Annual Meeting Preview - San Diego by lonyoo


									                                                San Diego
                                                                                                                 to balance conservation and
                                                                                                                 education with entertainment
                                                                                                                 and fun. It boasts carefully crafted
                                                                                                                 shows where marine animals are
                                                                                                                 the stars (Orca whales--a la
                                                                                                                 Shamu, dolphins, and sea lions),
                                                                                                                 rides and exhibits. It is easily a
                                                                                                                 day-long activity. If you haven’t
                                                                                                                 been, plan to go.

                                                                                                                 San Diego is home to the largest
                                                            44th Annual Meeting                                  naval base in the US, and it offers
With a November average high
temperature of 70˚, consider a
                                                             November 18-21                                      opportunities to learn something
                                                                                                                 about naval and aviation
brief migration to the southwest                            San Diego California                                 history. The USS Midway, a
to visit California’s 2nd largest city,                                                                          decommissioned aircraft carrier--
San Diego, the location of MESA’s                                                                                now a museum, sits on Broadway
44th annual meeting. Our home                                                                                    pier in downtown San Diego. It
will be the Manchester Grand                                                                                     offers a self-guided audio tour
Hyatt, perfectly positioned in                                                                                   of the carrier and its 25 restored
downtown San Diego near San                                                                                      aircraft.
Diego Bay, towering above Sea
Port Village, where a collection                                                                                 We hope this small sampling of
of shops and restaurants mingle                                                                                  things to do in San Diego will
amongst the enchanting tree-                                                                                     entice you to attend this year’s
lined paths.                                                                                                     meeting. San Diego is an all-
                                                                                                                 around fantastic place to visit.
There are many things to do and
see in San Diego, and Balboa
Park should be at the top of your
list. The 1,200 acre cultural park
is home to many museums (SD
Museum of Art, SD Museum of
Man, the SD Art Institute, the
Museum of Photographic Arts),
gardens, theater, and the world-
renowned San Diego Zoo. The
SD Air & Space Museum is adjacent to the park.

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park recreates and preserves the                                    Registration
old town of the city from around the end of the Mexican War of                 Category                    Pre-registration         On-site
Independence (1821) to about 1872. It has 5 original adobe buildings
and a museum. It is one of California’s most visited state parks, popular       full/associate                     $80               $100
for its shops and wonderful Mexican restaurants. A San Diego Trolley            student member                     $40                $60
Red Line stop, located across the street from the hotel, conveniently           student non-member                 $60                $80
takes visitors to the Old Town Transit Center.                                  Other non-members                 $110               $130

The Gaslamp Quarter ( is San Diego’s premiere
shopping, dining, and entertainment district. The 16½ block historical       By check: complete form on page 35 and return it with check made
neighborhood is famous for its abundant nightlife and energy (and            payable to MESA (in US dollars drawn on a US bank).
interesting Victorian architecture). It is within easy walking distance of   By credit card: (1) register online using myMESA (mymesa.arizona.
the hotel and it’s the place where 20-somethings like to see and be seen.    edu; requires logging-in, creating profile, and completing badge
For shopping, there is Horton Plaza, also within walking distance of         details; (2) complete form on page 35 and return it with credit card
the hotel. The outdoor mall was the rage back when shopping malls            details.
were smaller and less prolific, and it’s still popular today.
                                                                             Pre-registration is recommended as on-site registration rates are
One cannot mention San Diego without mentioning Sea World.                   considerably higher. The pre-registration deadline is October 15,
Sea World is a marine-life themed amusement park that attempts               2010.
             Manchester Grand Hyatt
                        One Market Place                                               ne:
                                                                                 Deadlier 18    Special Convention Rates
                       San Diego CA 92101                                        Octob

                                                                                               $189 single        $214 triple
                                                                                               $189 double        $239 quad
                                                                                                  (plus room tax of 10.5%)

                                                                            Reservations are being managed through
                                                                                the Passkey reservation system:


                      Booking Incentive                                                           Tentative Schedule
This year’s contract has a room release clause that will reduce our room   The final schedule will be posted on MESA’s website around June 1.
block if we don’t meet certain reservation benchmarks by certain dates.    Please note the Thursday through Sunday meeting pattern.
To assist us in managing our block, MESA has decided to offer an
incentive to encourage people to make their reservations early:
                                                                           Thursday, November 18
Those who reserve a room by July 15 (and complete their stay at the        • Meetings of MESA’s affiliated associations and other groups
hotel, obviously) will be entered into a lottery to win $500.              • FilmFest all day
                                                                           • Panel session I 5-7pm (or 5:30-7:30pm)

