31st Annual CCNP Conference

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					31st Annual CCNP Conference

June 6-9, 2008, Toronto, Ontario

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For more details, please visit www.ccnp.ca.

Conference Objectives:

1. Build basic science and clinical connections
   among Canadian researchers
2. Highlight advances in the neurodevelopment of
   psychiatric illness
3. Support the next generation of clinical and basic

Friday, June 6: Opening Reception
Top of the TD Waterhouse Tower at Stratus Restaurant

Saturday, June 7: Trainee Breakfast Workshop:
Remi Quirion, PhD (Scientific Director, CIHR, INMHA, McGill University) – CIHR
Applications: Guidelines for Success

Sunday, June 8: Cocktail Reception and Banquet
Hilton Hotel

Symposia and Lectures:
Presidential Symposium: Neurodevelopment and Behaviour

Co-Chairs: Drs. Meir Steiner (CCNP President, Brain-Body Insitute, St. Joseph's
Healthcare, McMaster University) and Harold Robertson (CCNP President-Elect,
Dalhousie University)
Michael Meaney, PhD (Professor of Medicine, McGill University)
Stephen Matthews, PhD
(Professor of Physiology, University of Toronto)
Stephen Suomi, PhD (NICHD - Bethesda, Maryland, USA)
Dirk Hellhammer, PhD (Chair, Psychobiological Research, University of Trier,

The AstraZeneca Lunch Symposium: Novel approaches: Towards
Understanding the Neurobiology of Mental Illness
Chair: Jane Foster, PhD (McMaster University)
Glenda MacQueen, MD, PhD (McMaster University)
John Armstrong, PhD (University of Guelph)
Catharine Winstanley, PhD (University of British Columbia)

The Wyeth Roundtable Lunch Symposium: The Complex Depressed
Patient: From Neurobiology to Effective Treatment

Chair: Claudio Soares, MD, PhD (Brain-Body Insitute, St. Joseph's Healthcare,
McMaster University)
Dr. Pierre Blier, MD, PhD (University of Ottawa)
Valerie Taylor, MD (McMaster University)
Arya M. Sharma, MD, PhD (Univ of Alberta)

The Servier Distinguished Lecture:
Russell Foster, PhD (Chair of Circadian Neuroscience, Oxford University, UK)

Additional Symposia:

• Maternal Adversity Vulnerability and
  Neurodevelopment (MAVAN): Preliminary
   ○ Robert Levitan, MD (University of Toronto)
• Dopamine and Clinical Depression: New
   ○ Marco Leyton, PhD (McGill)
• Fear and Anxiety Disorders: From Molecules to
  the Clinic
   ○ Sheena Josselyn, PhD (University of Toronto)