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September 2008 New Releases                         p. 2
Artist News:
Beat Circus                                         p. 5
Bill Brovold (Larval)                               p. 5
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic                           p. 6
The Claudia Quintet / John Hollenbeck               p. 6
Lol Coxhill                                         p. 7
Doctor Nerve / Nick Didkovsky                       p. 7
Gayle Ellett (Djam Karet)                           p. 7
Forrest Fang                                        p. 8
Fast ‗N‘ Bulbous                                    p. 8
Forgas Band Phenomena                               p. 8
Hamster Theatre                                     p. 9
Richard Leo Johnson                                 p. 9
Jesse Krakow (Time of Orchids / Fast ‗N‘ Bulbous)   p. 9
The Mahavishnu Project / Gregg Bendian              p. 9
Mats/Morgan Band                                    p. 10
The Microscopic Septet                              p. 11
The Muffins                                         p. 12
Planeta Imaginario                                  p. 12
Radio Massacre International                        p. 12
Revolutionary Snake Ensemble                        p. 12
Roswell Rudd                                        p. 13
Upsilon Acrux                                       p. 13
Volapük                                             p. 14
Yang                                                p. 14
Cuneiform Artist Tours                              p. 14
Cuneiform Artist Websites                           p. 16


-- RICHARD PINHAS and MERZBOW - Keio Line – (Rune 278/279) – 2 x CDs

-- THE MICROSCOPIC SEPTET - Lobster Leaps In – (Rune 272) – CD

-- ISOTOPE - Golden Section – (Rune 273) – CD


-- DEUS EX MACHINA - Imparis – (Rune 259-260) – CD + NTSC (all region) DVD


RICHARD PINHAS and MERZBOW - *KEIO LINE* – (Rune 278/279) – 2 x CDs –
                                    FILE UNDER: ROCK / ELECTRONIC / NOISE

When two of the best-known figures in electronic rock music today – France‘s Richard Pinhas and Japan‘s Merzbow –
joined their formidable sonic forces ―in a strange studio at the end of the metro Keio Line‖, their combined sonic chemistry
proved to be magic. With Pinhas on guitar and electronics/looping, and Merzbow on electronics and noise, the duo spent
two days creating recordings that were later mixed under Pinhas‘ supervision during ―a fabulous month at the end of 2007,
in a dreamland space between TOKYO and Paris‖. The result of their collaboration is released here, by Cuneiform, as the
double-CD Keio Line – the first-ever Pinhas/Merzbow recording. Containing six tracks of ambient soundscapes captured
on two discs, Keio Line blurs the lines between electronic and electric, virtual and real, music and noise, and dreams and
consciousness. The music is pure sonic alchemy: violent and soothing, hypnotic and noisy, trance-inducing and
seductive. Recording ―everything fully LIVE, at the extremities of our living forces and pulsations‖, and then remixing that
embryonic material in France, Pinhas and Merzbow create a technologically sophisticated electronic music infused with
organic power, raw energy and human emotion, a 21st century music that melds man and machine.

Masami Akita, aka Merzbow, is considered to be the originator of Japanese noise music, and is probably the single best-
known noise artist worldwide. Active in music since 1979, using the name ‗Merzbow‘ to align his projects with Dada
movement aesthetics, he is described by Musique Machine as ―always pushing the limits of noise and music, so the line
between the two blurs‖. Extremely prolific, he has recorded and released over 250 CDs, including a 50 CD set, Merzbox;
an infamous art-piece consisting of a continually-playing Noisembryo CD packaged inside a Mercedes 230 in a ―limited
edition of 1‖; and the soundtrack to a bondage performance.

A composer, world-class guitarist and electronics innovator, Richard Pinhas is a key figure in the international
development of electronic rock music and remains today one of France‘s leading experimental musicians. He is
recognized as the father of an entire musical movement in France (analogous to Tangerine Dream‘s role in Germany) for
his pioneering work in the 1970s with his band Heldon, which fused electronics, ―diabolical guitar work‖ and rock to create
a pioneering, aggressive music that was a precursor to the industrial music and techno to come. All of his early recordings
have been reissued by Cuneiform in a major Heldon/Pinhas CD reissue project that began in 1991 and continues
today. Resonating strongly with today‘s artists, Pinhas‘ early work has been sampled by U.N.K.L.E.(Never,Never,Land,
Island 2003), Pete Namlook/Bill Laswell, and other artists, and included in a Four Tet DJ compilation (DJ-Kicks, !K7,
2006). Continually innovative, Pinhas has been experimenting with a system of guitar and electronics processing since
the 1990s, releasing a series of new works on Cuneiform that, in the words of one critic, "proves that he is still active, and
vital to the future of electronic music."

On November 12, 2008 MERZBOW+RICHARD PINHAS will perform in Paris at "Les Instants Chavirés"

―Richard Pinhas is still a force in world music today…his music has the emotive depth that most other electronauts hardly
begin to grapple with. Add to this its other attributes: alien atmospheres, futuristic imagery, feelings of the mystery of
technology, precise clinical production, belief in creative and political revolution, an obscure intellectual base and
references to science fiction…then there is a musical force that has little or no rival.‖    – *Audion*

"Think of those artists who overpowered the grind of their eras: Bach, Wagner, Miles Davis, The Beatles -- all of these
people were consistently displaced of their time by the striking originality of their work, and yet were quintes-sentially
"then". This is rare, indeed, and there is a case for including Masami Akita (a.k.a. Merzbow) in such a group. On the one
hand, he is merely the brightest fire in an eclectic, almost anarchic Japanese music scene. On the other, Merzbow's music
shatters scenes and precedents. Masami Akita is his own context, and listeners enter that world at their own risk." –


The Microscopic Septet is most widely known among the American public for its theme song to NPR‘s popular interview
show ―Fresh Air with Terry Gross;‖ the catchy, film-noir tune is broadcast daily on stations across America since 1990,
and may well be ―the most-aired jazz work in the world.‖ [Audiophile Audition]. During the group‘s initial lifetime from 1980-
1992, the ―Micros‖ remained an in-house secret among the New York City jazz world, who embraced them as "New York's
Most Famous Unknown Band." The group started with a basic reeds-and-rhythm texture (soprano, alto, tenor and baritone
sax, piano, bass and drums) that was sonically similar to the sound of the Swing Era. However, they employed these
textures to address a widely eclectic range of styles, from free-form music to R&B, rhumbas and ragtime. The result was a
brilliant blend of fresh-sounding orchestration and inspired soloing. Beloved in New York, where they generally drew
capacity crowds, "The Micros" were one of the most celebrated of the many cutting-edge units associated with
experimental music's best-known venue, the Knitting Factory, during the peak years of the "Downtown" music movement
in the late '80s and early '90s.

