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August 2007 Newsletter - Autism ACT - Main page


									August 2007

                            Autism Awareness
                                Newsletter of the Autism Asperger ACT Inc.
                            Helping people with ASD, their families and their carers.
                     From the President
It seems hardly possible but Autism Asperger ACT has been up and running
for almost a year now! It has been a year of getting to know you and
learning how each group ran its committee meetings etc. It has been an                     INDEX:
excellent amalgamation and we look forward to our first AGM on                  Fridge Door                    p.2
September 5th at 7.30 pm.                                                       New books for the Library      p.3
AGMs, of course, send everyone ducking for cover! However, before you
                                                                                Book Reviews                   p.3
think September is one meeting I won‟t be attending remember that the           ACT Policing Advice             p.3
association depends on its members in order to function! We do not have         Autism and Employment          p.4
any paid staff, everything we do is done by volunteers.                         Hikari Oe                       p.5
                                                                                July Meeting notes             p.5
All positions will be declared vacant so please consider joining the
committee. Some positions entail more work than others but the other
                                                                                Interrupting                   p.6
committee members rally round if one person feels overloaded.                   National Autism Symposium      p.6
                                                                                Governor General’s Party       p.7
Ian Copland will be present at the AGM to answer questions on educational       Sibs Club                      p.8
issues within the Department of Education and Training so come along and        Cooking Club                   p.8
talk to him. In order to have the fullest answers to your queries it would be   Seminars & Conferences    p.9 - 11
valuable to have as many questions beforehand.
                                                                                Committee Contacts            p.12
Please send your questions to or to Autism Asperger          AGM Proxy & Voting Forms p.13
ACT PO Box 717 Mawson ACT 2607. Mailed questions, voting and proxy
forms all need to arrive at the association by Friday 31st August 2007.                      *****
Another way all members can help is by donating items to be auctioned at
our Golf Day which is being run through the Master Builders’ Association              Monthly Meetings
and being organised by member Michael McPherson. People can approach                 Wednesday 1st August
businesses and ask for donations or get together with a few friends and make      DVD on Brothers and Sisters of
up a hamper of fine food or wines.                                                     children with ASD
                                                                                           at SHOUT
I came across an interesting thought on the internet recently about Change. I
know a lot of people dislike change, I do for one – my immediate thought
                                                                                          7.30 for 7.45
being something not good is about to happen. Well, the article I was reading                  *****
challenged this idea saying we ought to think of change as being potential           Wednesday 5th September
beneficial. How much easier it would be if children who have ASD                              AGM
responded positively to change. One could do this by making sure all change                at SHOUT
does not result in a less desirable thing happening – it might even be more               7.30 for 7.45

Finally I came across the following quote in the Department of Education        Regular meetings
and Training‟s Tuggeranong Offices – worth passing on to your child‟s           AS Support Group 2ndThurs
school!                                                                         AS Games 3rd Sunday
                 “If they can’t learn the way we teach them,                    RDI Interest Group 3rd Wed
                       let’s teach the way they learn.”                         Sibling Group 3rd Friday
                                                               Kenneth Dunn
                                                                                Please look at our website for more
Gay von Ess                                         details.

1                                                                                   Autism Awareness
                                                                                         August 2007
FOR THE FRIDGE DOOR. . . . . . . .
Wanted: Request through Autism SA for someone of a similar age to chat or correspond with a lady (aged 63) newly
diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
For more information please contact the coordinator, (or who can give you the contact

Are you in the same situation?
A southside parent whose 10 year old son has autism, but will be unable to access the mainstream curriculum, is looking
for others in the same position. Although this boy will not start high school until 2009 his mother is hoping to find several
other students in the same position so that an approach can be made to the Department of Education to open a suitable
LSU. Current high school LSUs Autism integrate all students for most lines. If you have a child in the same position please
contact Margaret 6231 8860.

