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									July 2008 / Issue No. 675

                                                                                              Census data on school
                                                                                              finance ranks Illinois
                                                                                              as second-worst
                                                                                                         ccording to the latest study

                                                                                              A          of revenues and expenditures
                                                                                                         for public elementary and
                                                                                              secondary education, Illinois ranks
                                                                                              second among all states in reliance on
                                                                                              local revenue. Nevada is the only state
                                                                                              in the nation, excluding the District of
                                                                                              Columbia (DC), with a greater reliance
                                                                                              on local funding; Illinois ranks third if
                                                                                              DC is included.
                                                                                                   The National Center for Educa-
                                                                                              tion Statistics reported in April that
                                                                                              approximately $520.6 billion was col-
Governor Rod Blagojevich, and House Speaker Michael Madigan have differed over state
                                                                                              lected in revenues for public ele-
budgeting essentials.
                                                                                              mentary and secondary education in
                                                                                              the 50 states and the District of Colum-
Governor at odds over budget                                                                  bia in fiscal year 2006 (FY 06). The

with Speaker Madigan, others                                                                  largest percentage of revenues came
                                                                                              from state governments at $242.1 bil-
          lthough the legislature                    Under terms of the education             lion, or 46.5 percent of all revenues.

A         approved a fiscal year 2009
          budget on May 31 and
adjourned until November, Gover-
                                                budget approved by lawmakers for
                                                Fiscal Year 2009, elementary and sec-
                                                ondary education would get an increase
                                                                                              Local revenue contributed $230.9 bil-
                                                                                              lion, or 44.4 percent of all revenues.
                                                                                              The federal government’s contribu-
nor Rod Blagojevich has since called            of approximately $515 million from            tion was $47.6 billion, or 9.1 percent
together the legislative leaders to resume      FY ’08 budget levels. That’s an increase      of all revenues.
budget negotiations. He charged that            of more than 7 percent. This includes              In Illinois, the figures are dra-
the legislature’s actions were uncon-           $148 million in school construction           matically different. Approximately
stitutional because lawmakers failed            funds for the 24 school districts that        $22.3 billion was collected in rev-
to meet the state constitutional require-       have been waiting for over five years         enues, but the greatest burden was
ment that the legislature pass a bal-           for their previously approved school
anced budget.                                                  See BUDGET on page 4                         See REVENUE on page 4

       On the inside
        Shorter school day option . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 3
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        IASB resolutions proposed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 6                         from IASB
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                                                                                                                            Page 10
                                                                EWS                            Public schools as good as private
                                                     N          FROM ISBE                      ones on student achievement: Study
                                                                                                          tudents in public schools learn
                                                     Koster appointed to Illinois
                                                     State Board of Education seat
                                                           The governor recently appoint-
                                                                                               S          as much or more mathematics
                                                                                                          between kindergarten and
                                                                                               fifth grade as similar students learn in
                                                     ed Lanita J. Koster to fill a vacancy     private schools, according to a new
                                                     on the Illinois State                     University of Illinois study of multi-
                                                     Board of Education                        year, longitudinal data on nearly 10,000
                                                     (ISBE). Koster brings                     students.
                                                     more than 35 years                             The results of the study appeared
                                                     of Illinois educational                   in the May issue of a major education
                                                     experience to ISBE,                       journal, Phi Delta Kappan.
                                                     most recently serv-                            “These data provide strong, lon-
                                                     ing as the educa- Lanita J. Koster        gitudinal evidence that public schools
                                                     tional issues director for the Illinois   are at least as effective as private
                                                     Federation of Teachers (IFT).             schools in boosting student achieve-
                                                           Koster replaces Edward J. Gep-      ment,” according to the authors, edu-
                                                     pert, Jr. a former teacher from           cation professor Christopher Lubienski,
                                                     Belleville, who stepped down from         doctoral student Corinna Crane and
                                                     the State Board to serve as presi-        education professor Sarah Theule
                                                     dent of the Illinois Federation of        Lubienski.                                   Education professors Christopher and
                                                     Teachers, beginning on July 1. Koster’s        The new report is the first pub-        Sarah Lubienski led the U. of I. study.
                                                     term expires in January 2011.             lished study to show that public schools     and economic backgrounds. In anoth-
                                                           Koster began her career as a        are at least as effective as private         er, more-extensive study in early 2006,
                                                     school social worker in East Auro-        schools at promoting student learn-          they built on those findings, and also
                                                     ra School District 131 , where she        ing over time, the authors say.              raised similar questions about char-
                                                     worked for nearly 23 years. She has            Combined with other, yet-unpub-         ter schools. Both studies were based
                                                     over 16 years of educational labor        lished studies of the same data, which       on fourth- and eighth-grade test data
                                                     experience with both the IFT and          produced similar findings, “we think         from the National Assessment of Edu-
                                                     the American Federation of Teach-         this effectively ends the debate about       cational Progress (NAEP).
                                                     ers (AFT), having served as vice-         whether private schools are more
                                                     president and legislative director        effective than publics,” said Christo-                            See PUBLIC on page 3
                                                     for the IFT, as well as president and     pher Lubienski, whose research has
                                                     vice-president for the East Aurora        dealt with all aspects of alternative
                                                     Council, AFT Local 604, and               education.
                                                     statewide coordinator for educa-               This is important, he said, because
                                                     tional issues and the AFT’s Educa-        many current reforms, such as No                          Illinois Association
Illinois School Board Newsbulletin / July 2008

                                                     tional Research and Dissemination         Child Left Behind, charter schools                         of School Boards
                                                     Program.                                  and vouchers for private schools, are                 This newsletter is published monthly by
                                                                                                                                              the Illinois Association of School Boards for
                                                                                               at least partially based on that assump-       member boards of education and their superin-
                                                     Schools can soon apply to                 tion.                                          tendents. The Illinois Association of School
                                                                                                                                              Boards, an Illinois not-for-profit corporation, is
                                                     be SES providers under NCLB                    The debate essentially began three        a voluntary association of local boards of educa-
                                                                                                                                              tion and is not affiliated with any branch of gov-
                                                          The next application periods         years ago with the publication in Phi          ernment.
                                                     for school districts to become            Delta Kappan of a previous study                  James Russell, Director of Communications
                                                     approved Supplemental Educational         by the Lubienskis, which challenged               Gary Adkins, Editor
                                                                                                                                                 2921 Baker Drive
                                                     Services (SES) providers under the        the then-common wisdom – supported                Springfield, Illinois 62703-5929
                                                     No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)           by well-regarded but dated research               (217) 528-9688
                                                                                                                                                 One Imperial Place
                                                     are: October 1, 2008 – October 31,        – that private schools were superior              1 East 22nd Street, Suite 20
                                                     2008, and February 1, 2009 – Feb-         to public schools.                                Lombard, Illinois 60148-6120
                                                                                                                                                 (630) 629-3776
                                                     ruary 28, 2009                                 In that 2005 study, the Lubien-    
                                                          See     skis found that public school students
                                                     /application_process.htm for fur-         tested higher in math than their pri-
                                                     ther details.                             vate school peers from similar social

Districts sensitive to parent concerns on school-day schedule
           he District 150 Board of Edu-    through elimination of interrupted         teachers.

