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               Cell Phone Gadgets and Gizmos

Topics Covered:

    Cell Phone Headset, What’s the Big Deal?

    Your Cellular Phone Battery Matters...A WHOLE LOT.

    Cellular Phone Ringtone: The Phenomenon

    The Cellular Phone Wallpaper Craze

    Cellular Phone Services Possibilities - Limitless

    Cellular Phone Number Lookup: Getting Personal?

    Searching for a Cellular Phone Number? Get Cellular Phone Directory

    5 Advantages of an Unlocked Cellular Phone

    Features to Look for Used Cellular Phone

    U.S. Cellular Phone: Features and More

                   Cell Phone Gadgets and Gizmos

Cell Phone Headset, What’s the Big Deal?

For several years now, issues on cell phone radiation have prompted a lot of research as to
where and why cell phone use could be hazardous. And with more than two billion cell phone
users around the world today (a third of the worlds population), a growing concern on the
health risk has been raised.

Mobile phones use electromagnetic waves in the microwave range, which could affect human
brain in twofold: one is the thermal effect and two is the non-thermal effect. Here are the

   •   Thermal effect could simply be put as the heating of the tissues in our brain that is
       caused by the induction of the electromagnetic field from the cellular phone. As the
       temperature caused by the electromagnetic field increases the risk of damaging
       sensitive tissues of the brain increases. To simply put it, the cellular phone greatly
       contributes to the brain tissue damage.

   •   Non-thermal effect on the other hand is not caused by the heat but could also greatly
       affect the brain as well. But unlike the thermal damage, which targets the brain, non-
       thermal effect attacks the DNA structures. It also attacks the chromosomes that, as
       European study suggests, could cause alteration of certain genes and others.

As a response to these, cell phone accessories have been made to completely reduce the
amount of damage resulting from cell phone use. Such accessories promises to keep you from
radiation at the same time make your call as convenient as possible. One particular accessory is
the cell phone headset.

Cell phone headsets are classified into two categories: wireless headset and the corded

1. Wireless headset is a kind of cell phone headset that is conveniently connected on the mobile
phone by the use of bluetooth technology. Advantages include the freedom to move freely
without the hustle of minding the cord.

2. Corded cell phone headset is less convenient. It is directly connected from your mobile to
your ear. Although there is less freedom of movement while using the corded cell phone
headset, sound quality and clarity are still assured.

Here are some excellent cell phone headsets that are out on the market:

1. GN Netcom GN 9120 wireless headset. This lightweight piece of technology can be used on
professional and business purposes like conference calls. It enables up to four individuals to be
synchronized into one conference call.

2. Motorola HS850 Bluetooth headset. With the hands free capability of this cell phone
headsets, you can easily make good cell phone conversation clear. A non-bluetooth version of
this is also available on higher pricetag.

3. Jebra BT500 Bluetooth headset. This sleekly designed headset provides conversation in style
and convenience.

4. Nokia Wireless Headset HS-56W.Uniquely styled cell phone headset with adjustable ear loop
suites everyone with longer talk time.

5. Panasonic M130 Cellular Phone Headset. This cheap yet functional cell phone headset suites
the budget without compromising the quality.

These five equally unique cell phone headsets are some of the good headsets that could easily
be purchased over the net or on your cell phone dealers. All these have one and the same
function of keeping the electromagnetic field from damaging your brain. As stylish as they may
appear, the cell phone headset could definitely change your way of communicating which
protecting you from different kinds of brain defects.

Your Cellular Phone Battery Matters...A WHOLE LOT.

From the Baghdad batteries (about 250 ñ 640 BCE) to its modern form developed with Voltaic
cells by Alessandro Volta in 1800, the search for improvements in ways of developing the
battery has continued until today. Batteries played a very important role in technological
advances through the storage of energy in the form of electricity.

Most electronic device use this as substitute where direct current is unavailable or impractical.
Its invention gave way to a wide variety that it now can suit almost any type of operation that
needs stored electrical energy. Likewise, with the invention of cell phones rose the need for
continued improvements on cellular phone batteries.

