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					CLAIR UNDERHILL, email:, DOB; 02/10/1976

I am a creative & enthusiastic person interested in community work. One of my recent highlights was teaching
Carnival Costume Making for St Pauls Carnival and taking my class of students with learning difficulties from People
First black members group into the procession for the last two years. In 2009 I have been working on a commission to
produce a body of permanent art work for Frenchay Hospital which is based on the history of the hospital and was
unveiled in February 2010. In my own work I focus on textiles, jewellery, eco-art and photography. I have had several
exhibitions and sold my textiles and jewellery privately and at craft fayres in Bristol, Wendy Syred Boutique, Bristol,
Tiverton market and Lantic Gallery, Tiverton over the last few years. I have built up a wide range of skills & abilities
from my freelance artwork over the last 6 years which has enabled me to take on several arts management roles. I
have worked as Arts Curriculum Organiser for Bristol City Council Adult Learning Service, where I managed a team of
47 tutors, designed & marketed new performing arts & music courses, put on exhibitions & events and taught my own
art and textiles classes. Prior to this I held a one year post as Creative Projects & Events Co-ordinator for The British
Empire & Commonwealth Museum, designing, marketing & managing a year long programme of large scale family
events for hundreds of visitors, teaching workshops on site and in schools, managing a large budget & recruiting and
managing a team of event staff and volunteers. I have also held several Lead Artist roles. I currently have an
exhibition of my handmade jewellery at Cheltenham General Hospital from 2/3/10 – 29/6/10.

    Btec National Diploma in Art & Design, Bristol School of Art, passed 2002-2005
    1 Class BSc Joint Hons Degree in Psychology & Sociology, Bath University, 1996-2000

    A-level’s; Psychology = A, Sociology = A, General Studies = A, English Literature = B, East Devon College,
    G.S.C.E’s; English Literature = A, Art & Design = B, Textiles = B, Graphic Communication = B, Maths = A,
     French = A, Science = B, English Language = B, Psychology = A, Integrated Humanities = A,
     Tiverton High School, 1990-1993

    Costume Unbuttoned – 8 week course, Bristol University, Jan 2006
    Art History OCN – 1 year course, Bristol School of Art, passed 2005
    Face the Make-up – make-up for stage and screen, 1 day course, Bristol University, Nov 2004
    Stage Management Exposed - 1 day course, Bristol University, October 2004
    Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Act – 1 day course, Bristol University 2003
    Mosaics – 6 weeks course, Crouch End, London, 2003
    Research Methods, Project Management – 1 day NHS training courses, 2001
    British Sign Language, stage 1 - 1 year course, 2000
    Autism Training – 1 day course, RNID Bath, May 1999
    Deaf and Deafblind Awareness – 1 day course, RNID Bath, May 1999

    Gallery staff, Lantic Gallery, Tiverton – running a small gallery with the owner, preparing displays/exhibitions,
      dealing with many other artists - Feb 2010 - present
    Assistant Youthworker, Mid-Devon Alliance for Special Children – youth worker with children and teenagers
      with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities, leading art activities, Tiverton Youth Centre – Nov 2009 - present
    Learning Support Assistant, Belgrave School – supporting students with Dyslexia & other learning difficulties
      in all lessons, plus teaching Drama, Art & Social Studies – May 2008 to Feb 2009.
    Arts Curriculum Organiser & Art & Textiles Tutor, Bristol City Council Adult Learning Service – managing a
      team of tutors, designing & marketing a new programme of courses for 2008/09, designing, marketing &
      delivering a range of art courses: ‘Victorian Christmas Crafts’ one day course, ‘Carnival Costume’ 8 week
      course, ‘Abolition 200 Carnival Day’ one day course, ‘Art for Events’ 10 week course. Tutor for ‘Psychology for
      Fun’ 12 week course & ‘Psychology – a lifelong journey’ 8 week course for Bristol City Council Adult Learning
      Service, Sept 2007 – Sept 08, teaching African Art & Carnival Costume Making in 2009.
    Creative Projects & Events Co-ordinator, designing, marketing & delivering a year-long programme of events
      for a family audience, managing a large events budget, recruiting & managing a team of event staff &
      volunteers, teaching art workshops on site & in local schools, The British Empire & Commonwealth Museum,
      Nov 2006 – Oct 2007.
    Full time freelance artist undertaking events design & decor work, costume making, & community art projects
      for various clients including @Bristol, Hartcliffe Community College, Bath University, Sept 2005 – Sept 2006
    Finance & Bookings Assistant, @Bristol, 1 & 1/2 years P/T Feb 2004- Sept 2005
    Communication & Support Services Co-ordinator for Deaf & Disabled Students, University of Bristol, 1 year,
      Feb 2003 - Feb 2004
      Audiology Research Assistant, Children of 1990’s Research Project, University of Bristol, Sept 2002 – Feb
      Researcher & project manager for 2 projects, Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health NHS Trust, University of Bath, 1
       year post, Dec 2000 – Jan 2002
      Residential Social Worker for deaf & disabled people, RNID Poolmead, Bath, 1 year F/T, 1 year P/T Oct 1998
       – Nov 2000
      Residential Support Worker for deafblind adults, SENSE Southwest, Exeter, P/T 1995-1997
      Bank Nurse, respite care for children with Learning Difficulties & Disabilities, Exeter & District NHS
       Community Trust, P/T 1995-1997
      Educational Support Worker for students with Learning Difficulties & Disabilities, Somerset College of Arts &
       Technology, 1 year post 1995-1996 & Summer School 1996 & 1997

