Region 35 _Oregon_ 700 MHz Regional Planning Committee Meeting by lonyoo


									                           Region 35 (Oregon) 700 MHz
                           Regional Planning Committee
                           January 29, 2009
                           10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
                           Lower Training Room
                           17911 NW Evergreen Parkway
                           Beaverton, Oregon 97006

Meeting called to order at 10:11a.m., Joe Kuran presiding. Quorum present.

Joe Kuran comments: this is the 25th meeting of the 700 RPC, since 2002. He has most minutes, except
for a few meetings in 2003, and is planning to get them on-line. Also, he is making use of Yahoo
Groups—let him know if you wish to join.

 Add appendices to plan. They cover a wide variety of items and are mostly reference material. The only
item requiring a vote is the frequency pack, Appendix F.

Approval of minutes from December 18, 2009: moved, seconded, carried.

 Approval of Appendix F, the frequency pack: Discussion--It uses the CAPRAD pack, as amended by
Dave Brooks; differs from the previous “State” plan in that it takes 2 channels each from Hood River
County and from Columbia County and adds to Multnomah County. Also, Washington, Multnomah, and
Clackamas Counties are treated separately, rather than as one big group. 25kHz bandwidth channels were
used to better position the Region for future technology, future FCC regulations, and it’s a better match to
the surrounding regions. Approval of use of the “Metro Pack” for the Region 35 Pre-Coordination
Allocation Plan: moved, seconded, carried.

Next Steps: Joe to send the approved Plan to the adjacent regions, expected back by the end of March.
Assuming no changes, then the plan will go to the FCC. Final approval anticipated in early July.

 TriMet Application: John Swiecick announced that TriMet is in the process of preparing a license
application, and requested that the RPC begin evaluation in advance of the Plan’s final approval.
Next Meeting, Thursday March 18, 2010, 10AM at WCCCA.

Scoring Committee: Joe appointed a small committee to set scoring parameters: John Swiecick, Karl
Larson, Dick Slinger. Meeting planned for third Thursday in February, 10AM.

 March 18 meeting: 800 RPC meeting will follow 700 RPC meeting. Dave Brooks is planning to update
the 800 RPC portion of the website.

Adjourned at 10:50 AM.

John Swiecick, TriMet, Y
AJ O’Connor, TriMet, N
Karl Larson, City of Portland, Y
Randy Druger, Day Wireless, N
David Brooks, City of Portland, Y
Nancy Jesuale, TriMet, N
Chris Duval, Oregon Youth Authority, N
Larson Grabencort, Motorola, N
Blain Quaggan, Motorola, N
John Hartsock, C800, Y
Joe Kuran, WCCCA, Y
Kevin Kearns, iXP Corporation, N
Dick Slinger, Linn County Sheriff’s Office, Y
Wayne Siver, ODOC, Y
John McCaslin, OWIN, Y

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