                                                                           Friday, November 19
      Save More Money by Sharing a Room                                    • FilmFest all day
MESA also has a roommate locator service on its website. If you want       • Book Exhibit 9am-6pm
to share a room at the meeting to reduce your expenses, go to MESA’s       • Panel session II 8:30-10:30am
website at and follow the links to the annual meeting and
then to the roommate locator service.
                                                                           • Panel session III 11am-1pm
                                                                           • Panel session IV 2-4pm
                                                                           • Panel session V 4:30-6:30pm
                             Airport                                       • Presidential Address/Awards Ceremony 7-8:30pm
           San Diego International Airport: SAN                            Saturday, November 20
                                                                           • FilmFest all day
Let your fingers do the typing. Airlines customarily offer their best
                                                                           • Book Exhibit 9am-6pm
fares through the internet. There are lots of good deals happening
now. Don’t wait to book your flights!                                      • Panel session VI 8:30-10:30am
                                                                           • Panel session VII 11am-1pm
                                                                           • MESA Business Meeting 1-2:30pm
                The most current information about                         • Panel session VIII 2:30-4:30pm
                     MESA’s annual meeting                                 • Panel session IX 5-7pm
                         can be found at:                                  Sunday, November 21
                                                                           • FilmFest 9am-2pm
                                                       • Book Exhibit 8am-12nn
                                                                           • Panel session X 8:30-10:30am
                click on           from the front page                     • Panel session XI 11am-1pm
                                                                           • Panel session XII 1:30-3:30pm
                          Book Exhibit
This year’s book exhibit will be jam-packed with university presses,
                                                                           -         Notes on the Submission Process
                                                                           2010 was another good year for numbers of submissions: 153 pan-
publishing houses, and Mom & Pop shops, all offering the latest            els, 15 roundtables, and 443 individual papers. Compared to our
publications in the field. You’ll also have a chance to mingle with        last West coast meeting (San Francisco in 2004), submissions were
exhibit staff and schmooze with editors, and maybe even strike a deal      up more than 50% and just slightly off last year’s record numbers.
for publishing your next monograph.
                                                                           The Review Process
You don’t have to rent space to exhibit at the MESA meeting. For $40
                                                                           The program committee is comprised of persons whose disciplinary
per title, publications can be placed on view in MESA’s Cooperative
                                                                           expertise loosely mirrors that of the MESA membership. To the extent
Book Display. This is an ideal arrangement for individuals, independent
                                                                           possible, history papers are reviewed by historians, political science
authors, and small presses with few Middle East studies titles.
                                                                           papers by political scientists, and so forth. Each proposal is read “blind”
If you would like additional information about exhibiting at MESA          by two committee members and rated according to how well it meets
2010, please visit MESA’s website or contact Shirley Nellson at            the review criteria listed in MESA’s Call for Papers instructions: or 520 626-7133.
                                                                            “The Program Committee will be looking for abstracts that are scholarly,
                                                                            with a strong, focused statement of thesis or significance, clear goals
                             FilmFest                                       and methodology, well-organized research data, specified sources, and
                                                                            convincing, coherent conclusions.”
The 2010 MESA FilmFest Committee seeks submissions in video/
                                                                           A new program chair and committee each year help to reduce the risk
DVD format for the FilmFest 2010 to be screened during the annual
                                                                           of favoritism toward any field, specialty, or methodology. The range
meeting in San Diego. All entries will be reviewed by members of
                                                                           of disciplines and geographical areas represented on the meeting pro-
the FilmFest Committee and coordinated by Nadia Hlibka. Films
                                                                           gram mirrors that of the membership and reflects what is submitted
should be VHS (NTSC) format or DVD (must be region-free), also
                                                                           to the program committee. If there are underrepresented disciplines
playable as NTSC in English or with English subtitles. Send 2 copies
                                                                           or geographical areas, this is most often because we did not receive
of film for preview with entry form (available online) to Nadia Hlibka
                                                                           submissions in those areas.
at the MESA Secretariat (; 520 621-7073).
Deadline: June 15, 2010.                                                   It is up to the program chair to determine how he or she will run the
                                                                           review meeting. Generally speaking, the committee accepts proposals
Sponsor a Film at the MESA FilmFest 2010. A new opportunity                with high ratings and rejects ones with low ratings. Proposals that
is available to get your “name up in lights”! Your name (or your           receive ratings that are in the middle of the rating scale, or ones where
group’s name) will be mentioned (if you have a logo image, that            the two readers’ ratings vary wildly, are given further attention.
can be included as well) in the MESA annual conference FilmFest
program. Different levels of fiscal sponsorship are available. Or choose
a film from the upcoming program. Contact Nadia Hlibka for more
information, at
                                                                                                       Child Care
                    Panel Chairs Invited                                   MESA can connect parents with a local provider and will reimburse
                                                                           half of the cost of day care services up to a maximum of $200 for the
Volunteers are invited to chair put-together panels at the MESA 2010       conference. Upon request, the Secretariat will be happy to post contact
annual meeting. For a listing of available panels, please visit MESA’s     information of parents who want to share sitting services during the
website at Click on the 2010 logo and then on “Volunteer       meeting. For additional information, please see the child care page
to Chair a Panel.” Panel chair information will be posted after June       on the MESA website, or contact Shirley Nellson at snellson@email.
1. MESA assigns only chairs and not discussants to non-preorganized or 520 626-7133.
panels. Please note that MESA membership and annual meeting pre-
registration are required of all meeting participants.
                                                         2010 Meeting Statistics
Acceptance/Rejection Rates, Recent MESA Meetings
                                                2010-San Diego, CA                             2009-Boston, MA

