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Παγε 1 ANTIQUE AUCTION 63 Sat 1100 AM Nov 709 63 A 1 Lot

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									                                             Παγε 1

ANTIQUE AUCTION # 63, Sat. 11:00 A.M. Nov. 7/09

63-A-1      Lot of Two Items : Bag Lot of : Approx. Sixty Five Vintage Plastic “One Cent Bubble
            Gum Prizes” - Small Vintage Wooden Jewelry Box .

63-A-2      Lot of Three Items : Antique Silver Plated Double Handled Entree Dish - Two Antique
            Silver Plated Baby Cups ( One has damage ) .

63-A-3      Lot of Two Items : Vintage Plastic “Fan Shaped” Music Box Mkd Made in Hong Kong
            Plays - Vintage Plastic Bird House Bank .

63-A-4      Lot of Two Items : Unusual “Japan” China Tree House Bank with Bobbing Bird
            (Repair on top ) Occupied Japan Figural Chicken w/basket Tooth Pick Holder . )

63-A-5      Lot of 2-Pairs of Antique Baby Shoes ( One Bronzed & One White Leather Self Starter )

63-A-6       Prussia China Cobalt Blue & Green Toned Double Handled Cake Plate .

63-A-7      RARE, Authentic “Pupil’s Report Card” Dated 1895 .

63-A-8      Bag Lot : Three Vintage Miniature Bisque Dolls ( Over Fifty Years Old ) .

63-A-9      Lot of Two Boxes : Royal Albert Bone China “American Beauty” Two Tier Cake
            Stand - Staffordshire “ Midwinter” Two Tier Cake Stand - Royal Albert “Poppy”
            Luncheon Plate - China “Mother’s Plate” - Two Church Plates .

63-A-10     Lot of Two Items : Circa 1957 Hard Cover Stamp Album w some stamps & Vintage Cedar
            Jewelry Box w/contents : ½ “ Gold Cross Pin - Miniature Bible .

63-A-11     Outstanding Wm.Roger & Sons Silver Plated Sugar Bowl & Spoon Rest - Complete
            w/Twelve Large Tea Spoons .

63-A-12     Antique Red, Doll’s Trunk, with original liner, handles & locks- Very Good Condition!

63-A-13     Lot of Three Items : Two Occupied Japan Figurines : “Little Boy Sitting on Fence ,
            Playing Accordion” - “Little Girl by Fence Carrying a Basket” , Approx. 3 ½" Ht. - Soft
            Cover Reference Book “Made in Occupied Japan” by C. Chandler.

63-A-14     Lot of Two Occupied Japan Figurines , “Little Girl Wearing Dad’s Slippers, Carrying
            Flowers” Approx. 4 ½" Ht - “Young Girl with Watering Can , approx. 4 ½" Ht - As a Lot.

63-A-15     Bag Lot : 1939 Canada 1956 Voluntary Service Medal - 1939-45 George VI Head -
            Assorted Military Insignias & Buttons !

63-A-16     Bag Lot : Antique Silver Plated Tie Clip & Chain - 1950's Ladies Rhinestone Brooch ,
            Men’s 1950's Tie Clip .

63-A-17     Bag Lot : Antique Waltham Gold Filled Pocket Watch - Antique Gold Toned Watch
            Chain & Fob w/stone .

63-A-18     Antique Gold Filled “ Seth Thomas “ Pocket Watch with chain & Insignia Stamp ..
63-A-19     Bag Lot : Two Hunter Cased Antique Style Pocket Watches ( Telix, Papini ) ( One missing
                                             Παγε 2

            a hand ) - Antique Bullet Lighter ( Incomplete )

63-A-20     Antique “Johann Gutenberg” Framed Print , after Circa 1923 Painting , Reproduced For
            Zellerbach Paper Company , San Francisco.

63 -A-21    Bag Lot of Vintage Sheet Music : God Bless America Irving Berlin 1939 - When You
            Wish Upon a Star , Pinocchio 1940 - White Christmas ( Incomplete ) From Holiday Inn
            1942 - The Last Time I Saw Paris 1940 - The White Cliffs of Dover 1941- A Daisy a Day
            1972 - Sweet City Woman 1971 .

63-A-22     Bank of Canada 1937 $ 20.00 Bill “King GeorgeVI l, Chartreuse 1 .

63-A-23     Royal Bank of Canada 1935 $10.00 Bill - Orange 1

63-A-23-A   Rare , 1873 American Three Cent Nickel , It was introduced to Retire Three Cent
            Notes, Despite the lack of Specie Payment, because it was not a Specie Coin .

63-A-24     Bank of Canada 1937 $ 10.00 Bill King George VI - Purple 1

63-A-24-A   The Canadian Bank of Commerce 1917 $ 10.00 Bill - Orange/blue 1 .

63-A-25      Antique Gilt Framed Water Color Style Picture, “Trafalgar Square Scene” Mkd F.M. Bell
            Smith .

63-A-26      Two Antique Framed Water Color Pictures , “Lake Scene” & “ Mountain Road”. {X 2}

63-A-27     Two Antique Framed Water Colors Style Pictures , “ Young Woman Being Waited On” - “
            Lady & Gent Courting”. {X 2}

63-A-28     Large Antique Bone China Hand Painted German Wall Platter , with Transfer of Roses .

63-A-29     Antique Art Deco “Sessions” Electric Mantel Clock, Circa 1920 - 1930 , Marble & Argate
            with Figures of a Bird on each side, Working Condition .

63-A-30     Antique Gilded Cast Iron Figural Mantel Clock , for U.S. Market , with German
            Movement, “ Liberty Trumpeting Her Horn” , Working Condition , needs repair on base ,
            but a Very Attractive Clock .

63-A-31     Rare, Wicker Buggy Wheel Cover, for “Victoria Carriage” with Framed Newspaper
            Article - A True Museum Piece - Went over Carriage Wheel to Protect the Ladies Dresses
            as they stepped out of the carriage .

63-A-32     Vintage Walnut Telephone Table with gallery back and open storage below.

63-A-33     Vintage Four Piece Silver Plate Tea Service : Large Embossed Double Handled Tray with
            Art Deco Style Tea Pot, Cream & Open Sugar - Note ; Tray not exact match but
            compliments well !

63-A-34     Lovely Large Haddon Silver Plated Double Handled Tray , “25 Th Anniv” , Nice
            Condition , resting on bun feet .
63-A-35     Box Lot : Vintage Silver Plated Items : Viking Plate Cream & Sugar - Victor Plate Candy
            Dish - Two Lattice Candy Dishes .
                                           Παγε 3

63-A-36   Box Lot ; Quality Haddon Silver Plate Tea & Coffee Set with Cream & Open Sugar .

63-A-37   Box Lot ; Ten Silver Plated Goblets ( Six Large, Two Medium, Two Small ) Cream & Sugar
          w/tray .

63-A-38   Lot of Two Items : Cappa Shell Table Lamp Shade Only ( Flaking on one panel ) -
          Original Victorian Parlor Lamp Shade ( Has to be Recovered , but hard to find - As a LOT

63-A-39   Large Canadian Oil Painting of “ Forest & Water Scene, Birch Trees” by Renowned
          Manitoba Artist “ Lynn Sissons , with Write Up from Newspaper on back !

63-A-40   Original 1914 Brass “Princess Mary” Christmas Gift Box to Troops in the Field in WWI
          From the Imperium Britain Nicum , Rare!!

63-A-41   Iran/Persia “Hamadan” Prayer Rug, 29" Wide & 48 “ Long , In Red Colors .

