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									     Corfield Consulting Services
        For Today’s Christian School

  A Study of the Feasibility

                  of a

     Capital Campaign


West Mont Christian Academy

                                       July 9, 2006
                                       Prepared By:
                                       John W. Corfield
                            Corfield Consulting Services
                                For Today’s Christian School

Corfield Consulting Services (CCS) undertook this Feasibility Study with the understanding that
West-Mont Christian Academy (WCA), Pottstown, PA must find alternative sources of funding
for a Performing Arts Center and other needs.

The purpose of this study was to: (1) ascertain sufficient constituency support for a
comprehensive capital campaign for a performing arts center, elementary facility renovation,
technology expansion, increased staff and increased teachers salaries; (2) determine approval of
developing such a campaign plan that would maximize giving through the creation of alternative
sources of funding; (3) determine personal interest in helping to fund these needs; and, (4)
determine the direction the school should take in meeting present and future funding needs.

CCS began the interview process on Thursday, May 18 and concluded Sunday, May 21, 2006.
The 52 face-to-face confidential interviews were comprised of 100 WCA constituents. Of those
interviewed, 48 were couples and 4 were one-person surveys. The interviews consisted of 65
parents, 38 alumni parents/grandparents 20 staff members, 9 WCA Board members, 2 and one
Pottstown Youth Center (PYC) staff. Of course, some participants qualified for more than one

The process provided a well-balanced and sufficient sampling of opinions, attitudes, facts and
commitment upon which to base the findings and recommendations of this report.

Mrs. Sherri Corfield and Mr. John Corfield conducted all of the interviews. Both felt a great
respect for the survey participants and deeply appreciated their cooperation in this process. CCS
would particularly like to thank Dr. James Smock and Mark Moore for their extremely efficient,
professional and courteous demeanor in setting up the surveys.

Corfield Consulting Services stands ready to assist West-Mont Christian Academy in carrying
out the recommendations of this report. The association with WCA has been a pleasant and
worthwhile professional experience.

Respectively Submitted,

John W. Corfield
John W. Corfield
Corfield Consulting Services

PART ONE:             Survey Results and Analysis
Introduction:         General Information
One of the most valuable attributes of a feasibility study is the emergence of constituency
attitudes, opinions, and perceptions not always apparent to institutional leadership. This may lead
to a directional change in meeting constituency needs. It should definitely affect planning and
implementation of a fund-raising campaign to fulfill capital and/or annual goals and objectives.

Participants in the Feasibility Study for West-Mont Christian Academy (WCA) were assured
anonymity with respect to their attitudes, perceptions, opinions and commitment. As a result, the
survey participants generally seemed comfortable in relating their feelings concerning WCA.
The results below reflect those attitudes, perceptions, opinions and commitment.

I. Attitudes and Perceptions

A. Constituency Base
   1. The WCA Survey participants were distributed between parents (65%) and a combination
   of Administration, Faculty, and Staff (20%), several of which were also WCA parents.
   Oddly, there were many (38%) alumni parents/grandparents, who would normally be placed
   in a “friends” category.” However, considering the size and type of group, CCS decided to
   associate them as what they were, alumni parents and grandparents. Of the remaining survey
   participants, 9% were WCA Board members, 2% were grandparents and one friend (1).

   2. Eighteen (18%) of survey participants were part of WCA at its inception in some way.

   3. Approximately, 68.2% of the pupils were from the middle school/high school; while
   31.8% of WCA’s 60 students represented were preschool & elementary pupils.

   4. Approximately 57% have been associated with WCA between one - ten years; 43% have
   been with WCA for 11 – 31 or more years.

Analysis of Section A: This constituency mix made it possible to determine the feasibility of the
WCA goals. CCS has determined that WCA’s main constituency was significantly represented.

B. Public Image of WCA – Important Perceptions
1. Mission of WCA

Concerning the Mission statement of WCA:

       Ninety-seven survey participants (97%) felt that the WCA mission statement accurately
       reflects WCA mission
       Only three (3%) disagreed with that assessment.
2. Personal Attitude Toward WCA

Concerning the issue of the respondents' personal attitude toward WCA:

   Ninety-nine respondents (99%) were either enthusiastic about or interested in WCA
   • Ninety-three participants (93%) were enthusiastic (Extremely High Response)
   • Six respondents (6%) were interested

   Only one person (1%) declared that he/she felt critical of WCA

Analysis: WCA has an excellent base of support. All but three of the survey participants think it
is carrying out its mission and ninety-three participants are really excited about it.

3. Reputation of WCA In The Community

Concerning the reputation of WCA

       The reputation is seen by 92% of the participants as being positive in differing degrees as
       noted by the vote count below.
       Seven percent couldn’t answer because they live further away from the WCA’s local
       Only one person thought the reputation was poor.

           Excellent                 26     26%      Fair                     0    0%
           Very Good                 51     51%      Poor                     1    1%
           Good                      15     15%      Don't Know               7    7%


   The 92 respondents (92%) who placed WCA in a positive light with respect to reputation
   were spread among the “Excellent”, Very good” and “Good” categories.
   CCS determined, however, that 18% were not certain that the school was well known with
   the response “Best Kept Secret.” Eighteen (18%) revealed they did not feel that way by
   stating that they had heard good comments (9%); heard very good comments (4%) or had
   heard no negatives about WCA from the community (5%).
   Only three respondents (3%) had heard some negatives.

Areas of concern uncovered by this question

   Only three (3%) expressed that West-Mont Christian Academy still needs better promotion in
   the Pottstown, PA area.

Analysis: This question reveals a very positive perception and extreme support for WCA. No
serious issues were uncovered here. If WCA was perceived as most other schools, it would have
to improve its marketing to the community. However, the perception here is that it isn’t like
other schools and does a better job of promoting itself than most.
An aggressive broad-based marketing campaign as part of the campaign plan will really help to
get the word out and couldn’t hurt to improve its reputation.

To feel so strongly about WCA is exemplary. Therefore, the constituency of satisfied parents
should continue to make a point of talking positively about WCA and encouraging others to look
into its fine program.

4. Reasons for Others Not Choosing WCA for Their Children

As to the hesitancy of others in enrolling their students in WCA, respondents offered:

   Cost/Tuition                                                      70    70%
   They don't understand Christian education                         14    14%
   Too much Bible                                                    13    13%
   WCA lacks extras                                                  10    10%
   Christian worldview                                                9    9%
   Wrong priorities                                                   8    8%
   Poor sports program                                                8    8%
   Don't know us                                                      6    6%
   Too small                                                          6    6%
   Too strict                                                         4    4%
   They like public school                                            4    4%
   Facilities                                                         2    2%

       The most common response was, as usual, "Cost" (70%)
       Others (14%) cited lack of understanding toward Christian Education
       Thirteen (13%) offered “Too much Bible”
       Approximately 10% of respondents said the school lacks the extras that the public
       schools have
       Another 9% mentioned WCA’s teaching everything with a Christian Worldview

Analysis: Outside of the standard answer “Cost,” 36% of participants feel that something about
Christianity turns others away. This perception, while possibly true in some degree, cannot be
verified without doing a survey of those that did not choose to enroll their children. However,
over a third of the constituency perceives that is the case.

How many of them actually feel that way personally about the school, CCS did not notice. No
one suggested watering down the WCA mission or program in any way to satisfy new
prospective families. Therefore, no serious issues emerged from the additional comments.

5. Reason for Choosing WCA for Participants’ Children

As to why the respondents chose WCA for their children over other schools, the most common
answers included:

    Wanted Christian education                                                50   50%
    Didn’t like public school                                                 32   32%
    Christian worldview                                                       33   33%
    Wanted God’s word                                                         23   23%

Additional Responses

    WCA is a parent-run, non-denominational school                            15   15%
    WCA has smaller classes; small school with larger school program          14   14%
    WCA is a complete K-12 program                                            11   11%
    Committed to Christian ed.; we wanted that foundation                      9    9%
    WCA is not legalistic                                                      6    6%

Analysis: The above responses are fairly typical of most Christian school surveys but stronger
and more positive than most. What WCA must do is seek out more parents like these. Since
Christian education is what most of its parents want, WCA must market itself as the school that
teaches basic reading skills (necessary to read the scriptures) and basic Bible principles as well,
if not better, than anyone. It should also advertise that it does not push denominational doctrine
on students and is not a threat to the denominational teaching of the area churches.