T          c a t i o n in Peoria on May 5
           approved a new schedule for
next year that calls for primary school
                                            teaching. It would reportedly allow
                                            for greater classroom flexibility, as
                                            well, mostly for providing teachers
                                                                                            The resulting expansion of “com-
                                                                                       mon prep time” would amount to more
                                                                                       than 115 hours of additional planning
students to spend 45 fewer minutes          with common planning time, they            time for teachers in impacted schools
at school, while shifting the day to a      added.                                     next year. That is roughly 12 fewer
9:15 a.m. start, or one half hour lat-           But some parents said they might      hours than District 150’s plan calls for
er. The decision would impact 12 of         remove their children from the Peo-        under the district’s adopted change.
the 16 elementary schools in District       ria schools next year if the change             Peoria is not the only place to wit-
150 and nearly 6,500 of the district’s      stands, and others suggested the dis-      ness parental protests over changes
14,000 students.                            trict is fostering an educational set-     in the school-day schedule. Evanston-
      The schedule revision centers on      ting hostile to new parents or             Skokie CCSD 65 on May 23 proposed
the 45-minute planning time each            newcomers to Peoria.                       to expand the number of early release
teacher receives under the current               One teacher said she and some         days to carve out more time for pro-
contract, which is prep time scattered      of her colleagues believe the short-       fessional development. Some parents
throughout the primary school day.          ened day may upset the school’s bal-       protested there as well, however, say-
School leaders say prep time would          ance in regard to recent educational       ing that added prep time should not
be shifted to mornings, before stu-         gains.                                     come at the cost of fewer full days of
dents arrive, thus eliminating up to             Superintendent Ken Hinton said        instruction for students. Some also
20 part-time prep teachers and boost-       he would be meeting with several par-      charged the proposal would create a
ing teacher planning time.                  ents’ groups about the shortened school    more chaotic schedule for parents.
      Although the schedule revision        day. “I am going to listen to what peo-         Their dissatisfaction led to a let-
was made in response to a tight budg-       ple have to say about that. If there is    ter-writing campaign spearheaded by
et — and would save an estimated            a way we can get where we need to go       ParentsWork, a small, new Illinois par-
$645,000 to $810,000 — school lead-         and keep the time and have the pro-        ents’ organization. Together with oth-
ers have listed a number of other poten-    fessional development time, I am open,     er concerned parents and with the
tial improvements, including classroom      I am more than open,” he said.             support of the local PTA Council, the
instruction enhancements obtained                Hinton said he definitely will come   group attended committee meetings,
                                            back to the board and share the infor-     testified before the school board, wrote
                                            mation and input. He pledged to do         letters to the editor, and a petition
PUBLIC from page 3                          what is in the best interests of chil-     drive that garnered 300 signatures.
     The conclusions were supported         dren and families.                              And, as in Peoria, the Evanston
later in 2006 with similar findings              A group called District 150 Watch     district listened to its community.
from U.S. Department of Education           has offered a formal proposal that lays    Evanston CCSD 65 school leaders
studies comparing public schools with       out a number of recommendations.           have since responded by halting the
private schools, and with charters.         Several of the group’s suggestions         expansion of early dismissal days in
The federal studies looked mainly at        would create additional prep time for      next year’s calendar.
NAEP test data on both math and read-

                                                                                                                                       Illinois School Board Newsbulletin / July 2008
     Critics of the previous studies,
however, cited the lack of longitudi-
nal data showing the possible effect
over time of different kinds of school-
     The new study was designed, in
part, to address that issue, the authors
say in their PDK article.
     The article is available online at
a fee, or at no cost to Kappan sub-
scribers and Phi Delta Kappa mem-
bers who log in to access live links to
articles. To learn more visit: http://
www. kappan/k_v89/
k0805toc. htm.

                                                     BUDGET from page 1
                                                     construction grants.                        out a 14-page memo to legislative can-       budget that will allow the State to con-
                                                           A key piece of legislation is HB      didates spelling out ways to impeach         tinue operating while budget negoti-
                                                     5701 (Hannig, D-Litchfield). Under          Gov. Rod Blagojevich.                        ations proceed,” Schwarm said.
                                                     the state budget as adopted it would             The Illinois Constitution does not           Gov. Blagojevich and some leg-
                                                     increase the school funding formu-          mention what triggers impeachment.           islative leaders accuse Madigan of
                                                     la’s foundation level by $225 per pupil,    It gives the Illinois House powers to        blocking an agreement on a capital
                                                     and fully fund the mandated cate-           investigate and move to impeach exec-        construction program and fault him
                                                     gorical grant programs. It would fund       utive and judicial branch officials. It      for not personally attending meetings
                                                     transition aid with $31 million, ensur-     is then up to the state Senate to con-       with all the leaders on the capital pro-
                                                     ing that no school district would receive   duct a trial. A two-thirds vote of the       gram and the state budget.
                                                     less state money in FY ’09 than in FY       59 state senators is required to remove
                                                     ’08. Early childhood education would        an official from office.                      IASB offers list of bills passed
                                                     increase by $32.4 million under the              It remains to be seen whether                The 2008 Digest of Bills Passed is
                                                     bill, but the ADA Block Grant was held      all of the legislative leaders will meet     available on the IASB website at:
                                                     to the FY ’08 funding level. Other          with the governor, or if the governor
                                                     budget line items scheduled to receive      will veto the budget bills, or if he will    m. This Alliance publication, written
                                                     increases are:                              call a special session to bring the leg-     by the IASB governmental relations
                                                     • Gifted Education, $2 million; Arts        islature back to Springfield to deal with    department, contains all of the edu-
                                                        & Foreign Language, $4 million           the budget concerns he has identified.       cation-related bills that were approved
                                                     • Free Breakfast/Lunch, $5.3 mil-                “This could send lawmakers back         by the legislature this spring and
                                                        lion; Teachers & Admin. Mentor-          to the drawing board,” said IASB’s Ben       are pending before the governor. The
                                                        ing, $2 million                          Schwarm, Associate Executive Direc-          publication will also be printed and
                                                                                                 tor of IASB. “Like last year, the legis-     mailed to every school district by the
                                                     • Grow Your Own Teachers, $500,000;
                                                                                                 lature may have to approve a temporary       Alliance partners.
                                                        Bi-Lingual Assessments, $12.6 mil-
                                                     • Response to Intervention, $2 mil-
                                                        lion; Educator Misconduct Inves-               Expenditures for public schools nationwide, by function
                                                        tigations, $375,000                                   Operations
                                                          Unlike last spring, a budget imple-                 (18.1%)
                                                                                                                                                  Instruction and
                                                     mentation bill was adopted by the leg-                                                       instruction-
                                                     islature, SB 773 (Schoenberg), to                                                            related (65.9%)

