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					Citizens Against Ruining the Environment - CARE is comprised of volunteers from all areas - this event
has been organized by volunteers, it's free & is funded totally by donations. This is our 8th year &
volunteers feel that this is a great way to educate & unite environmentalists from all communities.

It's an educational, family event. We have over 100 exhibitors & activities. There are excellent Speakers on
various topics such as GeoMelt, Toxic Chemicals, Hines Emerald Dragonfly, Climate Change, Nuclear
Energy, GMO's, along with environmental & eco friendly exhibitors. Recycling - Will County will
take electronics, tv, monitors, computers, microwaves, AV Martinez Ecology Club- ink cartridges,
household batteries & to help those in need Working Bikes repairs old bikes, Lions Club eyeglasses, St
Vincent De Paul takes gently worn clothes & shoes. Lewis University - books.. Dave Dinaso’s
Traveling World of Reptiles, & Big Run Wolf Ranch’s Coyote & Wolf presentations.
Bring your yoga mat, games for kids & Speakers for adults!
The event is free & there are free games for kids - please go to for more
                                                       Sponsored by: Citizen Against Ruining the Environment - C.A
                                       C.A.R.E.'S 8th Annual Earth Day Fest - 2010
   TIME                          Main Stage Area                                                   Asphalt

    10:00           Introduction, Brother James Gaffney, FSC
                           President of Lewis University

    10:15            Citizens Against Ruining the Environment
    10:30              Nuclear Energy Information Services,                            10:30              Harmonic Uprising
                                Dave Kraft, Director
                         " You Can't 'Nuke' Global Warming"

    11:00            Dave DiNaso's Traveling World of Reptiles

    12:00                       Environment IL                                         12:00                   Us Guys & Joe
                          Max Mueller, Program Director
                  "Toxic Chemical Policies in the United States"

    12:30                  Jess Reese, Climate Crisis-
                  "We Can Solve It!" Location Inside Dorothy Hall

     1:00                    Debroah-Niemann Boehle,                                    1:00               "Overman" Band
                          "Genetically Modified Organism"
     1:30             University of St Francis, Dr. Salim Diab,
                        "Green Organic Chemistry Synthesis"
     2:00             Bio Diversity, "Hines Emerald Dragonfly"

     2:30                  Big Run Wolf Ranch, John Basil                               2:30         Lewis University Jazz Ban

     3:30            Citizens Against Ruining the Environment
     3:45                           Final Raffle
     4:00                             Closing
10 to 4               LTHS Interact Club KIDS GAMES
10 to 4                  Live Honey Bees at work
10 to 4                    Live worms in action
   11:00       Santosh Yoga, Janet Fender - Bring your mat
   12:00                    Box Relay for kids
    1:00         Enviromental Scavenger Hunt for all Ages
    2:00       Santosh Yoga, Janet Fender - Bring your mat

                      EXHIBITORS (continued)

                    4H Club, New Lenox, Lisa Vancina
           AV Martinez Middle School Ecology Club,Stacey Morales -CoS
          Annie's Little Angels Dog Rescue - Brandy Gergescz -
             Backyard Chickens in Your Town? - Mary Florez
                     Barefoot Books- J Knockblocks -
     BATH FITTER - Monica Piech - CoSPONSOR 630.512.7251
    Biodiversity Project - Hines Emerald Dragonfly - Rebecca Dill-
             Bloom High School BioDiesel Bus- Jill Krysinski -
           Bright Idea Energy Solutions - Therese Hargraves -
       Bright Leaf Homes - Scott -
               Buckley's Honey Bee- Bill Buckley- Live Bees
                Chatty Cathy Juice Plus - Catherine Pruim
            ChicagoVeg-Community for Vegetarians,Vegans & Raw Foodist
            Chicago-land Green & Eco Living Meetup - Vadim
        Chicago Spine Institute- Dr. Loren Davis & Lisa - 5 minute massages -
               SPONSOR - WHAT DOES C.A.R.E. DO FOR YOU?
              CUB-Citizen's Utility Board- Free lightbulbs
     Cool Cities Joliet & Sierra Club - Jan Gehrig, Lonnie Morris -
                 Community Chiropractic Clinic- Dr Dan
                  Earth friendly items - Stephanie Rock -
                     Energy Doctor- Jon Holtzrichter
                Element Design Studio-Jofrey Quintanar -
                Measuring Carbon footprint-Home or business
                    Fair World Treasures - Jessy Rapp
                   The Gluten Syndrome- Olive Kaiser
               God's Gang - Mike - Live Worm Composting
               Good Health is Everything - Edwina Guziak -
         Green Irene - Portia Gallegos - Green Home Make Over
    Green Party - Bob Braam, Environmental Community Projects
                Happy Family Baby Food- Eleanor McNear
       Healthy Connection Chiro & Rehab - Dr. Vida Puodziunas
                   Heifer International - Cathy Cahill -
          Help You Go Green- Organic Lawn Care Products - Chris Burisek-
                Helpers of Mother Earth , NPP-Virgil Kemp
    Herb Basket- Maureen Chappell - natural homemade products
     I Give a Dip - Organic Dips, gluten free, etc. -Cindy Guziak-
                           ION Foot baths - Chad
      IL Campaign to Clean Up Diesel Pollution- Jonathan Doster
            International Dark Sky Association - Debra Norvil
          IL Coalition for Responsible Outdoor Lighting- Debra Lazar-Pearl
               Lewis University- Co-Sponsors, Admissions
Sustainability @ Lewis, Prof Jerry Kavouras, Enviro Science

