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2009 - 2010                                          Western Ohio Art Education Association Newsletter

May 2010                                            WOAEA Winter Workshop                                                “Nanoart”
   Mark your calendars!                                                             WOAEA members braved
                                                                                    the wintry weather to
   May 15, 2010
  OAEA Board of Directors Mtg., STRS
                                                                                    explore the longstanding
  May 15, 2010 Artline Articles Due, High
                                                                                    relationship between art
  School Art delivered to STRS                                                      and science at a "Nanoart"
   June 21, 2010                                                                    workshop on Saturday,
   Regional Show Set-up, 8:30 am, UD                                                February 27. Conducted
   June 22, 2010                                                                    by Liz Landis and Robyn
  Western Glass Raffle Drawing                                                      Sweet at the Boonshoft
   June 30, 2010                                                                    Museum of Discovery in
  Western Summer Awards Luncheon                                                    Dayton, the presentation
Café Monet, Dayton Art Institute                                                    began with an introduction
11:00 am—12:30 pm                                                                   to nanotechnology that was shared on a CD given
   June 30, 2010                                                                    to every participant along with a "to-go" bag of
  Western Summer Workshop                                                           supplies intended to enable every teacher to bring
Needle Felting with Ali Marshall from 1-4
                                                    these lessons home to his or her students. Ideas for the classroom included a
   July 6-8, 2010                                   collaborative activity--sculpting a giant carbon tube using balloons--as well as
DAI Educator Summer Workshop Batik and
  Beyond with Fiber Artist Cathy Jeffers
                                                                                            such individual activities as the designing of
  July 10, 2010                                                                             mock stained glass windows using gold and
WOAEA Regional Show Recognition                                                             silver nano solutions to illustrate the
Receptions                                                                                  amazing changes that occur as these metals
  September 8, 2010
Western Officers Meeting at Panera Bread,
Brown Street
   September 11, 2010
  OAEA Board of Directors Mtg., STRS
  September 13-October 9, 2010
  High School Art Show, STRS
  November 4-6, 2010                                are reduced to incredibly tiny particles.
  OAEA Convention in Columbus                       Teachers also worked in teams to
                                                    duplicate the conditions that allow
  Inside this issue:                                inkjet printers to work: This involved
                                                    heating a pipette filled with food
 Western Winter Workshop                    cover   coloring and waiting for it to blast its contents onto a nearby piece of paper. At
                                                    the end, all in attendance were invited to tour the current traveling exhibit: "Too
 Membership Information                     cover
                                                    Small To See".
 Greeting from our Regional Director         2
                                                    Membership Information
 YAM/YPAE Winners                            2
                                                                      Some of you may have your name highlighted on your address
 Dayton Art Institute Info                   3      sticker. According to State records you are not a member for 2009-2010. This affects
                                                    your ability to participate in shows, vote in elections, attend workshops, and gain
 Western Region Summer Exhibition            3      Circa years. We cannot keep you on our roster. We don’t want to lose you. In these
 Western Glass Raffle Information                   uncertain times the Arts need a united front. We need a strong show of numbers to
                                                    insure that politicians see us as a large voting block. Please consider taking care of
 Western Summer Awards Luncheon              3      your membership. If you cannot for this year we hope you will return in the fall.
Electronic Version of the Newsletter. A large portion of our expenses and your dues go to publishing the newsletter in hard copy form. If you would
like to receive an electronic version only of the newsletter in the future, please respond to with the following
information: name and address listed on your address label, email(s) where you would like the electronic version sent and a contact phone number.
 PAGE 2                                                                                                         M AY 2 01 0

