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					                                      Electronic Publishing

                        HTC Global Services
                        Established in 1990, HTC is an Inc. 500 Hall of Fame company with headquarters in Troy,
                        Michigan. HTC is a leading global Information Technology (IT) solution provider, offering
                        dynamic solutions that utilize proprietary tools, methodologies and processes, increasing the
                        speed and reducing the cost of software development and content digitization. HTC assists their
                        clients with the entire system development lifecycle including software development, systems
                        integration, data conversion, implementation and support, application migration, software
                        training and technical support. HTC has global delivery centers across multiple time zones in
                        India, Malaysia and Australia. HTC is a methodology and process-oriented company and has
                        been assessed at CMM Level 3 worldwide with a planned commitment to CMM Level 5 by the end
                        of 2003. In addition, the Global Delivery Center in Chennai, India is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

                        Content Management Canvas
                        Staffed by a team of highly qualified subject matter experts, HTC offers Enterprise Content
                        Management (ECM) systems, software development and implementation, professional
                        services, quality management systems, e-business, data warehousing, document
                        management, customer relationship management (CRM), and ERP solutions. HTC has over a
                        decade of experience in providing dynamic solutions for acquiring, managing, personalizing
                        and presenting enterprise information. HTC's experience also includes the deployment of ECM
                        systems to optimize business processes. HTC assists its customers with the entire enterprise
                        information life cycle to create a solution for real-time interactive information management.
                        HTC Global Services, Inc. provides Information Technology Enabled
                        Business Process (ITEBP) solutions that help organizations in following
                          l   Proof of Concept Development
                          l   Product Development
                          l   Product Implementation
                          l   Product Releases and Maintenance
                          l   Third Party Product Integration
                          l   Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing
                          l   Backfile Conversion (Scanning, Microfilm Digitization)
                          l   Content Creation
                        HTC's Publishing Technology team has thorough knowledge of products in the industry,
                        including Library Management Systems, ProQuest, Gale, OCLC, EBSCO, BigChalk and Sirsi

                        Key Differentiators
                                                                HTC's key differentiator is the ability to leverage adherence
                                                                to ISO-9001 and SEI-CMM processes to commit fixed
                                                                prices, fixed deadlines, and enter into results - based
                                                                contracts. Since the very beginning, HTC has never lost
                                                                any customer. Customers have grown from one time
                                                                assignments to long term alliance partnerships. HTC's
                                                                disciplined attention to process methodology enables
                                                                delivery on commitments, while offering substantial
                                                                reduction in implementation costs (sometimes as much as
                                                                80%) and reduction in          implementation time cycles
                                                                (sometimes as much as 65%).
                                                          Enterprise Content Management is quickly becoming a
                                                          significant segment of business today. HTC views ECM as
                                                          the management of structured and unstructured content
                        across the enterprise. The scope includes the entire content lifecycle - capture, manage,
                        store, preserve and deliver via multiple channels in different formats.

                               Reaching out... through IT
                         Offerings in Electronic Publishing
                         HTC can handle the most complex and large-scale           l   Editorial Services
                         projects for ECM, digitization, data conversion,
                                                                                       Controlling vocabulary,          indexing      and
                         content creation, forms processing, document                  abstracting, thesaurus, etc.
                         management and editorial systems (indexing and
                         abstracting) involving the following activities:          l   Delivery

                             l   Scanning                                              Printing on demand, variable data reports, PDF,
                                                                                       CD/DVD publishing, etc.
                             Paper: All types of paper documents including
                             books, journals, contracts, patient records,          l   Document Management
                             accounting and HR documents, student                      Customized solution for storage, search and
                             records, ledgers, blueprints, maps, etc. All of           retrieval of documents; web-enabling access to
                             these can be scanned in black and white as                content, Z39.50 based solutions.
                             well as full color.
                                                                                   l   Consulting
                             Microfilm: Duplex or simplex 16mm and 35mm
                             film on rolls or cartridges. The output could be          Business requirements, business process
                             bi-tonal or grayscale images.                             assessment, planning, designing and
                                                                                       implementing document imaging and
                             Microfiche: All types of microfiche ranging from
                                                                                       management solutions.
                             16mm and 35mm jackets to 48x COM Fiche, with
                             output as bi-tonal images or grayscale images.
                                                                                   HTC's ECM solutions maximize the return to our
                             Aperture Cards: Scanning of 35mm aperture
                                                                                   customers by thoroughly analyzing their needs,
                             cards with the ability to read the punched
                                                                                   evaluating the current environment to leverage
                             hollerith data to create an index.
                                                                                   existing systems, designing a “best of breed”
                             l   Image Markup and OCR                              solution, developing a Return-on-Investment
                                                                                   model and implementing the solution. HTC's ECM
                             HTC has developed a 'zoning' tool that can be
                                                                                   solutions and services have become the preferred
                             used for forms processing as well as for
                                                                                   choice among organizations with immense
                             handling images with single or multi-column
                                                                                   electronic document management and publishing
                             text, pictures, illustrations, or charts. The
                                                                                   needs. HTC has delivered numerous projects to
                             zoning process creates borders to identify
                             areas of an image that will be recognized either      leading online publishers.
                             as text or pictures. This can then be used to
                             extract data from the text zones. HTC uses
                                                                                   Value to Customers
                             various top-of-the-line OCR engines to achieve        HTC’s value to customers, expressed in financial
                             good accuracy rates for various types of image        terms, is highlighted by the following points:
                             formats including photocopies, multiple fonts
                                                                                   l Customers have experienced reduced
                             and even foreign languages. The accuracy of
                                                                                     development costs by outsourcing all, or a
                             OCR output can be improved using lexicons,
                                                                                     portion of the enterprise content
                             user dictionaries and fuzzy-matching
                                                                                     management process.
                             techniques. The OCR-ed text can be provided
                             in various formats like XML, SGML, RTF and            l Customers have experienced increased
                             other formats for indexing and searching.               productivity by integrating enterprise
                                                                                     content management into existing ISO and
                             l   Data Entry
                                                                                     other Quality Assurance Methodologies.
                             Keying of text from paper, scanned images, or
                                                                                   l HTC consultants have helped customers
                                                                                     experience increased profitability through
                             l   Data Conversion                                     reduced implementation time frames
                             Converting raw data into structured formats           l HTC has helped customers eliminate project
                             like XML, SGML, PDF, MARC Records, eBook                cost over-runs by delivering projects on a fixed
                             and cross platform data conversion;                     cost basis
                             conversion from paper to CD/DVD media.

                                                             HTC Global Services
                                                                World Headquarters
                        3270 West Big Beaver Road, Troy, MI 48084 Phone : 248.786.2500 Fax : 248.786.2515 Email:


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Description: HTC can handle the most complex and large-scale projects for ECM, digitization, data conversion, content creation, forms processing, document management and editorial systems (indexing and abstracting). HTC's ECM solutions maximize the return to our customers by thoroughly analyzing their needs, evaluating the current environment to leverage existing systems, designing a “best of breed” solution, developing a Return-on-Investment model and implementing the solution.