                                                     implement the appropriations con-              Administration
                                                                                                    (10.8%)                                                    NOTE: Detail may not sum to
                                                     tained in HB 5701. It seeks to change                                                                     totals because of rounding.
                                                                                                                                                               SOURCE: U.S. Department of
                                                     the language in the School Code to                                                                        Education, National Center for
                                                     increase the per pupil foundation lev-         Student support                                            Education Statistics, Common
                                                                                                    services (5.2%)                                            Core of Data (CCD), “National
                                                     el by $225, bringing the total amount                                                                     Public Education Financial
                                                                                                                                                               Survey (NPEFS),” fiscal year
                                                     to $5,959 per pupil. It also would con-                                                                   2006, Version 1a.
                                                     tinue the transitional aid provision
Illinois School Board Newsbulletin / July 2008

                                                     and continue the poverty grant “hold        REVENUE from page 1
                                                     harmless” provision. The budget bills       on local sources, which contributed             category closely mirrored the rest
                                                     will be sent to the governor for con-       $13.9 billion, or 62.0 percent, of all          of the country: state expenditures
                                                     sideration.                                 revenues. State revenue amounted to             totaled $19.2 billion, with the great-
                                                          The governor has claimed, how-         $6.6 billion, or 29.6 percent, while            est share, $11.3 billion (59 percent),
                                                     ever, that total expenditures are greater   the federal contribution was $1.9 bil-          spent on instruction for 2.1 million
                                                     than revenues in the budget sent to         lion, or 8.4 percent of all revenue avail-      students.
                                                     him by lawmakers. A series of meet-         able for Illinois public elementary and      • Per pupil expenditures for instruc-
                                                     ings with three of the top legislative      secondary schools.                             tion at $5,365 in Illinois ranked
                                                     leaders and the governor was launched            Among all states, only Nevada (at         the state 24th. Support services expen-
                                                     during the second week of June in           66.9 percent) puts a greater burden            ditures for Illinois public elementary
                                                     order to begin to iron out this funda-      on local revenue than Illinois to fund         and secondary education were $3,450,
                                                     mental stumbling block. But House           public education. Among the other              ranking the state 16th nationwide.
                                                     Speaker Michael Madigan was notice-         select findings in the report on basic            To read the entire report online,
                                                     ably absent from those meetings.            revenue and expenditure data:                go to:
                                                          That same week, Madigan sent           • Illinois expenditure percentages by        328.pdf

Experts challenge high school grading practices
              hen a group of 400 edu-       “F.” The second group used a point          state superintendent, and panel ses-

W             cators can calculate a stu-
              dent’s grade using three
different methods and come up with
                                            method, with an “A” that equaled
                                            four points, “B” as three points, etc.
                                            Their grades ranged from an “A” to
                                                                                        sions on math instruction, literacy
                                                                                        and ACT strategies, English Language
                                                                                        Learners and Response to Interven-
anything from an                            a “D.” The third group was allowed          tion.
“A” to failure, it                          to choose their own grading system,             “Students learn in different time-
might be time to                            but had to assign a letter grade. Their     frames,” Pickering said in the open-
question how                                grades were “A,” “B” or “C.”                ing keynote, but there are
grading policies                                 What happens, Reeves said, is          consequences if what is being taught
affect student                              that even with a policy in place, stu-      isn’t learned within the teacher’s
learning and out-                           dents can receive different grades          timeframe. In addition, she ques-
comes.                                      from different teachers for essentially     tioned whether teachers cling to some
     The grade                              the same work. And policies that            school projects and assignments
calculation was        Debra Pickering      assign a “zero” for a missing assign-       because they have “always been done,”
part of a learning activity presented       ment doom students to fail. When a          not because it’s a wise investment of
by Douglas Reeves, education author         “zero” comes at the beginning of the
                                                                                        instructional time.
and founder of The Leadership and           semester, some students simply give
                                                                                            She said all teachers should ask
Learning Center,                            up, because they know enough math
                                                                                        themselves two questions: “What’s
at the third annu-                          to know they can never extricate
                                                                                        the learning goal?” and “Is it worth
al High School                              themselves from the “hole.”
                                                                                        the time?”
Challenge Con-                                   A better system, according to
                                                                                            In the second day’s keynote,
ference in Bloom-                           Reeves and fellow keynote speaker
ington. After                               and education consultant Debra Pick-        Reeves encouraged participants to
dividing the room                           ering, would give students more imme-       focus their efforts on student achieve-
in to thirds,                               diate feedback and have assignments         ment by setting a realistic number
Reeves asked                                that are tied to specific learning goals.   of goals and allowing them to take
everyone to cal-       Douglas Reeves       Missing assignments would still have        hold rather than starting so many
culate a student’s semester grade           consequences, but in terms of addi-         new initiatives each school year. A
using seven letter grades from 10           tional work assignments rather than         show of hands revealed that many
assignments and tests, but with three       a “zero.”                                   districts have started more than 20
missing assignments.                             Approximately 400 teachers,            new initiatives just in the past two
     The first group, using the stan-       administrators and other education          years while terminating very few.
dard percentage method of an “A”            officials attended the two-day event            “Multiplicity of goals does not
that equals 100, a “B” as 90, etc., had     in Bloomington. The conference also         lead to higher achievement,” Reeves
grades that ranged from an “A” to an        featured a welcome from Chris Koch,         said.

                                                                                                                                        Illinois School Board Newsbulletin / July 2008
Study to show value of superintendent as achievement leader
      n a question-and-answer ses-          Reform: Three Critical Commitments,”          • Building background knowledge

I     sion during the 2008 Illinois High
      School Challenge Conference,
keynote speaker Debra Pickering said
                                            where he said, “district and school
                                            leaders influence student achieve-
                                            ment when they implement policies
                                            that directly affect what happens in
                                                                                             for all students, especially those
                                                                                             with educationally challenging
a study by researchers Robert Marzano                                                        The article is available at: http://
and Timothy Waters that will be             classrooms.”                      
released later this year shows that             The three commitments are:              gettingSerious.pdf.
superintendents can have a signifi-           • Developing a system of individ-              The study, which is in production
cant, positive influence on student             ual student feedback at the dis-        through the Association for Super-
achievement.                                    trict, school and classroom levels;     vision and Curriculum Development,
     Marzano referenced the new study         • Ensuring effective teaching in          is From the boardroom to the class-
in “Getting Serious about School                every classroom; and                    room: District leadership that works.