  Greetings From Our Regional Director
                               Baseball, cook outs, lilacs, lightening bugs, popsicles; spring is here and summer is so
                      close we can almost touch it. Wrap up this year and begin to think about the next. I hope you had a
                      good year. It is amazing how fast time flies. Please keep checking your e-mail over the summer.
                      This will be our way to keep you up to date on activities.
                               We had a terrific time at the Boonshoft Museum in February. Seventeen members
                      explored the world of Nano-technology. Go to our Blog to see pictures from the workshop. If there
                      is a workshop you would like to see, please let us know.
                               Lindsay Gustafson has been working hard to set up our summer Regional show. We are at
                      ArtStreet on the University of Dayton campus again. It is a terrific facility and our students’ work
                      shines. I hope to see you at one of the three receptions. You will be receiving letters soon.
    Cathy Sweny   June 30th is our Annual Summer Awards Luncheon. Please join us at the Dayton Art Institute to
honor our regional award winners. We will have a terrific free buffet lunch and the opportunity to participate in a needle
felting workshop immediately after. Again watch your e-mail for specific times and costs for the workshop.
                  As you clean up your classroom for the summer break, look for items you don’t really need but hate to
throw away. We are planning a Pop-the Trunk Swap for this summer. We will meet at a park, pop our trunks and
swap materials. We will plan on bringing lunch so we can relax and talk. Again, watch you e-mail for further
                  Would you be interested in a short road trip? We would like to organize a local museum trip. We
could meet, car pool and explore. Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Columbus would all be worth while. If you are interested
please e-mail me, Cathy Sweny at Have a great summer and read your e-mails.

WOAEA YAM and YPAE Winners                                                Congratulations!
                                                                                    YPAE Winners
                      YAM Winners                             Students                   Teachers
    Student                          Teacher
                                                                Shannon Barr               Cathy Sweny
  Brett Arnett                Tracey Otto
                                                                Josh Bentley                Melissa Clark
  Abigail Arntz               Andrea Leach
                                                                Jonah Beranek               Bill Stanforth
  Jadyn Barga                 Michelle Ranly
                                                                Brice Berger                Michelle Ranly
  Ava Chiudioni               Suzanne Mitolo
                                                                Alex Bowersock              Tracey Otto
  Marzella Early              Nancy Vogel
                                                                Hunjoon Choi                Alice Tavani
  Hogan Franck                Sue Hagan                         Grace Combs                 Alice Tavani
  Andrew Gilbert              Mary Baine                        Jamie Cook                  Mary Baine
  Gillian Herrin              Kevin Ferguson                    Jenna Hamilton              Sue Hagan
  Karissa Hodge               Alice Tavani                      Ryan Kennedy                Andrea Leach
  Nathan Huelsman             Alice Tavani                      Kati Knecht                 Kevin Ferguson
  Harper Luczka               Lindsay Gustafson                 Grace Kueterman             Janet Butsch
  Patrick McCaffery           Joan Lucas                        Alina Lewandowski           Kate Anello

  Ayana May                   Melissa Clark                     Madeline May                Joan Lucas
                                                                Abigayle Miller             Mary Baine
  Cody Saylor                 Janet Butsch
                                                                Johnny Payton               Nancy Vogel
  Chloe Stanforth             William Stanforth
                                                                Jaylee Perez                Kimberly Wheeler
  Tanner Sweede               Kimberly Wheeler
                                                                Brinna Price                Janet Butsch
  Nate Tegtmeyer              Kate Anello
                                                                Carson Robbins              Joan Lucas
  Logan Waugh                 Cathy Sweny
                                                                Jenna Thompson              Melissa Clark
  Jacob Wiedeling             Melissa Clark                     Mai Tsuchibe                Lindsey Hull
  Jenna Zuzolo                Janet Butsch                      Mila Wiedeman               Lindsay Gustafson
 M AY 2 01 0                                                                                          PAGE 3

Dayton Art Institute                                                                Summer Workshop
                                  2010 EDUCATOR SUMMER INSTITUTE
                                Batik and Beyond with Fiber Artist Cathy Jeffers
                                       Tuesday – Thursday, July 6-8, 2010
                                               9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Participants will learn how to combine the art of ancient batik with today’s contemporary fibers in this
intensive three -day workshop. Learn both traditional and “synthetic” wax resist methods using simple
geometric or stamp batik and the tjanting tool. Complete several batik projects, including a two-dimensional
work and a wearable garment, by the end of the program. Each participant will receive a packet with resource
materials, as well as lesson plans aligned to Ohio Academic Content Standards.
                                      Fees: $130 ERC members, $150 non-members
                           Pre-registration is required and is limited to 20 participants
          To register call Mary Eberle at 937-512-0152 or email
                                      Certificate of Attendance (1.5 CEUs) available
      The University of Dayton will charge an additional fee of $240 for 1 semester hour of non-graded graduate credit.

Western Glass Raffle
Attention members, we have a lovely large glass vessel by local artist James
Michael Kahle to raffle. Proceeds will set up a scholarship pool to help
WOAEA teachers take students to Mr. Kahle’s studio for various
workshops. He is able to connect the making of glass with science, history
and art. Contact any board member for tickets. Drawing in June.