Quality Computer Packages from just $250
computers are only available to Centrelink recipients, Health Care card holders, schools and Not for Profit Organisations

buzzmeband            Buzzmebands are personalised medical alert wristbands. They can be embossed internally and/or
externally with the wearer‟s medical condition(s). They are customised, strong, long-wearing 100% silicone wristbands.

Visuals Source
A box for visuals has been put near the library please help yourself and/or donate unwanted visuals

Web Sites
Change of website
 Kerryn B is an adult who has Asperger Syndrome. She runs KTalk ; Life Coaching Service and is
anxious to be of service to people on the spectrum. New Choice Works System for ASD children. clear, consistent photographic visuals for children with Autism and Language difficulties.

2                                                                                     Autism Awareness
                                                                                           August 2007
                        NEW BOOKS FOR OUR LIBRARY
Once again we have been kindly donated new books by Footprint Books for us to review. The following two books arrived
A Blessing and a Curse. Autism and Me by Caiseal Mor. Published by Jessica Kingsley in 2007.
Alone together. Making an Asperger Marriage work by Katrin Bentley. Published by Jessica Kingsley in 2007.

Jessica Kingsley books can be obtained from Footprint Books 02 99973973 or ordered through any good bookseller.

We were also donated a book by Hachette Australia. Letters to Sam. A grandfather’s letters to his grandson on love, loss
and the gifts of life by Daniel Gottlieb. Published by Hachette Australia 2007.

In addition we have purchased from Autism WA
Goodnights A manual for parents/carers who have a child with autism experiencing difficulties with sleep
Making Sense of the senses for children with Autism. A workbook for teachers and parents working with children with
Autism in the classroom.


                                                      BOOK REVIEWS

Letters to Sam. A grandfather’s letters to his grandson on love, loss and the gifts of life by Daniel Gottlieb.
The particular charm in this book lies in the fact that it is written by a man, with an acquired disability, for his grandson
with autism, and as such, has a particular poignancy. Daniel Gottlieb covers all the usual but important topics of bullying,
disappointment, falling in love and coping with death.

A Blessing and a Curse. Autism and Me by Caiseal Mor
This book although challenging, and at times shocking, gives the reader a clear insight into the life with autism that Caiseal
Mor, an Australian man, has experienced. Despite his rejection by his family and the abuse and total misunderstanding he
suffered as a child Caiseal Mor rises above this to eventually reach a place of acceptance and love. The book details the
trials of his journey, his periods of dissociation from reality and the spiritual journey he makes through several countries
before returning to and finally finding a fulfilling life in Australia.

Alone together. Making an Asperger Marriage work
In this book Katrin Bentley traces the chequered course of her relationship with her husband, Gavin, whom she met when
travelling in Australia as backpacker from Switzerland. The chapter on how Gavin‟s diagnosis helped them both and the
appendix on Useful Contacts and Further Reading provides many useful resources for others in a similar situation. An
excellent addition to the growing number of books on Asperger marriages.

Useful websites include (AS Partner Information Australia); and

Gay von Ess

                          An excerpt from a letter received by Autism Asperger ACT Inc recently:
 "Fundamental to the search for a missing person is the accuracy and currency of any physical description, particularly of
clothing. When police are searching for a missing person it is the clothing description that will bring the missing person to
    the attention of police in the first instance. Confirmation of the identity of the missing person would be aided by a
current photograph. The establishment of a data base of individual profiles of autistic children would not aid investigating
 police as the information and description of the child would invariably be dated and no longer accurate when required. I
urge you to encourage your membership to ensure that they have a current digital photograph of their children that may be
                                   provided to police should the child be reported missing."

3                                                                                      Autism Awareness
                                                                                            August 2007
                   BEARS LOOKING FOR A HOME
If you would like to buy one of our fundraising bears please contact Colin Wilson 6258 4352 or come
to one of our monthly meetings.
The following two items are from a UK based newsletter produced by Dave Angel. The first on employment links in well
with our October Meeting where we plan to discuss options for young people when they leave school.

