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					                  Ann B. Davis Number 9 Popular Culture Tournament
     Tossups for Northwestern A by Robert Flaxman, Colby Burnett, Mike Bisberg, and Justin Moles

FIRST PERIOD – Jackpot scoring in effect

1.  The signs pointing to the house he takes care of read "Valley Lodge," but when asked about
    it, he insists there is no such place. (*) Later, he makes a pass at Margaret, and knocks out
    and ties up Michael. All this is for naught when he is killed by the Master, who knows that he
    has been hitting on the Master’s wives. For 10 points--who is this half-man, half-satyr, who
    watches the place "while the Master is away" in Manos, the Hands of Fate?
Answer:        Torgo

2.  Upon signing him to Avatar Records in 2003, the label's president called him "probably the
    most important artist of this era." He claims that in 1985, he felt the touch of (*) God during a
    PCP-induced euphoria, and then dedicated his life to religion. For 10 points--name this man,
    with forthcoming album Green is for the Money, Gold is for the Honies Vol. 1, the infamous
    pimp-turned-preacher-turned-hip-hop-star who delivers closing remarks on 50 Cent's "P.I.M.P."
Answer:      Arch-Bishop Don ‘Magic’ Juan

3.  One of the fastest women in the world in her time, she never would have gotten going except
    for the Champaign Police Department raising money for her to travel to Europe for training. (*)
    During the 1988 Winter Olympics, she watched her competitor set a world record, then went
    out and broke it, winning the gold medal. For 10 points--name this speed skater whose 5 gold
    and 6 total medals made her the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympic athlete ever.
Answer:      Bonnie Blair

4.  For this album, the Heart side project The Lovemongers recorded a cover of Led Zeppelin’s
    Battle of Evermore. (*) The Screaming Trees and Alice in Chains contributed "Nearly Lost You"
    and "Would?" respectively while Mother Love Bone, the partial inspiration for the film, had
    their songs Chloe Dancer and Crown of Thorns combined. With "Waiting for Somebody" and
    "Dyslexic Heart" by For 10 points--identify this soundtrack to a Cameron Crowe-directed
    romance-comedy starring Matt Dillon and Bridget Fonda.
Answer:       Singles

5.  Buying 8 pounds of chocolate with the money intended to buy flu medicine for his sister.
    Fighting off the advances of young Elsie Soaperstein. Exhibiting his sister's training (*) bra for
    show and tell. Replacing his sister's name with his own in the title of the show with spray-paint.
    These are just some of the exploits of -- for 10 points -- which character, played by Jason
    Zimbler, the red-headed, evil-genius younger brother on Nickelodeon's Clarissa Explains It All.
Answer:      Ferguson Darling

6.  Set in the Amazon rainforest, this film was shot in Hawaii after the crew was robbed while
    location scouting in Brazil. Working titles included Helldorado and Welcome to the Jungle, (*)
    the latter becoming the film’s international title. Focusing on a search for a golden idol
    called the Gato del Diablo, Seann William Scott plays a wannabe archaeologist and
    Christopher Walken plays the bad guy. For 10 points--what is this 2003 film starring The Rock?
Answer:       The Rundown
7.  Drawing heavily from a trilogy of open source games called Marathon, it officially has three
    tie-in novels, of which The Fall of Reach (*) explains the development of the Spartan program
    and the beginnings of the Covenant Wars, while First Strike bridges the gap between the story
    in Combat Evolved/The Flood all the way to the April 2004 sequel. For 10 points—name this
    series of popular games originally designed for the Xbox.
Answer:       Halo

SECOND PERIOD – Unlimited Guessing on Completed Tossups

8.  Starting in the ARTGO Challenge Racing series, he broke his teammate’s record as youngest
    champion of that series. Substituting for Bill Elliott at a race in 1998, (*) he finished 6th in his first
    Winston Cup race. Making it to NASCAR full time in 2000, he became the first rookie to win
    the Coca-Cola 600 and was named Rookie of the Year. For 10 points--name this Smirnoff Ice
    pitchman and 2003 Winston Cup Champion.
Answer:       Matt Kenseth

9.  He was part of a comedy duo called "Gerald and His Hen," which also included his wife, with
    whom he wrote the theme music for The Bob Newhart Show, which he also (*) created and
    produced. He died of cancer in 2001, leaving a legacy including voicing Super Pac-Man,
    "Carlton, your doorman" on Rhoda and Peter Venkman on The Real Ghostbusters. For 10
    points -- name this voice actor best known for his work as the voice of Garfield the cat.
Answer:       Lorenzo Music