About 1/3 of the constituents were not happy with what was happening in the public schools
when they enrolled their students in WCA. CCS saw a trend for that perception in several
ensuing questions. CCS believes that the WCA constituency wanted a non-denominational
Christian education with a Christian worldview and morality. Discontent with the public school
played a role in parents seeing WCA as the answer to that need.

The additional comments share other reasons deemed important to many constituents. Promoting
WCA as a parent-run school should be part of a marketing strategy for the capital campaign.
However, the slogan “Small school with a larger school program,” should also be a tenet of the
marketing strategy for all WCA promotion.

6. Safety Issues

    Yes                                                                       52    52%
    No                                                                        48    48%

       Clearly, more than half of respondents (52%) have safety concerns.

CCS saw the need to bundle types of answers that seemed to point to the same potential problem.

1. Elementary Facility: 24%

 Elementary needs to be renovated for safety                                   6     6%
 Age of the elementary school building                                         4     4%
 Elementary windows break too easily                                           2     2%
 Broken first step                                                         2       2%
 Elementary floor is warped                                                2       2%
 Age of buildings always pose problems                                     2       2%
 Second floor fire escape                                                  2       2%
 Outsiders may not think that the building is safe                         2       2%
 Elementary windows are loose; have occasionally fallen out                2       2%
 Change the entrance to Cedarville                                         2       2%

2. Traffic: 22%

 Traffic pick up pattern, especially elementary after school               8       8%
 The upper driveway is dangerous                                           4       4%
 Chaotic drop off in the morning; it’s a little tricky; Traffic concerns   4       4%
 Pave roads and playgrounds                                                2       2%
 Highway is dangerous                                                      2       2%
 Change the entrance to Cedarville                                         2       2%

3. Gym Floor: 8%

 Dangerous gym floor (slippery/hard);walls close to out of bounds          8       8%

4. Debris In the Back: 6%

 Gas pipes in the back (caged); clean up the back area                     4       4%
 Clean up the junk/debris in the back of the school                        2       2%

5. Heating in Elementary: 4%

 Radiators have caused burns                                               2       2%
 Heating system                                                            2       2%

   Because CCS feels that strongly that any safety concern deserves mention, here are the rest
   of the responses concerning safety:

 Bees in the front; took a lot to get board to take this seriously             2   2%
 Broken first step                                                             2   2%
 Elementary floor is warped                                                    2   2%
 Age of buildings always pose problems                                         2   2%
 The outside doors                                                             2   2%
 Second floor fire escape                                                      2   2%
 Get all asbestos out of the school no matter what                             2   2%
 No good evacuation plan if something happens at power plant                   1   1%
 Busses on field trips are over-crowded                                        1   1%

Analysis: CCS always publishes the safety concerns even if the remarks are usually unique,
which is somewhat evident here. However, it is important for WCA leadership to evaluate each
remark for its merit. CCS also recommends having volunteers help with some of these concerns.

7. Suggested Changes for WCA

1. Major Issues:

       “New Facilities” were mentioned by 38% percent of participants
       “Raise Salaries” was the specific preference of 20% of respondents

Analysis: Obviously parents, confident in WCA’s program, want a Performing Arts Center
and renovated facilities. The good news here is that the school already has a high school
gymnasium, although a new gym is a priority for some respondents. 1/5 of the participants also
mentioned raising salaries for teachers – a theme that persists throughout the survey.

CCS Note: Those answers make up 66% of the survey participants. Other comments, some
supporting major issues and some minor are these:

 7th Grade: NT Greek; French; Languages in elementary                         10    10%
 New Facilities will take us to the next level                                 8    8%
 Uniforms                                                                      8    8%
 Better communication from WCA to home as to what they bring home              8    8%
 More AP programs; especially middle and elementary school                     7    7%
 Women on the Board                                                            7    7%
 Renovate/update facilities                                                    6    6%
 Completely renovate the elementary building                                   6    6%
 AC in elementary                                                              6    6%
 Raise salaries; especially the teachers'                                      6    6%
 Communications sometimes disorganized among the staff                         6    6%
 More fine arts classes; art/music history, not just performing arts           6    6%
 Build a new gym first                                                         4    4%
 Pay down the debt                                                             4    4%
 Vo-Tech program w/local businesses                                            4    4%
 Get families to feel connected                                                4    4%
 Expanded parking                                                              4    4%
 Parking lot                                                                   4    4%
 Elementary classrooms (not modules)                                           4    4%
 Find room for the ES program                                                  4    4%
 Heating; cold air coming in windows                                           3    3%

2. Moderate Issues:

       “Communications” cited as necessary for staff and parents by 14%
       “Foreign Languages in Elementary” important to 10%

3. Minor Issues:

       “Women on The School Board,” was expressed by 7% in this question but that
       percentage begins to swell in other questions.

Analysis: It is obvious from these answers that renovated elementary facility and raising
teachers’ salaries are the number one and two needs. That trend runs throughout the survey. The
PAC interest comes mainly from those who have middle & high school.

CCS believes the moderate and minor issues should be addressed first. It is important that
everyone be on the same page if a capital campaign for facilities is going to work. Parents want
to be informed and they want teachers to be informed. Other parents expect more in the foreign
languages area, saying that WCA needs to be in step with other schools regarding this.

Parents have also expressed concern that women cannot serve on the board by stating, “We are
not a church and shouldn’t function like one.” To a minority, it is a perceived problem. However,
this concern was articulated by other participants in ensuing questions. The WCA board is the
only one that can change that perception.

8. How could WCA improve its visibility and service to the Christian Community?

The major suggestions for improving the visibility of WCA in the Christian community are:

 More PR/marketing                                                            29     29%
 Church outreach                                                              16     16%
 Newspaper advertising                                                        12     12%
 Community service projects                                                   10     10%
 Word-of-Mouth                                                                 8     8%
 Fliers                                                                        8     8%
 TV/Radio ads                                                                  6     6%
 Don't know                                                                    6     6%

Additional Comments:
 Doing a good job; We excel at it (marketing)                                 18     18%
 Signs, marketing campaign and advertising on campus events                    8     8%
 Do a free fall play for community; give parents tickets to bring others       6     6%
 Let community/churches use facility                                           6     6%
 A strategy to spread the word to churches by WCA families                     6     6%
 Community service projects are more important than mission trips              6     6%
 The Arts Center Campaign                                                      4     4%
 Continue w/mission trips here and short-term service projects                   4     4%
 Have WCA families do service projects for lower income families                 4     4%
 Tie into community functions                                                    4     4%
 More contact w/pastors in the area                                              3     3%

Analysis: The top seven responses had to do with more PR and specific advertising methods to
accomplish that goal. Those were backed up by other comments. CCS recommends the
development/marketing office gear up for this purpose. A capital campaign, if warranted, should
utilize whatever marketing methods to reach the most people for both donations and information.

Church outreach is seen as important by 16% of respondents, many of which see pastors as the
key to opening up churches for alternative sources of funding. A pastors’ day with the specific
objective of letting the pastors go to school with students from their church will do much to win
their favor. That should be followed by a lunch and a presentation on how WCA is their friend
and will help them in making better church members out of their students.

All of these suggestions for advertising have their place and could really help bring awareness,
funding and more students to WCA. CCS also likes billboards as long as they are the right
places, ideally a corner with a traffic signal.

9. “Why does this area need WCA?"

The respondents offered the following:

 Alternative                                                                    38     38%
 Christian education/worldview                                                  24     24%
 Poor public schools                                                            24     24%
 Every area does                                                                22     22%
 Christian values/environment                                                   16     16%
 Area growth                                                                    14     14%
 Leader in the community                                                         4     4%
 Academics                                                                       2     2%

There are some strong areas of support for WCA in these answers:

       If responses 1 & 2 above were merged, then almost 62% mentioned an alternative to
       public school or that, in some way, public school’s secular worldview is unacceptable.
       Combining responses 2 & 5, then 46% stated they wanted the Christian worldview and
       Christian values. CCS likes to combine the Christian worldview and Christian values
       response because they really are tied together. In order to have one the other is necessary.
       Again, WCA is the one thought to fulfill this need and, apparently, it does.
       “Area growth” makes WCA essential to 14% of participants.