In 2006, Cuneiform released a major Microscopic Septet retrospective, as two double-CD sets: History of the Micros, Vol.
1 – Seven Men in Neckties, and History of the Micros, Vol. 2 – Surrealistic Swing. The retrospective contained the sole
four albums that the Micros recorded in their lifetime. Celebrating these releases, the Micros reunited to play several
shows in the Northeast US. They had such a good time playing together that they decided to make the Micros an
'occasional regular thing'. In 2007, the Micros did a well-received, two week tour of Europe before returning to New York
to record their first release in 20 years, *Lobster Leaps In*.

Microscopic Septet co-leaders Phillip Johnston and Joel Forrester were prolific composers; by the time the Micros
disbanded, in 1992, it had a songbook of over 180 tunes. Only 34 of those were recorded and released in the band‘s
lifetime. This new recording, Lobster Leaps In, features 11 previously unrecorded Micros‘ tunes that delighted audiences
during the band‘s initial dozen year reign on NYC‘s club stages.

 ―Oh, how we‘ve missed the Microscopic Septet! Back in the early 1980s, when jazz, on all aesthetic levels, seemed to be
resolidifying its connection with its heritage, these wild and wooly virtuosos leapt into the breach between ―outside‖ and
―inside‖ jazz and made a cheerful shambles. They were as clever as the Beatles, as subversive as Captain Beefheart, as
antic as Spike Jones. Did I mention that they were – and are – more fun than any other well-dressed jazz ensemble in the
western world? …fans still light candles for their return. …Hurry back, fellows, won‘t you? The uptown neoclassicists still
have a lot to learn from you downtown pranksters.‖            – Gene Seymour, *Newsday: The Long Island
Newspaper,*June 13, 2000

―The bottom line is this: time has been kind to this antic gang of jazzifying tooters. The band is even better and more
musically serious than I remember. It is as if the times finally caught up to the Micros, with heaping doses of jazz
musicians finally realizing what this septet knew as far back as Reagan‘s inaugural—that jazz lives most fully when it‘s
celebrating and having fun, dicing and razor-slicing American musical history with aplomb... …these guys were important,
plus they might all don a fez and march through the audience while playing.‖            – Will Layman, *PopMatters,* Jan. 12,



The group Isotope was part of a second generation of British jazz-rock which flourished in the 1970s, taking inspiration
from both sides of the Atlantic to forge a transatlantic jazz-rock sound that was distinctly its own. It was formed in 1972 by
British guitarist Gary Boyle, who had played with Dusty Springfield, Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger and the Trinity, as well
as with such Brit-jazzers as Mike Gibbs, Keith Tippett and Mike Westbrook. Isotope signed with a large U.K.
management company and the Gull label, owned by British Lion Films, and immediately began playing constantly - 4-5
times per week at clubs throughout England and Europe. In May, 1974, bassist and composer Hugh Hopper, formerly of
Soft Machine, joined the group and stayed nearly 2 years. The band dissolved in 1976.

Golden Section is the first Isotope release by the American label, Cuneiform, and the first archival Isotope release to
feature material dating from the period when Hopper was a member and lent his strongly distinctive style to the
group. The lineup on Golden Section includes Gary Boyle - guitar, Hugh Hopper - bass, Nigel Morris - drums, Laurence
Scott - keyboards, with Aureo de Souza added on percussion on half of the program. It contains over 65' of previously
unreleased, live Isotope recordings from 1974-1975, which come from 3 different dates; more than half are from a Radio
Bremen recording made for German broadcast. The Radio Bremen recordings are the only existing recordings of Isotope
with percussionist Aureo de Souza, who played with the group for several months during spring/summer 1975, adding a
Weather Report-inspired flair to its sound. In addition to the music, Golden Section includes a 12 page booklet featuring
liner notes music historian Aymeric Leroy. Containing exclusive interviews of Isotope‘s members and previously
unpublished historical photographs of the band, the booklet comprehensively documents the period covered by these
recordings while providing an historical overview of the band.

Early jazz-rock is being rediscovered by a whole new, young audience and Isotope were one of the major British jazz-rock
bands of the 1970s, alongside contemporaries such as: Brand X, Bruford, Nucleus, Soft Machine.

―We played a lot of gigs with Isotope, touring all the time in UK and Europe and once in the States. The band had good
sponsorship and backing, and jazz-rock was almost desirable for a few months in 1974-75! We were playing at least four
or five times a week, all the time. Isotope certainly was good for me from the point of view of doing a lot of music. Since
we were gigging so much, I was probably playing with more technical facility than when I was in Soft Machine.‖ - Hugh

For fans of: Brand X, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever, Soft Machine, and Weather Report.


                                  FILE UNDER: ROCK / NEW MUSIC

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic,―the world‘s hardest rocking chamber quartet‖ [New York Times], began nearly 30 years ago
as a more classical/New Music, keyboard-oriented side project of Boston‘s famed post-punk rock band, Mission of
Burma. Desiring an outlet for his piano music, in 1980, Burma‘s guitarist Roger Miller embarked on a collaboration with
keyboardist and studio producer Erik Lindgren, the former composer and keyboardist of Moving Parts, the Boston art-
punk band that had spawned Burma. Birdsong's lineup was finalized when Miller invited ―tape-manipulator-turned–
guitarist‖ Martin Swope, his co-member in Burma, and keyboardist Rick Scott on board. In 1983, Birdsongs signed with
Ace of Hearts, the Boston label to which Burma was signed, and released a self-titled EP. In mid-1983, Miller‘s tinnitus
led to the demise of high-decibel Mission Of Burma, and Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic became a full time band for all
members. Ace of Hearts released Birdsongs' 2nd lp in 1985, called *Magnetic Flip*, and the following year it
released *Beat Of The Mesozoic.* Miller left the band under very friendly terms in 1987 to devote his time to a solo
career (and nearly two decades later to eventually resuscitate Mission of Burma).

