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									                    The Importance of Planning Ahead
                    Managing assets to achieve carefully considered goals requires forethought and
                    planning, which can be a challenge. Lang Michener’s Estate Planning Group
                    provides our clients with the sophisticated legal and financial planning tools and
                    advice to help them organize their financial affairs. Our lawyers use careful
Estate Planning &
                    planning and analysis to protect and preserve hard-earned financial assets to best
                    meet the needs of each individual and family. We craft personalized estate
                    planning solutions and ensure that they are carried out as our clients intend,
                    maximizing financial benefits while minimizing taxes and fulfilling all fiduciary
                    From advice on managing financial growth and tax obligations through the delicate
                    task of estate planning, we help our clients make the decisions and create the
                    instruments that will preserve their wealth in their lifetime and for future
                    beneficiaries. We assist beneficiaries with the management of an estate and,
                    should the need arise, we are fully prepared to engage in dispute resolution
                    through negotiation or litigation.

                    Our Expertise
                    Our estate planning team advises and assists in managing financial affairs
                    effectively and with compassion. In addition to the expertise within the Group, we
                    bring the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience of the entire firm to bear
                    on unusual or complex issues.
                    Our comprehensive services include:
                       Tax planning: managing your tax profile for best effect now and upon death;
                       Powers of Attorney and health care representation agreements: preparation for
                       the maintenance of your property and personal care in the event of incapacity;
                       Estate planning: arranging the orderly transfer of your assets on or before your
                       death to achieve your expressed wishes, including the preparation of a will
                       clearly expressing your intent; advice on charitable gift planning; assistance in
                       arranging guardianship of minor dependants; and advice concerning
                       differences in the treatment of estates among jurisdictions;
                       The establishment of trusts and private charitable foundations;
                       Estate administration: managing an estate or its winding-up, including advising
                       executors and trustees on the administration of estates and trusts; acting as
                       executors and trustees;
                       Succession planning: managing the change of ownership and leadership in a
                       family business; and
                       Dispute resolution: mediation or litigation when a will is contested.

                    Choosing Lang Michener
                    Our lawyers have many years of experience in anticipating and meeting our clients’
                    estate planning needs and we are considered leaders in our field. Our lawyers are
                    recognized for their estate planning skills. A key member of our team is
                    consistently listed in several editions of The Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory (a
                    directory of leading practitioners and law firms in Canada) as a leader in Estate
                    Planning, in addition to contributing two chapters to Widdifield on Executors and
                    Trustees and acting as Editor in Chief of Estates, Trusts and Pensions Journal.

        Estate Planning              Our constant aim is to ensure that our clients’ wishes are stated unequivocally
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                                     to many individual clients with distinction.

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