    Design & teach Mosaics workshop for adults at The Bristol Folkhouse community arts centre, August 2009.
    Design and teach Carnival Costume Making for St Pauls Carnival for students with learning difficulties - 6
      week course, Bristol City Council, May – August 2009
    Designing & teaching Drama, Social Studies & Art lessons, Belgrave School, Bristol, May 2008 to Feb 2009.
    One to one private art lessons for 4 different children in costume making, August 2008 to Feb 2009.
    Design & deliver Carnival Costume workshop at Open Spaces Community Festival for St Pauls Community
      Partnership, Bristol, April 2008.
    Design, marketing & teaching Victorian Christmas Crafts workshop, One day Abolition 200 Carnival workshop,
      4 week Carnival Costume Course for adults with learning difficulties, Psychology for beginners 12 week
      course, Psychology A Life Journey 4 week course, Bristol City Council Adult Learning Service, 2007 – 2008.
    Design & teach African Art workshops in fabric printing & weaving for The British Empire & Commonwealth
      Museum outreach in schools programme, 2007.
    Designing, marketing & teaching a series of art workshops at The British Empire & Commonwealth Museum
      2006-2007 including; Victorian decorations, Valentines love scrolls, Hero Costume Making, Dragon puppets &
      paper lanterns, Caribbean carnival costumes, Pottery, Weaving & printing, Patchwork quilt inspired group
      collage, Aboriginal painting, Coastline Collage, Mermaids & Sea Captains Costume-making, Treasure &
      Jewellery Making, Spy School, Pirate Costume Making.
    Design, marketing & teaching a 6 week Recycled Textiles course. Hope Arts Centre, Hotwells, Bristol, 2006.
    Designing & teaching 3 Felt-making workshops for 150 pupils at Hartcliffe Engineering Community College,
      Bristol for Arts Activities week 17 th-21st July 2006.
    Design, marketing & teaching Felt-making workshop, Hope Arts Centre, Hotwells, Bristol, May 2006.
    Papier Mache fish making 2 day workshop for @Bristol event staff as part of décor for underwater theme
      corporate parties, Christmas 2005.
    Costume Design workshop for children in Lawrence Hill, Bristol, Summer 2004.
    Leading Summer School for people with Learning difficulties and Disabilities including responsibility for arts
      activities, Somerset College of Arts and Technology, Taunton 1996 and 1997
    Educational Support Worker for students with Disabilities and Learning Difficulties in art, ceramics, woodwork
      and fashion design, SCAT, Taunton 1 year post 1995-1996.