*Dawn of the Cycads* reissues on CD all of Birdsongs' recordings for Boston‘s Ace of Hearts label, in newly remastered
sound. Subtitled The Complete Ace of Hearts Recordings (1983-1987), it is the first-ever comprehensive reissue of those
recordings in their entirety and in their original order. In addition to the Ace of Hearts music, *Dawn of the Cycads* also
includes more than 45' of previously unreleased bonus material (on two studio and seven live tracks). In addition,
it contains an 18 page booklet providing a history of the band‘s Ace of Hearts years, in liner notes written by band
members Erik Lindgren, Roger Miller and Rick Scott (Lindgren and Scott remain in Birdsong‘s lineup today) and former
roadie (now Andy Warhol Museum board member) Jay Reeg, and numerous historical photographs and art works. Also
included on the second disc are graphic files of various photos and documents which are viewable on any
computer.Produced by Ace of Hearts‘ owner, Richard W. Harte, Dawn of the Cycads: The Complete Ace of Hearts
Recordings (1983-1987) is a lovingly assembled and beautifully-designed retrospective of an extremely exciting, 4-year
period in Birdsongs of the Mesozoic‘s early career.

―Even at its most dissonant and aggressive, this roiling, polyrthymic music is informed by a wry, whimsical character rare
in art rock and entirely absent from the minimalism of Glass and Reich….Birdsongs of the Mesozoic‘s percussive,
stroboscopic strain of minimalism, with all its rocky edges intact.‖ – Michael Draine, i/e

―…if you‘re open-minded enough to stack Fripp, Pere Ubu, Philip Glass and John Cage in the same changes, then this
disc may appeal to you.‖ – Don Labriola, Buzzz


DEUS EX MACHINA - *IMPARIS*              – (Rune 259-260) – CD + NTSC (all region) DVD –
                                                  FILE UNDER: ROCK / PROGRESSIVE ROCK

One of the finest avant-progressive rock bands in the world today, Deus Ex Machina has carved out an enviable
reputation with its high energy live shows and critically acclaimed albums. Founded in 1985, The Italian band is a sextet
of top notch musicians –―There are no weak links in this band.‖[Exposé]– including Alessandro Bonetti (violin), Fabrizio
 Puglisi (Hammond organ/Fender Rhodes piano/Arp Odyssey synth), Maurino Collina (guitar), Alessandro Porreca (bass),
 Claudio Trotta (drums), and vocalist Alberto Piras. The band‘s music is a unique and unequaled blend of aggressive jazz-
 rock mixed with complex rhythms, 1970s-style hard-rock guitar and hints of Rock In Opposition-style avant-progressive
 rock, all topped by the incredible vocals of Alberto Piras, one of the most extraordinary vocalists working in rock today.

 Imparis is a double-disc release that includes Deus Ex Machina‘s 6th studio album and the band's first-ever DVD. Its
 title is a pun that combines where the release was recorded (in performance at Le Triton ―in Paris‖, in summer 2006), and
 their penchant for Latin terminology; in Latin, ―imparis‖ means ―asymmetrical‖. The CD contains 6 tracks of new material,
 featuring Piras‘ ever-magnificent vocals and the band‘s impressive musicianship; the songs‘ lyrics are printed in an
 accompanying booklet, in both their original language and in English. The DVD contains three main groups of material:
 the 2006 concert at Le Triton (featuring the band live performing two songs each from its albums Equilibrismo Da
 Insofferenza, Cinque and Imparis); interviews; and historical video and film footage of past shows. In addition to the 2006
 professional live footage from Le Triton, there are extras, including some fascinating historical footage from the early and
 mid-1990s. Featured is an interview segment (subtitled in English and with a lot of historical information); a short,
 fascinating, avant-garde prepared piano performance by Puglisi of one of the album's works; a charmingly dated rock
 video for a song off of the band's second album; excerpts from their second US appearance; and a completely over-the-
 top performance that Deus Ex Machina gave on a Italian TV program from 1996. Imparis offers a fascinating, multi-
 faceted overview of one of the boldest, musically diverse, and truly ―progressive ― bands in Italy and the international world
 of modern progressive rock.
 ―Driving, aggressive fusion mixed with wickedly complex rhythms, hints of R.I.O. and avant-garde sounds, and Alberto
 Piras‘ unbelievable vocal skills...essential.‖ – Exposé

                                          October 2008 shows with Wovenhand

                                          We'll be performing our final shows of the year on Tuesday October 14 at the Knitting
                                          Factory in NYC and Wednesday October 15 at the Middle East in Cambridge. This fall
                                          we're busy recording and mixing our new album Boy From Black Mountain, and Jordan
                                          and Gavin will be having babies in November. So needless to say we're going to be
                                          preoccupied for a while! We're excited about the opportunity to see the fans again and
                                          play these last two shows of the year. We have a bunch of new songs introduced
          QuickTim e™ and a
TIFF (Uncompres sed) decom pres s or      before the Black Mountain sessions we plan to debut at these shows. More
   are needed to s ee this picture.       information on our website.

                                          Boy From Black Mountain update

                                    We just finished the first round of
                                    recording basics, string trio pieces,
                                    and guitar and string overdubs for
                                    our next album Boy From Black
                                                                                             QuickTime™ and a
                                    Mountain at Camp Street Studios                TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor
                                    []               are needed to see this picture.
 with producer Sean Slade and Adam Taylor. Things are taking shape
 very nicely. We recorded 18 pieces -- 11 songs and 7 instrumental
 pieces. Our next round of recording happens in September when we'll
 overdub lead vocals, background vocals, brass, and choir parts. See
 photos from the August session here.

 Bill Brovold (Larval)
 Bill and his son Gus will be performing at the Kingston Museum Of Contemporary Art (KMOCA) Sat Sept 20th at 7:00.
 They will be performing on guitars,steel guitar,saxes, bass and electronics. They will be performing compositions and
KMOCA is at 103 Abeel St in Kingston NY. Donation.