                                                     Resolutions would address key concerns, set course
                                                     Proposed IASB resolutions                    • School Year – Add Days, Starved               200, the fourth resolution sponsored
                                                     aimed at hot topics of day                     Rock Division, Serena CUSD 2, calls           by the submitting district regarding
                                                                                                    for a change in law to allow for a            English Language Learners. It calls
                                                                 he Delegate Assembly is one        longer school year.                           for amending a current IASB Posi-

                                                     T           of the most important func-
                                                                 tions held at IASB’s Joint
                                                     Annual Conference each November.
                                                                                                  • Property Tax Cap – GSA Calcula-
                                                                                                    tion, Kishwaukee Division, Consol-
                                                                                                    idated SD 158, Huntley, calls for         •
                                                                                                                                                  tion Statement to address the stan-
                                                                                                                                                  dardized test for ELL.
                                                                                                                                                  School Board Member Training,
                                                     It gives member districts ownership in
                                                                                                    legislation that would fix the Gen-           DuPage Division, Wheaton War -
                                                     the association and the opportunity to
                                                                                                    eral State Aid (GSA) calculation for          renville CUSD 200, calls for the adop-
                                                     establish the direction of the associa-
                                                                                                    districts under the Property Tax              tion of a new IASB Belief Statement
                                                                                                    Extension Limitation Law (PTELL)              regarding mandatory school board
                                                           Below are the proposed course-
                                                                                                    adopting a property tax rate increase         member training.
                                                     setting resolutions for IASB that school
                                                                                                    for the operating fund.                   •   School Finance Reform, DuPage
                                                     boards have submitted for consider-
                                                                                                  • Strike Prohibition, Kishwaukee Divi-          Division, Wheaton Warrenville CUSD
                                                     ation at this year’s Delegate Assembly.
                                                                                                    sion, Consolidated SD 158, Hunt -             200, specifically addresses the school
                                                     It is possible that some proposals could
                                                                                                    ley, recommends amending IASB                 board member training requirement
                                                     be withdrawn before the resolutions
                                                     committee meets in August; that might          Position Statement 5.12 to forbid             as part of a school funding reform
                                                     happen, for example, if the legislature        public school employees from strik-           bill.
                                                     has already adopted a law meeting the          ing.                                      •   Consolidation into Unit Districts,
                                                     resolution’s objectives (as appears to       • Background Checks for Board Mem-              Lake Division, Barrington CUSD 220,
                                                     have already happened in a few cas-            bers, DuPage Division, Naperville             calls for IASB to support legisla-
                                                     es). The committee will meet to make           CUSD 203, calls for law to prohibit           tion to promote the consolidation
                                                     recommendations.                               citizens from running for the school          of all school districts into unit dis-
                                                           The list of proposed resolutions,        board if they’ve been convicted of            tricts.
                                                     including sponsoring district (and IASB        certain crimes and to require a crim-     •   Belief Statement Procedures, North
                                                     division), currently includes:                 inal background check for future              Cook Division, Schaumburg CCSD
                                                     • Bilingual Education Options, Lake            board candidates.                             54, would require that IASB “Belief
                                                         Division, Diamond Lake SD 76, calls      • Polling Places in Schools, North              Statements” receive a recommen-
                                                         for legislation that would allow oth-      Cook Division, Elk Grove CCSD 59,             dation from Resolutions Commit-
                                                         er methods to teach bilingual stu-         calls for amending IASB Position              tee and then be approved by the IASB
                                                         dents besides Transitional Bilingual       Statement 7.08 regarding using school         Delegate Assembly.
                                                         Education.                                 buildings as polling places.              •   High School Exams, Central Illinois
                                                     • Electronic Option for IASB Surveys,        • Standardized Achievement Tests,               Valley Division, East Peoria CHSD
                                                         DuPage Division, School District 45,       DuPage Division, Wheaton War -                309, allows for the inclusion of parts
                                                         Dupage, calls for an electronic option     renville CUSD 200, calls for a new            of a state-mandated exam as part of
                                                         to be available when completing sur-       IASB Belief Statement regarding               graduation requirements – as deter-
                                                         veys for IASB.                             standardized achievement tests.               mined by the local district.
                                                     • Board Member – Travel Reim-                • Standardized Test Procedures,             •   School Calendar Uniformity, Cen-
Illinois School Board Newsbulletin / July 2008

                                                         bursement, Wabash Valley Division,         DuPage Division, Wheaton War -                tral Illinois Valley Division, East Peo-
                                                         Jasper County CUSD 1, calls for law        renville CUSD 200, calls for amend-           ria CHSD 309, calls for support of
                                                         to allow elected board members reim-       ing an IASB Position Statement on             a uniform calendar that would begin
                                                         bursement for traveling to certain         the standardized test for English Lan-        after Sep. 1 and eliminate the tra-
                                                         school-related functions.                  guage Learners (ELL).                         ditional spring break.
                                                     • Abatements for Home Builders, Corn         • Student Assessment, DuPage Divi-          •   IEP Student Records, South Cook
                                                         Belt Division, Iroquois West CUSD          sion, Wheaton Warrenville CUSD                Division, Posen-Robbins ESD 143.5,
                                                         10, calls for legislation that would       200, is the third resolution in a pack-       calls for encouraging the ISBE to
                                                         allow local boards to develop crite-       age of four sponsored by District 200         define and extend the time schools
                                                         ria for awarding property tax abate-       regarding English language learners.          have regarding IEP placement.
                                                         ments to homebuilders.                     It calls for amending a current IASB      •   Non-Resident Student Tuition, South-
                                                     • Utility Tax Abatement for Schools,           Position Statement to address the             western Division, Freeburg CCSD
                                                         Kishwaukee Division, Indian Creek          standardized test for English Lan-            70, calls for the reaffirmation of last
                                                         CUSD 425, calls for legislation that       guage Learners.                               year’s Position Statement 2.25, regard-
                                                         would abate all state and local tax-     • No Child Left Behind, DuPage Divi-            ing charging tuition for non-resident
                                                         es on gas and electric usage.              sion, Wheaton Warrenville CUSD                students.

State standards need work in English, science, math
           he Illinois State Board of Edu-                                                              “It is appropriate that we review

T          cation (ISBE) in May reviewed
           the results of an outside
group’s analysis of the state’s high school
                                               High School Graduates Immediately

