Sabrina Ann Once Worn and Never Worn Bridal 22 Ardmore Avenue

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					                                  Sabrina Ann
                                                                                   Recv’d ___________
               Once Worn and Never Worn Bridal
                                                                                   QB ___ EM _____
                22 Ardmore Avenue, Ardmore, PA 19003
                                                                                   Stock # ___________

                                          Consignment Agreement




               (Please note, no personal information is shared with a 3rd party unless specifically requested)

Seller of garment, agrees to consign with Sabrina Ann of 22 Ardmore Avenue, Ardmore, PA 19003. 610-642-6539.

Sabrina Ann will evaluate and price the item (s). Seller and Sabrina Ann will agree up front on a price acceptable to the
seller. If a garment has stains or rips which Sabrina Ann believes if fixed will increase the value of the garment, Sabrina
Ann will clean /fix for agreed upon charge, The charge will be credited upon selling of the garment. If the garment does
not sell, no charge will be assessed. After 90 days if the item does not sell, with appropriate discounts taken after 60 days,
Sabrina Ann will notify seller. Seller then has the option of donating or picking up the item. Item must be picked up
within 14 days of notification or items will automatically be donated.

Sabrina Ann will split the proceeds of the sale with the seller, 50/50. A $1.00 per check handling fee will be assessed on
each consignor check sent. The $1.00 will be deducted after the 50/50 split. If a garment is purchased with a credit card,
2% charge fee will be deducted from the sell price after the 50/50 split. Sabrina Ann will send payment to consignor
within 30 days of the garment selling.

It is the seller’s responsibility to pay shipping costs incurred to send garments to Sabrina Ann. It is also the seller’s
responsibility to pay shipping costs should seller want garment returned to seller. Please note, garments will be tried on in
store and all efforts will be made to keep them in received condition. Sabrina Ann will not be responsible for wear due to
the garment being tried on. Ship to address: Sabrina Ann, 22 Ardmore Avenue, Ardmore, PA 19003.

There is a $25.00 fee to ship garment back to seller, this includes shipping. Sabrina Ann is not responsible for damage
during shipping. Seller may insure package at seller’s cost.

By signing this document Sabrina Ann and seller agree to above stated terms:


Consignor                                                      Date


Sabrina Sigler – Sabrina Ann LLC                                 Date

Garment Detail
Original Purchase Price         ____________________

Year purchased          ____________________

Size           ____________________

Designer if applicable        ____________________

Dress Condition         Perfect _________ Good ___________ Fair ______________

Dress status         Worn _________ Never Worn ____________ Sample ____________ Vintage ____________

Fabric             ____________________

If dress does not sell, Sabrina Ann please:        ____________ Donate         ___________ Return
Please note Sabrina Ann also accepts veils, headpieces, jewelry, gloves, shoes, flower girl dresses, mother of the bride
dresses, and anything else related to the bride’s big day.


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