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					Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                           Steven Martin

      Making Wampserver Accessible Over the
                                                Written By Steven Martin

                                       PC with Microsoft Windows XP
                                         A Version of Wampserver
                                          An Internet Connection

 This manual is written for Windows XP. Other versions of windows will follow a similar setup but some of the
                                      menus are located differently.

   Making a server accessible to the web is done by making a route from your server to the internet
 where your server can then serve pages to the computer requesting them. If you have not managed to
   get your server working locally on your own PC then this manual will be of no help to you. This
  manual is specifically for making an already locally working server accessible outside of the local

         Contents                                                                             Page

         1. Introduction                                                                        1
         2. The Simple Test                                                                     2
          a..........Setting up Wampserver                                                      2
          b..........Set up an Internal Static IP                                              3-8
          c..........Setting up the Router                                                    9-10
          d..........Testing Your Connection                                                   11
         3. Deciding what to do next                                                           12
         4. Setting up an External “Static” IP                                                13-17
         5. More Details                                                                       17

Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                      Steven Martin

                                  The “Simple” Test
 Before we set up anything permanent we will try just getting a page to display using your external IP
           in your browser. There are a number of steps that need to be made. These are…

                   1. Turn Wampserver online

                   2   Make your Internal IP static

                   3   Set up the router to handle the Server

                   4. Test your Connection

                                   Turning Wampserver Online

This is a simple step. Your Wampserver should be already started and the icon should be a white half
                         circle with a black padlock in the centre as shown

                Just left click your Wampserver tray icon and left click the “Put Online”

                           The Wamp tray icon should change from        to

                         Your Wampserver is now ready to access the internet.

Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                              Steven Martin

                                   Internal IP Setup
                    Every computer connected to your router is given an IP address.
                    There are two type of IP addresses. Dynamic IP’s and Static IP’s

A Dynamic IP is generated by the router when a computer is connected. It is given then next available
 IP address. This is usually fine for most people accessing the internet and is the default in Windows
                                        XP and newer versions.

 A Static IP works slightly differently. The computer tries to connect to the router and tells the router
 that it wants a specific IP Address. This means that you can always rely on the IP Address being the
                            same and this is needed for Wampserver to work.

                         To switch to a static IP you need to follow these steps.

                                   Find the IP address you’re using now
                                    Find your Default Gateway Address
                                     Find your Subnet Mask Address
                                        Find Your DNS Addresses

                               Click Windows Start Button

                       Click “Run…” on the Start Menu

                                        This Dialog box will appear

                                      Type in “cmd” and click “OK”

                   NOTE:- on some older versions of Windows “command” is used instead of “cmd”

Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                  Steven Martin

                                  A Black DOS dialog box will appear

                                   Type in “ipconfig” and press Enter

                Here you will see your IP, Subnet mask and Default Gateway Addresses

                                        Keep note of these values.

Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                           Steven Martin

                               Next you will need your DNS Addresses
                         These are got on the Routers Internal Interactive page

   Every Router varies but most use the Default Gateway Address to access the setup of your router

                          Usually the Default Gateway is one of the following

                        Use your Default Gateway address you found on Page 4.

                Open your Web browser and key in http://your.default.gateway.address

                           For this example it would be

                 NOTE: - “http://” is important as some browsers will not display the page otherwise.

                          For this example I am using a Netopia 3347w Router

Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                      Steven Martin

                            On the Home Page of the Router you can see the

                                  Primary DNS 
                                  Secondary DNS

    Keep note of these values. In different routers these may be stored in different places but they
      shouldn’t be too difficult to find. If you can’t find them then call your ISP and ask them.

   If you can’t obtain them, don’t worry, some routers will allow you to use your Default Gateway
                                      Address for these values.

                                      Setting up Static IP

                       Next we will setup Windows to connect to the router with
                              a static IP using the values attained above.

                        Whether your using LAN or WLAN right click on your
                                Internet connection on the taskbar

                                And click “Open Network Connections”

Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                     Steven Martin

                        A Window appears showing your available connections

                   Right click the connection you’re using and click on “Properties”

                 Highlight “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” and click “Properties” below it

Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                                      Steven Martin

                            Select the radio button “Use the following IP address”
                   Fill in YOUR details that you have kept note of and then press “OK”.
                               Then press “Close” on the first dialog box.

      NOTE: - If you could not find your DNS address’s then fill in your Default Gateway Address into the Preferred DNS
          Server field and leave the Alternate DNS server field blank. Note that this does not work for all Routers.

    Now right click on which ever internet connection tray icon                        you have and click repair.

       A dialog box will appear showing your IP Address being renewed amongst other things.

  Now you have a static IP Address. Even when you restart your router the same IP Address will be
                            assigned to the PC with Wampserver on it.