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
                                                 Notes from the Mesozoic
                                                     September 2008


Birdsongs is currently rehearsing a new 5-movement suite by noted African-American composer T. J. Anderson. The
piece is entitled BirdSongs, and it was composed for Birdsongs with voice and jazz drums. Keyboardist Carol Namkoong
is filling in for Birdsongs synthesist Rick Scott for the premiere performance, which will take place at Tufts University's
brand new Distler Performance Hall on Sunday, October 5 at 3pm as part of a series of concerts celebrating Anderson's
80th birthday. Soprano D'Anna Fortunato will be singing the text. This exciting performance is doubly so because
Birdsongs' member Erik Lindgren studied with Anderson while attending Tufts University in the 1970's. Lindgren's 1973/74
composition Introduction and Rag, dedicated to Anderson, will be performed by Tufts' pianist John McDonald at a concert
for T. J. on Saturday, October 4 at 8pm. There is information about these events


The group is also excited about their 2-CD archival release on Cuneiform, Dawn of the Cycads, which includes their
complete Ace of Hearts recordings circa 1983 - '87 plus unreleased bonus material. The compilation includes their three
vinyl outings, "EP" (1983), "Magnetic Flip (1985), and "Beat of the Mesozoic" (1986), and is a vast upgrade from their
"Sonic Geology" retrospective that was released by Rykodisc in 1988. The package also includes encoded graphics
(flyers, tour itineraries, "Misinformation Sheets," dioramas, etc) on disc #2 which is a mixed-format CD. There are plans
for the original line-up, featuring pianist Roger Miller, synthesist Erik Lindgren, and keyboardist Rick Scott (with current
Birdsongs guitarist Michael Bierylo filling in for Martin Swope) to do a few select live shows in NYC, Boston, and
Washington DC this fall. The group is looking into the possibility of using vintage equipment on those dates and cranking
out the Memorymoog, Compu-rhythm CR-78 drum machine, Farfisa organ, etc. for a truly analog experience!

                                                       OTHER NEWS

Ken Field's original score for the Bridgman/Packer Dance piece Under the Skin was performed recently in Austin (TX).
Upcoming performances include Potsdam (NY) Oct 21, Albany (NY) Oct 25, and Munich (Germany) Nov 3/4.


The Claudia Quintet / John Hollenbeck
Upcoming performances Fall 2008:

9/26-barbès, Brooklyn/NY
9/27-Cornelia Street Café, New York/NY

10/2-Jazzfestival ,Leipzig/GERMANY
10/3-Paradox, Tilburg/NETHERLANDS
10/4-MS Stubnitz, Amsterdam /NETHERLANDS
10/5-Stadtgarten, Cologne/GERMANY
10/6-Cafe Wilhelmina, Eindhoven/NETHERLANDS
10/7-Domicil, Dortmund/GERMANY
10/9-Spitalkeller, Offenburg/GERMANY
10/10-Weberhaus, Viersen/GERMANY
10/11-A-Trane, Berlin/GERMANY
10/13-Oben-Kino, Cottbus/GERMANY

11/6-The Outpost, Albuquerque/NM
11/7-Texas Tech, Lubbock/TX
11/8-Percussive Arts Society & late night set at The Parish, Austin/TX
11/10-Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg/GERMANY
11/11-Theatre Municipal, Nevers/FRANCE
11/12-Espace Vauban, Brest/FRANCE
11/14-University of Zagreb CROATIA
11/16-Jazzclub Hipnoza, Katowice/POLAND

The Refuge Trio (Theo Bleckmann, Gary Versace, John Hollenbeck)
11/26 workshop Jazz Institute Berlin, Germany
11/27 Berlin, Germany a-trane
11/28 Dortmund, Germany Domicil
11/29 Bielefeld, Germnany Bunker Ulmenwall
11/30 workshop Hannover, Germany

12/1 Vienna, Austria Konzerthaus
12/2 Cologne, Germany Stadtgarten
12/4 Hannover, Germany Jazzclub
12/5 with Jazz Hochschule Big Band Cologne, Germany
12/6 Munich, Germany Unterfahrt

Lol Coxhill
Lol Coxhill is heading to Berlin for a performance at Club Ausland on Friday September 19th;
Also, Trieste on November 15th with Enzo Rocco at the 'All Frontiers Festival'.

Doctor Nerve
Nick Didkovsky continues to write new material for Doctor Nerve, and recently acquired a 1967 Gibson SG which his
friends are getting sick of hearing about. Still we cannot help but wonder what effect the guitar which in the hands of Tony
Iommi was used to create heavy metal will have on the new Nerve tunes.

Nick's Ice Cream Time project with ARTE Sax Quartet and Tom Dimuzio is going to tour Europe in November.

Nick recently returned from Belfast where he presented a paper on "MaxScore" at the International Computer Music
Conference. If you use the computer music program MaxMSP, you can now do common music notation with this new
object, visit

The fabulous Dither Electric Guitar Quartet recently performed a bunch of Nick's pieces to a packed house in a cool new
music space in Williamsburg called Listen/Space

As always: and is where you can keep up with the latest.

Gayle Ellett (Djam Karet)
Press Release for the music group FERNWOOD
Djam Karet‘s Gayle Ellett has a new side-group called FERNWOOD. Their debut release ―Almeria‖ has recently been
getting rave reviews in the national and international press. GUITAR PLAYER Magazine (June issue) described their
music as ―Wonderfully melodic, expertly layered, masterfully interwoven, and luscious yet rootsy‖. RECORDING
Magazine said ―The writing, arranging and performances are of the highest order. This release is something special to our
ears. Highly Recomended". The DUTCH PROGRESSIVE ROCK PAGE said ―An enchanting, beautiful and captivating
aural pleasure. 9 out of 10 points‖.
  They have been getting great radio play on NPR Radio, and ECHOES Radio, which has picked them as ―Top 25 CD Of
The Month‖ for the past six months, and their DJ John Diliberto is flying to Los Angeles to record FERNWOOD as part of
his ―Living Room Concert Series‖.
  Currently, the group is hard at work on a second release due out in early 2009. Their music is available at Wayside, CD
Baby, I-Tunes and other outlets. You can read more about the group, and hear their music at

Forrest Fang
A new CD side project by Forrest Fang under the project name "Sans Serif" was released on the Hypnos Secret Sounds
label in July 2008. The CD is called "Tones for La Monte" and was inspired by the harmonic drones of La Monte Young.
The CD will soon be available through Wayside Music.