          Hot Topic of Discussion - Autism and Employment
New UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been approached by Autism Awareness Campaign UK to consider an autism
compact with employers. This basically means signing up employers to an agreement to improve the chances of people
with autism and Asperger‟s, who are able to work, of finding and keeping a job.

At present various informal and charitable organisations do an excellent job of this, but making this much more official and
"joined-up" (to steal a favourite UK Blair government Buzz Word!) would hopefully take it to a new level.

In addition Ivan Corea (Autism Awareness Campaign UK) is asking for employees to receive training about autism and
Asperger‟s and for companies to offer much greater opportunity for young people with autism to gain work experience.

It will be very interesting to see how this develops over the coming months and years with a new prime minister.

Now I know that for many children with more severe ASD; employment and work experience in its general sense may
always prove to be something that is too much of a challenge for them. But for many, many young people and adults with
ASD their talents and abilities are lying wasted. From a political viewpoint in most Western countries this makes no sense
as there are always approaches to cut welfare benefits and increase the labour force. Yet with a little help and
encouragement so many people with ASD could be contributing much more. And to be quite frank with you - stuff the
politicians and their self-serving ends anyway!

The benefits for the individuals involved are huge. The increased status, improved financial position, sense of purpose,
sense of contribution, new opportunities and so much more that come from meaningful employment is immense.

We live in a society where these things are all seen as good and to be rewarded - and people with autism know this.
So of course they want to aspire to this too.

Yes the "world of work" can be a scary place for anyone just starting out. Add to that a diagnosis of autism and things can
look very challenging - but with the right schemes, training and people in place it can be very achievable.

And I think in the first instance this may not always mean paid employment.

I know of a number of young people and adults with autism who get a great pride out of their work with charity shops
(thrift stores for our American cousins!) recycling centres, gardening projects etc. By gaining such skills and confidence
these individuals then have a much greater chance of going on to more formal paid
employment - if they choose to.

One issue that can arise for many people is that taking part time and at times inconsistent work can actually disadvantage
them in financial terms (as they get benefits cut or reduced).

So this would be an important factor for any "big picture" decisions by Gordon Brown and his cronies at Number 10.
But overall such a national approach and agenda to including more people with autism and Asperger‟s in the workforce can
only be a really good thing.

To read the full story go to:

Autism Asperger ACT October’s monthly meeting will be addressed by our vice-president, Steve Bittinger, who has visited
facilities in Victoria and WA.
4                                                                               Autism Awareness
                                                                                       August 2007
                          Famous Autistic Person - Hikari Oe
Hikari Oe is a Japanese composer with a diagnosis of autism and developmental disabilities. He is the son of Kenzaburo Oe
who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1994.

In a stark and quite frightening view of how attitudes towards disability only 30 years ago were so different; Hikari's
parents were advised by doctors to let him die after his birth in 1964. Fortunately his parents felt otherwise and nurtured
him and cared for him through some very challenging times.

At aged 4 Hikari began to respond to bird song and his delighted parents bought him hundreds of tapes of bird songs and he
began to use a few words. He then graduated on to music and soon began to learn and request his favourite classical music

Then Hikari began to write his own music and his parents brought in a teacher to help him to learn how to write music
properly. Eventually at great personal financial risk Kenzaburo made 200 copies of a CD entitled "The Music of Hikari
Oe". It has since gone on to sell over a million copies and established Hikari as a great and unique composer.

To me this story is doubly inspirational as it is amazing as to what Hikari has produced despite the number of challenges in
his life. And just as amazing is the importance of the unwavering parental support for Hikari that enabled him to do this.
As well as defying the doctors at his birth - Kenzaburo was repeatedly re-buffed along the way by doctors about Hikari's
progress. Initially they said that Hikari was only mimicking speech and not using "real speech" and also that later on he was
not making "real music" but just mimicking.

