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					Dear Mr. Borunda,

   I have some stuff that I would like to ask you about what is it that you have planed for

the students for next year. I mean like for instance are you going to have any projects

planned for next year? The reason why I’m asking you this is because, well you didn’t

give us not one project this year witch I thank you for. Not saying that you should still

give us a project, saying thanks for not giving us one all year. I’m also going to ask if

what your going to teach the students of next year the same exact things you had us learn.

And those are my questions that I have about next year.

   Now enough about the future, I have questions about today or three quarters ago. Like,

Is there going to be any field trips planned for the end of this year? I know that there’s

going to be the field trip where we are going to San Diego for Sea world. That’s also one

of my other questions. Could there be any possible way that the price of the

administration fee be at least thirty dollars less. A hundred dollars is worth the fun and

excitement but for some kid’s parents the price to go is to much to handle. Because with

the economy of today to my parents one hundred dollars is to much sometimes a waste.

So I want to know if you could have the price go a little lower.


                Hugo Diaz

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