Fast ‘N’ Bulbous
In May 2008, Fast ‗N‘ Bulbous recorded it‘s second CD, Waxed Oop, to be released on Cuneiform Records in January of
2009. A strong departure from their first CD, Waxed Oops, ranges from Gary Lucas‘ solo National Steel guitar version of
―Sure ‗Nuff ‗N‘ Yes I Do,‖ to a full band arrangement of Don van Vliet‘s solo sea chantey, ―Well.‖ It also includes the first
FnB delving into ―Lick My Deacls Off, Baby,‖ and features a bonus track with guest vocalist Robyn Hitchcock.

Just prior to the recording, they did a tribute concert to Captain Beefheart at New York‘s Knitting Factory, curated by Gary
Lucas, which featured little-known video clips and recordings, and readings and reminiscences by many special guests,
including Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo, Suicide's Alan Vega, Kurt Loder, and David Lynch (via video).

You can watch a podcast of highlights from the show at:
You can also watch a clip on YouTube, of Gary and Robyn performing ―Sure ‗Nuff ‗N‘ Yes I Do‖ at the same event.

Fast ‗N‘ Bulbous will be appearing in the US and Europe in March of 2009.

Visit Fast ‗N‘ Bulbous online for YouTube videos and audio from the new recording.

Forgas Band Phenomena
As of writing (mid September), the band are about to embark on their first foreign concert ever - in Seoul, South Korea, no
less! The Forgas Band are representing France in the 2008 edition of a major festival in Guro, a district of the Korean
capital. Previous editions of this free event had over 10,000 in attendance.

This performance is yet another milestone in a very eventful year for the band, who early in the summer recorded their
new album "L'Axe du Fou" / "Axis of Madness" for release on Cuneiform Records in January, 2009. In contrast to 2005's
"Soleil 12" which for a large part used old material, this was all composed by drummer/leader Patrick Forgas in the last
three years.

This was actually the FBP's second studio session this year; in February they recorded a cover version of Christian
Vander's "Africa Anteria" (originally on 1971's Uniweria Zekt album) for "Hur", the sequel to Alain Juliac's acclaimed
Magma tribute project "Hamtai", due for release later this year.

We hope to celebrate the release of the new CD with a concert in Paris (details tba). The other confirmed concert date is
the Chateau d'Auvers-sur-Oise on April 4, 2009. Obviously the band very much hope to follow up their Korean debut with
other performances abroad and will happily consider any offers to perform at venues and festivals worldwide!

Audio and video excerpts -
More information, press, etc. -
Management / booking contact - <>

Hamster Theatre
We have a new bass layer (surprise!) and we have our first gig with him on November 1st at the Laughing Goat, 1709
Pearl Street in Boulder Colorado at 8:30.

Our new bass player is John Grigsby, and he's also a very gifted animator. You can see his work on youtube if you search
"Grigsby animation."

Slowly, we are preparing a new cd. There have been whispers that Elaine diFalco will be writing a tune with Mark Harris in
mind. The world halts.

Richard Leo Johnson
Richard is working on the final aspects of his next release based on yet another fictional character named Duval Rey.
Duval was a blind Creole street musician (one man band) in New Orleans. He encountered Vernon McAlister while
performing on the street on a day in the early 1950s.
Duval was inspired by the brief encounter to compose a song cycle which transcends genre or convention.
The album will be a solo effort as a one man band with the primary instrument an antique tenor banjo.
The CD should be finished and mastered by Spring of 2009.
Richard is also having an exhibit of photographs from the Yucatan in Savannah GA., from Sept 27th until mid Oct. at
Chroma Gallery.
Here is a link.
He composed and recorded original music for the opening event and will perform live as well.

Jesse Krakow (Time of Orchids / Fast ‘N’ Bulbous)
Jesse Krakow (Time of Orchids, Fast 'N Bulbous: The Captain Beefheart Project) has been playing with Shudder To Think
on their recent reunion tour. Past dates included two nights at The Virgin Mobile Festival (in MD and Canada,
respectively), and one at The Park West in Chicago (with Cheer-Accident) opening. The remaining dates are:

October 3rd @ TLA, Philadelphia
October 4th @ Webster Hall, NYC
October 10th @ 9:30 Club, DC w/ Pattern Is Movement
October 11th @ Paradise Rock Club, Boston
October 25th @ Voodoo Fest, New Orleans
October 30th @ The Shoebox, Seattle w/ The Dead Science
November 1st @ El Rey, Los Angeles
November 2nd @ The Fillmore, San Francisco

More dates to come....Check out for more info. You can also check out some live clips
and interviews on

In addition to completing the new Fast 'N Bulbous record - to be released in January '09 on Cuneiform and followed by a
European tour, Jesse has been working on his rock comedy/opera "Rock Bottom", to (hopefully) be completed in the
spring of 2009. Check out for more info.

And generally he is doing quite well and is very happy. He hopes you are too.

The Mahavishnu Project / Gregg Bendian
DAVID MYERS - keyboards/guitar/voice

GREGG BENDIAN – drums/percussion
DENIS GAGNE – lead voice
SÉBASTIEN LAMOTHE – bass/guitars/voice

A Trick of the Tail - European Tour (Fall 2008)