          NOTE :- Older versions of Windows require a restart for these changes to take effect

Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                      Steven Martin

                             Setting up the Router
  By default the Internet uses port 80 to send all its information around, Some ISP’s block you from
 using port 80 to stop you from setting up a web server. To work around this you can use a different
port to send information to your router and then have your router change that into port 80 by using the
                                       Port Forwarding function.

                If you know that your ISP does not block port 80 then you can use it.
 Either way, you need to set up port forwarding to forward the information on to your computer with
                                        Wampsever installed.

 Port forwarding is also known as pinholing as you make a tiny hole in your routers firewall to let the
                                server send and receive information.

              Again looking at the Netopia 3347w Router we select Pinholes on the menu

Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                      Steven Martin

                                    The dialog box below will appear

Enter the information above. If your ISP does not block port 80 then you can fill 80 into External Port
              Range Start and End otherwise use another port such as 8080 shown above.

    Make sure the IP Address you fill in is the IP Address of your PC with Wampserver installed.

                                  Then Save it and Restart the Router.

                            Your Router May Take Several Minutes to Restart

             Please follow your Routers manual to do this if it differs greatly from above.

                        APACHE LISTENS ON PORT 80

Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                        Steven Martin

                            Testing the Connection
   Now that you have your port forward set up and you’re local static IP you can check to see if it is

                  Find out what your external IP is by going to

                       Open your browser and go to http://your-external-ip:8080

                          For this example it would be

       The index page in your c:/wamp/www/ folder should be displayed if you are successful.

                     If you get a “Page cannot be display error” then you have most
                                likely mistyped something along the way

                If you get a “The Server timed out error” then the router is being reached
    but it is not being passed on correctly to the server. Possibly your port forward is not correct or
                     you have made changes to apache other than the default settings.

                                 NOTE :


Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                        Steven Martin

                               What To Do Next…
   Hopefully now that you’ve got your server working from your external IP what do you do next?

Well you may have noticed that if you restart your router your IP Address changes if you don’t have a
static IP from your ISP. This is not much use as you can never give someone a URL that will always
                work. And having to put your port number on the end is unattractive.

                                       So what can you do?

              You could deal with it if you are going to use it rarely and only for yourself.

        You could call your ISP and purchase a static IP and get them to open port 80 for you.

                You could use a Port Redirection Program such as NO-IP or DYNDNS

The best end result will cost you money, and sometimes lots of it. So for many people NO-IP seems to
 be the best solution. offers you a port 80 redirection and a URL from their list of
      URLS for free. In return they put a small 1cm banner along the bottom of your webpage.

 So now all you need to key in is your URL such as and the user will be
automatically be redirected to http://your-ip-address:8080. They even mask your URL so the user only
sees the tidy URL. Of course for a small fee (€6.37) they will remove the Ad Banner at the bottom of
                                                the page. also supply a similar server but personally it is more difficult to set up.

     Since I think NO-IP will suit most people’s needs I will show how to go about setting this up

Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                     Steven Martin

 Setting up an External “Static IP” With NO-IP
                                    To setup this you need to:
                                  Create a free account with no-ip
                                    Setup the port 80 redirection
                            Download and Install the Auto Updater Software
                                         Test the new URL

 First thing to do is to get onto and sign your self up for the free
        account. They will send you a confirmation email which you click the confirming link.

                                          Sign in to the website.

                            Select “Add” on the menu on the left of the page.

Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                         Steven Martin

                                      This form appears on the right

     Hostname: Choose an available Hostname of your choice.

     Host Type:    Select the radio button “Port 80 Redirect”

    IP Address:    Your current IP address will be filled into this field so you can leave it as is.

        Port:       Key in your port that you used to access your webpage such as 8080 above

    Mask URL:       Tick this box

                   Fill in the rest of the details if you wish.

                Once filled in then click the button at the bottom “Create Port Redirect”

Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                      Steven Martin

                      Next Download the small IP auto-updater software found at

This keeps checking your IP address and when it changes it updates no-ip’s record so users are always
                                     directed to the right URL.

      Install this software by double clicking the installer icon and following the simple prompts

                              Once installed this dialog box will be displayed
              Fill in the username and password that you used to make your no-ip account

                                               Then press “Ok”

Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                      Steven Martin

Then the main Dialog box will be displayed. This will be accessible at anytime by double clicking the
                                         no-ip tray icon.

     In a couple of seconds it will find your IP Address and retrieve your hosts from the website.

           Tick the box beside your hostname so that it will keep updating your IP Address.

                                      Then you can close this box.

                       Click options to change how the program starts up on your pc

Making Wampserver Accessible On The Internet                                    Steven Martin

                                      Testing Your New URL

 Now just open your Web browser and go to and your page should be

 If you still can’t manage to get your Wampserver working over the Internet then send me an email to


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