63-A-42   Kurdish Hamadan Prayer Rug , 29" Width x 48" Long , Hand Woven , In Purple Hues .

63-A-43   Antique Style Fancy Oval Gilt Framed Wall Mirror .

63-A-44   Small Oak Barley-twist Pedestal/Lamp Center Post , Circa 1900 .

63-A-45   Container of WW I & WW II Toy Soldiers & Vehicles - Parts & Pieces .

63-A-46   Antique Canadian Beer Pump, Makers “Fletcher Mfg Co.” Toronto, Commercial Pump
          Missing Glass Globe , Circa 1880

63-A-47   Bag Lot;Watch Cases & Movements Including Key Wind, Parson Brothers, Lacombe, AB

63-A-48   Box Lot ; Porcelain Doll Heads : Three are cracked & repaired - Kewpie Doll Head &
          Bodies , etc. As a Lot .

63-A-49   Box Lot : Three Small Fancy Decorator Plates ( Doulton, Nippon, & Germany )

63-A-50   Lot, 2-Items: Royal Albert “Brigadoon” Bone China Large Tea Pot with lid & trivet stand.

63-A-51   Lot of Royal Albert Bone China “Brigadoon” Gravy Boat w/tray “Brigadoon” - Small
          Cream & Open Sugar Tray w / saucer - Pair of Salt & Pepper .

63-A-52   Nine Dinner Plates, Royal Albert Bone China “Brigadoon” {X 9}

63-A-53   Nine Tea Cups & Saucers , Royal Albert Bone China “Brigadoon”. {X 9}

63-A-54   Twelve Bread & Butter Plates, Royal Albert Bone China “Brigadoon”. {X 12}

63-A-55   Seven Luncheon Plates, Royal Albert Bone China “Brigadoon”. {X 7}

63-A-56   Medium 13" Meat Platter, Royal Albert Bone China “Brigadoon”.
63-A-57   Lot of Three Items : Open Round Vegetable Bowl 9 ½" - Double Handled Cake Plate -
          Small Double Handled Relish Dish - As a Lot .
                                            Παγε 4

63-A-58   2-Open Oval Shaped Vegetable Bowls 9" , Royal Albert “Brigadoon” Bone China. {X 2}

63-A-59   Bag Lot : Two Canadian Centennial Dollar Bill 1867-1967 Green (2) - One 1967 Centennial
          One Dollar Bill Symbol on Front, Green 1.

63-A-60   Bag Lot : Canadian 50 Cent Coins ( 1943, 1944, 1945, 1950 ) - Canadian Pennies
          194 1,1929, 1932, 1943 , 1945, 1947, 1951 - Canadian Nickels 1907, 1912, 1946,
          1947, 2005

63-A-61   Bag Lot: Three American Half Dollars 1943, 1957, 1992, - ( Seven ) American Silver
          Dollars 1972, 1976, 1977, 1978.

63-A-62   Bag Lot : 1916 UK George V, Three Shilling - 1906 & 1923 Silver Belgian Coins - Korean
          Copper Coin - Arabic Copper Coin - 1948 UK Half Crown George VI -
          Detroit & Canada Tunnel Co. One Fare Token - 1913 Deutsches Reich Zwei Mark.

63-A-63   Bag Lot :1991 Un-Circulated Canadian Coins - Sealed 2004 Lucky Loonie Canadian One
          Dollar Coin - Three Reference Books on Coins : Coins, T0DTR1 1999 - The Star Rare Coin
          Encyclopedia Listing of Coins of the World - The Guide Book of 1670-1970
          Canadian Coins , 1970.

63-A-64   Box Lot : Two Hard Cover Reference Books : The Old House Catalogue 1976 - The
          Collector’s Encyclopedia of Salt & Pepper - Sweet Caporal Cigarettes Tin - Assorted
          Novelty Gift Cards Circa 1948 - 1959.

63-A-65   Framed Limited Print “Riparian Riches” ( River Scene ) by Stephan Lyman ( With
          Documentation on Artist in folder on back.

63-A-66   Antique Style Painted Ivory & Gold Washstand with towel bar , door & drawers .

63-A-67   Antique English Oak Pub Table with ornate cast painted black & gilt toned footed base.
          Has been professionally restored.

63-A-68   Framed Limited Edition , # 73/895 “Winter Moon Glow , Lake Louise, Alberta” by Debbie
          Edwards . ( Dog Sled Scene ).

63-A-69   Antique # 2, “Bulb & Chain” Coal Oil Lamp with chimney .

63-A-70   Repro. “Simon & Halbig” Hand Made Bisque Doll , 22" with marks on head - Long
          Brown Ringlets- Open Blue glass eyes, open mouth with 2-teeth & dimple in chin - Dress in
          Navy Blue Lace Trimmed Jacket - Bought from The Doll Lady, Brooklyn , New York .

63-A-71   Reproduction Vintage Style Doll, with molded curly blonde hair , Dressed in Red Suit with
          hat & purse, Unusual molded shoes , on stand - Note: hairline crack on thumb, barely visible
          , should still be able to take short hand !

63-A-72   Rare , Cased Vintage Italian Capodimonte China Tea Service for Twelve - As New with
          Original Tags - Rich Brown Tones .
63-A-73   Hand Made Reproduction Antique Style Fully Jointed Bisque Doll, 23" Ht , Long Dark
          Brown Ringlets, Open Blue Glass Eyes , Closed Mouth , Dressed in Gingham Green &
          Cream Dress - “Olivia Kit” Marks on Head E.J.A. From the Doll Lady , Brooklyn New
          York, July 1987 .
                                           Παγε 5

63-A-74   Repro. Antique Style Bisque Boy Doll, 17" Ht , with Dark Brown Hair , Open Brown Glass
          Eyes , closed mouth , Dressed in White Knit Sweater & Grey Pants , with stand.

63-A-75   Canadian Made “La Collection Artisan” Limited Edition Bisque Doll “Chris” # 210/1000
          17" Ht, Long Curly Blonde Hair, Blue Glass Eyes, Closed Mouth, Dressed in Pale Pink &
          Ivory Victorian Style Dress, with orig certificate & stand .

63-A-76   Lot of Two Items : End of Day Blown Glass Ruffed Edge Vase in pale green tones -
          Unusual Antique Style Pitcher Vase in green & brown tones .

63-A-77   Lot of Two Items : Large Cut Crystal “Pinwheel” Divided Condiment Tray - Vintage
          Etched Glass Water Jug “Cornflower Pattern with Daisies” - As a Lot.

63-A-78   Lot of Two Items: Green Royal Winton Double Handled Cake Plate- Blue Blown Glass
          Cased Glass Ruffled Edge Vase.

63-A-79   6-Bone China Tea Cups & Saucers: Royal Albert Including Summer Beauty, “Jade”,
          Highland Thistle, Provincial Flowers Purple Violet- Aynsley Daisy - Elizabethan. {X 6}.

63-A-80   Antique Gilt Framed Picture of “ The Horse Feeder” , ( Woman feeding horses ) Original
          Framed T. Eaton & Co. Logo on back - Circa 1930 .

63-A-81   Ornate Etched Brass Double Handled “Wine Chiller Bucket”.

63-A-82   Antique Wall Mounting Bracket Lamp # 2 Etched Glass Font w/ornate daisy design,
          with glass chimney and cast iron frame .

63-A-83   Large Vintage WM Rogers Silver Plated Double Handled Serving Tray with Grape &
          Leaf Design .

