca 92171-2343
the friends of the read/San
diego Literacy Programs is a
501(c)(3) non-profit corporation
(Id# 33-0522311) dedicated to the
principle of literacy for everyone.
It was established to support
read/San diego, the adult literacy
program of the San diego Public

this information is available in alternative formats upon request. Printed on recycled Paper 8

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