Sep 27 - Konserthus, Oslo (Norway)
Sep 28 - Cirkus, Stockholm (Sweden)
Oct 01 - CCH Saal 2, Hamburg (Germany)
Oct 02 - Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt (Germany)
Oct 03 - Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt (Germany)
Oct 04 - Liederhalle, Stuttgart (Germany)
Oct 05 - Theatre de Beaulieu, Lausanne (Switzerland)
Oct 08 - Vredenberg [Leidsche Rijn], Utrecht (Netherlands)
Oct 09 - Theater am Marientor, Duisburg (Germany)
Oct 10 - De Vereeniging, Nijmegen (Germany)
Oct 11 - Le Forum, Leige (Belgium)
Oct 12 - Cirque Royal, Bruxelles (Belgium)
Oct 14 - Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool (UK)
Oct 15 - SECC, Glasgow (UK)
Oct 17 - Apollo Theatre, Manchester (UK)
Oct 18 - Guild Hall, Portsmouth (UK)
Oct 22 - Royal Centre, Nottingham (UK)
Oct 24 - Fairfield Halls, Croydon (UK)
Oct 25 - Colston Hall, Bristol (UK)
Oct 27 - Grugahalle, Essen (Germany)
Oct 29 - Spodek Hall, Katowice (Poland)
Oct 31 – Z7, Prateln [Basel] (Switzerland)
Nov 01 – Z7, Prateln [Basel] (Switzerland)
Nov 03 - Olympia Theatre, Paris (France)
Nov 05 - Palabam, Mantova (Italy)
Nov 07 - Allianz Teatro, Milano (Italy)
Nov 08 - Gran Teatro, Rome (Italy)
Nov 09 - Palatour, Bitritto [Bari] (Italy)
Nov 11 - Teatro Luna, Isle of Sardinia (Italy)

Band website:

- Past big shows/festivals played somewhat recently
The Musical Box replaced YES who cancelled their 400th Anniversary of Quebec performance last month. The
Mahavishnu Project performed at the Trinumeral Fest in Asheville NC, along with (for reasons unknown to us), a plethora
of Hip-Hop acts.

- Youtube (and the like) links to live performance footage or other video content
The Mahavishnu Project performs "Resolution (One Word)" from VishnuFest 2007

- Upcoming projects/recordings
The Mahavishnu Project is featured prominently on the new release, "Mahavishnu Re-Defined." The MP perform "Smile of
the Beyond", "Trilogy Pt. 2" and "Sanctuary".

Gregg has recently released the critically acclaimed "Research (Tiny Useful Secrets)" on the Aggregate Music label. The
disc of ten innovative solo percussion works is available at as well as at

Mats/Morgan Band
Upcoming Dates:
20/9 Mats/Morgan duo
Sibylleg. 2, Stockholm 18:00

26/9 Mats/Morgan Band
Bass & Drum festival,
Folkungag. 84, Stockholm
Also performing: Terry Bozzio and more.
Complete program available soon.

13-20/10 DW clinic tour
Morgan Ågren, Rickard Nettermalm, Eric Thyselius and more.
More info about where and when, available soon

26/10 Mats/Morgan Band
Montreal Drumfestival, Montreal
Also performing: Simon Philips, Lenny White and more.
See complete program here:

3/12 Mats/Morgan Band
Köpmannag. 11, Härnösand

4/12 Mats/Morgan Band
Idunteatern, Umeå

5/12 Mats/Morgan Band
Hamnplan 4, Örnsköldsvik

6/12 Mats/Morgan Band
Kyrkog. 6, Sundsvall

Morgan Ågren is recording a new CD with Swedish project Kaipa.
Morgan will also play on the upcoming CD by Jonas Lindgren (from
Fleshquartet) and Fredrik Thordendal (from Meshuggah)

The Microscopic Septet
Sept 2008: Cuneiform releases Lobster Leaps In, the first newly recorded Micros CD since 1998‘s Beauty Based On
Science. Fresh of a string of one-niters in Europe, the band went into the studio and recorded a set of classic Micros
tunes, spanning the 12 years of their original incarnation, from ―Almost Right‖ (number 3 in the Micros book) to more
experimental tunes like ―The Big Squeeze.‖ Long-time Micros fans celebrate the first new release in 20 years!

They will be re-reuniting and on the road again in Nov 2009.

Visit the Micros online for YouTube videos and audio from the new recording.

For those "in the know" we are offering a special Micros/Lobster Leaps In Artist Statement/History page, which tells the
tale of how this CD came to be, and features additional mp3s from live recordings from gigs at venues like the (original)
Knitting Factory, & the Village Gate. These are exclusively Micros "oddities" and will be changed from time to time.

Check it out:

The Muffins
"THE MUFFINS currently have not one, but 2 new CDS in process now. THE MUFFINS are hoping to play at a NORTH
AMERICAN festival during 2009 in addition to the RIO Festival in France on April 17.
Ask your favorite festival to book The Muffins - email for more information"

Planeta Imaginario
Planeta Imaginario is looking for a manager, and people who would be interested in booking us for concerts outside of
Spain. We are working on new songs for our next album we have the February/March as the ideal date. (We are going to
record with the great Bob Drake.)
Some members of P.I. are playing in a band which plays the music of Frank Zappa, that will play around Spain in the next

Radio Massacre International
Are busy preparing for their headline appearance at E-Live in Eindhoven,Netherlands on Saturday 11th October. http://e-

Steve Dinsdale has been busy recording drums for a Martin Archer project, and also taking part in the August Moon Jams
in Sheffield, meeting some great free improvisors in the process.

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble
                                      Revolutionary News - September 2008

                                                   FORKED TONGUE

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble's 2nd CD Forked Tongue was released in May to resounding critical and radio acclaim.
The disc was on the CMJ North American jazz top 20 chart for 2 months, peaking at #11, and has enjoyed a remarkable
run of great reviews. In addition to extensive Canadian and American press and radio, the CD has been the subject of
reviews, feature articles, and interviews so far in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, and elsewhere.

Recent performances have included the Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston), the Providence Sound Session, and the
Sterling Stage Last Daze of Summer festival near Syracuse.

"The music is what counts, and Forked Tongue demonstrates why the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble matters."
                                        Steve Greenlee, JazzTimes

"If the wailing vigil of Down By the Riverside doesn't rake your spine, chances are you don't have one...It's quite
  possibly the most convincing treatment of New Orleans by a non-native since Hugh Masakela's Goin' Back to
   New Orleans...If [Field]'s not re-arranging some holy chestnut, he's dreaming up freaky, wind-jamming floor
                                             monsters like The Large S."
                                             Brendon Griffin, PopMatters

       "Imaginative arrangements...make up the lion's share of the album but it is the four original tunes by
                        leader/altoist Ken Field that really shine! A really appealing listen."