               Life's A Trip Travel- Kathy Richards
         Lifeway Foods- Lisa Burnitz- Kiefer probiotics-
       Lights for Learning- John Koslowski Jackie Perrin
    LODAAT, Llc -Live One Day at a Time - Ramila Khatau
  Andrea Quintanar, Karla Button, Kim Zagotta -- KIDS GAMES
           Lower DesPlaines Ecosystem- Lynn Rotunno
              Mercy For Animals-Jonathan Hussain-
 Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie Alliance - Allison Hedden -
         Midwest Soaring - Bison Display - Janet Sevilla
        NEXT MEDIA ONE RADIO - CoSponsor - Katie -
                    WCCQ , WJOL, WRQX, WERV
    NEIS- Nuclear Energy Info Service- Dave Kraft- Speaker
                  Morton Arboretum- Edith Makra
         Murals- earth friendly paints - Christine Ernst
         Only Green Cleaning Products - Tonya Monnot
              Orland Park Grassland's - Mary Beth -
              Pampered Chef - Jaime McCleverty
            Planet Honda - Jim Doyle-Hybrid vehicles
                  Poopy Doo Manure- Emily Thiel
        Purse recyclers- Marilyn Colby, Lisa Weinberger
                Rieki Presentation - Linda Herrick
      Queen of the Prairie Garden Design - Heather Buy
                      Recycled Vintage Lamps
                      Sahs Farm - Kathy Sahs
                       Shaklee- Jane Burnson
            Sodexho Food Service- Lewis University
   Shorewood United Methodist Faith Community Church -
  Pastor Beth Wilterdink, community garden for food pantries
      Solar Systems - Dr Walters - Solar Energy Products
 Santosh Yoga- Janet Fender BRING YOUR MAT - FREE YOGA
         TMT E-Motion- Electric bikes and trikes- Tracy
              TalleyTastefully Simple - Lisa Marshall
             Thanks Jordan Foundation- Laurie Sloan
       TIMES WEEKLY NEWS - Jayme Caine CoSponsor
                  Trout Unlimited - Greg Prosen
                   Tupperware- Mitzi Anderson
University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener-Nancy Kuhajda
    University of St Francis & American Chemical Society -
       Prof Salim Diab, Green Organic Chemistry Synthesis
                     Yoreganics- Kim Mendes-
        Vegan based diet information- Jennifer Gloodt-
  Will County Audubon Society- Lee Witkowski- Carrie Rock

  Will County Center for Community Concerns - Marla Ramos
  Will County Forest Preserve- Jim McFarland, Laura Kirian
     Will County Emergency Mgt. Agency- Preparedness &
             severe weather reports, Brenda Lutz
   Will County Environmental Network - Mary Baskerville-
                   Will County Health Dept.
         Will County Historical Society- Candy Hrbcha
               Will County Land Use, Marta Keane
    Women to Women International-Marianne and Gloria Naughton-


                    Bring old bikes to recycle-
             Working Bikes Cooperative 312-421-5048

             Bring old electronics - computers, monitors
          telephones, stereos, speakers, printers, tvs.....
         Will County Land Use -Marta Keane -815-774-4343

                     Batteries - Batteries Plus -

                 Eyeglasses- Lockport Lions Club-
                   Don Shepard- 815-838-4640

                  Gently used clothing and shoes -
           Saint Vincent DePaul - Jeannie- 630-293-9755

     Ink Cartridges, A V Martinez Middle School, Stacey Morelos

            Books, Lewis University, Danielle Cockream

Ellen Rendulich, 815.834.1611
Jeri Gray, 708.214.2980
Mary Burnitz, 815.838.5604
Lorna Paisley, 815.727.7230
Marsha Marshall 815.603.0025

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