   Additional Comments:

      We are a parent run school                                            16       16
      WCA - one of two K-12 Christians Schools; aren't many others           8        8
      Not many options here                                                  8        8
      WCA is unique; no other like it                                        8        8
      Kids are trained to see God in each other                              8        8
      To get a good interdenominational education                            6        6
      Independent Christian school                                           6        6
      Every other school is church run                                       6        6
      Only non-denominational school in the area                             6        6

   All of these, main and additional responses, strongly suggest that –

Analysis: The above responses show a clear understanding by the majority respondents of the
advantage of having a good independent, nondenominational Christian school in the area. A
strong support base emerged early in this survey and it has continued to be heard. WCA should
be confident, when setting up development strategies, that there is a very positive majority at the
core of the school’s constituency.

CCS recommends that the leadership take steps to assure the respondents that they will explain
everything clearly once (or if) a decision to move forward is made.

10. Importance of the Continuance of WCA

 Extremely                                                               100     100%

Additional Comments:

 Means a lot to the area                                                    4     4%
 Don’t have to join a church to go here                                     2     2%
 Teachers must have the power to discipline                                 2     2%
 Education here is incredible                                               2     2%
 Son cannot wait for summer to be over to come back to school               2     2%
 Testimony to Christian ed; Others are closing                              2     2%
 Alternative                                                                2     2%
 Because of the way the world is today                                      2     2%
 Because of what we do here                                                 2     2%
 Other Christian schools are closing at the high school level               2     2%

       With regard to the continuance of WCA, this strong of a support base could not be much
       better. In that 100% of participants stated adamantly that it is extremely important that
       WCA continues. The few spontaneous responses were really unnecessary – the majority
       opinion speaks for itself quite forcefully.
Analysis: This provides conclusive evidence of an extremely strong WCA support base. These
constituents need to be mobilized into the marketing plan. CCS recommends that the unique
statements from the survey be included in the marketing plans of WCA.

11. Importance of Raising Teachers’ Salaries

    Extremely Important         84     84% Marginally Important         0    0.0%
    Somewhat Important          16     16% Not very Important           0    0.0%

Respondents offered the following:

    Retain quality teachers                                            36    36%
    Cost of living                                                     15    15%
    They deserve it                                                    12    12%
    Lose good ones                                                     11    11%
    They sacrifice                                                     10    10%
    To support their families                                           9    9%
    Attract good Ones                                                   7    7%
    Public school teachers make more                                    6    6%
    It’s a ministry for them                                            4    4%
    They work hard                                                      4    4%

Additional Comments:

 Raised them significantly but must do more; mainly entry level         8     8%
 Dedicated; great teachers                                              8     8%
 Hard to get men to be teachers here; lose good ones                    8     8%
 They work day & night; carry a heavy workload                          6     6%
 We owe our teachers a fair/living wage                                 6     6%
 We must pay for quality                                                4     4%
 Our teachers are dedicated                                             4     4%
 Laborers are worthy of their hire                                      4     4%
 Teachers must work two jobs to teach here                              4     4%
 Males, especially in elementary, must support their families           4     4%
 If single, one needs a roommate to teach here                          3     3%
 WCA must pay for quality                                               3     3%

Analysis: All 100% of participants feel it is either extremely important (84%) or somewhat
important (16%) to raise salaries to a competitive level. This is a real signal that raising
teachers’ salaries is a primary concern of the WCA constituency.

No teacher will ever teach in a Christian school for the money, but that is no reason not to pay
them a living wage. Teachers often leave for the money because it becomes necessary to take
care of their families, but they would prefer to work in a Christian school for less money.
The question becomes, “How much less?” It is understood that they will always make less than
their public school counterparts. However, there must be a concerted effort by all Christian
school boards to narrow that gap to livable wage. This would allow great teachers to remain and
fulfill their ministry.

They not only give each student their best, but they also care about the parents. The individual,
not the masses are their focus. It is a very special ministry they perform.

12. How important is it to build new facilities?

     Extremely                      69       69%        Marginally    5        5%
     Somewhat                       24       24%         Not very     2        2%

        The fact that 93% of respondents believe it is definitely important speaks volumes
        The fact that only two participants registered “not very” says the same.

Main Comments:

        Enrollment growth                                                           32   32%
        Need more space                                                              5   5%
        Area growth                                                                  2   2%
        More electives                                                               2   2%

Additional Comments:

        We need a growing school for outreach                                       10   10%
        Growing out of space                                                         7   7%
        To help current students and enrollment growth                               4   4%
        To meet program needs                                                        4   4%
        Have to grow to stay alive                                                   4   4%
        We need to keep our academics up to our standards                            4   4%
        To meet elementary building needs; renovate Elementary                       4   4%
        Outreach to the Christian community                                          4   4%
        Next to teachers salaries, we really need it                                 4   4%

Analysis: A real Performing Arts Center (PAC) would be considered a luxury in most Christian
day schools, especially church-run schools. However, it is seen by WCA’s extremely supportive
constituency as very important for all the opportunities it would afford the academy’s program.
Because of the new classrooms the PAC would bring with it, it is seen as the answer to area
growth and WCA’s enrollment growth. Renovation of the elementary building is also seen as a
vital need for safety and ‘first impression” considerations. In all, the constituency wants these
additions in order to continue WCA’s growth in enrollment and program quality.

Analysis of Section B: This section indicates huge support for WCA and its future. Parents are
looking to continue the incredible Christian education their children are receiving at WCA.
They want a PAC, sooner rather than later, and they are willing to pay for it – but, not at the
expense of the elementary facility or the teachers.

WCA constituents are very proud of the academy being a unique parent run school that is open
to everyone. As one participant put it, “We teach basic Bible doctrine here and never try to
proselytize or step on the toes of the pastors in the area. WCA is very much Christian and teach a
Christian worldview – and the parents can see the difference.” That in itself is a reason to go
forward with the needs as presented in the case statement.

C. West-Mont Christian Academy Leadership
1. Knowledge of the Board and its function

Concerning the participants’ knowledge of the WCA Board and its function, the constituents
were mainly unaware of who they were and what they do. Here is the vote.

 Know them well                                                                41     41%
 Set policy & guidelines                                                       30     30%
 Little knowledge                                                              25     25%
 Know them                                                                     18     18%
 Don’t know them                                                               16     16%
 Advise headmaster                                                             16     16%
 Oversight                                                                     14     14%
 Budget                                                                        12     12%
 Direction                                                                      4     4%
 Godly                                                                          4     4%
 Want best                                                                      2     2%

Analysis: CCS gives the WCA board high marks considering that:

        59% of respondents know the members
        41% know them well
        25% are familiar with them

This is a really good sign because the WCA board is in a very good position to help
communicate the needs of WCA to people who know and respect them. However, there is an
issue that CSS noticed with respect to board make up – all men.

Additional comments:

 No balance without women on WCA board                                          12   12%
 We are not a church                                                             7   7%
 Woman can help out but cannot make decisions about the school                   4   4%

2. What are their strengths as a group?

 Don't Know                                                                         35   35%
 Dedicated                                                                          22   22%
 Good balance                                                                       11   11%
 Godly                                                                              10   10%
 Mission focused                                                                     2   2%
 Active                                                                              2   2%

Additional Comments:

 Diversity; variety the Lord brings                                                  8    8%
 Believe in the school; no one is a figure head                                      4    4%
 Good leadership qualities                                                           3    3%

Analysis: The constituency sees the board as dedicated, balanced, Godly, mission focused and
active. They see them as diverse with no figure head and good leaders that believe in the school.
This speaks very well of the opinion of those who know them.

There is one caveat, 35 respondents (35%) could not identify the strength of the school board as
a group. That means they need to see and hear them more as a body. This is another opportunity
for better board communication to the constituency.

3. Perceptions of the WCA Administrator

The survey suggests that:

      All 100 participants (100%) know Dr. James Smock, the WCA Administrator, well.
      Everyone gave their impression of Dr. Smock. The most prevalent comments are below;
      the rest, including a few constructive comments can be found in appendix C.