10. Some of this actors 90’s works include Demolition High, National Lampoon’s Last Resort and
    Snowboard Academy. (*) Starting early with thrillers like Silver Bullet, he peaked at 15 with the
    short-lived sitcom Roomies and a 1986 movie about a nerd who tries to make the football
    team. For 10 points--name this reputedly hard-partying star of Lucas, now inseparable from
    another actor with whom he starred in seven movies including The Lost Boys.
Answer:       Corey Haim

11. He once justified his seeming polytheism by stating that "the Football gods are not supreme
    beings, but they must be (*) sated for a team to be successful." Despite popular maxims like
    "Stop Me Before I Blitz Again", he lost his job in 2003 when, in The New Republic, he
    lambasted the executives of Miramax and Disney for producing Kill Bill. For 10 points—name
    this policy wonk and Tuesday Morning Quarterback.
Answer:       Gregg Easterbrook or Tuesday Morning Quarterback (before mentioned)

12. Asked about songwriting, he stated that "a synonym is the word you use when you can’t spell
    the word you first thought of". In 2003, he released the album Here I Am, (*) with Ronald Isley
    covering his catalog of songs. He helped provide the scores for Casino Royale, and Butch
    Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. For 10 points--name this collaborator of Hal David, writer of
    hits such as Dionne Warwick "Walk on By" and Dusty Springfield's "Wishin and Hopin’".
Answer:      Burt Bacharach
13. A massive NSA supercomputer uses brute force to crack any encryption software in minutes,
    but now Ensei Tankado (*) appears to have developed a function that prevents access by
    simply guessing every possible key. Tankado then turns up dead, and it’s up to Susan Fletcher
    and David Becker to find the passcode before the program is released to the public. For 10
    points--the name of Tankado’s program is also the title of what first novel by Dan Brown?
Answer:      Digital Fortress

14. His autobiography says his real first and middle names are Charles Butterick. He once had an
    argument with Coco Chanel about what to wear to Charles DeGaulle's funeral. An ordained
    (*) minister, he is allowed to perform marriages, as long as he does not practice homosex-
    uality during the ceremony. An authority on the care and keep of the male slave, he is, for 10
    points--this "openly Canadian" bar owner played by Scott Thompson on The Kids in the Hall.
Answer:       "Buddy" Cole

THIRD PERIOD – No special rules in effect

15. In 2003, he won his second consecutive Tip O’Neill award, becoming the second person to
    accomplish that feat. Born in Montreal, (*) he received a hockey scholarship from the
    University of Vermont, but decided not to accept after being signed as an undrafted free
    agent in 1996. For 10 points--name this Los Angeles Dodger pitcher who, in 2003, converted a
    perfect 55 for 55 saves, earning himself the NL Cy Young Award.
Answer:      Eric Gagne

16. Darius Khondji was the cinematographer on the first three features directed by this man, while
    actor Dominique Pinon has appeared in all five. He co-directed (*) with Marc Caro on
    Delicatessen and The City of Lost Children, after which he went out on his own. This led to his
    first and only English-language film, 1997’s Alien Resurrection, after which he spent four years
    on a much more personal project. For 10 points--who is this French director behind Amélie?
Answer:       Jean-Pierre Jeunet

17. Formed in Atlanta and originally called Crawlspace, they appeared on the Mortal Kombat
    soundtrack with the song My Ruin. (*) They covered Chris Jericho’s entrance music on the
    WWE: Forceable Entry. They supported their 2001 release Animosity opening for Fuel. The
    reached their greatest success with a song written for the deceased leader of the band Snot,
    Angel’s Son. For 10 points--identify this band whose latest album is Seasons.
Answer:     Sevendust

18. His mother was the subject of a 1990 TV movie starring Alfre Woodard. (*) Born in Chicago, he
    was the head of the NBA Players Association and earned two NBA All-Star MVP awards, but
    may be better known for helping engineer the supposed "freeze-out" of Michael Jordan in
    the 1985 mid-season classic. Nicknamed "Zeke"--for 10 points—who is this former Detroit "Bad
    Boy," Indiana Pacers head coach, and current Knicks president?
Answer:      Isiah Thomas

19. Unless he’s a real jerk or a crybaby, you’ll remain friends. Make sure to keep your hair
    spotless (*) and clean. Wash it at least every two weeks. There’s still a feeling of rejection
    when someone says she prefers the company of others to your own exclusive company. And
    if you see Johnny football hero in the hallway, tell him he played a great game. All these
    statements lead to -- for 10 points -- this adjective defining a Nada Surf song.
Answer:      "Popular"
20. Smaller roles in this film include Samantha Mathis as Janie, David Paymer as Leon, (*) Aaron
    Sorkin regular Joshua Malina as David, and Wendie Malick as Susan Sloan. Richard Dreyfuss
    has a supporting role as White House hopeful Bob Rumson, who hopes to take down Andrew
    Shepherd in a character debate by picking on his relationship with GDC lobbyist Sydney
    Wade. For 10 points--this is what 1995 film starring Michael Douglas and Annette Bening?
Answer:      The American President