63-A-84   Lot of Three Boxes: Four Tea Cups & Saucers: ( Blue Willow (Japan) - Chintz Royal
          Winton ( Hairline crack) - Footed Shafford - Queen Rosina ) - Red & White Ironstone
          Pieces : Large Gravy Boat ( flicked) , Dinner, Bread & Butter Red Willow - Occupied Japan
          - Mason’s Creamer ( flick) Lg Hudson Bay Dinner Plate ) - Four Ironstone Wood & Sons
          Dinner Plates.

63-A-85   Lot of Two Boxes : Blue & White Blue Willow Meat Platter ( repaired ) - Ceramic Cookie
          Jar “ Fruit Box” Design ( chipped ) - Small Antique Kitchen Scale “Weigh Master, British
          Made” - Antique Pale Blue Pressed Glass Ruffled Edge Fruit Bowl ( hair line crack in
          handle ) - Pink Depression Lidded Butter Dish (chipped).

63-A-86   Vintage “Reliable” Hard Plastic “Bride Doll” , Approx. 11" Ht , with Blonde hair, sleepy
          blue eyes, Dressed in White Brocade & Gold Dress, with Veil.

63-A-87   Antique Mantel Clock with Imitation Marble & Wooden Case , Ornate gilt decoration &
          Lion’s Masks on each side, glass door , No Key or Pendulum .
63-A-88   Large # 2 “Swirl” Pattern Coal Oil Lamp with beaded chimney.

63-A-89   Vintage 1940's Figural “United” Electric Mantel Clock “Covered Wagon with Team of
                                                 Παγε 6

63-A-90       Lot of Two Boxes : Green Depression Glass : Double Handled Cake Plate - Dinner Plate
              - Round Open Vegetable - Oval Double Handled Open Vegetable - Oval Double Handled
              Serving Tray - Pair of Salt & Pepper . Good Lot !

63-A-91       Bag Lot : Antique Brass Nabob Coffee Scoop - Antique Brass Lighter - Two Cased Sets of
              Desk Pens .

63-A-92       Lot of Three Boxes : Vintage Lidded Glass Butter Dish & Salt & Pepper Shaker ( 1930's ) -
              English Ironstone Cream & Sugar - Antique Oil Bottle - Ornaments - Lidded Crystal Dish ,
              Cream & Sugar , Mint Dish , Avon Teddy Bear Sealed in Bag - Driftwood Wall Clock (
              Battery ) .

63-A-93.      Antique, Flemish “Picture Frame” wall clock, w/porcelain numbers, complete with key &
              pendulum. [the clock is all complete and does run but needs a little adjusting as it has sat in
              a warehouse for over 30 years since it was restored by Frank Kiss originally.]

63-A-94.      Large, heavy, colorful pottery Elephant, suitable for a plant stand or to put your coffee on.

63-A-95.      Antique wall mirror with heavy, ornate, oak frame w/gilt trim, approx. 26" x 30".

63-A-96.      Antique, tall, (chair height), walnut framed, upholstered foot stool w/turned legs, nicely

63-A-67.      Tall,(36" w/11" shelves) 3-tier, octagonal oak plant stand.

63-A-98.      Extremely well made, oak framed, upholstered footstool w/sloped top (to ease the calves of
              your legs, similar to Antique “Gout Stools”)

63-A-99.      Ltd. Edition, 63/250, (a real Limited edition) framed print; “Bundle Team”, (old time
              threshing), by; Sobele Levesque.

63-A-100.     Small brass framed, octagonal wall mirror w/bevel edges.

63-A-101.-    2-1-gal crocks: (1-is an open kitchen type & the other has a small top). {so much x-2}

63-A-102.     Lot of 2-smaller pictures: 1-is “Bobcat”, by Robert Bateman, as referred to in the Book, &
              the other a nice picture of Lake Louise, {no glass}. As a lot!

63-A-103.     Folk Art, large, (approx. 24" long), carved wooden fish in pastel colors.

63-A-104.     Box lot of crystal items incl: 2-sets salt & peppers, lidded jam pot, small square mint dish &
              2-small rectangular ashtrays. As a lot!

63-A-105.     Framed ltd. edition , 963/1500, print: “Winter’s Thaw”, (Canada Geese), by; Terry Isaac.

63-A-105-A. Authentic “Hudson’s Bay Blanket”, 100 % wool, w/label telling about it.
63-A-106    Limoges French Bone China Dinnerware Service ( White with heavy gilt trim ) : Twelve
            Dinner Plates - Round Open 9" Vegetable Bowl - Round Twin Handled Lidded Tureen -
            Small Oval Lidded Sauce Boat w/attached tray & non-matching ladle - Cream & Lidded
            Sugar - Five Luncheon Plates - Ten Bread & Butter Plates - Ten Tea Cups & Saucers - Five
            Demitasse Cups & Saucers - Small Oatmeal Bowl - Eight Fruit Nappies - Salt & Pepper
            Shakers - A Wonderful Service for the Christmas Season !!
                                             Παγε 7

63-A-107     Ten Dinner Plates - Ironstone by Alfred Meakin , Marigold Princess Shape, “Balmoral
             Pattern”. {X 10}

63-A-108     Twelve Luncheon Plates - Ironstone by Alfred Meakin , Marigold Princess Shape,
             “Balmoral”. {X 12}

63-A-l09                                                                      l
              Group Lot : Sixteen Tea Cups & Thirty Saucers - Sugar Bowl ( no id ) Ironstone by
       Alfred Meakin , Marigold Princess Shape, “Balmoral”.

63-A-110     Fourteen Oatmeal Bowls Ironstone by Alfred Meakin , Marigold Princess Shape,
             “Balmoral”. {X 14}

63-A-111     Twelve Fruit Nappies Ironstone by Alfred Meakin , Marigold Princess Shape, “Balmoral”
             {X 12}

63-A-112     Two Round Open Vegetable Bowls Ironstone by Alfred Meakin , Marigold Princess Shape,
             “Balmoral”. {X 2}

63-A-113     Lot : Three Lidded Tureens & Two Extra Non-Matching Lids .

63-A-114     Antique # 2 Chrome Aladdin Coal Oil Lamp “Model No 6" 1915 - 1916 - No Chimney .

63-A-115     Wall Mounting Antique # 2 Bracket Lamp , with Pressed Glass Font - beaded chimney
             and cast iron frame - Beaded glass chimney.

63-A-116     Tall Antique Chrome # 2 , “Wanzer Lamp Co. Niagara Falls USA” Coal Oil Lamp with
             unusual key-winder for ??- No Chimney.

63-A-117      Antique # 2 Chrome Aladdin Coal Oil Lamp “Model No 6" 1915-1916 - No chimney

63-A-118     American Made # 1 Coal Oil Lamp with glass chimney.

63-A-119     Antique # 2 Frosted Glass Coal Oil Lamp with raised rim , & beaded chimney.

63-A-120     Antique Wall Mounting Bracket Lamp # 2 Coal Oil Lamp with glass font & glass beaded

63-A-120-A   Lot of Two Boxes : Vintage Berry Bowl Service w/nappies - Japan “Bird” Salt & Pepper
             Shakers- Antique Style “Pale Green”, Satin Glass Leaf Shape Berry Set, & Cake Service .

63-A-121     Mahogany Folding “Music Stand” with elegant legs.

63-A-122     Two Large Gilt Framed Pictures of “Ladies of Yesteryear”. {X 2}

63-A-123     Authentic Jade Figure of “Elephant with trunk up for good luck” with wooden base , 4"
             Length, 3 ½" Ht on wooden base .