      Dedicated                                                                     30    30%
      Godly                                                                         16    16%
      Intelligent                                                                   13    13%
      Educator                                                                      10    10%
      Friendly                                                                      10    10%
      Intense                                                                        8    8%
      Nice person                                                                    8    8%
      Hard working                                                                   8    8%
      Passionate heart                                                               6    6%
      High standards                                                                 6    6%
      Respect him                                                                    6    6%
      Good leader                                                                    4    4%
      Loves the School                                                               4    4%
      Open                                                                           2    2%
Additional Comments:

      Funny; a character; Always laughing; laughs like a cartoon                  30    30%
      Personable                                                                  14    14%
      Heart for the school                                                        10    10%
      Has children's best interest at heart                                        9    9%
      Cares a lot about the school                                                 8    8%
      Approachable                                                                 7    7%
      Best Administrator on the planet; Good administrator                         6    6%
      Great personality; Charismatic                                               6    6%
      Down to earth                                                                6    6%
      Doesn't delegate                                                             6    6%
      Very well respected                                                          6    6%
      High personal standards, which he wants for us                               6    6%
      He should delegate more                                                      6    6%
      Humble; does everything including shoveling snow; jack-of-all-trades         6    6%

Analysis: Dr. James Smock received an abundance of complimentary comments from survey
respondents. With the comment “Best Administrator on the planet,” he, according to all of the
comments, seems to be everything one would want in an administrator.

As two respondents offered, “Great guy; easy to work for, rarely looses his cool, can work
through tough decisions, supports the staff and says what he means.” That seems to sum up the
feelings of the WCA staff concerning the administrator.

Thirty respondents cheerfully characterized Dr. Smock as, “Funny; a character, always laughing;
laughs like a cartoon.” That is a characteristic CCS believes more administrators should have.

4a. Perceptions Concerning the Administrator’s Fund-Raising Role in expanding the donor

    Yes                                                        65    65%
    No                                                         19    19%
    Don't Know                                                 16    16%

Note: This is unusual for Administrators. Respondents are usually concerned that it would take
away from his normal duties as the leader. This shows incredible respect for Dr. Smock

4b. Could he lead an effort to significantly increase church support?

    Yes                                                       76    76%
    No                                                        15    15%
    Don't Know                                                 9     9%

Note: This is fairly standard. The constituency indicated that this role fits his position and his
personality. In their mind, he would be the right one to lead this effort. However, 76% is
extremely high. It is clear the constituency believes that he would be good at this. The problem is
how to get him into churches; a problem CCS will address verbally when presenting this report.

4c. In a capital campaign, would he be a good leader?

    Yes                                                          57   57%
    No                                                           30   30%
    Don't Know                                                   13   13%

Analysis: Usually, in most CCS school surveys, the constituency is protective of his time and
would rather see someone else in that fund-raising/capital campaign leadership role. CCS
believes that church presentations serve a greater PR purpose than strictly a fund-raising role.

However, Dr. James Smock is seen as capable in all areas, including fund-raising. This shows
that the constituency has a confidence in his abilities. However, CCS would not recommend that
he take on that position. Rather, he should work closely with Campaign Director.

5. Campaign Leadership Suggestions

The constituency suggested these names for having leadership ability:

    Mark Moore                       45     45%
    Jeff Walsh                       32     32%
    Doug Wynn                        25     25%
    Wil Hallman                      22     22%
    Jim Welsh                        12     12%
    Frank Robinson                    8     8%
    Gail Hallman                      8     8%
    Mr. Rob                           7     7%
    Tom Dunning                       7     7%
    Kelly Estes                       6     6%
    Kyle Davis                        6     6%
    Pastor Brad Roth                  5     5%

Other Names mentioned can be found in appendix D

6. What role do you see the board playing in a capital campaign?

   Donors             63       63%         Solicitors       57        57%
   Friend Makers      61       61%         Don't Know       39        39%

This is the good mix to which the participants were referring. However, almost 39% of the
constituency could not answer this question. That being said, this is much better that usual,
illustrating that the board is doing a good job of mixing with the constituency.

Analysis of Section C: This section points to several strong trends:

       WCA does a fairly good job of making the academy board visible. There is always room
       for improvement on this, but it is commendable. What the participants who do know the
       members say about them is very positive. And, they have the correct perception of their
       role in a capital campaign. The members, therefore, need to continue to rub shoulders
       with the constituency and inform them of the issues they are considering for the
       campaign and the academy. Communication from the board is extremely important.

       Dr. James Smock is a man that is seen as godly, dedicated, a good leader, intelligent and
       generally considered to be “Great!” He is seen as the clear leader of WCA and believed
       he could be a great fund-raiser in all areas, if given the chance. The church area is a
       natural fit for him. The other areas would take too much of his time.

       CCS was glad to see that there were enough good names to form an excellent campaign
       leadership committee/campaign team.

D. Fundraising Potential of WCA

1. Constituency Support for a Capital Campaign

As for the issue of the WCA constituency responding favorably to a capital campaign:

       68% of respondents thought the constituency would respond favorably
       22% didn’t know if they would
       10% said they would not respond favorably

Additional Comments:

 Always have in the past                                                 9    9%
 Commitment has grown                                                    4    4%
 Parents must talk up WCA in their own churches                          4    4%
 More than half will                                                     4    4%
 They would do all they could                                            4    4%
 If communication is thorough and complete                               2    2%

Analysis: The 68% that thought the constituency would respond positively cited there is a
history of that happening. It also shows the confidence that majority of respondents have in
WCA and its plans. The latter also confirms other comments elsewhere that point up the fact that
all fund-raising efforts must communicate the need, be well-organized and methodical.

CCS believes that WCA is ready for a five-year capital campaign to: (1) build/renovate facilities;
(2) raise operational and project funding; and, (3) position WCA to begin a capital campaign for
facilities by next fall.

2. Who Will Provide the Needed Support?

   Don't Know                                                          8        8%

   Parents                     65     65%         Alumni               24       24%
   Grandparents                37     37%         Area churches         9       9%
   Businesses                  25     25%         Friends               8       8%

Analysis: The constituent groups that get the most benefits of a successful fund-raising effort
will be the ones most likely to provide to provide support. Therefore, in every school campaign,
the parents provide the most support as a group. Over 2/3 of respondents mentioned that. The
next most likely group to provide support in a campaign of this nature will be the grandparents.
Again, over half of the survey participants showed a practical understanding of fund-raising and
who would be most likely to provide support.

One of the least likely groups to provide support are area churches, mainly because Christian
schools have not designed and employed strategies for reaching local churches. The other group
that will provide the least support, local businesses, were misjudged by constituents. One quarter
of respondents (25%) thought businesses would also provide leadership support. Apparently,
those survey respondents feel that WCA could be successful at drawing financial support from
the business community. With the right strategy, they could be right.

Overall, the majority of the WCA survey participants have, for the most part, a realistic view of

3. Who will be least likely to provide support?

 Don't Know                                                                 9    9%

 Area churches                                                             35    35%
 Businesses                                                                29    29%
 Alumni                                                                    18    18%
 Parents                                                                   17    17%
 Friends                                                                   10    10%
 Grandparents                                                               4    4%

Analysis: This supports the above analysis, although those that have an interest in the school but
have no children enrolled are often church members who will give to a campaign to advance the

4. Secret to Campaign Success

Responses to, “What would be the major factor in a successful campaign?” were:

 Communicate the need                                                 63     63%
 Educate the people                                                   55     55%
 Get the word out                                                     35     35%
 Get everyone involved                                                22     22%
 Prayer; the Lord                                                     22     22%
 Explain the benefits                                                 20     20%
 Don't know                                                           10     10%
 Excitement                                                            6     6%
 Positive presentation                                                 6     6%
 Keep vision before the people                                         4     4%
 Clear goals                                                           4     4%

Analysis: This understanding of fund-raising factors that ensure success is a breath of fresh air.
It is not often articulated this well in most surveys or as strongly. The few other comments listed
below also support this analysis.

Other significant comments:

 Hit local and big businesses                                          4     4%
 The Holy Spirit is working here                                       4     4%
 Get out into the community                                            3     3%
 A campaign table w/updates throughout the campaign                    3     3%

5. Of the following needs, which would you be most interested in helping to fund---annual
fund challenges of capital campaign needs?

 Capital Campaign                                                      52     52%
 Annual Fund                                                           48     48%
 Don't Know                                                             0     0.0%

Analysis: We have now returned to what CCS feels reflects the majority opinion. Just a little
over half of participants want new facilities; almost half the respondents feel the annual fund is
more important. This is for practical purposes, a split. It means that both are necessary. However,
a new facility, ostensibly a Performing Arts Center, and renovated facilities, comprise the desire
of more than half of the survey participants.