21. Born in Ottawa in 1966, he graduated from Harvard and went on to study at The British-
    American Drama Academy in London. He starred as Jimmy McBride, cab driver, in a series
    of MTV promos, (*) and today he has his own "Unfinished Thoughts" segment on VH1's I Love
    the 80's Strikes Back. For 10 points--name this actor, who got his big break in the 2000 film The
    Tao of Steve, who stars as Sean Finnerty on The WB's Grounded for Life.
Answer:      Donal Logue


22. He used a number of identities during his career, including "Rockin’ Randall" and "Luke the
    Drifter". After being nearly paralyzed in a hiking accident, (*) he released his 1977 comeback
    album entitled The New South. He has released 68 albums, including 1987’s Born to Boogie.
    He was the only country artist to receive an Emmy, doing so three consecutive times in the
    early 90s. For 10 points--name this Chris Farley-impersonated singer nicknamed "Bocephus".
Answer:       Hank Williams Jr.
                   Ann B. Davis Number 9 Popular Culture Tournament
      Bonuses for Northwestern A by Robert Flaxman, Colby Burnett, Mike Bisberg, and Justin Moles

1.     Submitted for your approval. Given a brief synopsis, give the name of a classic episode of The
       Twilight Zone for the stated number of points.

(5)  A nervous salesman, played by William Shatner, is flying home from a sanitarium when he is
    tormented by a creature on the wing trying to sabotage one of the plane’s engines.
Answer:     Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

(10) Burgess Meredith plays a bank employee with a voracious appetite for reading. A nuclear
     explosion leaves him alone and surrounded by millions of books - too bad his glasses break.
Answer:      Time Enough At Last

(15) Roddy McDowall plays the sole surviving member of the human crew that crash-lands on
     Mars, and is made to feel right at home - as an exhibit in the Martians’ planetary zoo.
Answer:      People Are Alike All Over

2.     Alfred Hitchcock sure did like his blondes. Given clues, name the blonde actress from Hitch’s
       films for the stated number of points.

(5) She appeared in only eleven movies before retiring, but three were Hitch’s: Dial M for
    Murder, To Catch a Thief, and Rear Window.
Answer:     Grace Kelly

(10) Hitch gave this mother of Melanie Griffith her first two starring roles, back to back in The Birds
     and Marnie, after which they had a falling out.
Answer:      Tippi Hedren

(15) The female lead in The Wrong Man, this blonde lost out on the Kim Novak role in Vertigo due
     to pregnancy but later was cast in Psycho as Janet Leigh’s sister.
Answer:      Vera Miles

3.     In the 1992 NCAA Basketball Tournament, one of the greatest college basketball games ever
       was played between Kentucky and Duke, with Duke winning 104-103 in overtime.

(10) In which round and which region was this game played?
Answer:      East Regional Final [Elite Eight]

(10) Which Duke player made a shot from the free throw line as time expired to win?
Answer:     Christian Laettner

(10) What oft-injured NBA "star" made the long inbound pass that made Laettner's last second
     shot possible?
Answer:      Grant Hill (not to be confused with Thomas Hill, also of that Duke team.)
4.    Ignore Jack White being in the top 20. Rolling Stone’s 100 greatest guitarists included three
      pairs of members from the same group. Given the members, identify the band.

(10) Johnny Greenwood and Ed O’Brien
Answer:     Radiohead

(10) Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo
Answer:       Sonic Youth

(10) Wayne Kramer and Fred "Sonic" Smith
Answer:     The Motor City 5

5.    Identify the following about movies whose plots center around look-alikes, for the stated
      number of points.

(5) In this 1993 film, Kevin Kline plays an ordinary guy called on to replace President Bill Mitchell,
    who has suffered an incapacitating stroke.
Answer:       Dave

(10) Brian DePalma ripped off Hitchcock with this 1976 Vertigo rehash that saw Cliff Robertson
     remarry a look-alike of his wife – who ends up being his long-lost daughter. Ewww!
Answer:      Obsession

(15) In this 1991 Italian film, Roberto Benigni plays both a naïve bus driver and his doppelganger,
     the titular mobster.
Answer:        Johnny Stecchino

6.    On November 22, 2003, the NHL held its first outdoor regular season game. Answer questions
      about the event.

(5/5) Name the two teams playing the game.
Answer:     Edmonton Oilers and Montreal Canadiens

(10) Name the stadium the game was played in.
Answer:     Commonwealth Stadium

(10) Before the Heritage Classic, the Ford MegaStars game was played between alumni of the
     Canadiens and Oilers. While Wayne Gretzky captained the Oilers legends, what Hall of
     Famer captained the Habs alums?
Answer:       Guy LaFleur
7.   Given the TV show and a character, give the species and name of the character’s pet, for
     the stated number of points.