63-A-124     Authentic Soap Stone Carving of a Walrus , 9" Length & 2 3/4" Ht , No Tusks .

63-A-125     Impressive Jade Figure of “Angel fish by rock” , 4 ½" Ht x 5" Width .
                                            Παγε 8

63-A-126   Outstanding Jade Figure      “Bunch of Grapes on the Vine” .

63-A-127   Jade Figure of “Two Birds on Base” Approx. 3 ½" Ht x 4 ½" Length .

63-A-128   Jade Figure of a “Dolphin” riding the wave .

63-A-129   Jade Figure of “Pelican Resting” Approx. 1 ½” Ht x 2 ½" Width .

63-A-130   Jade Figure of “Flying Bird” on rock , 2 ½" Length & 2" Height.

63-A-131   Large Oriental Soap Stone Figural Planter with Birds in rich brown tones , 10" x 6 ½" Ht

63-A-132   Small Oriental Soap Stone Figural Planter with Birds , in pale carmel tones , 3 ½" x 4 ½" .

63-A-133   Large Copper & Brass Bucket .

63-A-134   Modern Oak Magazine Stand with carrying handle.

63-A-135   Small Folk Art Wooden Hump Back Trunk.

63-A-136   Painted Cream Toned Wrought Iron Music Stand .

63-A-137   Tall Cut Crystal “Pinwheel” Decanter w/ Non Matching Stopper , But works !

63-A-138   Bag Lot of 4-Silver Dollars - Canadian 1968 & 1969 - Canadian 1870-1970 Manitoba
           Comm Silver Dollar - 1873- 1973 Canadian Silver Dollar Prince Edward Island Comm -
           As a Lot.

63-A-139   Bag Lot : Three First of a Series , “World Famous Hockey Stars” Medallions : Bobby Orr,
           Phil Esposito, Eddie Shack - As a Lot .

63-A-140   2- Elegant Vintage Framed Cameo Style pictures, of 2-Roman Ladies, Titled “East Wind”
           {X 2}.

63-A-141   Lovely Antique Walnut Ladies Writing Desk, resting on Queen Anne style legs - all
           original brass pulls, with gallery back .

63-A-142   Two Antique Style Mahogany Framed Carved Arm Chairs, , and attractive Tartan
           upholstered seats & backs.{X 2}

63-A-143   Small Antique Walnut China Cabinet with single glass door, resting on Queen Anne style
           feet, glass shelves, gallery back & comes with key. ( key with check out )

63-A-144   Lovely Antique Walnut Parlor /Sofa Table with stretcher base .
63-A-145   Antique Walnut Washstand / Server with beaded trim , curved front , with pulls.

63-A-146   Attractive Two Piece Antique Walnut Telephone Table w/gallery back & Matching
           Upholstered Chair !! Will fit in any corner and hard to find these sets !

63-A-147   Set of Two Antique Wooden Theater Chairs ( Combined ) - A real touch of class for any
           Theater Room at home !
                                               Παγε 9

63-A-148      Antique Walnut Cased “Arcadia” Mantel Radio.

63-A-149      Two Antique Scottish Oak Dining Room Chairs with bobbin turned design. {X 2}

63-A-150      Antique Walnut Duncan Phyfe Style, Arm Chair with Needle Point seat.

63-B-1        Box Lot : Large Bag of Misc. Horn & Crank Gramophone Parts & Pieces - Bag Original Old
              Radio Knobs from 1930's, 1940's, 1950's. A Great Lot for the Collectors!

63-B-2        Box of   Three Bags of Quality Wooden Chess Sets.

63-B-3        Funky Vintage Green Circa 1960's Floor Lamp ( Rewired ).

63-B-4        Vintage Chrome Armchair or Mood Lamp, Circa 1960's ( Rewired )

63-B-5        Box Lot : Three Excellent Small Decorator Plates ( France, Germany, Bohemia)

63-B-6        Box Lot of Three Large Bags : Costume Jewelry , Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets , Pins &
              Rings , etc.

63-B-7        Large Framed Oil Painting Style Picture “ Peonies in Vase” Signed .

63-B-8        Box Lot of Five Small Vintage & Antique Prints : “ Knight kneeling with sword before
              Alter” - “English Owl on Branch” - “Colonial Scenes” - “Low Tide”.

63-B-9        Box Lot : Bag : Approx Sixty One Post Cards ( 1950's & 1960's ) - Bag of Sixteen
              Old American Studio Photo Cards - 1970's Photo Album Full of Post Cards of English
photos & post cards.

63-B-10       Box Lot ;Three Bundles of Fancy Souvenir Silver Plate Spoons - Round Pressed Glass
              “Candle Wick” Divided Pickle Dish - Old Masters Toffee Tin.

63-B-11       Lot of Four Items : Two Older Native “Wicker Baskets” & Two Brass Fireplace Tools.

63-B-12       Four Bundles of Quality Antique Reference Books ( Five Books per bundle ). {X 4}

63-B-13       Five Bundles of Quality Antique Reference Books ( Five Books Per Bundle) {X 5}

63-B-14       Bag lot of   25 issues of antique Traders Collector Magazines.

63-B-15       Lot of Two Boxes : Four Matching Antique Ceiling Fixture Glass Shades - Set of Four
              Round Matching Antique Ceiling Fixture Glass Shades - Bag of Over One Hundred Crystal
              Beads & Tear Drops For Lamps & Chandelier.
63-B-16       Lot of 2-Boxes: 4-Large Vintage Glass Ceiling Shades, Circa 1930's & 1940's , As a Lot!

63-B-17       Lot of Two Items : Brand New !,1st Issue “Star Wars” Bank ( R2D2 & C3Po) In the Box
              - Bag Lot: Coin Envelopes, Containers, boxes, display book, quarter folder, etc.

63-B-18       Lot of Three Large Bags & Contents !! Lamp & Light Fixtures - Parts - Coal Oil ,
              Aladdin , Screws, bolts, Victorian & Edwardian Curtain Hangers & Parts.

63-B-19       Lot of Two Large Sealed Bags of Quality Linens, Doilies , Place Matts, Dresser Scarves,
                                             Παγε 10

             Tea Pot Place Matts, Pillow Cases & Dresser Scarves.

63-B-20      Lot of Two Boxes of Bags : Quality Jewelry & Ring Boxes.

63-B-21      Lot of Two Sealed Bags : Cassettes & Talking Books. As a Lot !

63-B-22      Lot of Three Sealed Bags : Cassettes - Talking Books ( Approx. 34 -35 Per Pack )

63-B-23      Box Lot : Bag of Collectable Buttons - Small Wooden Picture Easel - Homart Space Ship
             Flash Light - Cast Iron Spool Threader - Double Picture Light , etc.

63-B-24      Quality Antique Style Cherry Wood “King Size “ By Eathen Allen Furniture , Includes
             Head & Foot Board with rails.

63-B-25      Modern Teak Table Shelf /Lamp Standard with shade , Working .

63-B-26      Antique Wooden Kitchen Chair .

63-B-26-A.   Lot of Two Items : Original Hand Made Pottery Collector’s Plate by Judy of Calgary,
             Depicting Beautiful Mountain Scene in Cobalt Blue & Green Tones with gilt design
             w/wooden stand - Limited Edition Franklin Porcelain Figural Bird “Gold Finch”.

63-B-27      Antique Four Piece Vintage Walnut “Water Fall” Bedroom Suite - Double Bed with head
             board & foot board - Hi Boy Chest of Drawers - Vanity Dresser with Round Plain Mirror -
             Vanity Bench - All Original Pulls !