The NiMH: Although released in the 1990ís the Nickel Metal Hydride type of cellular phone
battery was developed in 1970 by Stanford Ovshinsky of Detroit. For 20 years this design was
not able to take off until prices of components fell. From thereon the batteries became the
rage. Power packed and more reliable than previous chemistries, the NiMH cellular phone
battery packs twice as much energy than NiCD’s of equivalent rate.

In some instances it has shown to pack as much power than the bigger extended life NiCD
batteries. It can also take 700 to 900 cycles of charges and recharges compared with NiCD’s
200 to 400. Unlike the NiCd, the NiMH cellular phone battery has very little or no memory effect
which means that recharging an NiMH cellular phone battery before it is fully drained will
discharge very minimal of its energy the next time it is used. NiMH cellular phone batteries are
also ideal for motorists as it can be recharged 60% in 15 minutes by car chargers. Although
slightly higher priced, the NiMH lasts twice longer than the life span other cellular phone

The Lithium Polymer and the Lithium-ion. If NiCD was used widely in older phone models,
these cellular phone batteries are making its way in many new phones. Built on latest and most
advanced technology, these batteries are the most compact, the slimmest and the lightest. The
Lithium-ion offers up to 250 hours of standby time and 5 hours of talk time the lithium polymer
cellular phone battery will last twice that long.

The NiCD: Nickel Cadmium cellular phone batteries are the most widely used in cell phones that
operate in the range of 500 to 650 milli Amp Hours. Nickel Cadmium cellular phone batteries
however are manufactured using older processes and is on its way out being replaced by better
performing batteries.

NiCD’s also develops a memory effect giving the battery a shorter life between charges. If the
battery is for example recharged after it has not yet fully discharged off its energy, the level
from which you charge it will become its reference point the next time charging is done, which
means that the full potential capacity of the battery can not anymore be used. It also tends to
lose its charge every day (about 1%) even when not being used.

Lithium Polymer Battery (Li-Poly) is the newest and most advanced technology for cellular
phone batteries. This brand new chemistry of battery allows for the most compact cells
available. Li-Poly batteries are extremely light and thin and allow the most battery life for the
size. Lithium Polymer cellular batteries share all of the benefits of Li-ION batteries but will last
over twice as long.

Cellular Phone Ringtone: The Phenomenon

You hear it everywhere: at the mall shopping with your friends, on public transport, in the
streets, in school and even inside the churches. Cellular phone ringtone conquers the very
nerve of our ear at a phenomenal rate. And as the number of cell phone users grows
exponentially, cellular phone ringtone follows. According to statistics, a big number of mobile
users download cellular phone ringtone at least once. And the great number of cellular phone
ringtone download comes from young people with ages ranging from 15-24.

But what makes cellular phone ringtone so popular that cellular ringtone provider earned
hundreds of millions of dollars? The answer: ringtones personalize mobile phones and create a
public show. Another reason is the availability of ringtone over the Internet. With a simple
Google search and a few click on your mouse could bring you to thousands of sites offering
different cellular phone ringtone at cheap prices.

There are four types of cellular phone ringtones: the monophonic ringtone that is available on
older models which plays song one note at a time, the polyphonic ringtone which has harmony
to a song compared with the monophonic, the real-life ringtone that features voices or quotes,
and the master tone which is a compressed clips of radio songs. These types of ringtones have
a specific phone compatibility depending on the phone models.

In every instance, cellular phone ringtone replaces the generic “ring-ring,” which reminds you of
your office telephone while you’re on your way home. It pleases the ear, depending on the

mood that amuses everyone who hears it. Wide array of ringtones with different genre create a
virtually unlimited selection that you can use on different occasions.

Online sites that offer cellular phone ringtones provide movie themes like the Mission
Impossible and the Star Wars, Superman, and the latest hits from different local and foreign

All time ringtones and seasonal ringtones such as the Christmas tone with traditional and
modern songs adds flavor to the season and even the theme of your favorite video game. Mario
themes remind us of our childhood video game super hero on our mobile phones. Animated
series such as the Simpsons, Jetsons, and Flintstones are recreated on our mobile phones with
the availability of the songs very pleasing to the ear.

