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Exercise Induced Asthma


Must have information for all Asthma sufferers, their families and friends.

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There is great debate among the medical community on the issue of "Exercise-Induced Asthma". This is a
type of asthma attack that occurs at a particular time; namely, during or after exercise.

Exercise-induced asthma is caused by airway narrowing brought on by vigorous exercise. The symptoms
are a wheeze, breathlessness, cough and/or chest tightness — which may start during exercise but in
many cases can start up to 10 minutes after exercise.
Why it happens is not very clear however, the most common school of thought is that it may involve loss
of heat and water from the airways as they try to warm and moisten the incoming air.
Exercise induced Asthma is problem no matter what your age, and is quiet common in children, and I
would urge you to work with your respiratory physician and take his/her advice on how you manage this
condition, as everyone is an individual.
The benefits of exercise are not to be understated, everyone should exercise everyday, and children are
no exception. The fitter you are the better you are, the more manageable the asthma. In fact, exercise
improves your heart and lung fitness which is vitally important.
Asthma Council advises the following strategies to help prevent Exercise Induced Asthma

•   warm up before you exercise; (Everyone should do this even though they do not have Asthma)
•   keep as fit as possible; (Again, everyone should heed this)
•   exercise in an environment that is warm and humid;
•   avoid exercising in environments where the air contains a lot of allergens
•   Breathe through the nose or consider using a mask.

Again I urge you to consult with a physician so you can get the best exercise/sport plan possible for you
or your child.

Many, many elite athletes and other celebrities have asthma, they have not let it stop them doing what
they want – if you or your children feel discouraged because you have asthma, why not Google
“Celebrities who have asthma” or “Athletes who have asthma” and be inspired!

Always remember, should you or any family member have an asthma attack and you are at all
concerned, dial the emergency ambulance number for the country you are living in.

That is all I have for you today on Exercise Induced Asthma

For further information and ongoing up to date information I urge you to visit one of the best blogs on this
subject –

I wish your and your family the best of health!


It is important to note that information contained in this post is not intended to replace professional
medical advice. Any questions regarding a medical diagnosis or treatment should be directed to a
medical practitioner.
Note: Picture used in this article is from the public domain.

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