Well I have to say that if I could sell 1 million CD's of myself "mimicking music" I would be a happy man indeed!

But seriously it is the devotion of Hikari's parents that really gave him the chance to do what he now does.

And as ever I can only say that for each and every parent out there navigating their way through the many difficult
challenges with their autistic child - you all do exactly the same sort of amazing job every day and should take any
opportunity you can to celebrate your own achievements and those of your child (no matter how big or small).

To listen to samples of Hikari's music go to:,,1708529,00.html


              News about the July 2007 meeting on RESPITE
Respite was the subject of the July monthly meeting. Representatives from FaBRiC, Respite Care ACT, Disability Services
ACT and Carers ACT attended the meeting and gave an overview of the services each of their organisations provide. On
completion of the presentations questions were taken from the floor. This was a very worthwhile meeting, especially being
able to ask question directly to the subject matter experts.

Various Respite services are available in the ACT, although obtaining these services can take time as waiting lists are
invariably long. However, temporary alternate solutions are accessible from some providers whilst you are on a waiting list
for a more regular respite care arrangement. It is also recommended that regular contact be maintained with service
providers of which you are on the waiting list, in order that your needs profile is kept up to date as your circumstances

Much of the information detail was new to those who attended and has helped lift the mystique surrounding respite care,
empowering some with renewed confidence in seeking services now that they are more acquainted with the subject.

It is nice to now be able to associate friendly faces with organisations that many of us only know by name and we are
grateful for the those representatives who generously made time in their busy schedules to address the association at the
July monthly meeting. In particular we would like to thank:
      Cheryl Daw                    FaBRiC / Respite Care ACT
      Melinda Mitchell              FaBRiC                  
      Sarah King                    Disability Services ACT 
      Annemarie Ashton              Carers ACT              

5                                                                                      Autism Awareness
                                                                                            August 2007
                                                  by Anna Tullemans

“One of my students interrupts me all the time. It happens when I‟m talking to the group and even when I‟m talking to just
one other person. What can I do?” – Lisa, Hong Kong

Making sense of it:
ASD students have difficulty in knowing how and when to join conversations. They don‟t recognise the pauses and subtle
signals which are an invitation, and they lack the skills of building a contribution to the conversation. They may also
become preoccupied with a particular thought that they cannot resist in blurting out.

Things to try:
• In Groups: Try using an object such as squishy ball with only the person holding the object allowed to speak
• Explain to the student that pauses in conversations are the places to come in with comments. Practice recognising pauses.
Watch videos and use drama activities (play acting) as prompts.
• Use “How to Stop Your Words from Bumping into Someone Else‟s” (interrupting)- Rhonda Dixon & Anna Tullemans

Michelle Kirby, Herbalist, Clinic of Herbal Medicine, 30 Sprent Street
Narrabundah ACT 2604 PH: 62953828

                                                     Press Release

                     Government Support for National Autism Symposium
Community groups welcome the Australian government consideration of funding a national autism symposium.
Senator Bill Heffernan, in a recent letter indicated that he had approached the Minister for Health and Ageing the Hon
Tony Abbott about funding a national autism symposium.
The national autism symposium will be the first fundamental step for government, non-government agencies and autism
researchers to develop a strategic coordinated plan to address rising numbers of children diagnosed with autism in
Bob Buckley, Convenor of Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia (A4), said “We welcome moves, developed in
consultation with people with autism spectrum disorders and their families that strengthen support and improve outcomes
for these people. Over the last decade, the number of children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder has risen to at
least 1 in 160 children.”
“Autism is a life-long condition. A recent study estimated autism costs the nation around $7 billion per year.
“Australia needs to invest in researching the causes of autism, effective treatment and how best to support people who have
it. Research will lead to better outcomes for the whole community.”
Associate Professor Deb Keen from Griffith University said “The Australian Autism Research Alliance (AARA) supports
the call for a national autism symposium. The symposium would join together local and international researchers in their
efforts to diagnose and treat this most serious disorder”.