Voice recorded tones are also popular. Imagine the voice of your president George W. Bush or
Tony Blair coming out of your phone in an entertaining manner or your favorite celebrity
reminding you of your incoming call. The cellular phone ringtone adds excitement to your
mobile experience.

The very popular Crazy Frog tone, the recent addition to the long list of cellular phone ringtones
provide additional excitement with its entertaining sound lets every person hearing it give a
doze of laugh.

Another entertaining cellular phone ringtone is the personalized rings which goes like “Edward,
you have a phone call.” Robotic voice that comes from your cellular phones is another
innovation in the cellular phone ringtone phenomena.

With these different ringtones, online as well as local ringtone providers continuously provide
great additions to maximize the mobile phone experience. As people innovate their phones and
as mobile phone companies input technology to their product, cellular phone ringtone providers
will continuously innovate to give every mobile phone user the best service and sound every
time they hear a call

The Cellular Phone Wallpaper Craze

Make Your Cellphone Stand Out. One of the greats that can make your phone uniquely you
is to add cellular phone wallpaper. Gone are the hoo-hmm days when your only choice of giving
character to your phone is, aside from color, none.

As cellular phones are transformed from a basic calling device into a more sophisticated gadget
with multitasking features, relatively the same with modern computers, several add-ons could
be added to spark up the image of cellular phones which surely increase the excitement of
cellular phone use. Cellular phone wallpapers are one of many great additions to mobile
phone's everyday experience.

Today, you can customize your cellular phone wallpaper in whatever fashion you would like
varieties are almost endless. Subjects are available anyway you look at it.

Make it Truly Yours. If no one disagrees so much (and no one should, the phone is yours)
you can post in it your own picture. If you disagree with the way your picture looks, as it does
not nearly as you would have wanted, you can change that for famous celebrities like Ricky
Martin, Jennifer Lopez, rock stars pop icons or some other hunk or bomb that is more

If you are the type that sighs at the sight of the grandness in natures scenes like the Niagara,
Fujiyama, a placid ocean scene or the beauty of a Picasso, cellular phone wallpapers comes in
those subjects. You can also light up the face plates, change colors to fit your mood, create a
theme for the day make it sparkle, make anything you want, cellular phone wallpapers can help
you make it you. Different cellular phone wallpaper themes could be accessed over the Internet
or your network provider.

Get Help. Cellular phone wallpapers are pretty much like the wallpaper in your computer, dig?
It is downloadable for a fee, or for free on many websites (halleluiah). If you are the type who
wants to keep up with the season you can also download cellular phone wallpapers that are in
keeping with the times.

Have fun. Celebrate yuletide with Santa, valentines, Passover, birthdays, Chinese New Year, or
just about any event. No matter, your cellular phone wallpaper should reflect much the
personality in you. It should be fun, it should be prettied up, it should be cool, it should look
smart, in other words it should be an extension of the character in you. If your phone is
supported by internet access, download these cellular accessories on line by typing cellular
phone wallpaper and search engines supporting the system can help you find your pick.

Move, Move, Move. Better yet there are also animated cellular phone wallpapers that are hot
downloads (if your phone supports it) and you can choose one that best suits who you are. If
you prefer moving pictures from your static ones, check out the latest in mobile cellular phone
wallpapers. Varieties of subjects keep popping on the web. There is one you would want to

Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd. Cellular phone wallpapers are also statements of the
fashionable you. Dress it up. Make it as jolly as can be. Make it interesting, make it
entertaining. After all, if it is not busy in your ear it is the one thing in your phone that you will
be looking at most of the time.

Cellular Phone Services Possibilities - Limitless

With limitless possibilities that could be done on cellular phones, this little gadget have made
the life of anyone better and easier. Thus, cellular phones are one of the most important pieces
of device one can have in his life. Imagine the time when transmitting messages could take
days or even weeks. Imagine the days when everyone has to settle on mailboxes to receive the
most important information. Today, with cellular phone on the palm of the hand could bring a
lot of difference in communication that once have been the main concern of human.