Western Summer Awards Luncheon                                                              June 30, 2010
WOAEA and the Dayton Art Institute will present a Needle Felting Workshop right after our Summer Awards
Luncheon. Our Awards Luncheon will be from 11:00am to 12:30pm, Wednesday, June 30th. Enjoy a terrific buffet in
Café Monet’s Private Dining Room as we honor our regional Service Award Winners. Contact Judith Charves(937-
429-4427 to reserve a spot at the luncheon. We need an accurate count to prepare food. . There is
no charge and it is a wonderful social event. If you can, please stay and learn Needle Felting with Ali Marshall from 1-4.
We will learn several applications and techniques. The workshop is $27 for ERC/ DAI members or $30 for non-
members. All materials are included. We need a minimum of 15 to have the workshop. Contact hour certificates for 3
hrs. will be available.
Make checks payable to the DAI and mail it to the attention of Mary Eberle WOAEA Felt Workshop c/o
Dayton Art Institute, 456 Belmonte Park North, Dayton Ohio 45405 Phone # 937-512-0152.

 WOAEA Summer Art Exhibit
                                            Our WOAEA Summer Art Exhibit will be at Art Street at the University of
                                   Dayton once again. The summer show will open on June 22nd and will be on display
                                   until July 10th, with recognition receptions for all students on the closing day!
                                   The exhibit will be installed on Monday, June 21st starting at 8:30 am. Plan on catching
                                   some lunch afterwards somewhere on Brown St. Hope to see you there! All volunteers
                                   are welcome! It is fun and a good way to be involved in your local art organization, so
                                   come out and lend a hand! Any questions call or email Lindsay Gustafson.
Art Street, University of Dayton   937-689-5381,
 PAGE 4                                                                                                                    M AY 2 01 0

  Bill Stanforth
  125 Allerton Road              We’re on the web!
  Dayton, OH 45405        

OAEA Mission Statement
* Build community for visual art
educators by promoting professional
growth and leadership.

                   Attention, "Westerners":
                   Now is the time for all good
                   art teachers to come to the aid
of their region! Are you especially pleased with
a particular art assignment and/or art student?
Take a picture, write a few words, put them in
an envelope or an e-mail, and send them along!

Mary Baine                  Melissa Clark
43 Nightingale Trail        1438 Crown Point Ct.
Enon, Ohio 45323-9711       Beavercreek, Ohio 45434
(937) 864-5192              937-429-4729   melissa.clark@beavercreek 

 Western Officers
Regional Director: Cathy Sweny                  PR/Advocacy Co-Chair: Mary Baine         Secretary: Kevin Ferguson
950 E. Central                                  43 Nightingale Trail                     1547 Charter Oak Pt. Apt. 6
Miamisburg, OH 45342                            Enon, Ohio 45323-9711                    Fairborn, OH 45324
937-866-6782                                    937-864-5192                             937-626-6174                 
Past RD: Andrea Leach                                                                    Technology Chair: Kate Anello
174 Barrington Village Drive                    PR/Advocacy Co-Chair: Melissa Clark      3736 Wenzler Drive
Xenia, OH 45385                                 1438 Crown Point Ct.                     Kettering, OH 45429
937-376-7622                                    Beavercreek, Ohio 45434                  937-643-9886              937-429-4729                                       

Regional Elect: Judith Charves                  OAEA Historian: George Liston
                                                                                         Newsletter Chair: Bill Stanforth
1631 Diplomat Drive                             111 Oakwood Avenue
                                                                                         125 Allerton Road
Beavercreek, OH 45432                           Dayton, OH 45409
                                                                                         Dayton, OH 45405
937-429-4427                                    937-293-4640
Awards Chair: Rebecca Molnar                    H.S. Exhibits Chair: Pam Koverman
1511 Bartley Road                               1229 Arbor Avenue
                                                                                         Membership Chair: Kathy Pugh
Dayton, OH 45414                                Dayton, OH 45420
                                                                                         5121 S. Rangeline Road
937-890-1277                                    937-259-1079
                                                                                         West Milton, OH 45383                                          937-698-5257
Summer Exhibits Chair: Lindsay Gustafson
1824 hazel Avenue                               Regional YAM Coordinator: Kaytie Seela
Kettering, OH 45420                             2297 Pine Knott Drive
937-689-5381                                    Beavercreek, OH 45431           937-223-5277

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