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                                                                                    Secure Wireless Gateway
                                                                                                                     SOLUTIONS BRIEF

    Secure Wireless Gateway Reference Design Kit

Purpose                                                                  Secure Wireless Gateway Reference Design Overview
The RMI Secure Wireless Gateway reference design enables                 The XLS-Based™ Secure Wireless Gateway reference design is
multi-service gateways and Unified Threat Management (UTM)               capable of supporting up to 7 GbE ports, 4 USB ports, and com-
appliances targeted at the Small to Medium Business (SMB) mar-           pact flash. The reference design connects to a 802.11n card
ket.                                                                     through the MiniPCIe interface.
                                                                         An on-board regular expression solution from Netlogic solves pat-
Wireless Gateway and UTM Markets                                         tern matching problems that are critical for intrusion detection and
The wireless gateway and UTM markets are projected to grow               intrusion prevention scenarios. The NLS045 content processor
explosively during the next few years. As OEM's look to differenti-      can process 100K+ rules and provides OEM's and ODM's the
ate themselves around product functionality and performance,             flexibility of selecting from a range of pin-compatible content pro-
RMI's communication processor solutions provide the perfor-              cessors with performance ranging from 400 Mbps to 4 Gbps.
mance scalability and feature set required by gateway and UTM            RMI's wireless gateway/UTM reference design is a complete
end products targeted at the SMB or Small Office Home Office             hardware and reference software solution supported by a full eco-
(SOHO) and Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) markets.                   system of ODM partners.
Some examples of appliances that can leverage this reference
design are:                                                              XLS® Processor
•   Secure Gateways                                                      The XLS MIPS-64 Processor features state-of-the-art multi-
•   Wired Firewall/VPN                                                   threading multi-core technology that includes:
•   Unified Threat Management                                            •   Fast Messaging Network™ for efficient on-chip communica-
•   Intrusion Detection and Prevention                                       tion.
•   Wireless Firewall
                                                                         •   Autonomous Security Acceleration Engine® and compression
UTM appliances provide multiple security functions in a single               engine that offload the CPU to perform other critical tasks.
device and are becoming popular in small and medium sized busi-          •   Optimal cache subsystem that incorporates separate L1
nesses as they eliminate the need for separate appliances for                caches per-core, and a large shared L2 cache for increased
separate security requirements such as firewall, intrusion detec-            application performance.
tion and prevention, etc. Integration of multiple functios into a sin-
                                                                         The XLS Processor™ family gives OEMs and Original Design
gle system minimizes capital expenditure and overall IT
                                                                         Manufacturers (ODMs) the flexibility to choose from a range of
management costs.
                                                                         pin-to-pin compatible single-core to quad-core processors,
                                                                         depending upon performance requirements.

RMI Corporation                                                                                                             10837V110PB-P
      Secure Wireless Gateway Reference Design Kit

RMI Software Development Kit                                                          The Complete Secure Wireless Gateway Solution
The Secure Wireless Gateway reference design includes a com-                          The Secure Wireless Gateway solution from RMI is well suited to
plete Software Development Kit (SDK) based on Linux. The SDK                          OEMs looking to leverage a reference design that will significantly
includes the Linux kernel, thin executive operating system, and                       reduce the time-to-market of appliances in the SMB market.
industry-standard GNU tool chains, along with driver support for                      Building on the reference design, OEM's can add unique func-
the peripherals.                                                                      tions and features to further drive innovation in the market.
                                                                                      System developers can utilize the reference design kit to:
RMI Partner Alliance
                                                                                      •      Re-use the reference design schematics and Gerber files.
RMI has established a broad partner alliance to enable OEMs to                        •      Modify design to increase hardware functionality, if required.
quickly take the Secure Wireless Gateway reference design to
market. The alliance includes a long list of mature industry-lead-
ing ODMs and third-party software vendors, including Wind River,
Monta Vista, and Abatron.

                                                                 Board Specifications
  Kit Contents                                                                            DDR2 Memory
  •    Board with single RMI XLS108 Processor1 operating at 750 MHz                       •  Design supports memory speeds up to DDR2-533.
  •    64 MB NOR Flash memory installed on-board with capability of                       •  256 MB DDR2-533 memory provided on-board
       supporting flash sizes from 16 MB to 128 MB                                        Serial Ports
  •    Mini-PCIe extension slot used for WiFi module                                      •    Single RS232 serial port interface with DB-9 connector for stan-
  •    Compact Flash socket                                                                    dard console connectivity
  Ethernet Ports                                                                          USB Bus Interface
  •   5+1 Ports GE Switch connected to 1st SGMII port on XLS                              •   Four external USB ports connected to XLS via USB hub
      - TS PHY integrated onto the switch
      - Single SGMII for CPU connection                                                   Regular Expression Support
      - MDIO interface for management                                                     •   On-board Netlogic NLS045 Regular Expression Device
  •   Single RGMII PHY connected to RGMII port on XLS
                                                                                          802.11n Support
  •   Single SGMII PHY connected to 2nd SGMII port
                                                                                          •    Support for 802.11n Wireless chipsets via Mini-PCIe port
  •   Two LEDs per port for link/status/activity monitoring
                                                                                          Board Dimensions
                                                                                          •   Mini ITX form Factor - 6.7 inches x 6.7 inches

      1. The Secure Wireless Gateway board layout is also pin-compatible with the XLS104 Processor.

                                                                  Ordering Information
                         Ordering Part Number (OPN)                                                          Reference Design Name
                                  XLS1RD SWG-IA                                                        Secure Wireless Gateway reference design

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