The capability of cellular phones enable us to keep family together and close business deals in a
flash making the world of communication change like never before. But phone calls are not the
only service one could get on cellular phones. In fact with innovations and developments
coupled with technological breakthroughs brought forth cellular phones from a mere medium to
communicate into the little gadget that could hold limitless information.

Cellular phone services include:

1.     Multimedia Messaging
2.     Entertainment
3.     Multimedia functions
4.     Web Browser
5.     Organizer
6.     Global positioning System

One of the greatest innovations when speaking about cellular phone services is the capability of
the phone to send and receive messages. But that does not limit to plain text. Latest cellular
phones offer multimedia messaging including picture massaging wherein cellular phone owner
could send and receive pictures. Sharing video clips and with friends is another cellular phone
service that could be utilized. Voice messaging is another cellular phone service under
multimedia messaging.

Entertainment has never been more fun with mobile phones. With this cellular phone service,
anyone could enjoy his or her mobile phones with the latest games that are downloadable over
the Internet or directly through the network provider. Most cellular phones have built in games
that could be enjoyed as an additional feature of the mobile phone.

MP3s have become very popular with large memory capacity of cellular phone. Like games,
mp3 songs are downloadable directly and stored through the phone. Cellular phone service
providers also got lists of song that are downloadable at very cheap prices. MP3 phones let
listen to your favorite sound whole and make the service of the mobile phone, disregarding the
need for MP3 players.

Radio is another cellular phone service feature that let people listen to their favorite radio
station everywhere. Scan through different radio stations at every click.

Multimedia functions are one of the greatest additions in the cellular phone services that are
widely popular to everyone. Camera phones, TV phones, and Video recording phone are some
of these.

Latest cell phones now imitate personal computer with its web browsing capability. Limitless
information could by access through the phone in fast and convenient way.

Setting schedules and keeping with meeting have never been easier with mobile phones that
act like organizer. This cellular phone service is another thing to be thankful for.

And finally, the Global Positioning System. This cellular phone service lets you pinpoint your
exact geographical location that is vital during emergencies.

These do not innumerate all the cellular phone services that are presently available on the
market. And soon, more and more cellular phone services will be added to aid and provide
better days to every cellular phone users that are generally necessary in everyday survival.

Cellular Phone Number Lookup: Getting Personal?

People sometimes go to lengths at being discrete and keeping their private phones private. For
people who values privacy, it may come as a surprise that this is not so. There are no unlisted
numbers anymore.

A simple search on the web could lead any user to directory assistance sites that offer cellular
phone number lookup and you will be connected anywhere in the country. For an additional
cost, the users will be able to access and know private cellular phone numbers of any name
they desire.

And whether listed or unlisted, with the cellular phone number lookup, you can have the
information and the number you want. You can loose your entire phonebook and it will make no
difference. You do not even have to worry about writing down numbers and redialing, you will
have your entire list back, wireless.

If you think that’s all, Internet firms would even lead you to several other additional information
including e-mail addresses, home address, office address, home telephone, office telephone,
fax number, including movie times, locations, restaurant and hotel listings and believe it or not,
you can even request for criminal records and other personal histories and locate missing
acquaintances that were not usually readily available. Virtually, you can already get all the
information you want for the numbers that you need with the cellular phone number lookup.

Several years ago, when the mobile subscription where still at its early stages, the need to go
public on an organized phone lookup system may not yet be so immediate. However as the
wireless phone sales started to climb to phenomenal highs, the cellular phone number lookup
started gearing as the need for organized directory assistance arose. Internet firms and mobile
phone companies engaged the gears, and now are proving to be advantageous to the business
of getting people stay connected with their friends, acquaintances and business partners.