63-B-28      Large Antique Walnut Cased Mantel “G.Electric” Radio - (Missing Knobs)

63-B-29      Large Signed “Chalet” Blown Glass Blue Center Piece , Circa 1960's.

63-B-29-A    Bag Lot of Collectable Coins : Canadian Pennies 1928, 1940, 1950, 1957,1934 , 1947,
             1953, 1963 - Canadian 1919 25 Cent Piece - Canadian Dimes : 1916 ,1931, 1958, 1929,
             1945, 1959, 1930, 1950 ,1965 - Canadian Nickels : 1923 , 1941, 1964, 1967.

63-B-30      Bag Lot of Collectable Coins From Circa 1883 - 1929 : Large 1915, 1916, 1918, 1919
             ,1910 , Canadian Penny - Lg 1910 Penny - Lg 1906 Can Penny - Canadian Nickel 1928 ,
             1929 - Can 1929 Quarter - American 1921 Silver Dollar - Can 1900 Nickel , 1905 Can
             Nickel - Can 1883 Dime - 1899 , 1917, 1918 Nickel - 1917, 1925,1929 Dime.

63-B-31      Bag Lot of Collectable Coins From 1930's - 1940 ‘s : ( 4 ) 1944 Canadian Victory Nickels
             - (6 ) 1945 Can Victory Nickels - Can 1931 Nickel - Approx. Twelve Can 1943 Tombac
             Victory Nickels .
63-B-32      Bag Lot of Collectable Coins From the 1940's : Two 1941 Can Fifty Cent Piece - Four
             1944 Can 50 Cent - Six 1943 Can Fifty Cent - Three 1942 Can Fifty Cent Pce - 1946 Fifty
             Cent Pce - 1943 Can Quarter- 1947 Can Dimes, etc.

63-B-33      Bag Lot of Collectable Coins From the 1970's : Can 1971 Dollar - Can Fifty Cent Piece :
             1971, 1978, 1974, 1970 - Can 1976 Dime - 1974 Bank of Canada Two Dollar Bill , etc.

63-B-34      Bag Lot : Canadian Quarters Approx. 54 -    Approx. 5 Loonies , Approx. 3 Toonies
             from the 1990's.
                                              Παγε 11

63-B-35      Bag Lot of Canadian 1999 Approx. 81 Quarters with Months of the Year - Approx.
             Five 1999 Toonies “Curling Rock” .

63-B-36      Bag Lot : Canadian 2000 Era Quarters Approx. 70 - Approx. Four Loonies - Approx Two
             Nickels - Dimes , etc.

63-B-37      Bag Lot of Circa 1950's Canadian Coins : Approx 21 Fifty Cent Pieces - One 1952 Silver
             Dollar - Approx. Seven Quarters - Approx. Six Dimes - Approx. Seven Nickels - Two
             Pennies , etc.

63-B-38      Bag Lot of Circa 1960's Canadian Coins : (2) 1965 Silver Dollars , (3) 1966 Silver Dollars
             - (1) 1968 Silver Dollar - (1) 1969 Silver Dollar - ( 38 ) Fifty Cent Pieces - Approx. ( 40 )
             Quarters - ( 42 ) Dimes ( 25 ) Nickels - etc.

63-B-39      Bag Lot of Paper Canadian Bills : Five $ 2.00 Bills 1986 - (2) Centennial Dollar Bills - (3)
             1973 One Dollar Bills .

63-B-40      Bag Lot of Canadian Coins : Seven ( 1980's) Loonies - Nine 1973 Horse Quarters - Five
             1980's Fifty Cent Pieces - Dime , etc.

63-B-41      Antique A.M. Armand Marsielle “Dream Baby” 13" Bisque Head , Replaced hands &
             cloth body - Dresser in Long White Gauze Christening Gown.

63-B-42      Antique A.M. Armand Marsielle “Darling” 17" Bisque Head Doll with Leather Body -Blue
             Eyes with open mouth showing teeth - Dressed in Vintage Antique White Toned Dress
             with slip & knit socks - comes w/stand.

63-B-43      Antique AM Armand Marsielle AM 390 , 20" Bisque Doll, with full jointed compo body -
             Blonde Hair, blue eyes, open mouth with four teeth - Dressed in Hand Embroidered Dress,
             Blouse, Coat and Knit Socks - Cream Patent Shoes, complete with stand. .

63-B-44      Antique AM Armand Marsielle AM 390 , 24" Bisque Doll , Long Brown Hair , Brown Eyes
             , with open mouth showing four teeth , Dressed in Vintage Style Antique White Long
             Dress - Fully jointed Compo Body , Note : Damage to thumb - complete with stand .

63-B-45      Antique AM Armand Marsielle doll, AM 391/ Size 2/0 (10" ) Vintage Antique Style Dress,
             Coat & Bonnet - Blue eyes, open mouth showing two teeth - Fully jointed compo body.

63-B-46      Antique AM Armand Marsielle AM990 (14") Bisque Head Doll- Fully jointed compo body
             - Brown Hair - Blue Eyes - Open mouth showing two teeth , Note; some damage to fingers
             - Dressed in White & Blue Cotton Dress ,with Knit Sweater & Bonnet .

63-B-46-A    Skutt Kiln - For Making Bisque Dolls , Has been Re-Wired and working well - Comes
             Complete with furniture stilts and shelves , firing cones , Approx 12 Large Jugs of Silica
             Sand, Porcelain Slip, Glaze, etc !! A Complete ready to go outfit !!

63-B-46 -B   Large Selection of Complete Doll Molds ( All molds have been categorized and labeled )

63-B-47      Antique AM Armand Marsielle doll, AM 990 ( 9") Bisque Head, Fully jointed compo body
             - Brown Hair, Blue eyes - Open mouth with two teeth - Dressed in Vintage / Antique Dress
                                             Παγε 12

             & Bonnet.

63-B-47-A    Box Lot : Vintage DSN Black American Soft Doll 16" - Signed “Yolanda Belle” Style Baby
             Doll 12" Soft Body - Reproduction All Bisque 5" Doll Dressed in Blue Dress.

63-B-48      Authentic “Shirley Temple” Doll by Ideal Doll Co. Approx 14" Full Composition Doll,
             Sleepy Brown Eyes, Open Mouth showing four teeth - Blonde Curley Hair - Dressed in
             White Cotton Sailor Suit with red trim , with hat.

63-B-48-A    Vintage “Reliable Toy Co. Canada” “Ventriloquist” 23" Doll - Molded Black Hair ( some
             cracking & Neck has large crack ) Open Painted Brown Eyes , Jointed mouth , Dressed in
             Cream Shirt & Brown Pants - Soft Body & Legs with composition hands ( slight damage
             on thumb ).

63-B-49      Antique Style Small AM Bisque Head ( School Boy ) No Body - Molded hair, open brown
             eyes, closed mouth.

63-B-49-A    Reproduction Googly ( 9" ) Doll - All Bisque , Dressed in Pirate Costume.

63-B-49-B    Eleven Boxes of Porcelain Doll Parts - All Sizes and shapes!!

63-B-50      Box Lot : Antique Style Cast Iron Toys “ Stage Coach with horses & driver” -
             “Covered Wagon with horse” - Bag with Goose boots !

63-B-51      Box Lot of Vintage Lamps : Onyx Bedroom Lamp with Native Design - Reproduction
             Coal Oil Lamp with frosted shade - 1960's White & Gold Lamp - Circa 1940's Frosted
             Ceiling Fixture .