(5) Lisa Simpson’s cat.
Answer:     Snowball II (do not accept just Snowball)

(10) Five for species, five for the name, on Diff’rent Strokes, Arnold Jackson.
Answer:        Goldfish, Abraham

(15) Five for the species and ten for the name, Sonny Crockett pet on Miami Vice.
Answer:       Alligator (do not accept crocodile), Elvis

8.   Given the scene of a Foster’s Beer commercial, identify the Australian word it represents.

(10) In a bar, a boomerang is thrown at the head of the bartender during a rugby match.
Answer:        remote control

(10) During a date, the woman pours the last of the beer into a glass, then crushes the can
     against her forehead.
Answer:       keeper

(10) After being hit by a meteorite, a man says "ouch".
Answer:       crybaby

9.   R.A. Salvatore has become famous for his work in fantasy and science fiction novels. Answer
     these questions about his work For 10 points each.

(10) His first book, it was originally a stand alone novel and later expanded to be the first in a
     trilogy. It set the cornerstone for what now is called the Forgotten Realms.
Answer:         The Crystal Shard

(10) The Crystal Shard introduced what character, a dark elf ranger who follows the path of light
     that now is the focus for over 15 novels?
Answer:      Drizzt Do’Urden

(10) Salvatore was chosen to write the first in a new series of Star Wars books. This book chronicles
     the death of Chewbacca and the rise of a new generation of Jedi Knights.
Answer:      Vector Prime
10.   Given a film remake, identify the older film – with a different title – that it adapted, For 10
      points each.

(10) The Truth About Charlie
Answer:       Charade

(10) Down to Earth
Answer:     Heaven Can Wait [you may prompt on, but do not accept, Here Comes Mr. Jordan]

(10) The Money Pit
Answer:     Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

11.   On December 13, 2003, Michigan State and Kentucky set a new record playing the most
      attended basketball game ever with over 75,000 fans. For 10 each:

(10) The previous record holder was played in what city?
Answer:      Berlin, Germany

(10) The game was an exhibition by a single team. What team was it?
Answer:     Harlem Globetrotters

(10) The Globetrotters weren’t the reason for the huge crowd. What athlete was making a return
     to the site of the 1936 Olympics and being honored by the crowd?
Answer:        Jesse Owens

12.   Given a track from the compilation 25 All-Time Greatest Bubblegum Hits, identify the
      performer For 10 points each.

(10) Yummy Yummy Yummy
Answer:     Ohio Express

(10) I Think We’re Alone Now (the original)
Answer:       Tommy James and the Shondells

(10) Sugar Sugar
Answer:      The Archies
13.   For the stated number of points--given the name of a recently released greatest-hits album,
      and some commentary from, name the artist.

(5)  This Left Feels Right "The fact that such a thing exists is all the proof we need that Satan is
    firmly in control here on Earth."
Answer:        Bon Jovi

(10) Tales of a Librarian "This best-of collection is sure to be grabbed up by thousands of brooding
     teenage girls and their pussy-whipped boyfriends."
Answer:       Tori Amos

(15) Dirty Hits "If you’re willing to hear the whole nauseating ordeal, God help you."
Answer:       Primal Scream

14. Steve Spurrier has discovered why many college football coaches struggle when they move
    up to the pro level. Only 2 coaches have ever taken a college team to the national
    championship and a pro team to a Super Bowl victory. Name them and the teams they took
    to their respective victories for 5 points per answer. You’ll have 10 seconds.
Answer:       Jimmy Johnson, University of Miami, Dallas Cowboys
              Barry Switzer, University of Oklahoma, Dallas Cowboys

15.   Given a tagline for a recent movie, identify the film For 10 points each.

(10) Remember the future.
Answer:   Paycheck

(10) Read between the lies.
Answer:     Shattered Glass

(10) An ordinary high school day. Except that it’s not.
Answer:      Elephant

16.   Given some of the flavors in a soda product line, identify the brand, For 10 points each.

(10) Wild Cherry, Twist, Vanilla, Blue
Answer:      Pepsi

(10) Code Red, Live Wire
Answer:     Mountain Dew

(10) Cherry Bomb, White Lightning, Citrus Climax
Answer:      Jolt
17.   Give the following about one of the best sketch-comedy programs that nobody ever
      watched, The Ben Stiller Show.