Examples of the cellular phone number lookup service that are offered are:

Some Internet “cellular phone numbers finding firm” offer pay-per-search. Like pay-per-click or
pay-per-view, you can have the convenience of freeing yourself from high subscription rates. If
you only need one or two numbers, you can choose the pay-per-search phone number lookup

For a set price, you can check out unlimited cellular phone numbers for the whole day with the
“One day subscription” - if you are going to look for several cellular phone numbers for the
entire day, you can subscribe for a one day cellular phone number lookup.

You get loaded up for the week with the seven days phone number lookup subscription option.

Network referencing enables you to check the cellular phone number of a friend subscribed to
your network with the “Network provider.”

With a prescribed rate, you could conduct background investigation of a person including
personal histories and even criminal records. Through the cellular phone number lookup, you
can also locate missing acquaintances.

Depending really on how it is viewed, companies call it assistance, others convenience while for
some, well maybe words that may not be too kind. No matter, when wireless communication
became available to everybody, it could have been expected that information availability can
get a little more personal. Because a cellular phone is useless if nobody knows your number.
And if you value communication with friends and love ones, the cellular phone number lookup
assures that they would find you wherever you are.

Searching for a Cellular Phone Number? Get Cellular Phone Directory

Not so long ago, cellular phones have fewer features, less options, less menu, and less buttons
to understand. During those times, cellular phone are used mainly for phone calls by people on
the go. Mobile phones then function only just like any other landline connected phone but that
which you can carry around.

During the initial days of the cellular phone, there were only a limited number of subscribers
that are listed. The reasons being are; fewer cell sites that could serve within a specific
coverage area, with accompanying so called dead spots, weak signals that can result to
dropped calls, technologies adopted then does not assure calls clarity and voice quality, and
very prohibitive costs that are outside the reach of ordinary users.

Cellular telephone companies however recognized the potential of this mobile telephone device
and so invested millions of dollars at employing cutting edge technology to assure that the
potential of the mobile phones are realized. With the advancements in technology and the
continuous effort at bettering their services, cellular telephone companies mobile phones
subscribers continued to increase. It slowly ceased to become a service limited to only to those
who can afford the service. Prices started going down as features were also added up.

Wireless phone companies effort at getting you connected anywhere around the globe gave
birth to innovations.

From its previous subscribers of a few thousands you have now more than two billion mobile
phone owners. Multiply this by the number listed in phone books that have capacities between
200 to 500 that includes land based phones and tracking can become a challenge. This concern
gave rise to the creation of the Cellular phone directory. The cellular phone directory give
assistance that reduces the time searching for specific numbers you wish to call.

Like the telephone directory, cellular phone directory can determine the number you are trying
to look up. If your cellular phone provider is not one of those that offers this service searching
the web can led you to sites of cellular phone directory assistance. Internet firms are also

offering phone numbers look-ups that are open to subscription. Searching for specific numbers
would require registration fees depending on the terms you would wish to avail.

With the use of the cellular phone directory, you can have any number you want, get you
connected anywhere in the country even to the unlisted ones. Using this service gives you
access to numbers of persons and businesses that you have to reach but are not available in
your current list.

You can loose the content of your entire phone book and have the entire list back. For an
additional cost, the users will be able to access and know private cellular phone numbers of any
name they desire. And whether listed or unlisted, through the services of the cellular phone
directory, you can have the name and number you want.

That is not all. There are several other information that the internet firms cellular phone
directories can lead you, including e-mail addresses, home address, office address, home
telephone, office telephone, fax number, including movie times, schedules, locations, restaurant
and hotel listings and believe it or not, you can even request for criminal records and other
personal histories.

The number you want whenever you want it. Sometimes all it takes is dialing cellular phone
directory assistance from your wireless.