                                                   Enrolling in College (2002)
                                                                                                   and revise our standards so that we
                                                                                                   best prepare every student for suc-
                                                                                                   cess. The review of the high school
standards. The group providing the             75%                                                 standards is the first step in a process
review was a college and workforce                      57%            57%                         which will include the review and
readiness partnership called Achieve,                                                              alignment of our learning standards,
Inc., which is now working in concert          25%                                                 K-12 and finally, alignment to post-
with the governor’s office and the Gates                                                           secondary expectations and careers,”
Foundation.                                            Illinois       Nation      Top States*      he said.
     Achieve, Inc. is a bipartisan, non-        *Median of top five states, per Achieve, Inc.           The state board was expected to
                                                Source: Tom Mortenson, Postsecondary Opportunity
profit organization created by the                                                                 have a full discussion on the Achieve,
nation’s governors and corporate lead-        these areas, the descriptors were                    Inc. study at its next meeting, “to dis-
ers to help states raise their academic       found to lack the clarity and speci-                 cuss next steps to improve state stan-
standards, improve their assessments          ficity necessary to convey the level                 dards, possibly moving toward joining
and strengthen accountability to pre-         of performance expected of students.                 the American Diploma Project 33 state
pare all young people for post-sec-           And to varying degrees, the progres-                 network and convening a state team
ondary education, work and citizenship.       sion of expectations from early high                 to participate in an Achieve Align-
     “An important part of Achieve’s          school to late high school is not clear-             ment Institute.”
mission is to provide state policy-           ly developed, according to Achieve,                       The full report from Achieve, Inc.,
makers with an independent, expert            Inc.                                                 and all of the materials, are available
review of the quality of their stan-               Koch said he is all for making                  online at
dards and assessments,” according             changes:                                             htm.
to State Superintendent of Education
Chris Koch.
     The Illinois Learning Standards
(ILS) were created by Illinois educa-         Forms help IASB keep count of ‘Master
tors with input from the broader, pri-
vate sector community. Illinois adopted
                                              Board’ work aimed at member excellence
                                                         he Illinois Association of                ber distinction.
the ILS in 1997, and this is the first
time ISBE has undertaken a careful
review and analysis of these standards
benchmarked against exemplar stan-
                                              T          School Boards recognizes and
                                                         honors board members for
                                              the time and effort they devote to self-
                                                                                                        Board members are urged to make
                                                                                                   a copy for their own records prior to
                                                                                                   returning the completed document
                                              improvement and leadership activi-                   to IASB. Forms must be returned no
dards in English language arts, math-
                                              ties. “Master Board Member” activities               later than July 31. Awards will be pre-
ematics and science.
                                              are a means to achieving the Associa-                sented at the IASB fall division meet-
     The Achieve report provided
                                              tion’s mission of excellence in local                ings or mailed if the award winner is
responses to the following questions:
                                              school governance.                                   not in attendance.
• How do Illinois Learning Perfor-                  IASB mailed out a form on June

                                                                                                                                                   Illinois School Board Newsbulletin / July 2008
   mance Descriptors compare with             4 for board members to use so they
   the rigor of standards set by Achieve’s    can be recognized for their efforts
   exemplars in English language arts,        in Master Board Member activities.
   science and mathematics?                   Directions on the form include a sum-
• How well do the Illinois Learning           mary of IASB programs and activities
   Performance Descriptors in the             that qualify for credits toward Master
   three content areas measure up             Board Member status. Points are cumu-
   against the criteria of coherence,         lative from year to year and assigned
   progression, focus, specificity, clar-     to professional development, division
   ify and measurability?                     activities, board development, leg-
     While the Illinois descriptors were      islative leadership, and IASB and NSBA
found to have some real strengths,            leadership. Points range from 5 to 30.
Achieve found significant gaps in state       Credits are awarded through June 30;
expectations when compared to                 60 to 129 points earn Level I status;
“exemplar standards,” especially in           130-199 earn Level II status; and 200-                “Son, if you can become the class clown,
English language arts and science. In         plus points earn Master Board Mem-                    you may someday get your own sitcom!”

                                                     Federal judge widens ban on                                                                    Total of seven strikes
                                                                                                                                                    called in four districts
                                                     ‘silence’ to all schools in state                                                              in 2007-08 school year
                                                                 federal judge on May 29                                                                       t least 20 intent-to-strike

                                                     A           widened the ban against
                                                                 requiring a “moment of
                                                     silence” in schools from a few districts
                                                                                                                                                    A          notices against public schools
                                                                                                                                                               were filed this school year,
                                                                                                                                                    but only seven strikes were called in
                                                     around the state to all schools statewide.                                                     four school districts. Most of the threat-
                                                          Judge Robert W. Gettleman stat-                                                           ened work stoppages ended without a
                                                     ed at a court hearing he will issue a                                                          strike in amicable contract settlements.
                                                     written order directing schools to stop                                                             The first two strikes of the 2007-
                                                     enforcing a state law requiring a                                                              08 school year were called Aug. 21 in
                                                     moment of silence at public schools,                                                           Harlem District 122, Machesney Park,
                                                     said an attorney for Dawn and Rob                                                              located in northern Illinois. One work
                                                     Sherman, the plaintiffs.                                                                       action there involved 516 certified
                                                          The Illinois State Board of Edu-                                                          teachers in grades pre-K thru 12; the
                                                     cation said the board sent an e-mail                                                           other involved secretarial staff, along
                                                     to schools on May 29, telling them “in                                                         with clerical, maintenance, custo-
                                                     essence, they should immediately                   Northbrook Superintendent David Kroeze      dial, business director, etc. Both strikes
                                                     cease enforcing the law,” according                weighed in on ‘Moment of Silence’ man-      lasted just about a week, ending on
                                                     to Andrea Preston, an ISBE spokes-                 date.
                                                                                                                                                    Aug. 28.
                                                     woman.                                                  The lone district that chimed in            Strikes also occurred during the
                                                          A student at Buffalo Grove High               on the case at all was Northbrook Ele-      school year in the following school
                                                     School had sued Northwest Suburban                 mentary District 27, whose superin-         districts. Listed are the school dis-
                                                     S c h o o l D i s t r i c t 2 1 4 , alleging the   tendent, David Kroeze, wrote, “We           tricts, IASB division, bargaining unit
                                                     “moment of silence” law was uncon-                 oppose the Silent Reflection and Stu-       size, and dates of the work action and
                                                     stitutional. Judge Gettleman agreed.               dent Prayer Act because it imposes          settlement):
                                                          The student had argued that the               an unnecessary and unworkable state         • Earlville CUSD 9, Starved Rock Divi-
                                                     law’s wording made prayer more than                mandate which serves no education-            sion: Bargaining Unit Size: 37 IEA/NEA
                                                     just an option; it constituted an explic-          al purpose.”                                  Teachers: Strike: October 19, 2007;
                                                     it suggestion from authorities that stu-                While it is an issue that most like-     Settled October 23, 2007.
                                                     dents pray, thus violating the freedom             ly will wind up back before the Illi-       • Cahokia CUSD 187, Southwestern Divi-
                                                     of religion.                                       nois legislature, legislation in response     sion: Bargaining Unit Size: 0 IFT/AFT
                                                          The Alliance Defense Fund had                 to the lawsuit stalled in the spring ses-     Secretarial and Clerical: Strike: Sep-
                                                     filed a friend-of-the-court brief argu-            sion prior to adjournment.                    tember 17, 2007: Settled: September
                                                     ing the measure was strictly volun-                                                              28, 2007;
                                                                                                             The Illinois House voted in March
                                                     tary and constitutional. But the court             to allow school districts to hold           • Cahokia CUSD 187, Southwestern Divi-
                                                                                                                                                      sion: Bargaining Unit Size: 300 IFT/AFT
                                                     apparently was not swayed by such                  moments of silence but not require
                                                                                                                                                      Teachers, Nurses, Librarians, and Para-
                                                     arguments.                                         them to do so. The measure, spon-
Illinois School Board Newsbulletin / July 2008