        Bob Buckley 0418 677 288 ( or
        Peter Hill 0408 125 752.

6                                                                                    Autism Awareness
                                                                                          August 2007
                              ADVANCE NOTICE !!!
                          Governor General's Christmas Party
             Children with special needs , between the ages of 5 and 12 years, from Autism Asperger ACT, plus
      their accompanying parent or carer, are invited to join us at the party. Please be advised, unless there are special
                                               circumstances, only one adult is
                                                   to accompany each child.

                               Thursday        22nd November             12 noon - 1:30 pm
                                                    Tickets will be limited

                                                Thursday, 22 November 2007

                                 Where:         Grounds of Government House, Canberra.

                            Included:       Vintage car rides, face painters and a jumping castle.

                          Refreshments and party fare will be provided for all attending at seating
                                                    under a marquee.

                        Numbers are limited, preference will be given to those children who missed
                                      out last year and then on a first response basis.

                                RSVP:            Roxanne Coghlan                    6242 5353



Autism Asperger ACT‟s preferred method of communication is via email. Email reduces paper, photocopying and
distribution costs and enables timely distribution of information, all of which enables us to provide free membership! Email
recipients also receive a great deal more information, eg: short notice of events / programs etc that is not feasible to
distribute by mail.

Please remember to let us know about any changes in your email and/or postal addresses. Email us on . Thank you.

                                                     Book Box Loans
Contact Trish O‟Neil if you wish to borrow one of our community education book boxes. We have boxes especially for
child care, preschool, primary and high school aged children.

7                                                                                      Autism Awareness
                                                                                            August 2007
                                                SIBLINGS CLUB
                                                For children Yr1 – Yr 6

                                          3rd Friday evening of each month:

    A club for siblings or family members (son, daughter niece nephew or grandchild) of those on the Autism Spectrum.
                                     (Autism, Asperger‟s, PDD NOS and Tourettes).

  We will do fun activities and discussions. We will do some fun things we wouldn‟t always be able to do if our siblings
were with us. We will sometimes talk about what it is like to have a sibling or family member on „the spectrum‟ but mostly
 we will have fun and make new friends! There is a continuous intake of children to the group. New children are always

                                            Contact Bobbi via SHOUT 6290 1984

                                        Connect with Cooking
                                                    Cooking Club

Now it is possible to borrow cooking kits! Why not start a cooking club at your school

Last year at North Ainslie Primary we found that cooking was a great way of connecting our kids with Autism to other
children in the school. To start with we ran small lunch time groups tailored around individuals with Autism. Soon the club
had a reputation for being fun and there was a waiting list of kids keen to join in. These classes provided a chance for
introductions, an opportunity for making friends and practicing social skills. We found that it is not only kids with Autism
who find lunch times long and scary with no structure!

Later in the year we started bake sales. The canteen was closed on Monday so we had a recess bake sale of goodies we had
made in class. We tied this in to the subjects the kids were studying at the time (eg: selling animal shaped biscuits to reflect
the unit on Mini Beasts). This was extremely popular with the other children. Kids from the club were allowed to sell the
goods - giving another chance to practice social skills and giving them a special importance which they loved. Money
raised went to sponsor an animal at Australia Zoo.

The next term we held a great feast. The children cooked a fantastic Italian meal and served it to all their friends before
sitting down to share the meal together. We were also invited cater for the P&C meeting and our kids were able to be

For us, Cooking Club was a way of involving our kids with Autism with the whole school community.

We were lucky enough to have a grant from the ACT Government and with some of that money we have put together 2
Kits of cooking equipment including:
Portable Ovens; Blenders; Electric Mixers; Electric Frypan; Assorted Cooking Utensils

If you have problems with inclusion at your school, Borrow a kit and give Cooking Club a go!!