5 Advantages of an Unlocked Cellular Phone

Deciding what kind of cellular phone to buy could be a headache especially when you have to
choose from hundreds of cellular phone units now available in the market. You also have to
select from different network providers like AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Cingular, Nextel, and
Sprint. That's not all! You still have to decide what type of plan you want to purchase. And if
you think it is all done, think twice, you still have to decide the kind of cellular phone unit you

With several factors to consider before finally realizing your ownership of a cellular phone, it is
indeed big and tedious decision to make. But have you realized that there is an easier way of
getting your most wanted cellular phone? With unlocked cellular phone, you can trim down all
the bothersome decision making into one, that is, purchasing a specific unlocked cellular phone

Unlocked cellular phone is a typical cellular phone that is open to any kind of SIM card. Here
are ten advantages of unlocked cellular phone:

1. Text Messaging - With different cellular phone features that have been added on cellular
phone, text messaging is maybe the only feature that is charged for every use. For cellular
phone plans, there are specific rates for every text messages that are comparatively the same
on call minute rates. On different areas, text-messaging rates differ. Unlocked cellular phone
gives you the advantage of choosing the SIM card that charges the lowest rate on your area.

2. Call Minute Rate - Like text messaging, call minute rate differs not only depend on location
but also on the plan you choose. Giving you the liberty to choose from different SIM cars would
let you land on the best rate you could have. For calling is the main purpose of cellular phone,
finding the best deal and lowest call minute rate could be possible without committing yourself
on one network provider.

3. International trips - Planning for international trips would not only include
accommodation, plane tickets, and specific purpose; it also include the communication device
you will use on the duration of your stay on other country. To free you from paying
international roaming charges, unlocked cellular phone is the best alternative. With unlocked
cellular phone, you donít have to worry about phone bills that would welcome you the moment
you return. Changing SIM card would let you save big amount of money on every trips.

4. Service features - Surveying from different wireless providers that could provide you with
wide range of service features is made easy when using unlocked cellular phone. Changing SIM
would entitle you on different service features offered by the wireless providers. Get the
exclusive advantage of getting the all the service features from different network providers by
using unlocked cellular phone

5. Freedom - Ultimately, unlocked cellular phone eliminates the restriction of using one and
only one type of network. With your own freedom, it lets you use different kind of SIM cards.
With this freedom comes savings. When cellular phone is tied up with one network, cost could
be insurmountable during international roaming, text messaging, and local calls. Advantage
would come during international trips: simply remove the SIM under the battery of the phone
and change it to the SIM that is locally used on the country.

Features to Look for Used Cellular Phone

Buying a cellular phone could be one of the major decisions you will make in you life. The fact
that cellular phone can greatly reflect your personality and should make your life better, cell
phone is a must have to everyone. Not only that, cell phones are probably the most
indispensable gadget you can have, when sophistication, functionality and technology now
come in handy.

But before you indulge yourself buying your own, should you think twice for that $400 worth of
phone? Because most of the time, you could feel that your desired phone is not worth its price.
Several features may be cool, but do you really need all of those?

If you desire for cheap yet functional phone, you could still have another option: used cellular

As the term implies, used cellular phones are second hand phone, but not necessarily mean
lower quality. In fact, you could get the same features and technology at a lower price, of
course with few minor scratches. Bear in mind that not all used cellular phones are old models.
Some used cellular phones are almost brand new. If you get lucky, you might acquire used
cellular phone that is only used for a short time.

If you prefer used cellular phones, here are some things you should consider before buying

1. Dimension and Weight. This should be the main thing to consider when buying used
cellular phones. Since older models are relatively bigger and heavier than modern phones
though, later models are smaller and lighter which are handy and could comfortably conceal on
the pocket, the options are limitless. For some, screen size and larger keypad is the main thing
but there are people who prefer sleeker and smaller phones. Used cellular phones have it all.

2. Design. There are two main cell phone designs that are available on the market: the flip-
phone and the candy bar. The candy bar design is directly accessed by the user having no
protective covering that is flipped to reveal the screen and the keypad that is a feature on the
flip phone. Other than this feature that offers the user a preferred look, there is really not much
difference between the two designs as both are available in the ultra functional category.

3. Web Browser. At an extra cost from your service provider, you may want to surf the web
from your phone. In this case choose a used cellular phone that is equipped with web browser

4. Service Provider. How you intend your used cellular phone to work should determine your
choice of a network provider. The three technologies and system widely used in Europe and
most of Asia is iDEN, CDMA and GSM. Frequent travelers should consider GSMís international
roaming capability or phones that use GSM frequencies while other users may consider carriers
of other technologies for lower talk time cost.