That is born out in the above box and the next question of WCA needs priority, although,
interestingly, the desire to raise teachers’ salaries finished first in question # 6.

6. Priority of Overall Campaign Goals

CCS Comment: The below priorities provides the evidence of the CCS analysis and
recommendations. These priorities coupled with minor changes will raise academy spirit.

 Need                                  Ranking Husband            Wife      Total    Important
 Raise Teachers' Salaries                  1           103         109       212       0    0%
 Elementary Facility Renovation            2           104         112       216       0    0%
 Performing Arts Center                    3           147         176       323       2    2%
 Technology Expansion                      4           185         178       363       2    2%
 Increased Staff                           5           196         190       386       0    0%

CCS Comment: One of the best questions in the entire survey is the prioritizing of campaign
projects. It is known as the “Wish list.” It gives the constituency a chance to express their desires
for the academy. It also provides the institution a look at the feasibility of funding all or some of
its needs. In the process, it keeps the organization from making a huge mistake by trying to sell a
campaign for projects that have little or no support.

The results yield a strategic fund-raising road map. It helps the school set a course the
constituency would not only support, but one which the constituency would also sell to the rest
of their associates. This is a formula for success.

If a campaign for teachers’ salary increases, renovated facilities and the Performing Arts Center
(PAC) were marketed to the constituency and beyond, success would be imminent, under certain
conditions of course (i.e. a five-year campaign and/or w/phases).

That is what happened here. The constituency picked what they felt were the most important
issues. Although they seemed to go back and forth, when the dust settled, the respondents felt for
the underpaid, deserving teachers and the drawing power of renovated facilities, but just barely.
It is clear they want a new PAC also, although it is in the middle of the pack. WCA needs to
strike while the iron is hot.

If WCA does that, it will signal the constituency that their advice was taken seriously and have
acted on it. This will definitely raise school spirit and help to succeed in all fund-raising efforts.

Analysis: The constituency confirmed that raising teachers’ salaries and renovated/new facilities
were the first two priorities they would support financially. Therefore, these are the needs WCA
must clearly communicate to the constituency.

CCS recommends that WCA implement capital campaign for a performing arts center, a
renovated elementary building and teacher salaries. Technology expansion and increased staff
can be included but not as the top priorities.

It is CCS’s belief that WCA could raise a significant amount of capital and annual funding over
the next five years.

7. "Is there anything here that is not important?"

       96% said No;
       4% replied Yes: 2% said PAC and 2% said technology expansion

7. “What Should Be Added to the Campaign?”

       Other suggestions of things the constituency may support

For your convenience, here is the entire list of improvements
 More students are involved in sports than drama; therefore, build the
 new gym first/w/high school requirements                                 10    10%
 Parking/ parking lot                                                     6      6%
 Teachers for extra science, business classes & AP classes                6      6%
 Teacher for foreign languages in elementary & middle school              4      4%
 Get rid of the debris and pipes that endanger students                   4      4%
 Pay down the debt                                                        4      4%
 Vo-tech program                                                          4      4%
 Gifted programs teacher; expand program to hour a week                   4      4%
 Air conditioning, especially in the elementary                           4      4%
 Day Care Center                                                          4      4%
 Fine Arts teacher                                                        4      4%
 Put as many $$ into girls’ baseball & other sports as the boys’ sports   4      4%
 Air Conditioning/fans for elementary                                     4      4%
 AP Classes for all grades                                                4      4%

8. Major Donor Possibilities ($10,000 or more over the three-year campaign)

 No                                                                        48   48%
 Yes                                                                       32   32%
 Don’t Know                                                                20   20%

The list of individual donor prospects must remain confidential until the campaign starts. At
that time, names will be given to appropriate directors and solicitors. However, some generic
answers were:

9. WCA Placed on Participants’ Home Missions Budget at participants’ Churches?

 No                                                                       50    50%
 Yes                                                                      28    28%
 Don't Know                                                               22    22%

Analysis: The fact that 28% think their church would put WCA on its home missions budget is a
start and a fairly high number, but there is never any guarantee that their churches would agree.

10. Competing Campaigns

 No                                                                        79    79%
 Yes                                                                       19    19%
 Don't Know                                                                 2    2%

Other fundraising efforts by organizations, which could compete with a capital campaign plan
for WCA, were:

 Christ Church of the Valley                                               4      4%
 Sunnybrook (Stoneybrook?)                                                 2      2%
 Trinity EC                                                                2      2%
 Trinity in Royertown                                                      2      2%
 Christ Church in Morningstar                                              2      2%
 New Life Bible Fellowship                                                 2      2%
 Berks County Christian School                                             2      2%
 Coventry Christian School                                                 2      2%
 Village Productions                                                       2       2

Analysis: CCS see a lot of strength in these numbers.

11. Realism of Campaign Goals

When asked, "Do you think these campaign goals are realistic?”

 Absolutely Realistic!                                                65        65%
 Don't Know                                                           16        16%
 Somewhat Realistic                                                    9        9%
 Maybe Realistic                                                       4        4%
 Probably Not Realistic                                                4        4%
 Absolutely Not Realistic                                              2        2%

The most common responses to why it is possible were:

 God has worked miracles in this school many times                    11        11%
 God’s will; All is possible                                           8        8%
 Past history says, "Yes"                                              6        6%

Analysis of Section D: The participants showed a realistic view of fund-raising. The majority
believes the constituency will respond favorably and parents/grandparents will provide the most.

Area churches and businesses are considered the least likely to support WCA but it doesn't take
too many business gifts to be significant. The respondents definitely understood that WCA must
communicate the need to the entire constituency if the campaign is to succeed.

A capital campaign for raising teachers’ salaries and new/renovated facilities will be expected by
the constituency. Concentrating on survey participants for their gifts and pledges first is a must.
The campaign must start from within and move out to other constituency groups. However, the
participants made certain that the WCA leadership gets the message that teacher salaries are a
high priority and that they are willing to donate to that cause in order to retain good teachers. But
they also sent a message that new/renovated facilities are also a must and they expect a campaign
for that purpose. That would only change if it not enough financial potential can support it.

Survey participants were originally somewhat reluctant to name those that could give five to six
figure gifts. However, enough names were given to CCS that could be significant. That list will
be used with discretion when the campaign commences.

There is no school or organization that may pose serious competition to a WCA campaign by
soliciting the same people as WCA.

Finally, 74% of the participants perceive the goal of $3,660,000 to be absolutely (68%) or
somewhat realistic (9), while 8% feel it is maybe realistic and 2% feel it is absolutely not
realistic. If it is a 5-year campaign, CCS concurs with that majority assessment.

Overall, there is strong constituency support noted from this section.

E. Personal Commitment

1. Constituency Approval Of The Capital Campaign

 Yes                                                                     96    96%
 No                                                                       4    4%
 Don't Know                                                               0    0%

Analysis: A 96% approval of the campaign is very high and another strong sign of constituency
support for WCA’s plans.

2. Willingness to Give

Majority approval was really confirmed when asked if willing to give to a fund-raising effort:

 Yes                                                                     94    94%
 Don't Know                                                               6    6%

Analysis: This is unusual, no one said “No” and only 6% said that they didn’t know.

3. Willingness to Volunteer

Personal participation was above the study norm for volunteering:

  Yes                                                                  88      88%
  Don't Know                                                            8      8%
  No                                                                    4      4%

   The willingness to give and to volunteer numbers, 96% and 88% respectively, is huge.
   Incredibly strong support is noted here.

4. Willingness to Do Face-To-Face Presentations

 Yes                                                                   54      54%
 No                                                                    35      35%
 Don't Know                                                            11      11%

   The constituency’s willingness to do face-to-face presentations is again a very large number.
   This is further proof of the tremendous desire to see that the campaign succeeds.