All enquiries to or SHOUT 6280 1984.

Sam & Adam
Cooking Club
North Ainslie Primary School

8                                                                                       Autism Awareness
                                                                                             August 2007
                                  CIT SKILLS FOR CARERS

July 2007 Newsletter with lots of courses available for Semester 2 - or phone 6207 3628 to
                                          request a copy or for more information!

                         Supporting your anxious child with Autism / Asperger's
                                                Tuesdays 7th &14th August 2007
                                                       6.30 – 9.00pm

                                            Supporting your anxious child
                                               Tuesday 23rd &30th October 2007
                                                     Southside Campus

                                    Challenging Situations and Behaviours
                                     22nd, 29th August & 5,12,19 &26th September 2007
                                                      Southside Campus

    This is an integrated framework for teaching relationships, security and sexual help to people with a moderate to severe
                                              intellectual disability and /or ASD.
                                                     Saturday mid-October

    Other courses offered by Skills for Carers include Medical Emergencies, Parent Support Skills, When caring gets you

                     Contact skills for carers on or ring 6207 3628 to register.


 ABA International conducts conferences around the world to promote behaviour analysis outside the U.S. International
        conferences have been held in Beijing, China (2005); Campinas, Brazil (2004); and Venice, Italy (2001).
We welcome you and all those interested in the philosophy, science, education and teaching of behaviour analysis to join us
                                 in Sydney for an outstanding educational conference!
                                               When: August 12-14, 2007
                                            Where: Hilton Sydney, Australia
                                                    Program Agenda
                                     Opening Reception: Sunday, August 12, 2007
                                       Conference Program: August 13-14, 2007

9                                                                                      Autism Awareness
                                                                                            August 2007
                      2 Day Seminar for Spouses & Partners
                     Prof Tony Attwood & Dr Isabelle Henault co-presenting
                                      Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd September 2007
                                                  9.00 am to 3.00 pm
                                      Venue: Queensland Rugby Club - Ballymore
                                                 Clyde Road, Herston
                                                     Free Parking

First day only Psychologists & Counsellors (PD) welcome. It is recommended that Spouses and Partners attend both
                                  days. Undiagnosed participants also welcome.
          For more information please download registration form or contact Stephanie on QLD 3865 2911



                                           SoSafe ! Training
                        run by SHFPACT (Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT

     This is an integrated framework for teaching relationships, security and sexual help to people with a moderate to
                                        severe intellectual disability and /or ASD.

                                           6th September or 8th November 2007

                                                     9am to 4.30pm

                                      SHFPACT 1/28 University Avenue Canberra

                   $95 for training $ cost of SoSafe resources (approx. $100 but price to be confirmed)

                            or phone 6247 3018


       Ylana Bloom                                          ** * * *               Dolly Bhargava

      On line courses include: Introduction to Augmentative and Alternative Communication; AAC assessment;
      Communication Strategies for individuals who are pre-intentional, intentional and symbolic; Communication issues for
      specific disorders e.g. Autism, deaf – blind; Developing literacy in children and adults; Communication support for
      challenging behaviour; Promoting Social skills and Enhancing the skills of the communication partner

10                                                                                     Autism Awareness
                                                                                            August 2007
                       Working Towards Positive Outcomes In Regional Queensland

                             Tuesday 11th September and Wednesday 12th September, 2007

                                            Rockhampton Conference Centre

                                                     EVENT COSTS

                                                  Standard Registration

                                                        2 days $350

                                                         1 day $200

                                                 Early Bird Registration

                                                        2 days $320

                                                         1 day $170

                                                    Parent registration

                                                        2 days $200

                                                         1 day $100



The Association continues to buy new books for the library. The Library is open for borrowing and returns before and
after the monthly meeting and during the week when the SHOUT office staff will assist you.