                                                                                                                                                      professionals: Strike: September 17,
                                                          The Illinois attorney general’s               sored by Rep. John Fritchey, D-Chica-
                                                                                                                                                      2007: Settled: September 28, 2007;
                                                     office, which has been defending the               go, would also have deleted references
                                                                                                                                                    • Cahokia CUSD 187, Southwestern Divi-
                                                     constitutionality of the law, said the             to prayer contained in the law as it
                                                                                                                                                      sion: Bargaining Unit: IFT/AFT Ser-
                                                     office will review its options “on how             now stands. But the bill stalled in the       vice Workers: Strike: September 17,
                                                     to best proceed,” according to Robyn               Illinois Senate in mid-May when Sen.          2007: Settled: September 28, 2007.
                                                     Ziegler, a spokeswoman for the office.             Kim Lightford, D-Chicago, tried to          • Hardin County CUSD 1, Elizabethtown,
                                                          Judge Gettleman had earlier                   restore the mandatory language.               Shawnee Division: Strike: March 7,
                                                     announced the lawsuit would be applied                  “The Alliance is closely watching        2008: Settled: March 20, 2008
                                                     to all schools, and the judge had debat-           this emerging issue,” said Ben Schwarm,         Other school districts that had a
                                                     ed whether to extend the preliminary               Associate Executive Director of IASB.       notice of intent to strike filed against
                                                     injunction prohibiting enforcement                 “Our legal counsel is monitoring any        them with the Illinois Educational
                                                     to all schools as well. He gave schools            future court decisions and our lob-         Labor Relations Board include:
                                                     in the state several weeks to weigh in             byists will be involved in shaping any      • Nippersink District 2, Richmond, Kish-
                                                     before he ruled on May 29, but no                  new legislation that might be intro-          waukee Division: Bargaining Unit:
                                                     school district came forward to sup-               duced to address the matter,” Schwarm
                                                     port the law.                                      said.                                                     See STRIKES on page 11

     Barrington (June 1, The Daily         run such schools. They admit the            staff and community.
Herald) Barrington Area Unit Dis-          idea poses big challenges, not the               Gavin (June 6, News-Sun) Gavin
trict 220 is rolling out a new newslet-    least of which is the high cost and         Elementary District 37 is soliciting
ter and redesigned Web site to try to      opposition from some homeless advo-         candidates to fill a vacancy on the
improve communication with dis-            cates, who say they fear students           school board after former board pres-
trict residents. The newsletter will       would be stigmatized or isolated, and       ident Barbara Mende was convicted
direct readers, as well, to an online      worry about separating children from        of bidding violations involving the dis-
video magazine now in the works.           their families. Officials counter that      trict. The board interviewed candi-
Board President Brian Battle said the      participation would be voluntary.           dates in a special board meeting on
aim is to give residents more infor-       They say the idea is part of a larger       June 23, hoping to fill the vacancy by
mation about what is happening in          plan to improve schools and offer           July 8. The bidding violation involved
the district. “We don’t want it to look    options in neighborhoods across the         hiring a moving company to move
like the only conversations we have        city through charter, contract and          furniture and school equipment from
are around referendums,” explained         performance schools that are free           a Lake Zurich school back into Gavin
Battle.                                    from many district controls.                Central School in January 2006 when
     Carpentersville (May 29, The Dai-          Coal City (May 22, Morris Dai-         classes were held in Lake Zurich. The
ly Herald) Carpentersville CUSD 300        ly Herald) A new policy in Coal City        bid violation is based on Mende being
recently announced that at least 66        District 1 will take aim at cyberbul-       responsible for dividing a $13,000 job
students have transferred out of Cam-      lying. “We’re not going to tolerate         into two $6,500 projects to sidestep
bridge Lakes Charter School this           that,” Coal City Community Unit             requirements from competitive bid-
school year, out of about 512 enrolled     School District 1 Superintendent            ding. Mende was removed from the
for the year. Parents say they have        Kent Bugg said. During its regular          board and faces up to five years in
been frustrated with the actions of        meeting, the board approved a num-          prison or probation.
the charter school’s administration,       ber of changes to the student hand-              Grayslake (May 20, The Daily
while praising teachers’ dedication        book, which will take effect during         Herald) Grayslake Elementary Dis-
to the school and its students. Some       the next school year. Though they’ve        trict 46 is joining eight other districts
have complained of poor commu-             seen some instances of cyberbully-          in a plan for letting voters decide
nication from charter school leaders       ing in the past, Bugg said such occur-      whether to approve a Lake County
and say they have not been given           rences have increased to a higher           sales tax increase to help pay for con-
much input in the school. Two mem-         level than officials have ever seen         struction-related expenses. The board
bers of the charter school board that      before. He said such bullying seems         voted on May 19 in favor of a Novem-
govern the school, including chair-        more prevalent at the middle-school,        ber countywide sales tax referendum
man Jerry Conrad, resigned in May.         rather than the high-school, level.         on whether to hike the sales tax by
     Charleston (May 28, Charleston             Elgin (May 7, 2008, Elgin Couri-       1 percentage point. The voting was
Times-Courier) Two teachers will be        er-News) The board in School Dis-           5-2 to approve the plan. Under a new

                                                                                                                                       Illinois School Board Newsbulletin / July 2008
Charleston High School’s literacy and      trict U-46, Elgin has approved a crime      state law, school boards represent-
numeracy coaches next year. The            reporting policy. The board voted to        ing at least 51 percent of the student
school board on May 28 approved the        extend its criminal reporting and           population of a county are allowed
appointments of a language teacher         records policy to include the village       to adopt resolutions to place the sales
at CHS as the literacy coach and a         of Bartlett, although there is a ques-      tax proposition on the ballot. Local
CHS math teacher as the numera-            tion about whether the village will         county boards can put the tax boost
cy coach. The board voted in March         agree with the policy. However, Bartlett    to a vote on their own or at the request
to establish the two positions to act      Police Chief Dan Palmer said it could       of school boards.
as specialists to work with the school’s   take awhile before it is approved, due           Maple Park (May 31, The Beacon
teachers to improve the curricu-           to the policy’s controversial history.      News) Concerned about supporting
lum in the two subject areas.              The school district’s policy, which         a wellness program, the Kaneland
     Chicago (May 23, The Associat-        has been in place for nearly two years,     CUSD 302 Board of Education has
ed Press) Chicago District 299 is con-     is aimed at ensuring cooperation and        banned all food treats from elemen-
sidering providing boarding schools        communication between police and            tary school birthday parties, a poli-
for homeless students. Chicago school      school officials for the benefit and        cy that will become effective next
leaders are asking for proposals to        safety of the school district’s students,   school year.