63-B-52      Lot of Two Boxes : Royal Copley Ironstone Duck Vase w/orig price tag ( slight flick on rim
             ) - China Fish Ornament - Composition Figure of Polar Bear & Cubs - Two Oriental Figures
             Kissing - China Basket - Cabbage Patch Figures, Santa Golfing Figure - Plaster Wall Plaque
             “ Old Gent” - Vintage Wooden Hand Painted Dutch Girl Wall Plaque , Minnie Mouse , etc.

63-B-53        Lot of Two Boxes : Two Modern Battery Operated Wall Clocks - Antique Style
      Ceramic               Mantel Clock - Reproduction Alarm Clock - Genuine Soapstone

63-B-54      Lot of Two Boxes : Large Blue & White Meat Platter “Wood & Sons, England” - Two
             Graduated English Ironstone Platter ( White with green & floral Design ) - Small Cobalt
             Blue “Hazel Atlas” Tea Cup w/attached saucer - Depression Anchor & Hocking Glass Ware
             ( Saucers , Mini Creamer w/saucer ) - Two Blue Fire King Saucers.

63-B-55      Lot of Two Boxes : Antique English Oak Biscuit Barrel with ceramic liner w/lid - Three
             Glass Royalty Trivets “Coronation 1953" - Vintage Wooden Wall Hanging Knife Rack -
             Vintage Wooden Letter Stand - tins, etc.

63-B-56      Lot of Two Boxes Vintage Plates : Cobalt Blue Depression Glass Dinner Plate - Two
             English Bone China Double Handled Cake Plates - etc.

63-B-57      Lot of Two Boxes : Blown Glass Bon Bon Dish - Vintage Glass Bowl with painted design -
                                            Παγε 13

           Small Glass Compote with painted design - Two Pressed Glass Round Trays - Round
           Crystal Tray on feet ( chipped ), etc.

63-B-58    Lot of Two Boxes : Approx. Sixteen Vintage Sherbert Dishes - Two Pressed Bowls - Non
           Matching Lid & Base for Butter - etc.

63-B-59    Framed Picture of “Four Musicians Playing Instruments” Famous Picture,(Reinnard 1976)

63-B-60.   Lot of 2-divided china dishes: Plate w/Oriental blue & white scene, by; “Ideal, USA”, &
           serving dish, “Lilac Whisper”, Japan. As a lot!

63-B-61.   Antique flo-blue china milk pitcher. (a hard to find example)

63-B-62.   Lot of 2-items: Antique desk bell on marble base. (rings by turning the knob), ca. 1850, & a
           solid cast brass desk ornament of Dolphins. As a lot!

63-B-63.   Lot of approx. 4-interesting items incl: English “Sadler” teapot* Amber glass cream &
           sugar,* “Doll Face” coffee mug signed by Artist, R.J.W. * & a “Tribute To Diana
           1961-1997”, commemorative china coffee mug.

63-B-64.   Lot of unusual miniature items incl; Small porc. fig. of Old Seaman w/a Boy, from the
           Norman Rockwell painting “Looking Out To Sea”, (this way you can sea the front view, as
           the painting only shows as from the back), a souvenir from the Rockwell Museum * a pink
           onyx coaster set w/5-coasters * small china “Floral” ornament, * tiny satin glass dog *
           crystal swan * & tiny glass dolphins. As a lot!

63-B-65.   2-hand carved wooden horses: A rare find, these were carved by a Red Deer Artist,
           (Simonsen), in 1993. 1-is a grey w/a full saddle rig, & the other is a brown & white Pinto
           w/a full pack including a set of antlers..[the grey has a leg glued] (The Gentleman was
           retired at that time and did this for a hobby, but that was 15 years ago){so much x-2}

63-B-66.   Lot: Antique, milk glass hen-on-nest, & solid cast brass Rooster & Hen. As a lot!

63-B-67.   China, Girl playing horn, figural Music Box: {She rotates and plays the theme from Dr.
           Zhivago}, “Somewhere My Love”, (often called “Lara’s Song”).

63-B-68.   Limited Edition, “Goebel”, hand crafted china bell depicting Hummel type little Girl
           knitting, (dated 1980), signed by the Artist, “HUM. 705”, [orig. price $175.00]
63-B-69.   Signed “Northwood”, purple Carnival glass dish w/Grape & Leaf pattern.

63-B-70    Lot of Two Boxes : Antique Style Bisque Doll in Plaid Dress - Bone China Royalty Queen
           Eliz II Silver Jubilee - Royal Grafton Royalty Pin Dish “Birth of Prince William”- Pressed
           Glass Frog - Vintage Native Liquor Bottle - Collectable Coffee Mug “ Roosevelt &
           Churchill, “The Champions of Democracy” ( chipped badly ).

63-B-71    Lot of Four Limited Edition Plates : “Scarlett & Her Suitors”( no cert ) - “The Burning of
           Atlanta” w/cert-“Scarlett &Ashley After the War” w/cert- “The Proposal w/cert”.As a Lot.

63-B-72    Lot of Four Limited Edition Plates : “Home to Tara” w/cert - “Strolling In Atlanta” w/cert -
           “A Question of Honor” w/cert - “Scarlett’s Resolve” w/cert - As a Lot.

63-B-73    Lot of 4-Limited Edition Plates:“Frankly , My Dear” w/cert-“Melanie & Ashley” w/cert-
                                            Παγε 14

            “A Toast to Bonnie Blue” w/cert- “Scarlett & Rhett’s Honeymoon” w/cert - As a Lot.

63-B-74     Lot of Six Limited Edition Collector’s Plates , From the “Vanishing Gentle Giants “ by
            Anthony Casay - “Jumping For Joy” No Cert - “Sons of the Humpback” w/cert - “Monarch
            of the Deep” No cert - “Traveler of the Sea” No Cert - “White Whale of the North” No cert
            - “Unicorn of the Sea” w/cert - As a Lot.

63-B-75     Lot of Two Limited Edition Collector’s Plates , “Baby Seals” by Mike Jackson w/cert -
            “Neuschwanstein Castle” by Lenox - As a Lot.

63-B-76     Lot of Four Boxed Limited Edition Figural Liquor Decanters : Potter’s 1975 “Indian in
            Canoe” - Potter 1977 ’s “Barn Swallow Feeding her young” From Ski Country Wildlife
            Series” - Ltd Edition 1975 “Calgary Stampede Bronc Rider” 100 Th Year of Calgary’s
            Centennial - 1973 Potter’s Ltd Edition “Mountain Eagle” For Foss Co.

63-B-77     Lot of Four Boxes Limited Edition Figural Liquor Decanters : Potter’s “Gold Panner”-
            Lionstone Whiskey “ The Woodhawk, A Logger Gent” - Musical “Mr. Lucky” 1972
            Hoffman’s Distillery “ Leprachaun”- Potter’s Polar Bear - As A Lot.

63-B-78     Lot of Four Boxes Limited Edition Figural Liquor Decanters : Foss Ski Country 1983 Series
            “California Condor” - Ski Country “Mountain Goat” 1975 - Lionstone Whiskey “Arizona
            Gambel Quail” - Beneagles Scotch Whiskey “Golden Eagle” 1969.

63-B-79     Lot of Four Limited Edition Christmas Plates : 1975 Hutschenreuther Germany w/box -
            Canada 1974 “Moose” - Canada Christmas 1975 “Old Train” w/box - Royal
            Copenhagen The Olympic 1976 Commemorating the Games Olympic Games - As A Lot .