5. Categories of the Participant’s Gift Range Potential: Average 3-year Projection:

Giving Range Categories              # of Giving Units                       $ Average
 Don't Know                                 2                                       0
 $1,000-$6,000                             29                                  87,000
 $6,001-$16,000                            16                                 160,000
 $16,001-$25,000                            3                                  63,000
 $25,001-$50,000                            1                                  40,000
 $50,001-$100,000                           1                                  75,000

Average $$ Within Survey             =     52                      =          $ 425,000
(Rest of Constituency)                                                              x3
Total for 3-year campaign                                                   $ 1,275,000
Add 2/3 of $1,275,000 for a 5-year campaign                                 $ 850,425

Total 5-year campaign                                                       $2,125,425

Note: This does not take into account a large pledged amount. It also doesn’t count enrollment
growth, which yields new parents and new donors every year, matching gift possibilities, gifts-
in-kind, memorial gifts, foundation grants and significant events (i.e. Champion Golf Event
every year for five-years). Conservatively, over five years, that could raise another $1,500,000.
Therefore, WCA could raise $3,600,000 over five years. That could fund renovated facilities,
teachers’ salaries, PAC and almost everything else.

Analysis: CCS has determined that the funding for its needs is a real possibility over a five-year
campaign. Therefore, CCS recommends that a five-year capital/annual-fund campaign be
approved, pending approval from the WCA Board.

6. Does your company have a matching gifts program?

 No                                                                   87     87%
 Yes                                                                  11     11%
 Don't Know                                                            2     2%

Analysis: This has some promise. Any matching gift is the same as two gifts from one person
and can be significant depending on which donors get the match.

7. Memorial/Planned Giving

Concerning a memorial gift opportunity:

 No                                                                   58     58%
 Yes                                                                  38     38%
 Don't Know                                                            4     4%

Note: The 38% interest is high and could yield a significant amount for the campaign.

8. Family Members Joining In With Constituent’s Memorial Gift.

Note: That positive percentage dropped only 2 percentage points to 36% when asked if other
family members may go together with them in a memorial gift. That is significant.

Analysis: More than one-third of respondents felt that memorial gifts, both with and without
family are a real possibility. That would multiply gifts that could really give the campaign a

9. Planned Gift
 Yes                                                                  48     48%
 No                                                                   44     44%
 Don't Know                                                            8     8%

Analysis: Almost 50%, a very high percentage in a Christian school survey, had interest in a
planned gift. That is tremendous support. Just one or two of these could be very significant.
If they go they charitable trust route, it could mean significant money now and endowment funds
later. For those that pick the bequest (let’s hope it’s not for this campaign, but way off in the
future) even more endowment funds are possible. All types of planned gifts could begin to
endow WCA for perpetuity.

10. Gift In Kind (Property, car, van, stocks, etc.)

 No                                                                 65   65%
 Yes                                                                22   22%
 Don't Know                                                         13   13%

Analysis: Almost one-fourth of respondents see this as a possibility. Depending on the size or
type of gift, a significant amount of money could be generated in this way.

11. Major Annual Fund-raising Event

 Yes                                                                89   89%
 Don't Know                                                          8   8%
 No                                                                  3   3%

       A large number of respondents (891%) would support a major annual fund-raising event
       (i.e. Champion Golf Event or a tournament with constituent golf pros)
       Only 8% said they wouldn’t support a major event
       Only 3% said that he/she didn’t know

Analysis: CCS recommends that WCA contact Champion Events. The constituency supports it
and, with hard work, it could yield $300,000 - $500,000 or more over the next five years. If
WCA decides to go forward with such an event, it must do everything it can to maximize giving
through the tournament. CCS will provide the names of those in the survey who would like to be
a part of that.

11b. When respondents were asked to choose from the list, the top responses were:

 Annual Golf Tournament                                                      54     54%
 Country Fair & Auction                                                      23     23%
 Annual Banquet                                                               8     8%

12. When asked to make a suggestion for a good annual event, the answers were:

 Live auction with quality items/donated food; make 100% profit                11   11%
 Live auction/silent auction/flea market with outside people                   10   10%
 Bring back the 'Spring Thing;' eliminate the country fair                      8   8%
 Christian bands/concerts                                                       4   4%
 Flower sales and Christmas tree sales                                          4   4%
 All day 'Country Fair' for all ages w/old cars, motorcycles & booths           4    4%
 Walk-a-thon                                                                    4    4%
 “Dinner Theater;” especially w/kids performing                                 4    4%
 Strawberry festival, pancake breakfast and car show                            4    4%
 Silent/live auction with a big name speaker                                    4    4%
 5K race; everyone pays 15$ to enter                                            3    3%
Spaghetti dinner/pancake breakfast for our families and community               3   3%
After school program that sells food to the kids                                2   2%
Christian leadership groups                                                     2   2%
Pennies for a project                                                           2   2%
Art auction                                                                     2   2%
Candy bars with school name on them                                             2   2%
Delaware County CS does an auction every other May which makes 70K              2   2%
Auction is too small and the same old stuff                                     2   2%
Basketball tournament                                                           2   2%
Youth auction                                                                   2   2%
Recycle computers and make 30-40K (See Bob Nolan)                               2   2%
Banquet and silent auction (Instead of the fair)                                2   2%
Relay for life type activity                                                    2   2%
Health and Fitness day to raise money                                           2   2%
No candy, rummage or pizza sales                                                2   2%
Car wash                                                                        2   2%
Bring back kid's games                                                          2   2%
Sell Bricks for path                                                            2   2%
Make sure the "Spring Thing" lasts all day because usually Saturday
morning is taken up with outside sports                                         2   2%
Market Day - food                                                               1   1%
Kids would enjoy family events for fund-raising                                 1   1%

Additional Survey Comments:

Children's skits in churches followed by a ten minute presentation              2   2%
WCA should be an active member of the COC                                       2   2%
Should share the heart stories w/board and parents                              2   2%
We aren't a visible board; but the majority will work hard for the campaign     2   2%
Keep up the good work                                                           2   2%
WCA gives children a chance a great success                                     2   2%
Outside fundraiser                                                              2   2%
Great to see the board planning ahead                                           2   2%
We pray for the school and thankful to be here                                  2   2%
We will do anything so my grandchildren can come here                           2   2%
We need a “dog daycare” or let me bring my dog to work                          2   2%
Contact foundations                                                             2   2%
Build the new building; just do it and get with it                              2   2%
Cafeteria is great                                                              2   2%
Academics first (teach the subject right first and then the Christian values)   2   2%
What will happen to the library?                                                2   2%
Where will we put the extra kids when the school grows?                         2   2%
Dr.Smock, Welsh and Moore are not here half the time                            2   2%
Leaders use too many words when they talk                                       2   2%
I believe in what we are doing but not the building program                     2   2%
 As school grows, stay committed as we are now                                       2     2%
 Don't stop focusing on Special Education                                            2     2%
 Don't have more than 15 students in one class                                       2     2%
 Very happy with the school and the love that shown to the children                  2     2%
 WCA is top notch                                                                    2     2%
 Use fund-raising as a learning experience for the kids                              2     2%
 Too much power in one man; elem. principal can make decisions                       2     2%
 Problem kids stress out the good kids                                               2     2%
 Improve the elementary building first, it feeds the high school                     2     2%
 How is this going to affect our tuition?                                            2     2%
 Would rather write a check for the entire amount than sell candy                    2     2%
 The public schools are over crowded; now we will be                                 2     2%
 Christ reached down to the lost in the community; so should we                      2     2%
 Special needs and problem kids should be attended to                                2     2%
 Our kids love this school; we are glad we are here                                  2     2%
 To build, make sure there is input from staff and parents                           2     2%
 We have good influence here                                                         2     2%
 Make certain that we hire a professional fund-raising consultant                    2     2%
 Make the parents aware of financial condition before we start                       2     2%
 “Summer Theater” for students; 90% community; 10% Christians                        1     1%
 Girls’ middle school/high school cheerleading squad for non-sports girls            1     1%
 12 Girl flag drill team                                                             1     1%
 Better way for parents to designate gifts                                           1     1%
 Newsletter should have a new format and be more informative                         1     1%
 After school clubs that are paid but not paying teachers who are burned out         1     1%
 Mr. Moore is a great leader and really shows his heart.                             1     1%
 Son loves Mr. Moore; would like him to be more of an influence                      1     1%
 The more money given to the school the more involvement                             1     1%
 Our golf tournament raises $5-10K                                                   1     1%

Analysis: There are no real negatives in this section that could preclude the implementation of a
successful capital/annual fund campaign. The percentages for all areas are high (Exceptionally
high in some cases) and could yield much more than the amounts below if respondents are
solicited correctly and all parts of the plan are pursued.

The great thing about the “Wish List” is that probably all of the items can be accomplished. The
achievable financial potential indicates enough to get the job done over five years, maybe six
years. However, there may be among the constituency those that could help with construction,
interior design, plumbing, etc., which would lower costs. A redesigned facility and other options
taken into consideration could therefore be fundable and feasible.