                                                      School Code, law survey books now                                                                       EWS
                                                      available from IASB, with CD ROMs
                                                                 he 2008 editions of the Illi-
                                                                                                                                                   N          FROM IASB
                                                      T          nois School Code and Relat-
                                                                 ed Acts, compiled by
                                                      LexisNexis Law Publishing Compa-
                                                                                                                                                   Board of Directors to
                                                                                                                                                   meet on August 22-23
                                                                                                                                                        The IASB Board of Directors’
                                                      ny for IASB, and the Illinois School
                                                      Law Survey, by Brian A. Braun, an                                                            next quarterly meeting, Aug. 22-23
                                                      attorney with Miller, Tracy, Braun,                                                          in St. Charles, is scheduled to include
                                                      Funk & Miller, Ltd., are now avail-                                                          an evaluation of the executive direc-
                                                      able from IASB. Both come with help-                                                         tor, board review and assessments
                                                      ful CD ROM versions.                                Also available is the Tenth Edition      of current year activity reports, and
                                                            The School Code is being sold as         of the Illinois School Law Survey, a          monitoring reports, and a look at
                                                      the 2008 School Code Service, which            convenient guide to the key school law        reports from the president and the
                                                      will include the 2009 School Code Sup-         questions that educators and laymen           executive director.
                                                      plement to be published next year.             most need to have answered. The Sur-               The board’s next meetings will
                                                            The School Code comes with a CD          vey, published by IASB, presents answers      take place at the Joint Annual Con-
                                                      ROM version that carries the full text         to more than 1,300 questions in 27            ference at the Hyatt Regency in
                                                      of the book. It is current for laws in force   chapters, along with complete legal           downtown Chicago, on Nov. 20 and
                                                      as of Jan. 1, 2008. Its CD ROM also            citations to state and federal statutes,      23, respectively.
                                                      includes annotations with case law and         court decisions and agency regulations.
                                                      other references, and all State Board          It comes with its own CD ROM version          IASB will offer valuable
                                                      of Education rules, plus the text of court     that adds substantially to its useful-        ‘new superintendents’ events
                                                      cases cited in the annotations. The CD         ness.                                              New superintendents and those
                                                      is equipped with the Folio Views search             The Law Survey’s CD is an “All-          new to Illinois are invited to attend
                                                      engine for easy searching, and for sav-        in-One” legal reference, featuring quick      one of two luncheons in August at
                                                      ing and printing on any PC equipped            links to the full text of nearly all statu-   IASB. IASB’s Lombard office will
                                                      with Microsoft Windows. It will not run        tory, regulatory and case law citations,      host one luncheon on Aug. 13; IASB’s
                                                      on other operating systems.                    plus the full text of the book. The CD        Springfield office will host the oth-
                                                            Copies of the 2008-2009 Illinois         can run with any standard Web brows-          er on Aug. 14.
                                                      School Code Service — which includes           er and is ready for loading on your com-           This is a unique opportunity for
                                                      the 2008 Code and 2009 Supplement,             puter (PC or Mac).                            new superintendents to learn about
                                                      both with book and CD ROM — are                     It is available from IASB for $35 a      IASB and its services, to meet help-
                                                      $60 each ($50 for IASB member dis-             copy ($25 for IASB member districts),         ful Association staff members, and
                                                      tricts), plus $5 per order for shipping.       plus $5 per order for shipping. Here is       to network with other new super-
                                                      The School Code can also be purchased          how to order:                                 intendents. Participants will get a
                                                      in quantity at a reduced price, with full      • Call 217/528-9688, ext. 1108                free copy of one of IASB’s most pop-
                                                      cartons priced at $430 ($360 for IASB          • Shop the IASB online bookstore at:          ular publications on effective meet-
                                                      member districts).
Illinois School Board Newsbulletin / July 2008

                                                                                                                ings, the newly revised book Coming
                                                            School attorneys say that keeping                                                      to Order, and a coupon good for an
                                                                                                     • Fax your order to 217/528-2831
                                                      such a legal reference on hand makes                                                         IASB division dinner meeting reg-
                                                      good sense in light of the major impact        • Mail your order to IASB Publications,       istration.
                                                      new laws can have on school districts            2921 Baker Drive, Springfield, Illi-             Invitations were sent in early
                                                      operating in the ever-changing world             nois 62703-5929.                            July, and those interested in attend-
                                                      of school law. Fortunately it’s easy to             Buyers will be asked to provide the      ing are asked to choose which date
                                                      use this reference tool to quickly uncov-      title of the item(s) they want and the        and location is most suitable. RSVP
                                                      er what the law now says on many of            quantity; their name, organization,           the Lombard office to Loretta Cot-
                                                      the issues board members and admin-            mailing address, and daytime tele-            ten at 630/629-3776, ext. 1237 (lcot-
                                                      istrators face.                                phone. Orders can be made with check,, or RSVP the
                                                            Because of the myriad changes            credit card or purchase order.                Springfield office to Chelsea Reimann
                                                      being enacted into statute each year,               Member prices are available to           at 217/528-9688, ext. 1117
                                                      experts suggest replacing any law book         IASB member school districts (board           ( Both lunch-
                                                      that is more than a year old. Having           members and employees), and to mem-           eons will be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.,
                                                      outdated information, after all, is worse      bers of IASB Service Associates and           and registration is free.
                                                      than having no information.                    Illinois Council of School Attorneys.

Mandate waiver applications due at ISBE by Aug. 8
           pplications for waivers from        deadline. But approval must be grant-            ited to a total of six years in which it

A          School Code mandates – such
           as modifications to school cal-
endar mandates or administrative rules
                                               ed before the modification can be
                                                    The process for applying for a
                                                                                                may have an approved waiver for phys-
                                                                                                ical education.
                                                                                                     School districts and other organ-
– to be decided this fall must be sent to      modification of the School Code or               izations eligible to apply for waivers
the state by Aug. 8. Applications must         a waiver or modification of state board          should assume that any physical edu-
be sent to the Illinois State Board of Edu-    rules is the same as the one used in             cation applications submitted to ISBE
cation to be included in the Fall 2008         applying for a waiver of a School Code           from this time on are subject to the
Waiver Report, which is to be submit-          mandate.                                         provisions of P.A. 95-223.
ted to the General Assembly by Oct. 1.              Applicants are encouraged to sub-                The Illinois Statewide School Man-
     A school district may request a           mit those petitions that address cal-            agement Alliance played a central role
waiver or modification of the man-             endar issues to the State Board before           in pushing for the passage of the state
dates of state laws or regulations when        the calendars affected by the requests           waiver law, which took effect in 1995.
the district demonstrates it can meet          are submitted for review. Under the              The waiver law requires an applicant
the intent in a “more effective, effi-         provisions of a recent law, Public Act           with a governing board, such as a
cient, or economical manner or when            93-1036, schools need to submit an               school district, to hold the public hear-
necessary to stimulate or improve              amended calendar to their Regional               ing on a day other than the day of a
student performance.” If the state             Office of Education and have it                  regular board meeting. Applicants
board fails to disapprove a request,           approved before any calendar modi-               must provide written notification about
that request is deemed granted. But            fication can be implemented.                     the hearing to their state legislators
even disapproved requests may be                    A new law enacted in August 2007            as well as to their affected exclusive
appealed to the legislature, which             limits the term of physical education            collective bargaining agent(s) and
sometimes overturns the adminis-               waivers. Public Act 95-223 took effect           must publish a notice in a newspaper
trative ruling.                                on Jan. 1. This Act provides that an             of general circulation.
     By law, waivers cannot be allowed         approved physical education waiver                    Before beginning the waiver process
from laws, rules, and regulations regard-      (or modification) may remain in effect           ISBE suggests that each applicant should
ing special education, eligibility of vot-     for a period not to exceed two school            carefully review requirements outlined
ers in school elections, or teacher            years and may be renewed no more                 in the “Overview for Waiver Process”
tenure, certification or seniority. Nor        than two times upon application by               found online at http://www.
can waivers be granted pertaining to           the eligible applicant.                          waivers/html/overview.htm.
No Child Left Behind requirements.                  Before passage of this law, phys-                Application forms and instruc-
     If school leaders are applying for        ical education applications could be             tions for waivers and modifications
a modification of School Code man-             requested for a maximum of five years            are provided by the state board and
dates (such as legal school holidays),         and for an unlimited amount of time.             can be downloaded at http://www.
or a waiver or a modification of admin-        The intent of this law is that a school
istrative rules, there is no postmark          district or other applicant will be lim-         tion.htm .