                   Submission Type              #proposed            #accepted/rejected        #proposed         #accepted/rejected

                   Individual Papers               443              339/104 (77%/23%)              502        296/206 (59%/41%)
                   Pre-organized Panels            153               135/18 (88%/12%)              176         145/31 (82%/18%)
                   Roundtables                      15                 10/5 (67%/33%)                7            6/1 (86%/14%)

                                                2007-Montréal, QC                              2004-San Francisco, CA

                   Submission Type              #proposed            #accepted/rejected        #proposed         #accepted/rejected

                   Individual Papers               429              316/113 (74%/26%)              278          207/71 (74%/26%)
                   Pre-organized Panels            134               107/27 (80%/20%)              101           88/13 (87%/13%)
                   Roundtables                      10                 10/0 (100%/0%)                7             5/2 (71%/29%)

Acceptance Rejection Per Membership Category Based upon 1093 papers for which we have the necessary data.
   Membership Category                #/% papers submitted               #/(%) papers accepted/rejected % of papers on program

   Full/Associate                               700/64%                              595/105 (85%/15%)                          65%
   Student                                      393/36%                               320/72 (82%/18%)                          35%

Does the Meeting Reflect the Membership?
The following statistics show the representation of disciplines on the 2010 meeting program and of the membership as a whole. Notable this
year is the increase in sociology and media arts papers. History dominates the top slot in both sets of statistics, and political science and litera-
ture are in the customary 2nd and 3rd places, respectively.
                     The 2010 Program                                                                  The Membership
2010 Program Disciplines             # Papers        % of Program          2009 Member Disciplines             # Members         % of Membership
History                                   327               35.74          History                                  981                 34.74
Political Science/Int'l Affairs           162               17.70          Political Science/Int'l Affairs          581                 20.57
Literature                                108               11.80          Literature                               280                  9.92
Sociology                                  68                7.43          Anthropology                             215                  7.61
Anthropology                               66                7.21          Religious Studies/Theology               161                  5.70
Religious Studies/Theology                 47                5.14          Language/Linguistics                     136                  4.82
Language/Linguistics                       30                3.28          Sociology                                 98                  3.47
Media Arts                                 21                2.30          Art/Art History                           72                  2.55
Art/Art History                            20                2.19          Economics                                 39                  1.38
Education                                  13                1.42          Education                                 35                  1.24
Law                                        12                1.31          Geography                                 31                  1.10
Geography                                  10                1.09          Law                                       30                  1.06
Economics                                   9                0.98          Architecture & Urban Planning             27                  0.96
Architecture/Urban Plng                     6                0.66          Communication                             25                  0.89
Communication                               4                0.44          Media Arts                                23                  0.81
Medicine/Health                             4                0.44          Philosophy                                23                  0.81
Philosophy                                  4                0.44          Library Science                           21                  0.74
Archaeology                                 3                0.33          Medicine/Health                           14                  0.50
Psychology                                  1                0.11          Archaeology                               13                  0.46
Archaeology                                 0                0.00          Business & Public Administration           8                  0.28
Business & Public Administration            0                0.00          Journalism                                 7                  0.25
Library Science                             0                0.00          Psychology                                 4                  0.14
                                          915            100.00                                                   2824                 100.00
Disciplinary Breakdown of Papers Based upon 915 papers placed on the program.
                    327 (3



           200                              %)
                                      7  .70
                               162 (1