No matter what, it will take a lot of focus, a clear plan to solicit all constituencies and hard work.
But, from the viewpoint of CCS, it is doable – it’s not even a stretch goal.

CCS believes these goals are possible over a recommended five-year campaign:

   •   Achievable Goal             =                                           $2,500,000
   •   Realistic Goal              =                                           $3,600,000
   •   Stretch Goal                =                                           $4,000,000

For that reason, CCS recommends that WCA commence a Capital/Annual-fund campaign
procedure for teachers’ salaries, a new facility (WCA must decide what type of facility),
technology updates, and everything else on the wish list that is determined to be necessary.

PART TWO:            Analysis of Priorities and Key Issues

I. Priorities:

       A. Priority of all needs expressed in the survey line up this way:

                   Raise Teachers' Salaries/Benefits
                   Renovation of Elementary Facility
                   Performing Arts Center
                   Technology Expansion
                   Increase Staff

       B. Annual Fund/Capital Needs

          The Top Annual Priorities:
          • Paying teachers more to attract and retain quality teachers
          • Technology Expansion
          • Increase Staff

          Top Capital Priorities
          • Renovation of Elementary Facility
          • Performing Arts Center

CCS Analysis of Priorities: CCS recommends that the top priorities, being a mixture of capital
and annual needs, be pursued aggressively as one campaign. They are clearly seen as very
important to participants who have also expressed a willingness to help fund these programs.

II.    Key Issues To be Addressed

       The participant’s responses also shored up the belief that certain issues need to be
       addressed and worked on over the next year:

          1. New and Updated Facilities
          2. Increase Teachers’ Salaries
          3. Safety needs, as listed in the survey, be taken seriously:
                 Elementary Facility
                 Traffic Patterns
                 Gym Floor
                 Debris In the Back
                 Heating in Elementary

       Other Safety Issues:

           Bees in the front; took a lot to get board to take this seriously
           Broken first step
           Elementary floor is warped
           Age of buildings always pose problems
           The outside doors
           Second floor fire escape
           Get all asbestos out of the school no matter what
           No good evacuation plan if the power plant has a problem
           Busses on field trips are over-crowded

          4. Moderate Issues:
                Improved Communications
                Foreign Languages
          5. Minor Issue: Women on the School Board

Note: Another issue that emerged was “Better communication between the school board and
parents.” CCS recommends Ren Web, a school management program via the web for an all
encompassing on-line communication system between school, home and administration.

Contact Paul Baker at: 561 447-7380

PART THREE: Recommendations

I. Hire Corfield Consulting Services to:

      A. Design and Implement a Five-year WCA Capital/Annual Fund Campaign for:

            1. Capital Needs:
            • Renovation of Elementary Facility
            • Performing Arts Center
            2. Annual Needs
            • Increase Teachers’ Salaries
            • Technology Expansion
            • Increase Staff

      B. Campaign Plan to Include:

            Short-term (One Year.) – Implementation of Development Department Annual
            fund plan which will include:
            • A Capital/Annual fund-raising plan for school year 2006-2007 that includes
               strategies for:
               o Parents
               o Grandparents
               o Alumni Parents & Grandparents
               o Central Members
               o Local Churches
               o Local Businesses/Corporations
               o Foundations
               o Vendors
               o Friends of WCA
            • Commencing a 5-year comprehensive Capital/Annual-fund campaign for:
               o Raising Teachers’ Salaries
               o Renovating Elementary Facility & Performing Arts Center
               o Other Capital & Annual Priorities in Section II
            • A quiet major/significant donor function
            • Commencing Quiet Campaign
            • Face-to-face solicitation of major and significant donors
            • Fall Campaign Kick-off Banquet
            • Foundation solicitation
            • Vendor solicitation
            • Utilizing Appeal Calendar
            • Local business strategy
            • Local church strategy
            • Alumni, Alumni Parents and Alumni Grandparent strategy
                •   Events:
                       Champion Events Golf Tournaments
                       Country Fair (if it raises significant $$)

                Long-Term (Five years) –Design a plan that will:

                1. Raise & Maintain the annual fund plan going in perpetuity through:
                   • Face-to-face solicitation of major and significant donors
                   • Planned gifts, memorial gifts, gifts in kind
                   • New parent 3-year campaigns

                2. Determine new capital and annual fund needs with which may arise during and
                after this five year period.

        B. Train WCA Personnel

                Campaign Director and all Campaign Leaders
                Director of Development
                Director of Marketing/Recruiting
                Train Volunteer Leaders (full and part-time) for:
                   o Campaign Solicitation
                           Major Donors
                           Significant Donors
                           General Constituency
                           Outside Constituent Group Donors
                           Local Churches
                           Foundations/Corporation/Local Businesses
                   o All Campaign Committees
                   o Annual Fund-raising Events

        C. Direct and Monitor All Development Activities until Personnel Are Trained

CCS Note: If Facilities can be done for less than $2.5 Million through volunteer help (i.e.
electrical, logging, cleanup, etc.) it will be feasible to build facilities and a develop a substantial
annual fund. Positive response to the campaign will most definitely be accompanied by
enrollment increases that could, in turn, increase the financial goals. Chances are, those goals
will be adjusted up every year for the next five years

        D. Five Year Goal

            Doable Goal       =      $2.5 Million
               Will take hard work
            Realistic goal    =      $3.6 Million
               Will take hard work and a concerted effort
            Stretch Goal      =      $4 Million
             Will take hard work and a concerted effort on the part of the WCA
             Leadership, Campaign Team, and involved constituency
   Note: A Stretch goal of $4 Million would probably fund of all the capital/annual needs for
   WCA and more, especially with the enrollment increases that a new facility will bring.

Summary: CCS believes, as stated above, the realistic five-year campaign goal of $3.6 Million
could help dramatically, if achieved, begin a new phase at WCA and position it as the definite
Christian school leader in the Pottstown, PA and local tri-state area. The study showed that
constituents would be willing to financially contribute to the schools needs and to receive the tax
advantage (of which many were not aware).

 II. Build upon the “WCA Family” Atmosphere:

 CCS Note: It was obvious from our time at WCA that the participants already feel in many
 ways that the academy is already a family. In fact few schools have fewer serious problems and
 more of a family attitude than WCA. That is exciting!

 WCA needs to build on that “family feeling” base. CCS recommends the following:

       Encourage Constituency Involvement

       Placing younger parents and women on the school board would encourage more
       involvement by the overall constituency.

       Good clear communication of the needs is extremely important along with “leadership-
       giving” to encourage the constituency to join in the campaign.

       A Capital Campaign Team that mixes well with the rest of the WCA family will go a
       long way in promoting and soliciting constituency involvement.

       Involvement raises school spirit and the feeling of ownership like no other factor.

       Unite the WCA constituency with the WCA school board in a comprehensive campaign
       for the common good. A clear understanding that the academy is a very vital Christian
       school ministry reaching the Pottstown Area like no other is a must. That WCA provides
       an excellent academic education with a Christian worldview beneficial to the life of all of
       the local churches in the community. That understanding will go far in positioning WCA
       as a leader in the Pottstown geographic region.

CCS Note: One of the keys to a successful campaign effort is a steady diet of excellent
communication from board-to-board, administration to staff and WCA to constituents. That will
build school spirit and create excitement for what WCA is going to have when the goals are
completed. There must be clear plans, diagrams of the new facility (if that is the direction the
board chooses to go) and exactly what the school will be like when WCA moves into it.

The Board needs to assure the constituency that they are aware of the family atmosphere that
exists at the academy and that the plans for the facility expansion will focus on not losing that.

III. Spiritual Issue: Unity
Fund-raising campaigns must utilize many factors to succeed: the right people; clear goals and
objectives; a well-designed plan and campaign organization; campaign leadership; commitment;
clear communication, and, accountability among other things. However, nothing is more
important for campaign success than the unity of all people involved.

Scripture refers to “Unity of the Spirit,” as “being of the same mind.” It is imperative that a work
dedicated to the Lord be unbridled with any divisive issues that may impede its success. WCA is
blessed that no major issue blocks its progress at this time. They have also been blessed as an
essential Christian school ministry to the Pottstown area.