                      "Touches all the right cornerstones of jazz, but also funks my socks off."
                                           Kyle Press, WKDU Philadelphia

"Can't stop playing this crazy CD over and over again. Doctor, is there an antidote? I'm having visions of Mardi
     Gras parties out of control. They call it a brass band, but there must be some voodoo in this music."
                                                 Ted Gioia,

                              "Something quite original in the world of jazz and beyond."
                                         Kory Cook, KUT Radio, Austin, TX

                                       NIGHT LIFE PICK OF THE WEEK:
   "OUT OF LEFT FIELD: The Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, a writhing, horn-heavy group led by the Boston-
based saxophonist and composer Ken Field, dresses in feathered masks and sequined robes and covers a broad
  range of funk- and New Orleans-inspired music... The group puts a funky spin on everything from Billy Idol to
                                             Ornette Coleman."
                                               The New Yorker

                                              UPCOMING PERFORMANCES

                                             Sunday, October 26, 2008 (3pm):
                                      Brooklyn Botanic Garden annual Halloween bash
                                          1000 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

                                            Sunday, October 26, 2008 (7-9pm):
                                        Barbes, 376 9th St, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

                                              Saturday, October 11, 2009
                                    Roswell Museum & Art Center annual outdoor party
                                                 Roswell, New Mexico


Roswell Rudd
Roswell Rudd'as TROMBONE TRIBE will perform at the Lake George Jazz Festival on Sept. 13th

Roswell Rudd's QUARTET will perform at the Princeton Arts Council on October 30th and at the Korean Cultural Center in
NYC on Ocgtober 31st

Roswell Rudd's TROMBONE TRIBE will perform at the Berlin Jazz Festival on November 8th and at the Bin Huis on
November 9

Upsilon Acrux
As of today we are in the midst of recording our latest for Cuneiform, it's tentatively called "Radian Futura" and will feature
a song that's very close to 30 minutes long among other things. That has already been recorded and sounds really
fucking good to me. Better at this stage than any other recordings we've done. This recording is being done at Infrasonic
in Alhambra, CA like the last one but this time Pete is engineering it. This album should be out in May '09 .
We have one more show before we take a long hiatus... Oct 4th, Eagle Rock Music Festival, it's free and there are a lot of
good bands playing, I think we go on at 7:30pm so if there are any of those Cuneiform people in LA, I've not met any?
We are definitely coming to Europe in 2009, most likely May so anyone w/ a festival that needs something different and
will pay, we are available. Bands in Europe that want to do shows together or tour a country together, get in touch!!!!

1) We made a very nice and positive tour last April in Eastern Europe (11 concerts in Czech Republic, Slovakia, but also
Austria and Italy).

2) The group just decided some days ago to work on a new "composed" program (after our improvised tour of April 2008)

3) Our upcoming concerts will be in France :

      -February 22nd "Festival de Chabeuil" (Chabeuil/Drôme).

      -May 31st Festival "Sons Dessus Dessous" (Vaucluse)

      Some more concerts are on the point to be fixed this coming season (like 1 in Rennes for the 20th anniversary of
      the french label In-Poly-Sons).

4) Volapük is seriously thinking to record a new album. It should be done in the nex year, we hope...

5) Volapük will appear soon on a compilation realised in Eindhoven (The "Stichting Jazz Power" of Eindhoven is doing this
compilation for its 30th anniversary).The piece who will appear on this compilation was recorded in 1999 at the Wilhelmina
Café in Eindhoven, called "Rondo" and never edited before.

The band hopes to be able to release (at last) its last recording : "Machines" before 2009. If not, it will be released for sure
in 2009. For any inquiry about this release, and about booking and upcoming concert or simply for saying that you love
them, please contact the band via its Myspace or Youtube (the
band is currently looking for dates anywhere in Europe from March), there is a new live performance video there.

Frédéric L'Epée is founding a new band in Paris. The line up is 2 guitars, 1 saz (turkish lute), accordion, percussions, and
maybe a brass instrument.
He has completed the composition of a new piece for electric guitar and accordion : "The end of the dream ( 3rd duo)",
ordered by the duo Jörgen Brilling and Uwe Mahnken. The musicians begin rehearsals now. The first performance is
planned for April 2009.

Laurent James is currently rehearsing with the new line up of Lord of Mushrooms (prog-metal), preparing a China tour in

2008 Tour Dates

September 28 - Bobo Gallery – Asheville, NC
October 16 - Rocket Club - Asheville, NC (with KAYO DOT!)
October 24 - Hunter Gatherer - Columbia, SC
October 25 - MACA - Marion, NC
November 11 - Objekt 5 - Halle, Germany - 8:00P
November 14 - Sinister Noise - Rome, Italy
November 16 - Cave 12 - Geneva, Switzerland
November 17 - TBA - Lyon, France
November 22 - Bunker Ulmenwall - Bielfield, Germany
November 23 - Stubnitz - Amsterdam, Holland
November 24 - Le Klub - Paris, France
November 25 - I‘lnca - Bordeaux, France
November 26 - Localypso II - Pau, France
November 27 - C.S.A. Arrebato - Zaragoza, Spain (with ZA)
November 28 - Sirocco Club - Madrid, Spain (with ZA)
November 29 - The Rincon Pio Sound - Don Benito Badajoz, Spain (with ZA)

October 14 - Knitting Factory Main Space - 74 Leonard Street, NYC, NY
October 15 - Middle East Upstairs - Cambridge, MA

CHEER-ACCIDENT (our latest signing! CD out in January, 2009)
October 7 - Abbey Pub - Chicago, IL
            ('acoustic duo', opening for Peter Hammill)

( -
September 26 - Barbes - Brooklyn, NY
September 27 - Cornelia Street Cafe - NYC, NY
October 2 - Leipzig Jazz Festival - Leipzip, Germany
October 3 - Tilburg, The Netherlands
October 4 - MS Stubnitz, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
October 5 - Stadtgarten - Cologne, Germany
October 6 - Cafe Wilhelmina - Eindhoven, The Netherlands
October 7 - Domicil - Dortmund, Germany
October 9 - Spitalkeller, Offenburg, Germany
October 10 - Weberhaus - Viersen, Germany
October 11 - A-Train - Berlin, Germany
October 13 - Oben-Kino - Cottbus, Germany
November 6 - The Outpost - Albuquerque, NM
November 7 - Texas Tech - Lubbock,TX
November 8 - PASIC - Austin, TX
        (Percussive Arts Society International Convention)
        Also, late night set at The Parish, Austin, TX
November 10 - Karlstorbahnhof - Heidelberg, Germany
November 11 - Theatre Municipal - Nevers, France
November 12 - Espace Vauban, Brest, France
November 14 - University of Zagreb, Croatia
November 16 - Jazzclub Hipnoza - Katowice, Poland