           150                                           )
                                              (1 1.8
           100                                                  )
                                                         .4  3%         %)
                                                    8 (7            .21
                                                   6         6 6 (7           .14
                                                                       4 7 (5             8%
            50                                                                       (3.2           %)     %)
                                                                                 30             .30    .19          %) 31%) 9%)
                                                                                            1 (2 20 (2          .42    .    .0     %)    )                 )     )
                                                                                                          1 3 (1 12 (1 10 (1 9 (.98 (.66% .44%) .44%) (.44% (.33% .11%)
                                                                                                                                    6    4(    4(   4        3   1(
             0                                                                                                         g      s                y
                       ry     irs    re     gy     gy gy     tics   rts  ry ion                                  y  s               h    y
                                                                                                    Law raph omic n Pln cation Healt soph eolog holog
                  isto ’l Affa teratu ciolo opolo heolo nguis dia A Histo ducat
                H nt                                                                                   o g con rba     n i   e /    lo cha syc
                             Li      So nthr n/T e/Li       Me /Art      E                          Ge E re/U mmu dicin          Phi Ar      P
             li S                       A ligio guag           Ar
                                                                                                               ctu Co Me
          Po                               e
                                         R     Lan                                                      ch ite
Discipline Sub-Areas
In addition to selecting a primary discipline, paper authors could also further classify their papers by sub-areas of study. For the 2010 pro-
gram, authors categorized their papers as follows. Authors had the option to choose unlimited sub-areas, although they were not required to
select any. 853 authors selected at least one sub-area.
 African Studies                                             3       Health                                         6         Pop Culture                                   9
 Andalusi Studies                                            4       Hebrew                                         2         Population Studies                            1
 Arab Studies                                               20       Historiography                                14         Public Policy                                 5
 Arab-Israeli Conflict                                      26       History of Architecture                        4         Queer/LGBT Studies                            5
 Arabic                                                     20       History of Medicine                            2         Security Studies                              9
 Armenian                                                    2       History of Religion                            9         Sociolinguistics                              4
 Armenian Studies                                            6       History of Science                             5         South Asian Studies                           1
 Assyrian Studies                                            1       Human Rights                                   6         State Formation                               7
 Balkan Studies                                              1       Identity/Representation                       40         Technology                                    2
 Banking & Finance                                           1       Information Technology                         3         Terrorism                                     4
 Central Asian Studies                                       1       Iranian Studies                               11         Theory                                        5
 Christian Studies                                           1       Islamic Law                                    9         Trade/Investment                              3
 Cinema/Film                                                17       Islamic Studies                               29         Translation                                   9
 Colonialism                                                15       Islamic Thought                               11         Transnationalism                             13
 Comparative                                                26       Israel Studies                                 3         Turkish Studies                              28
 Conflict Resolution                                         9       Judaic Studies                                 4         Urban Studies                                 7
 Cultural Studies                                           32       Kurdish Studies                               11         World History                                 4
 Current Events                                              6       Language Acquisition                           9         Zionism                                       4
 Democratization                                            23       Maghreb Studies                               11
 Development                                                12       Mamluk Studies                                 2         TIME PERIODS
 Diaspora/Refugee Studies                                   26       Media                                         15         7th-13th Centuries                           57
 Drama                                                       1       Mediterranean Studies                          3         13th-18th Centuries                          84
 Education                                                  18       Minorities                                    16         19th-21st Centuries                         262
 Energy Studies                                              1       Modernization                                 18         Modern                                       13
 Environment                                                 3       Music                                          2         Medieval                                      8
 Ethnic American Studies                                     3       Mysticism/Sufi Studies                         4         All Time Periods                              5
 Ethnic Groups                                              18       Nationalism                                   22
 Ethnography                                                10       Numismatics                                    1
 Folklore/Folklife                                           1       Ottoman Studies                               23
 Foreign Relations                                          12       Peace Studies                                  3
 Gender/Women’s Studies                                     64       Pedagogy                                       7
 Globalization                                              18       Persian                                        3
 Gulf Studies                                               12       Political Economy                             23
                                 MESA 2010
                                 Registration Form
                                 Complete and return form to the MESA Secretariat by no later than October 15 for preregistration.

A. Registration Category
     full/associate MESA member                                    $80           	student, non-MESA member                                  $60
     student/retired MESA member                                   $40            all other non-MESA members                               $110

B. Personal and Badge Data
    Name     (as it should appear on your badge)

                  (institution only, if applicable; if no institutional affiliation, please provide city and state of residence)


    Phone Numbers (W)                                                          (H)                                                 (C)

    Address 1
                                                                                                                                         Please note: this information is
    Address 2                                                                                                                            required. We cannot process
                                                                                                                                         your registration without it.
    Address 3
    City                                                         State
    Country                                                      Postal Code

C. Payment                                                                  (please complete for credit cards)

       Check                     Card Number
       Mastercard                Expiration Date
       Visa                     *Billing Street Number and Postal Code
       Amex
                                  Name of Cardholder

D. Refund Policy
    Non-participants: Requests for refunds must be received by October 15, 2010. No refunds will be issued
    after that date.
    Program Participants: Requests for refunds must be received by August 1, 2010. No refunds will be issued
    after that date.
    Email refund requests to:

Complete and mail to: MESA 2010, Middle East Studies Association, 1219 N Santa Rita Ave, University of Arizona,
Tucson AZ 85721. Make checks payable to MESA. Checks must be in US dollars drawn on a US Bank. Registration
confirmation and receipt provided upon request.

*Credit card terminals require the billing street number and zip code for security verification purposes.

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