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					                 SILVER LAKE ROWING CLUB Inc.
   P.O. Box 747 Port Dover, ON N0A 1N0   519-426-5677

                            BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                     March 21, 2007

In Attendance:       Beth Ardiel
                     Jim Dover
                     Lori McMaster
                     Corrine Puddy
                     Dave Puddy

Regrets:             None

Approval of Minutes/Business Arising

The minutes of January 24, 2007 were reviewed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Corrine reported that there is $8700.27 in the chequing account with another $1000 to
be received from the Youth Rowing registration fees. The following expenses have been
-$1200 rent for January – June 30, 2007
-$3471.30 to Kashper for boat repairs

There have been several deposits which include the following:
-$2180 for high school registration fees from Simcoe Composite School (SCS) and Port
Dover Composite School (PDSC)
-$140 for Ardiel boat storage fee
-$140 for Dover boat storage fee
-$389.60 HRDC cheque reissued
-$5600 Row for Heart

Immediate upcoming expenses include:
-Insurance – amount to be determined
-$2200 for oars
-$500 for Brinkman boat deposit
-$500 for Dover boat deposit
-$5500 for Hudson single
Vice-President, Rowing’s Report

Jim reported that he has met with the students from SCS and PDCS re: the high school
rowing guidelines. The meetings with Valley Heights Secondary School and Holy Trinity
will take place soon. Jim discussed the boathouse clean-up which will take place
Saturday, March 24, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Vice-president, Club Development’s Report

Lori noted that the Adult Rec Rowers will meet next week and a registration date will be
decided at that time. The program will begin May 7.

Lori reported that she has emailed Sue and Ross Fairley and it was determined that a
volunteer with technical expertise will be required in the near future to be responsible for
the SLRC web site. This person could also assist with the on-line boat booking system
that the club hopes to implement in the future.

Action        Lori will begin looking into finding a volunteer with computer skills.

Action        Lori will also speak with Lisa Buis at Fanshawe College to investigate the
              possibility of an instructor taking on the management of the web site and
              having it as an on-going project at the school.

Action        Lori and Jim will attempt a test run of the boat booking system to prepare
              for the 2008 rowing season.

Vice President, Fundraising’s Report

Dave reported that he will continue to try and contact the owner of Hyde Marine
regarding the cost and availability of a new and/or used coach boat.

There was discussion about the estimated $3000 cost of running the Silver Lake High
School Regatta with approximately $2300 of this amount required for trophies and

Action        Dave will contact community members to find sponsors for the regatta and
              possibly establish one overall sponsor. Board was asked to give Dave
              names of possible candidates.

Dave stated that he has purchased a commercially-zoned property near Powell Park in
Port Dover that could be a potential location for a fundraising event during Friday the
13th festivities.

Action        Dave will investigate the possibility of using the property for fundraising

Action        Dave will also meet with Jim to become acquainted with the history of the
              club’s fundraising activities.
Boat Names

There are currently 8 boats requiring names: used quad, SLRC 11, wood heavyweight
double, new heavyweight double, trainer, three singles. The following names were
1.    Bruce Gibson - this was decided at a previous board meeting
2.    Bridge Marine - they have been very helpful with boat maintenance
3.    Port Dover Volunteer Firefighters – always present at SLRC water events
4.    Pack 1 – Ross Fairley, Laura Fisher and Anna Ardiel
5.    Pack 2
6.    Pack 3
7.    Fairley family to choose a boat name
8.    Dover family to choose a boat name
9.    Vortex – the name of this boat may be changed

There was discussion about having a special event to celebrate the naming of these
boats. One suggestion brought forward was to have a ceremony during the Moonlight
Row in August.

Action       Board members will finalize this decision.

Action       Jim will contact Trim Line Design regarding boat lettering.


Lori informed the Board that Norfolk County is starting a new chapter of this Ontario-
wide organization. It was suggested that two Youth Learn-to-Row registrations (one boy
and one girl) be donated.

Action       Dave will contact Kidsport to offer the registrations and will ask if they
             will allow a link to Kidsport on the SLRC website.

Single Contracts

Motion       Lori motioned, Dave 2nd to accept the terms of purchase and sale
agreements with Jim Dover, dated February 4, 2007 and John Brinkman, dated
February 16, 2007 and authorizing Corrine and Lori to sign on behalf of SLRC
approving these agreements. Motion passed.

Privately Owned Rowing Equipment Guidelines

Motion      Jim motioned, Dave 2nd to approve the revised guidelines dated March 21,
2007 and authorizing Jim and Lori to sign on behalf of SLRC. Motion passed.


Motion      Jim motioned, Lori 2nd to approve purchase of 4 pairs of sculling oars and
a heavyweight single from Hudson Boatworks. Motion passed.
HRSDC Summer Job Application Procedure

The selection committee for these positions will include Linda LeMoine, Lisa Buis and
Jim Dover. Once the two applicants are selected the committee will bring the successful
candidates’ names to the Board for their approval. At this time the wage
recommendation will be decided.

Action        Jim to complete the HRSDC application by March 31, 2007.

Insurance Premium Increase

The premium with Tri-County Insurance will increase this year due to the purchase of
new equipment. The SLRC assets were valued at $138,000 last year with the value
increasing to $180,000 for 2007.

Action        Jim to contact Brad Smith of Tri-County Insurance before April 14, 2007 to
              establish the replacement cost of the boats and to establish the
              deductible cost premium.

Boat Lights

Forty boat lights, 20 red and 20 white, have been purchased for the rowing shells. Beth
Ardiel has been reimbursed for this cost.

Life Jackets and Whistles

Jim discussed the implementation of a Cold Water Rule from October 1st to June 1st.
Rowers using singles, doubles or pairs will require life jackets. Those rowing singles,
doubles and pairs must have a whistle. If a student does not comply, the school will not
be allowed on the water for one day. The club will look into purchasing life jackets but
those rowing privately owned singles are responsible for purchasing their own. Students
are required to purchase their own whistles.

Action        Jim will speak with the coaches about the Cold Water Rule and the use
              of whistles and get quotes on the cost of life jackets.

Action        Lori will speak with the adult rowers regarding these issues.

Action        Lori will contact Pam Whalen regarding obtaining a locker or steel cabinet
              for storage of life jackets and other valuables.

Motion        Lori motioned, Dave 2nd to accept all reports as submitted. Motion carried.

Motion        Jim motioned, Beth 2nd to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned 10:15 p.m.

Next meeting       Wednesday, September 26, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at Beth Ardiel’s.
Prepared by: Beth Ardiel            March 27, 2007

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