Sept 26 - Saddleback College International Guest Artist Series
          Mission Viejo, CA
Sept 28 - Ensenada Jazz Festival - Ensenada, Baja California, MEXICO
Spring, 2009 - east coast (US) tour

September 28 - Guro Art Valley Concert Hall - Seoul, South Korea

September 18 - Botanique - Bruxelles, Belgium
September 19 - Zxzw Festival - Tilberg, The Netherlands
September 20 - MTC - Cologne, Germany
September 22 - Magnet Club - Berlin, Germany
September 24 - Klub 007 - Pargue, Czech Republic
September 25 - Arena - Vienna, Austria
September 27 - Sinister Noise Club - Rome, Italy
September 29 - Feierwerk - Munich, Germany
September 30 - Le Cab - Geneva, Switzerland

GUTBUCKET [our latest signing, album out in January, 2009!] ( -
September 19 - Jazzfestival Freiburg (Germany)
September 22 - ZGetno Festival (Zagreb, Croatia)
September 23 - Jazz Manger in Metelkova City (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
September 24 - Paradox (Tilburg, Netherlands)
September 25 - Alchemia (Krakow, Poland)
September 26 - Jazzclub Tonne (Dresden, Germany)
September 27 - Supamolli (Berlin, Germany)
September 29 - Cafe Wilhelmina (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
September 30 - Objekt 5 (Halle, Germany)
October 2 - Cairo (Wurzburg, Germany)
October 3 - Amperitiv Festival (Dachau, Germany)
October 4 - AMR (Geneve, Switzerland)
October 21 - The Stone (NYC)
December 7 - Saenger Theater (Hattiesburg, MS) - film show with Johnny the Giant Killer!
December 12 - Eastman School of Music (Rochester, NY)

LED BIB [our latest signing, album out in May, 2009!] ( -
November 20 - London Jazz Festival
November 21 - Taylor John‘s House - Coal Vaults, Canal Basin, Coventry CV1 4LY
November 22 - The Shed, Hovingham, North Yorkshire, YO17 6PY

[Mats Öberg and Morgan Ågren with former Meshuggah bassist Gustaf Hilem]
September 20 - Mats/Morgan duo – Musikmuseet - Sibylleg. 2, Sthlm 18:00 - Ph. 0851955490
September 26 - Mats/Morgan Band - Bass & Drum festival, Folkungag. 84, Sthlm -
October 13-20 - DW clinic tour - Morgan Ågren, Rickard Nettermalm, Eric Thyselius and more. – More info TBA
October 26 - Montreal Drum Festival - Montreal, Quebec, Canada -
December 3 - Metropol - Härnös, Sweden -
December 4 - Studion - Umeå, Sweden -
December 5 - Musikhuset, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden -
December 6 - Pipeline, Sundsvall (Mats and Morgan with Gustaf Hielm)

April 17, 2009 - Rock in Opposition Festival - Albi, France -

Oct 26 - Mezz, Breda, NL: NDIO

November 15 and 16 - AltrOck Festival - Spazio Mil - Sesto San Giovanni (Mi) - Italy -

November 1 - GOTEBORG, SWEDEN - University
November 15 - PARIS, FRANCE - Les METALLOS ** % $ -
2009 - USA+Canada Tour
** = with Jerome Schmidt %= with Antoine Paganotti $= Pascal Comelade

October 11 - E-Live festival 2008 - Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) - Den Dolech 2 - Eindhoven - The Netherlands
        Tel. +31 40 247 9111 -

October 26 - Brooklyn Botanic Garden Ghouls & Gourds, Brooklyn, NY, 3pm -
October 26 - Barbes, 376 9th St (cor 6th Av) Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY, 718-965-9177, 7-9pm -

September 20 - Red Cat (Disney Performing Center) - Los Angeles, CA (part of the Creative Music Festival) [with the Golden Quintet]
October - Skopje Jazz Festival - Macedonia (TBC)

November 14 and 15 - Le Triton - 11 bis, rue du Coq Français - 93260 Les Lilas (Paris) France (Métro: Mairie des Lilas)
          tél : (33) 01 49 72 83 13 - these shows will be filmed and will be made into a live DVD (!!) that will be packaged with Univers
          Zero's next studio album (their triumphant 10th studio album), "Clivage"-
January 30, 2009 - Centre Culturel "LE WAUX-HALL" - Place Albert Ier - 1400 Nivelles, Belgium - (32 67 882277) -
April 19, 2009 - Rock in Opposition Festival - Albi, France -

October, 4 2008 at Eagle Rock Music Fest, FREE!! Abe Vigoda, MikaMiko, Crystal Antlers - Eagle Rock, California

                    Please visit the artists’ websites or for any show updates.
        For more info on these artists, please visit or email:


Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores

Beat Circus

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic

Raoul Björkenheim



David Borden

Boud Deun

George Cartwright

Graham Collier


Lol Coxhill

Deus Ex Machina

Djam Karet

Doctor Nerve

Paul Dunmall

Forrest Fang

Far Corner

Fast ‘N’ Bulbous

Forever Einstein

Forgas Band Phenomena

Fred Frith

Peter Frohmader


Hamster Theatre

Happy the Man

Hugh Hopper

Richard Leo Johnson

Henry Kaiser


Machine and the Synergetic Nuts

The Mahavishnu Project

Mats/Morgan Band


Phil Miller (In Cahoots)


Virgil Moorefield



Richard Pinhas

Planeta Imaginario



Radio Massacre International

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble

Rich Woodson’s Ellipsis

Ray Russell

Wadada Leo Smith

John Surman

The Claudia Quintet

The Danubians

The Ed Palermo Big Band

The Microscopic Septet

The Muffins

Thinking Plague

Time of Orchids

U Totem

Univers Zero

University of Errors

Upsilon Acrux




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