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									                                                                                                June 2009

                                                        •   June Program Announcement
                                                        •   New and Returning Members
                                                        •   Message From the Board
                                                        •   Annual Membership Renewal Process
                                                        •   Coming in August!

  Omaha OD Network
                                  Wednesday, June 24th
      Board of Directors          7:30 to 9:00 a.m.
           President              University Medical Center
          Lori Smith              Emile at 42nd Street         A map and directions will be sent in a separate flyer.
         Past President
          Janet Walker
                                  Social Networking and Social Learning:
         Steven Stromp       Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wiki…the field of social
                                  networking and social learning is thriving. Our guest
   Programming (Interim)
       Amy Besack                 speaker is Cindy Rockwell, CustomerVision's chief        executive officer located in Des Moines , IA. She has a
   Public Relations/Newsletter    passion for managing technology as part of increasing
           Dani Evans
                                  business productivity. She is an expert in developing the
                                  potential of collaborative communication for the enterprise.
Professional Development Chair
       Todd Conkright             Cindy will share her knowledge through case study exam-   ples and "how to" best leverage these tools for Organiza-
       Membership Chair           tion Development professionals.
        Shari Wheeler

By Mail:
Dani Evans
Professional Development
Lincoln Financial Group
8807 Indian Hills Drive
Omaha, Nebraska 68114

Omaha OD Network

                                  New Members

                                  Erika Valentour, Lincoln Financial Group

                                                                                                           Omaha OD Network

Message From the Board
June 2009

Here we are at membership renewal time. At the risk of repeating myself, I don’t know what I would do with out
the Omaha OD Network. I have treasured my membership with this organization. To paraphrase Will Rogers,
there are 3 types of learners – readers, observers and doers. The OD Network – gives me an opportunity to direct
my development in all three venues. Not to mention the networking and collegiality that has been formed for me
within this group. I realize that not everyone is as passionate about the Omaha OD Network group as I am but
experience has taught me I get out of something what I put into it. And, in this case, I’ve gotten more than what
I’ve given.

I was reminded of this great value to me at our past OD Network/ASTD program a couple of days ago. I had the
opportunity to sit with 3 other colleagues on the panel - - - well, “colleagues” is an understatement. I would refer
to these individuals as friends, as trusted advisors, as knowledgeable professionals; people I have come to know
and cherish through our OD Network.

The combined ASTD/OD Network program was well attended by members of both organizations. There were
great questions and energy from the participants. I was honored to be part of that conversation. I love being with
other learners. As we discussed during this panel conversation, there is a distinction between Training and De-
velopment (aka Workplace Learning and Performance) and Organization Development. In my opinion, that differ-
ence will continue to blur as both fields grow and try to make a difference in their organizations or with their clients.
As OD practitioners – we’re still in our infancy as a field and need to continue to expand our knowledge about the
techniques and values we bring.

Our current OD board is very focused on continuing to bring development opportunities to all its members and fu-
ture members. As you may know, we added a chair position this past year to focus on professional development.
We are looking for ways to continue to stretch all of us regardless of how seasoned or new we are in our journey.
You’ll see later in this newsletter an announcement for a special program in August. We are also continuing our
research into other professional development opportunities.

So, don’t miss out on these development and collegiality opportunities. Renew today (or sometime in June). Not
only renew with your currency, but renew with your intellect and energy – there are ways to get involved and help
us continue to have a phenomenal chapter.

Your grateful and humble colleague,
Janet Walker, Past President

Omaha OD Network

                   OMAHA OD NETWORK PURPOSE
                 The Omaha OD Network creates opportunities where
                    members explore, learn and apply organization
                    development methods, tools and techniques.

                                                   Our Vision
                                      We create and build purposeful
                                     that transform and inspire people,
                                       and communities to succeed.

                                                                                                      Omaha OD Network

June is the time of year that we renew our Omaha OD Network membership dues for the year.
         Our annual dues are $35 for regular members and $15 for full-time students.

Please visit our website at for a quick and easy way to renew your membership.
We now have PayPal to handle dues payments for our members. You have the option to pay with
your credit card or use your PayPal account.

From the home page of the Omaha OD Network website, select the Join/Renew Membership button.
Complete the online application (same form to be used for both new members and renewing mem-
bers). Once you click on the Submit application button, you will be brought to the payment-
processing page.

Please note that you have the option to purchase an annual membership (renewal or new), a full-time
student membership (if applicable), or the annual membership fees plus pre-payment of monthly
meeting dues (11 months @ $3.00 per meeting).

Payment Page

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. All dues paid by June 26 are greatly appreciated!

Shari Wheeler
Membership Chair

                                                  Omaha OD Network

Coming in August!
 Omaha OD Network Presents:

            The Organization Workshop:
             Creating Sustainable Partnerships
                     Thursday, August 13, 2009
                        8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
                    UNO Thompson Alumni Center
                          $95 per person
                     For More Information go to


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