GOVERNMENT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

                                                     Special Events/Vending
                                                    Basic Business License Center
                                                    941 North Capitol St NE #1100
                                                        Washington DC 20002

                                 IMPORTANT NOTICE TO STREET VENDORS
                              HOW TO RENEW YOUR BASIC BUSINESS LICENSE
If you have a Street Vendor License and you want to keep it, you must come to our Basic Business License Center.
You must come to the Center yourself. It will be very crowded, so there won’t be room for family, friends, or co-
workers. If you need help with reading or translation, we will give it to you.
You must:
•       File 2006-07 Unincorporated Business Franchise Tax (D-30) Forms. DC residents must also file all required
        Individual Income Tax (D-40) Returns.
•       Pay all 2006-08 vendor fees to OTR. You can pay any taxes you owe at 941 North Capitol St NE #1110. To learn
        more about fees or tax forms, call OTR at (202) 727-4829. If you do not file the forms with OTR and pay any fees
        you owe, OTR will not approve your Clean Hands Certificate. You may be asked to prove that you have paid your
        taxes, so bring your tax receipts.
•       Bring:
                 o   Your driver’s license or non-driver’s identification.
                 o   Your current Vending License and any expired Vending License Badges you may have; you won’t get a
                     new Badge if you do not give us the Badges you have now.
                 o   Your receipt of License bill payment (stamped by DC Treasurer).
                 o   Your Notice of Business Tax Registration from OTR with your FEIN (Federal Employee Identification
                     Number) or SSN (Social Security Number). You must file a Combined Business Tax Registration
                     Application (Form FR-500) with OTR to register. To learn more, call OTR at (202) 727-4829.
                 o   Your current PD 70 Criminal History Report - from the Metropolitan Police Department, 300 Indiana Av
                     NW # 3055. (The cost is $7. To learn more call 202-727-4245.)
                 o   Your Trade Name Registration/Good Standing Form from DCRA’s Corporations Division, if you’re
                     registering as a Business Entity.
                 o   Your Vehicle Inspection Report from DCRA. (Inspections are Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 1201New
                     York Av NE, 9 am - noon.)
•       Get your photo taken in the Center.
If you’re applying for a Class A (Food) License you also need:
•       Your Food Establishment Inspection Report - from the Department of Health (DOH). Inspections are Tuesdays and
        Wednesdays at 1201 New York Av NE, 9 am - noon. Permit cost: $100.
•       Your Food Manager Identification Card, as certified by DOH.

To find out when you should come, look for the box with the first letter of your last name (surname):

            Your last name starts with                                                 A-H        I-P       Q-Z
            Renew your license in this month, Monday-Friday, 9 am to 4 pm           March 2008 April 2008 May 2008

If you have questions, contact:
    •     Samuel Williams, Vending and Special Events Coordinator at (202) 442-4310 or; or
    •     Anthony Prather, Assistant Vending Coordinator (202) 442-8694 or

Through this license renewal, DCRA aims protect all residents, visitors and licensed DC Street Vendors.

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