Please make sure that you have read the latest Library rules before you borrow books, videos etc from the Library.
When you return these rules and your details a borrowing card will be issued to you.

In future there will be a small charge ($5) for borrowing the very expensive DVDs and videos as these items only have a
limited life span. Relevant items will be clearly marked.

Autism Asperger ACT does not necessarily endorse the views and opinions expressed in the articles in this publication, nor
does the association provide them as advice, nor does the association take any responsibility for the accuracy or validity of
the data within the articles. These articles are produced for information only.
Autism Asperger ACT provides information on services for the information of members. Autism Asperger ACT does not
endorse any individual person or method of treatment.

This edition of Autism Asperger ACT‟s newsletter was compiled and edited by Gay von Ess.

11                                                                                    Autism Awareness
                                                                                           August 2007
                             Autism Asperger ACT Inc.
                 S.H.O.U.T                                                     Telephone: (02) 6290 1984
                 PO Box 717                                                    Facsimile: 02 6286 4475
                 Mawson, ACT, 2607                                   


                                         Committee 2006 – 2007
 President                        Gay von Ess      0413 776922
 Vice President                   Steve Bittinger  0411 245
 Minutes Secretary                Colin Wilson
 Secretary                        Margaret Froggatt         62318860
 Treasurer                        Paul Jackson
 Public Officer                   Margaret Froggatt
 Librarian                        Carmel Ryan
 Membership                       Roxanne Coghlan
 Book Boxes                       Trish O‟Neil
 Newsletter                       Gay von Ess
 Committee                        Morgan Bittinger
                                  Moira Garoni
                                  Bob Buckley
                                  Tracey Haridemos
                                  Bobbi Cook
                                  Dale Daniels

                    Autism Asperger ACT General Meetings
In 2007 we will be holding a general meeting, usually with a speaker on the 1st Wednesday of each month, with the
exception of January and possibly December.. Meetings are held in the large meeting room at SHOUT, Collett Place,
Pearce. The meetings are 7.30 for a 7.45p.m. start. There is time for a cuppa and a chat after the speaker.

A gold coin donation would be appreciated. The Association uses the money collected to buy an item for each autism unit
and special school in turn.

12                                                                                Autism Awareness
                                                                                       August 2007
         Nomination Form for Autism Asperger ACT Inc.

     I, _____________________________________, being a member of

     Autism Asperger ACT Inc. hereby nominate:


     for the position of__________________________________________

     Seconded by: _____________________________________________

     Nomination accepted:______________________________________

         Nomination Form for Autism Asperger ACT Inc

     I, _____________________________________, being a member of

     Autism Asperger ACT Inc hereby nominate:


     for the position of__________________________________________

     Seconded by: _____________________________________________

     Nomination accepted:______________________________________

          Proxy Vote for Autism Asperger ACT AGM Inc
     I, _____________________________________, being a member of

     Autism Asperger ACT Inc hereby give my proxy vote to:


     who is also a member of Autism Asperger ACT Inc in order that he /she

     may vote on my behalf at the forthcoming AGM.

     Signed by: _____________________________________________

13                                                               Autism Awareness
                                                                      August 2007
                  STOP PRESS!!!
Learning Ways, a non profit organisation providing assistance and support to children
with special needs and their families is opening an early intervention therapy playgroup
for children 0 to 5 years with a disability

Playgroup runs

        Mondays 9.30 to 11.30 during the school term, commencing 30 th July 2007.
        Cost is $10 per session, paid at the beginning of the term.
        First session for each child is on a trial basis and is free
        Contact Kara Potter 0418673073 for more details, queries or bookings.
        Address NationsHeart 27 Rae St Belconnen


                                  Foundations Forum present

                                       a two day event

                               “Towards a Better Life”
                               Social Role Valorisation

                                16th & 17th August 2007-07-20

                                Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club


                                  contact Megan 0425370301

14                                                              Autism Awareness
                                                                     August 2007

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