63-B-80     Lot of Four Limited Edition Norwegian Plates : 1970 Christmas Plate “On the road to
            Bethlehem” - 1971 “ A Child is Born” - 1972 “Hark the Heralds Sing” 1973 Christmas
            Plate Cobalt Blue & Gilt “Promise of the Saviour “ - As a Lot .

63-B-82     Antique Walnut Cased Mantel “Westinghouse” Radio.

63-B-83     Vintage Wooden Sewing Stand with lined interior - Needs work on hinges.

63-B-84     Two Small Antique Style Gilt Framed Pictures : “Little Black Dog” - “Dog & Cats in the
            Milk”. {X 2}
63-B-85     Two Large Framed Pictures of “Quebec City Street Scenes in Early Days”. {X 2}

63-B-86     Ornate Black & Gilt Framed Picture of “Old Building” - Info in back envelope in German?
63-B-87     Antique Walnut “Westinghouse” Mantel Radio with knobs.

63-B-88     Partial Vintage Ironstone Dinner Ware Service By Myott Son & Co.”Sprayette” : Eight
            Dinner Plates - Eight Luncheon Plates - Eight Bread & Butter Plates - Eight Oatmeal Bowls
            - Six Fruit Nappies - Cream & Sugar - Gravy Boat - Lidded Double Handled Tureen -
            Small Open Oval Vegetable Bowl - Round Open Vegetable Bowl - Large & Medium Meat
            Platters - Five Tea Cups & Eight Saucers - As A Lot.

63-B-88-A   Lot of Three Bags of Antique Hard Cover Bags : “Canadian Health Series” 1935 “ -
            “Effective Expression” C.Rhodes 1921 - “Canada : America’s Problem by John
            MacCormac 1940 - “Our Environment , How We Adapt it “ 1937 - “Biology” 1940 -
            “Algebra For Today “- “20 Th Cent Bookkeeping 1940 - “Elementary General
                                            Παγε 15

            Science”1937 - Bell’s Standards for Elocutionist” Poems, etc. - Chemistry and Math, etc.

63-B-89     Lot of Two Items : Antique “RS Prussia “ Shaving Mug w/ “Violets - Austrian Bone China
            Wall Plate with Floral Decoration “Roses”.

63-B-89-A   Lot of Two Bags of Antique Hard Cover Books : “Gold” Stewart Edward White1913 - “The
            Canadian Readers Book V “Presentation to Naomi Grade VI 1926 Ready for Grade VII “ -
            “Life and Literature 1937 “ - “The Canada Book of Prose & Verse” 1932 - “Junior English
            Activities “ 1938 - “Deep Furrows” by Hopkins Moorhouse , Presentation Christmas 1918 -
            “J’accuse, The Men who Betrayed France” by Andre Simone 1940 - “The Swedish Twins”,
            Presentation to Andrew, From Mrs. Creek , with Santa Stamp inside ! - “Junior English
            Activities” Book Three 1939 - “The World of Today” by W.D.McDougall & Gilbert
            Paterson 1937.

63-B-90     Box Lot : Antique Hard Cover Books: The Black Arrow “ By Robert Louis Stevenson
            Circa 1916 - The White Trail , A Story of Early Days of Klondike by Alex MacDonald
            Circa 1909 - A Hoosier Chronicle , Presentation Gift Christmas 1918 - Two Books “Elsie
            on The Hudson & Elsie and Her Loved Ones “ - Kept for the Master’s Use”.

63-B-90-A   Lot of Two Bags : Rare Antique Hard Cover Books : “The Song of Hiawatha”
            (Presentation to Bessie ) - “For Whom the Bell Tolls” By E.Hemingway” 1940 - “Abraham
            Lincoln , Drinkwater” The Play - The Swan Edition of Shakespeare’s Play “King Lear” -
            “Green Mantle” by John Buchan - The Three Musketeers , Presentation For Christmas 1926
            - “Westward Ho ! By Charles Kingsley - “The Cruise of the Midge” By Michael Scott - “A
            Selection of English Poetry” Book I 1938 Edition.

63-B-91     Lot of Two Boxes : Partial Ironstone “Wedgwood England, “Trentham Pattern” : Six
            Luncheon Plates , Twelve Bread & Butter , Nine Tea Cups & Saucers - One Cream.

63-B-91-A   Lot of Two Bags of Antique Hard Cover Books : “Tom Cringle’s Log” by Michael Scott -
            “Boy Scouts in The Northwest or Fighting Forest Fires” By Scout Master G.Harvey
            Ralphson 1912 - ‘Through the Sikh War” C.A.Henty - “Ruskin’s Sesame and Lilies” 1922 -
            “Milton And Representation Short Poems “1933 - “The Calling of Dan Matthews” by
            Harold Bell Wright 1909 -“The Prince of Graustark” by G.B McCutcheon , Presentation to
            George From Mother Christmas 1918 - “Sons of the Steppe” by Hans Bauman - “Our
            Country and It’s People” 1938 by W.D. McDougall- “A new French reader” 1933- “French
            Voyage” (all in French).

63-B-92     Lot of Three Boxes : Musical Ironstone Tea Pot ( Made in Japan ) Plays Tea for Two ? -
            Antique Ironstone Art Deco Tea Pot ( poor condition ) - Noritake Antique Tea Pot Stand -
            Four English Tea Cups & Saucers - Six White & Gold Royal Knight Tea Cups & Saucers .

63-B-92-A   Lot of Two Bags of Antique Hard Cover Books : “High Roads to Reading” Vol. Four, Five
            , Six 1934 - “Elsie at the World’s Fair” - Two Vol “The Bedtime Story Books” 1930's “The
            Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel & Grandfather Frog by Thorton W Burgess - Two
            Vol. “Number Highways” Soft Exercise Books 1933 - “Learning to Speak and Write Book
                                            Παγε 16

           I Dickie 1924 -“The Pocket Measure” by Pansy.

63-B-93    Large Antique Framed Picture of “Gentleman , Children and a Dog having a Tug-o-War” ,
           Note some damage on carving.

63-B-94    Ornate Gilt Framed Picture “Old Gent with Two Children Dancing, as their dog looks on”,
           After Arthur J Elsev 1906.

63-B-95    Antique Wooden Framed Picture , “Little Rosy Cheeked Girl Bathing her Puppies”.

63-B-96    Lot of Two Items : Antique Brass Toned Metal Fire Place Surround - Antique Small
           Electric “Magical Electric Fires” , As a Lot.

63-B-97    Two Antique Framed Pictures of “Lady & Gentleman”.{X 2}

63-B-98    Box Lot of Seven “Lenox” Hand Painted Porcelain Figures of Birds : Baltimore Oriole
           w/cert - Cardinal with cert - Tufted Titmouse ( no cert ) - Cedar Waxwing - Red-breasted
           Nuthatch w/cert- Chipping Sparrow w/cert- Chickadee (Wing has been repaired) As a Lot.

63-B-99    Lot of Three Boxes : Small Antique Framed “Charles Russell Print “Cowboys roping A
           Wild Cow” - Two Bisque Figural Vases of Little Boy & Girl - Hand Painted Oval
           Lattice Bowl ( Made in Italy ) Some Flicks - Vintage Silver Plated Cream & Sugar -
           Three Piece Community Silver Plated Carving Set - 1980 Pewter Wall Spoon - Round
           Pewter Embossed Wall Plaque etc.

63-B-100   Antique Wall Mounting Cast Iron Bracket w/ Reproduction # 2 Coal Oil Lamp w/shade.