   Heritage Corridor project, Frenchay Hospital. I was commissioned as Lead Artist for this project which I
     worked on for a year, creating a body of permanent photographic work with a vintage theme for the main
     corridor at the hospital. I recruited other artists to work alongside me teaching workshops with local people,
     staff and patients, collecting images and memorabilia and creating a film. The project and final artworks were
     featured in the Bristol Evening Post 15/2/10, Yate & Sodbury Gazette 22/7/9 & 18/2/10, on local BBC Bristol
     TV 8/7/10 and on Radio Bristol 29/7/9 & 7/2/10. To view the work visit
   Watermarks public arts project on flooding. Working with lead artist to set up a number of projection sites
     across the city for a week long exhibition, designing children’s trail of exhibition, designing and teaching
     workshops in Explore @Bristol, February 2009, featured in a double-page spread in Venue magazine.
   Working with People First black members group, making costumes & leading them in St Pauls Carnival 2008
     & 2009, featured in ITV news coverage of the carnival preparations, July 2008.
   Public Sculpture over 2 days, creating Recycled Tree from the same quantity of paper a tree produces.
     Wildwalk @Bristol for the SWEEP recycling programme, sponsored by SITA trust, featured on ITV news 4/8/6
     & in The Bristol Evening Post 5/8/6.
   Creating & painting an underwater themed mural, leading a team of 6 volunteers over 3 days for Parson
     Street Primary School, Bedminster, Bristol, July 2006.
   Lead Artist, co-ordinating mural artists for 6 murals across South Bristol and working on interactive art
                                           th  th
     activities for LoveBristol festival 26 -20 July 2006.
   The Big Draw 2004. Facilitation of a two-day jigsaw mural in Bristol as part of a nationwide drawing event.
     Exhibited in Wildwalk foyer @Bristol October – December 2004.
    Event design, decor & management for ‘Pirates Ahoy’ half term family event for The British Empire &
     Commonwealth Museum’ Dec 2007 - Feb 2008. Includes planning all activities, procuring actors, event staff &
     artists, timetabling event, designing art workshops, designing ‘piracy’ certificate, sourcing toys/dressing up
    Event design, decor & management, ‘Arts Extravaganza’ exhibition & performance event showcasing work
     from Adult Learning Service, St Pauls Learning & Family Centre, Dec 2007.
    Event design & management, Christmas Craft Fayre, Stoke Lodge Centre, Bristol City Council Adult Learning
     Service, Dec 2007.
    Event design, theming & decor creation for a series of family events for The British Empire & Commonwealth
     Museum; Victorian Christmas, Africa for Kids, Heroes & Villains, World Crafts, Down Under & Spies, Nov
     2006 - Oct 2007.
    Theming & decor design for client’s 10 year wedding anniversary party, Clifton College, Sept 2007.
    Parachute silk ceiling drapes for Explore Science Museum, Bristol, June 2006.
    Theming & decor design for the Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts Awards Ceremony, Bath
     University, May 2006.
    Project management and lead artist for @Bristol Corporate Christmas parties 2005. A three month post,
     involving design and production of décor for a series of parties on the theme ‘rock the reef’ and managing a
     team of staff.
    Recycled Room. An installation of a ladies dressing room where every item was reused and/or recycled.
     Exhibited Bristol School of Art 2005
    Décor for wedding reception, including colour theming and producing many large hand-made tissues flowers,
     Summer 2004.
    Décor for Gimme5 club night. Creating an identity for the night by recycling vinyl records which were painted
     and our own record label was attached. These records were hung as mobiles and block shapes around the
     club. Used monthly 2004 - 2005.
    Décor for Moulin Rouge masked ball as part of a large team creating a ball for 200 people. November 2003.

   Design & teach carnival costume making for St Pauls carnival 2008 & 2009.
   Pirate costumes, a series of 3 male & 3 female dressing up costumes created for the ‘Pirates Ahoy’ half term
     family event, The British Empire & Commonwealth Museum, Feb 2008.
   Slavery Abolitionist Children’s Costumes. Design & creation of Wilberforce, Equiano, Clarkson & Hannah
     Moore costumes commissioned for ‘Breaking The Chains’ exhibition 2007-2008, The British Empire &
     Commonwealth Museum.
   Costume design research & drawings creating Female Superhero Character for fashion shoot commissioned
     by Photographer Thomas Martin, 2006.
   Fashion Styling a photoshoot of Vintage Clothes for Nov 2006 magazine issue, July 2006, collaborating with
     Photographer Thomas Martin.
   20 Jungle Animal Costumes for children age 8 and under. Commissioned by @Bristol exhibitions as part of a
     travelling exhibition ‘Let’s Imagine’. Touring science centres in U.K. 2006.
   Hen Costume. Commissioned for a hen night, Summer 2005. Feathers made from recycled materials fused in
     bubble-wrap and stitched onto an apron-shaped costume with tail and head-dress.
   Recycled Costume. Techniques combining different waste products were explored. A ‘fabric’ was developed,
     a pattern was created and the fabric was transformed into a wearable formal dress. Exhibited at Bristol School
     of Art, June 2005
   Natural Forms Costume and Photographic Exhibition. A fairy costume made out of leaves, bark and flowers. I
     held a month-long exhibition at the IMAX theatre alongside close-up photos of the texture in tree bark. My
     exhibition contained 22 pieces. Reviews in The Big Issue, The Bristol Evening Post & Metro, February 2005. I
     organised a private view for 80 guests. 4 pieces were exhibited again as part of North Bristol Arts Trail 2005 &
     ‘Art On The Railings’ 2006.