                                                                                                                                                                   Illinois School Board Newsbulletin / July 2008
STRIKES from page 8
    IEA/NEA staff: Filed September 18, 2007:       gaining Unit: IFT/AFT staff: Notice:         • Northwestern CUSD 2, Kaskaskia Divi-
    Settled: October 21, 2007                      October 19, 2007                               sion: Bargaining Unit: IEA/NEA teach-
•   Rockford District 205, Kishwaukee Divi-    •   Carrollton District 1, Two Rivers Divi-        ers: Filed: September 6, 2007
    sion: Bargaining Unit: IEA-NEA staff:          sion: Bargaining Unit: IFT/AFT staff:        • Belleville THSD 201, Southwestern Divi-
    Notice: August 17, 2007: Settled: August       Notice: September 21, 2007                     sion: Bargaining Unit: IFT/AFT teach-
    27, 2007                                   •   Belleville Area Special Services Coop-         ers: Filed: August 10, 2007
•   Mahomet-Seymour CUSD 3, Illini Divi-           erative, Southwestern Division: Bar-         • Fulton County CUSD 3, Western Divi-
    sion: Bargaining Unit: IEA/NEA staff:          gaining Unit: IFT staff: Notice: September     sion: Bargaining Unit: IFT/AFT teach-
    Notice Filed: August 14, 2007: Settled:        17, 2007                                       ers: Filed: August 9, 2007
    August 22, 2007                            •   West Frankfort CUSD 168, Egyptian            • Harmony Emge District 175, Belleville,
•   Jersey CUSD 100, Jerseyville, South-           Division: Bargaining Unit: IFT/AFT staff:      Southwestern Division: Bargaining Unit:
    western Division: Bargaining Unit:             Filed: September 13, 2007                      IFT/AFT teachers: Filed: August 7, 2007
    IEA/NEA staff: Filed: October 26, 2007     •   Litchfield CUSD 12, Kaskaskia Division:      • B e l l e V a l l e y D i s t r i c t 1 1 9 , Belleville,
•   Township High School District 211 ,            Bargaining Unit: IEA/NEA staff: Filed:         Southwestern Division: Bargaining Unit:
    Palatine, North Cook Division: Bar-            September 12, 2007                             IFT/AFT teachers: Filed: August 7, 2007

Envision a more inclusive future
through new diversity workshops
        ASB has a new Diversity and Inclu-      • Revealing and assessing the                C           OF EVENTS
I       sion Awareness workshop that
        it will roll out in late summer at
three locations.
                                                  impact of subtle biases on school
                                                  district success.
                                                  The Diversity and Inclusion
                                                                                              August 13 — New Superintendents
                                                                                                Luncheon, IASB Lombard, 11 a.m. -
                                                                                                2 p.m.
     If you are committed to a diverse        Awareness workshop will be held                 August 14 — New Superintendents
and inclusive school district in which        from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Aug.               Luncheon, IASB Springfield, 11
each man, woman and child is valued,          26 at Touch of Nature in Carbondale,              a.m.-2 p.m.
and everyone has an opportunity to            Sep. 4 at IASB offices in Springfield,          August 22-23 — IASB Board of Direc-
reach “maximum potential,” this work-         and Sep. 10 at IASB offices in Lom-               tor Retreat, Pheasant Run, St.
shop is for you.                              bard.                                             Charles
     Through engaging, interactive exer-           Tuition is $195 per person, which          August 23 — IASB Board of Directors’
cises, this half-day workshop will increase   includes materials and meals. Advance             Meeting, Pheasant Run, St. Charles
your “diversity and inclusion” aware-         registration is required. Registration          August 26 — Diversity and Inclusion
ness — the first step in the diversity
                                              must be received two days prior to each           Awareness Workshop, SIU Touch of
education process. Workshop objec-                                                              Nature, Carbondale, 5:30 - 9:30 p.m.
tives include:
                                                   Overnight lodging is not included          September 4 — Diversity and Inclu-
  • Creating a common under-                  with workshop tuition. If you need lodg-          sion Awareness Workshop, IASB
    standing of “diversity and inclu-         ing information for the workshop you              Springfield, 5:30 - 9:30 p.m.
    sion.”                                    plan to attend, please call Judy Williams       September 9 — Wabash Valley Divi-
  • Discussing the behaviors required         at 217/528-9688 or 630/629-3776 exten-            sion Fall Dinner Meeting, Lawrence
    to create an inclusive environ-           sion 1103.                                        County CUSD 20, Lawrenceville, 6
    ment in which every man, woman                 Mail or fax your registration form           p.m.
    and child is included, valued and         with payment information to: Illinois           September 10 — Diversity and Inclu-
    respected.                                Association of School Boards Regis-               sion Awareness Workshop, IASB
  • Linking diversity issues with             trar, 2921 Baker Drive, Springfield, IL           Lombard, 5:30 - 9:30 p.m.
    achieving district goals.                 62703-5929, FAX 217/528-2831. Or                September 16 — Professional
  • Broadening the scope of diver-            register for a workshop online by vis-            Advancement Seminar: Seeking
    sity beyond typical race and gen-         iting http:// www. Cancel-              the Superintendency, IASB Spring-
                                              lation with refund will be accepted up            field, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    der issues to include education,
    religion, age, physical abilities,        to two days prior to each meeting date          September 18 — Professional
    sexual orientation, class/income,         (before 12 noon) by calling IASB at               Advancement Seminar: Seeking
                                              217/528-9688 or 630/629-3776, exten-              the Superintendency, IASB Lom-
    language and other aspects of
                                                                                                bard, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    diversity.                                sion 1103.

                                                                                                                    NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                       U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                  ILLINOIS ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                                   OF SCHOOL BOARDS

           2921 Baker Drive
           Springfield, Illinois 62703-5929

           Return Service Requested

No. 675, July 2008. This Illinois School Board Newsbulletin was mailed to IASB member district board members and superintendents.

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