63-B-101   Vintage Wicker Style Room Divider/Screen.

63-B-102   Antique Cast Iron “Laundry Stove” with lifter, etc.

63-B-103   Antique Walnut Half Moon End Table.

63-B-104   Antique Lamp Standard with glass shade - works !
63-B-105   Lot of Three Items : Vintage Sony “Teal Blue” Transistor Radio - Vintage Metal Coca Cola
           Door Pull ( rough ) - Antique Metal Cream Can - As a Lot.

63-B-106   Lot of Two Items : Tall Cut Crystal Lemonade Jug - Large Round Cut Crystal “Pinwheel”
           Bowl on footed base.

63-B-107   Heavy Cut Crystal Round “Pinwheel” Compote /Center Piece.

63-B-108   Gilt Framed Ltd. Edition Print , “Her Secret Place” # 1219/1500 by Jim Daly , with cert.

63-B-109   Framed Hawaiian Water Color      Picture , by Keiko Thomas , 1989.

63-B-110   Large Maple Framed Mirror , 3'3" x 2'4".

63-B-111   Lot of Three Items : Two Antique Farm Chairs with wicker seats ( Need some restoration
           to wicker ) - Vintage Wooden Lamp Standard - As a Lot.

63-B-112   Two Large Oriental Temple Vases in Rich Gold, Blue & Green Tones with Scenes of Birds.
                                            Παγε 17

           {X 2}

63-B-113   Lot of Two Items : Round Oriental Vase with “Elephant Mask Design” - Antique Style Art
           Deco Bedroom Lamp with Frosted Glass Shade with glass beads ( Works , but top of base
           needs repair ) As a Lot.

63-B-114   Ornate Gilt Decorated Oriental Ceramic Jewelry Box with Contents ! Costume Jewelry ,
           Broaches, Earrings , Etc.

63-B-115   Lot of Two Boxes : Four New Sealed Collector’s Barbies : Avon Special Edition “Spring
           Petals , African American” - “Christie Rollerblade” - Two “Sun Tan Kens” - Approx. 25
           “Archie Comics” Sealed in Plastic.

63-B-116   Antique Style Brass Electric Table Lamp “Paris Orient Express Istanbul” with ornate Lion’s
           Paw feet - Working !

63-B-117   Box Lot of “Pin Wheel” Cut Crystal : Round Open Footed Bon Bon Dish - Tall Cocktail
           Glass - Candle Holder - Ash Tray.

63-B-118   Lot of Two Boxes : Vintage Three Piece Japan Ironstone Condiment Set “White w/floral
           Design” : Lidded Sugar Bowl & Large Salt & Pepper - Pink Depression Glass Hair Receiver
           Base - Souvenir Dresser Tray “Pink Rose Trim” - Miniature Green Depression Glass Style
           Child’s Lemonade Set w/Pitcher & Three Tumblers - Bavarian China Dessert Set ( White
           w/green trim & floral) - Beauceware Ceramic Green Planter (168 Canada )-2- Royal
           Grafton “Calgary Coat of Arms Alberta Canada”- Small Fig. “Little Girl February”

63-B-119   Vintage Black Desk Telephone “PIT”.

63-B-120   Rustic Framed Picture, “Old pail resting on fence post”.

63-B-121   Lot of 2-Modern Office Chairs (One Chrome, brown upholstery, & Red & White Steno)

63-C-1     Lot of Two Boxes : Vintage Glass Jar Nut Chopper - Vintage Valet Auto Sharp Razor Box
           w/razor - Antique Glass Baby Bottle w/Kitten - Glass Jars - 1970's Wooden Jewelry Box &
           Assorted Costume Jewelry.

63-C-2     Lot of Two Boxes : Antique Kitchen Utensils : Ricer - Corning Ware Handles - Two
           Wooden Rolling Pins - American Egg Beaters - Potato Masher - Pastry - Small Enamel
           Dish, etc.

63-C-3     Lot of Two Boxes : Antique Wall Plaque with Photo of Young Boy Field - Small
           Round Bowed Glass Picture of “Seashells” - Two Piece of Chokin China - Saucers - etc.

63-C-4     Lot of Two Boxes : Original Vintage Vitex Glass Knife w/orig box - Small Nippon Style
           Bud Vase - Two Blue & White Japan Tea Cups & Saucers - Two Oriental Style Lidded
           Ginger Jars - White Ceramic Center Bowl , etc.

63-C-5     Lot of Two Boxes : 1937 Paper Wall Calender from The Red & White Store, “ A Halt in the
           Desert” Scene w/Hostess Recipes from Czar, Alberta - Antique Clock Keys - Two Fobs (
           Manitoba Dollars ) Vintage Dog & Cat Bells - Advertising Items - Three Albums of RCA
           Victor Children’s Records !
                                           Παγε 18

63-C-6    Lot of Two Boxes : Vintage Brentleigh England Lidded Jam Jar - Japan Cottage Style
          Cream & Lidded Sugar - Vintage Glass Fire King Glass Creamers , Sugars, etc.

63-C-7    Lot of Two Boxes : Framed Wall Mirrors & Pictures - Two Boxed Wrist Watches.

63-C-8    Lot of Two Boxes : Royalty Glass Coffee Mugs - Two Pale Blue Depression Glass Mugs -
          Bisque Musical Figure “School Grad” - Small Glass Piggy Bank - Jade Style Apple - White
          Glass “Head Vase” - etc.

63-C-9    Lot of Two Boxes : Antique Style Cast Iron “ Elephant” Mechanical Penny Bank -
          Wooden Bowls - Brass Vase - etc.

63-C-10   Lot of Two Boxes : Royalty 1937 Coronation Silver Plated Lattice Dish - Angel Wall
          Plaque - Etched Glass Center Dish - Large Cream Toned Ceramic Vase , etc.

63-C-11   Lot of Two Boxes :Assorted sizes of old petrocan glasses box of old style buttons vintage
          hot plate old style suspenders: advertising salt & pepper & tape measure, 2- tin boxes etc.

63-C-12   Lot of 3-Items: Boxed Set of Maroon/Gilt Dresser Boxes- 2-Plastic Folding Plate Racks.

63-C-13   Lot of Two Boxes : Royal Winton Gold Toned Small Cream & Open Sugar on Leaf Shaped
          Tray - Three Royal Winton Gold Tea Cups & Saucers - Three Piece Sadler England
          Ironstone White & Gold Trimmed Tea Service : Tea Pot ( damaged inside lid ) - Cream &
          Open Sugar - Small Harvest Ware Wade England Creamer - Two Japan Figural Birds -
          Small Antique Framed Picture “Mountain & Lake”- etc.

63-C-14   Lot of Two Boxes : Copper Items - Framed Miniature Plate - Vase - etc .

63-C-15   Large of Vintage 33 RPM & 45 Records , Bill Cosby , etc.

63-C-16   Lot of Two Boxes : Large Variety of New Doll Wigs of All Sizes & Colors.
63-C-17   Lot of Two Boxes : New Doll Shoes , Eyes, Parts !! A Real Good Lot.

63-C-18   Lot of Four Boxes of Doll Furniture, Mini Glass Display Cabinet , etc.

63-C-19   Lot of Five Boxes: Antique Doll for Parts, Doll Parts, Cultural Puppets, Doll Stands, etc.

63-C-20   Lot of Two Boxes of Reproduction Antique Dolls, Parts , etc.

63-C-21   Lot of Two Items : Doll Crib ( Wooden ) & Small Brass Doll Bed .

                     This concludes the Auction, thanks for attending.

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