5. Phone Book Storage. Phone books, depending on the model, can store from 100 to 500
names and numbers. While phones with a 200 capacity may work all right for some, for some it
may not. However if the phone is intended for use in business, used cellular phones that
provide an electronic rolodex will come in very useful as it also stores E-mail addresses, postal
addresses and landline numbers up to 500 contacts.

6. Basic Feature. Aside from the mentioned considerations, basic features should be taken
into account. These include speed dialing, vibrating alert, speakerphone, voice recording, voice
dialing, games, SMS capability, and more. All you have to do is to distinguish your need and
you are set for buying used cellular phone.

U.S. Cellular Phone: Features and More

In 1983, US Cellular was created in Chicago focusing on total customer satisfaction, excellent
customer service, great products, and generate profitable growth for its investors as a
subsidiary of the Telephone and Data Systems Inc. By the year 2000, John Rooney got on
board as the President and CEO.

Between 2002 and 2003, US Cellular Phone started offering its services in Chicago after
acquiring territories from Prime Company Communications and the formation of Verizon


By 2004, 627,000 new customers were added to US Cellular phones network with a sustained
annual growth of 15%. In the same year, US Cellular reported a 19% increase in operating
revenues to $2.5 billion. Expanding and growing the market, it extended offering its services to
include Lincoln, Nebraska; Portland, Maine; and Oklahoma City.

As of 2005, US Cellular services, was offered in the Pacific Northwest, Midwest and parts of East
and New England. By October of the same year, US cellular have become the sixth largest
mobile phone company in the US.

US Cellular Corporation serves more than 5.2 million customers across 149 countries and 25
states. Its 2004 revenues of 2.64 billion dollars make it a big regional wireless company. It has
six state-of-the-art Customer Care Centers (CCC) providing its customers with superior support
located in Tulsa, Okalahoma; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Madison, Wisconsin; Knoxville, Tennessee;
Bolingbrook, Illinois and Waukesha, Wisconsin.

By converting its network to CDMA-IX digital technology, US Cellular phones has added more
voice capacity, high-speed data products and features and expanded coverage areas.
Investments in cutting edge technology assure US Cellular phone customers with exceptional
call quality and clarity.

The application of the BlackBerry Solution, keeps you stay connected even while you are on the
move. It allows you wireless e-mail connection up to 10 e-mail accounts like Yahoo, Hotmail
and other ISP accounts. Corporate customers hosting e-mail servers like Microsoft, Exchange,
Lotus, Group Wise, or Domino, can create a wireless solution by combining with the BlackBerry
Enterprise Server.

Featured in US Cellular phones are:

Members of AOL can access their e-mails through the easy edge download shop. The mobile
AOL Mail folders features include write, reply all, forward, delete, undelete and read even while
on the move.

When you sign up for US Cellular phone’s pay as you go option a free picture messaging
address is made for you.

Your 10-digit phone number is your e-mail address This service enables you to
send picture messages. When using the Short Message Service, you simply enter the recipients
e-mail address to send texts.

A maximum of 400 characters can be sent to your phones e- mail broken down into 120
characters each.

While in the local coverage areas, US Cellular phone’s unlimited call me feature allows you to
receive calls without charge.

US Cellular phone directory assistance is also provided. Using this service gives you access to
numbers persons and businesses you want to reach but are not in your phone book.

Other US Cellular phone features offered or included are web browser, Personalization Options,
Speed Dialing or One-Touch Dialing, Voice Dialing, Voice Dialing, Games, Ringtones and
Graphics, Voice Recorder, Voice Recorder, FM Radio and/or MP3 Player, Instant Messenger,
Infrared Connection, Personal Information Management or PDA Functions, Bluetooth
Connection, and Global Positioning System or GPS. And other Extras like Caller ID, Call Waiting,
Call Forwarding and Voicemail.

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