(15) For 5 points each--name the 3 cast members who were not Ben Stiller.
Answer:       Andy Dick, Janeane Garofalo, Bob Odenkirk

(5) For 5 points-how many episodes of The Ben Stiller Show actually aired in its original run?
Answer:      12

(10) "Shut Your Stinkin’ Trap!" was the catch-phrase of the sock-puppet title character of this
     recurring imaginary FOX family sitcom.
Answer:       Skank

18.   Answer the following questions about that game of world domination, Risk, for 10 each.

(10) Each continent has a general color scheme. What is the color scheme of Australia?
Answer:     purple

(10) Within two, how many different territories are there in the game of Risk?
Answer:       42 [accept between 40 and 44]

(10) This version of Risk takes place only in Europe, and adds additional features like a navy and
     the titular structures.
Answer:        Castle Risk

19.   What is it about directors named Anderson and re-using cast members? Given an actor,
      name the one Wes Anderson feature in which he did not appear, For 10 points each.

(10) Bill Murray
Answer:        Bottle Rocket

(10) Owen Wilson. His photo in Miss Cross’ bedroom does not count.
Answer:    Rushmore

(10) Seymour Cassel
Answer:     Bottle Rocket
20.   From career death to actual death: answer these questions about the late Robert Palmer.

(10) Name the 1985 album that was his best solo effort, which included "Addicted to Love" and "I
     Didn’t Mean to Turn You On."
Answer:      Riptide

(10) Palmer fronted this Duran Duran side project, with hits "Some Like it Hot" and a cover of T-Rex’s
     "Bang-a-Gong (Get it On)."
Answer:       The Power Station

(10) Palmer left the Power Station before they started touring. He would have cared more
     because his proposed replacement was this singer of "Every Time You Go Away."
Answer:       Paul Young

21.   For the stated number of points--give the following about the Food Network.

(5) Name the host of ‘Ciao, America!’ who crosses the country in search of the most authentic
    Italian cuisine.
Answer:      Mario Batali

(10) Name the kooky, problem-solving food trivia guru, host of "Good Eats."
Answer:     Alton Brown

(15) The latest show to premiere on the network, featuring two "rockers" who put down their
      guitars to break bread in many of the nation’s culinary centers.
Answer:        Dweezil & Lisa
(FYI: the "rockers" in question are the married couple Dweezil Zappa & Lisa Loeb)

22.   Long before the BCS bowls are played, the lesser divisions are played. Answer these
      questions about the NCAA Division 3 Championship.

(10) The Division 3 Championship is held every year in this city, hosted by the Old Dominion
     Athletic Conference.
Answer:       Salem, VA

(10) The Division 3 Championship is known as what bowl?
Answer:       Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl

(5/5) For 5 points each, what two teams where in the 2003 Stagg Bowl?
Answer:       St. John’s Johnnies and Mount Union Purple Raiders
23.   Because we love you as much as FOX seems to, here’s a Joe Millionaire 2 bonus. Or maybe
      we hate you. Figure that out after the bonus is done. For 10 points each:

(10) This was the show’s official sub-title
Answer:       An International Affair

(10) The country of origin of the show’s winner, Linda.
Answer:     Czech Republic

(10) The name of the horse on which David makes his entrance, on which he would take the
     contestants for rides on several occasions throughout the show.
Answer:      Hurricane

24.   What the hell do you know about Gary Larson? Let’s find out. For 10 points each, given a brief
      physical description of a Far Side comic, provide the caption.

(10) A man removes the front panel of his car stereo, and finds a tiny jazz trio playing behind it.
Answer:     "Aha!"

(10) Three fish with legs, one holding a bat, sit just below the waterline and look out onto the
     shore, where their baseball now rests.
Answer:       "Great Moments in Evolution"

(10) A bird sits in a cage with a speaker on top, which is connected to a record player which
     plays the album "Popular Canary Songs."
Answer:        "Milli Vanilli’s bird, Lilly"

25.   Identify these personalities from the so-called "Golden Age" of rap given a list of their most
      well-known songs.

(10) "Treat Her Like a Prostitute", "Children’s Story", "Mona Lisa"
Answer:       Slick Rick

(10) "Smooth Operator", "I Get the Job Done", "Ain’t No Half-Steppin’"
Answer:      Big Daddy Kane

(10) "It’s My Thing", "Strictly Business", "You Gots to Chill"
Answer:         EPMD