The issue, then, is one of moving forward with all who love WCA and are committed to its
progress. Unity is of utmost importance. Since respondents expressed without hesitation that it is
vital that WCA continue to minister to the Pottstown area, it would appear that the fulfillment of
that ministry must involve a unified effort by the WCA leadership, staff and constituency.

With all that is positive in this report, CCS can find no reason why unity of the WCA Family
cannot be achieved. Remember, God and you make a majority. If He is in it and all get behind
the effort, there is no telling what can be accomplished.

Corfield Consulting Services stands ready to lead WCA through a process that will achieve
WCA’s goals, knowing that “Unity of the Spirit” among all of us will be the cornerstone.

                                       Appendix A:

             Churches Represented in the Feasibility Study for WCA
Bacton Hill Bible
Berean Bible Church
Calvary Bible Church
Calvary Fellowship
Central Schwenkfelder
Church meeting in a home (four families)
Church of the Savior
Christ Church of The Valley
Community Evangelical Free Church
Country Church of The Brethren
Covenant Presbyterian
Ephrata Bible Fellowship
Faith Bible Fellowship
Faith Church of Worcester
Grace & Peace Presbyterian
Harvest Fellowship
Heritage Bible
Hope Community
Morningstar Fellowship
Pottstown Church of the Nazarene
New Hanover United Methodist
New Life Bible Fellowship
Royersford Baptist
Salvation Army
Tri-County Bible Church
Trinity E.C.
Trinity United Church of Christ

                                Appendix B:

                             Survey Participants

Steve & Karen Brown                       Mark & Becky Moore
Tom & Dorothy Brown                       Martin Mulders
Bill & Nancy Bauer                        Bob & Katy Nolan
Tony & Deb Buchanan                       Ralph & Connie Owens
Sandy & Karen Christophel                 Mark & Brittney Pettis
Steve & Phyllis Conroy                    Paul & Linda Pezzotti
Nelson & Judith Dalton                    George & Melissa Reitnour
Kyle & Michelle Davis                     Doug & Patti Richwine
Mark & Pam Davis                          Frank & Carol Robinson
John & Judy Detwiler                      Brad & Martha Roth
Tracy & Jane Donmoyer                     Dwight & Linde Rude
Stephanie Frantz                          Bryon & Marianne Scott
Greg & Lynn Gilmartin                     Dwight & Susan Sheets
Kent & Gail Hallman                       Mark & Janet Singer
Pastor Lee & Marsh Hallman                Pastor Robert & Thelma Smock
Wil & Lynne Hallman                       Dr. James & Cheryl Smock
Vern & Cathy Ingham                       Dave & Melisa Snyder
Larry and Shirley Kenny                   Sam Suliaman
Teri Kropp                                Tim & Marilyn Torrens
Kevin & Lynn Kulp                         Bart & Carole Votta
Brad & Lisa Lozinak                       Jeff & Lorrie Walsh
Al & Lynn Major                           Jim & Suzanne Welsh
Kathy McCardell                           Jeff & Sandy Williams
Bill & Kim Melanke                        Doug & Nancy Wynne
Ron & Holly Miller                        Harry & Leona Yeager
Jack & Cinda Montgomery                   Lloyd & Theresa Ziegler

                                Appendix C:
                   Comments Concerning Mr. Dr. James Smock
Kids love him; Comes down to their level                                      5   5%
Very kind                                                                     5   5%
Good listener                                                                 4   4%
A lot of fun                                                                  4   4%
Genius; knowledgeable                                                         4   4%
Overly wordy                                                                  4   4%
Sticks with the staff                                                         4   4%
Good/Great teacher                                                            4   4%
Always willing to help                                                        4   4%
Willing to work with us                                                       4   4%
Has a love for people and children                                            4   4%
Great administrator                                                           4   4%
Presents the needs of parent, students, teachers                              4   4%
Proper blend of organization and personableness                               4   4%
Open door policy                                                              4   4%
Overburdened                                                                  4   4%
Strong                                                                        4   4%
Love him                                                                      4   4%
Very wise                                                                     4   4%
Friendly; knows our names and faces                                           4   4%
He's a second parent to my boys                                               2   2%
Does very well parent-to-parent; teacher-to-teacher                           2   2%
Wants to keep everyone happy                                                  2   2%
Servant of the Lord                                                           2   2%
Stern                                                                         2   2%
Good business sense                                                           2   2%
Makes hard decisions relatively easy                                          2   2%
Thrives in hard work; it doest scare him                                      2   2%
Brought the school a long way                                                 2   2%
Very Accessible                                                               2   2%
Good encourager                                                               2   2%
Very gifted at personnel selection                                            2   2%
Serious when necessary                                                        2   2%
Gets things done                                                              2   2%
Conducts 3-hour interviews                                                    2   2%
Too philosophical                                                             2   2%
Really knows education because he is on both PS and Christian school boards   2   2%
Big perspective on issues                                                     2   2%

Adaptable                                                                         2   2%
Not easily disappointed                                                           2   2%
Desires to follow God's calling in leading and guiding the school                 2   2%
Gifted and talented; sometimes that is a weakness                                 2   2%
Has a high volume of responsibility, which he does with a positive attitude       2   2%
Patient man                                                                       2   2%
Had five administrators before him                                                2   2%
Good at getting parents to go to teachers first                                   2   2%
Kids like him                                                                     2   2%
Looks at each child as an opportunity to serve                                    2   2%
Good guy                                                                          2   2%
Wears a lot of hats                                                               2   2%
Worry about his health                                                            2   2%
Carries organization on his shoulders                                             2   2%
Very fortunate to have him                                                        2   2%
Great in dealing with the public                                                  2   2%
Faithful                                                                          2   2%
School has grown under his leadership; gifted leader                              2   2%
Great example to the kids                                                         2   2%
Believes in outreach to the community                                             2   2%
Stays on the course in being the best we can be                                   2   2%
Able to build school spirit                                                       2   2%
Our son said he loved getting to know him on a mission trip; wish it would
have happened earlier                                                             2   2%
Everyone enjoys and respects him                                                  2   2%
Able to say difficult things in a good way                                        2   2%
Leads the school with Biblical principles because God is the center of his life   2   2%
Best person for the job; school wouldn't be here without him                      2   2%
Good at setting rules                                                             2   2%
Workaholic                                                                        2   2%
Needs to lead in bringing the school to a higher standard                         2   2%
Energetic                                                                         2   2%
Takes ownership well                                                              2   2%
Daughter likes him                                                                2   2%
He's on the Pottstown school board                                                2   2%
Good dresser                                                                      2   2%
Knows what it takes to run the school                                             2   2%
Gives so much                                                                     2   2%
Quality person                                                                    2   2%
Creates a joyful environment in which teachers can work                           2   2%

He shouldn’t be on the PS board, it takes too much of his time when he
should be at the school                                                          2   2%
Student council has fallen apart and there wasn't a senior trip because he was
on the PS board.                                                                 2   2%
Animated                                                                         2   2%
Professional                                                                     2   2%
Concerned                                                                        2   2%
Marvel at him                                                                    2   2%
Knows every kid in the school well                                               2   2%
Makes a good impression                                                          2   2%
Gets people to see his point of view                                             2   2%
Brings people together                                                           2   2%
Good ice breaker                                                                 2   2%
Wisdom to know when to use humor and when not to                                 2   2%
He is the face of this plan                                                      2   2%
If we were to lose Dr. Smock and Mark, we would lose our best motivator          2   2%
Dr. Smock controls the board                                                     2   2%
Doesn't make you feel bad if you ask                                             2   2%
Motivated                                                                        2   2%
Presents the school well                                                         2   2%
Hands on                                                                         2   2%
Great guy; easy to work for; rarely looses his cool; can work through tough
decisions; supports the staff; says what he means                                2   2%
Works well w/Students                                                            2   2%
He hides the fact that special needs kids get away with a lot, especially one
on the bus                                                                       2   2%
When he is out, parents run the school with no control                           1   1%
No voice for opposition                                                          1   1%
Fair                                                                             1   1%
Unifies the staff                                                                1   1%
Makes decisions                                                                  1   1%
Don't rock the boat                                                              1   1%

                              Appendix D

                       Suggested Campaign Leaders

Name                                     Votes      %

    Mark Moore                             45       45
    Jeff Walsh                             32       32
    Doug Wynn                              25       25
    Wil Hallman                            22       22
    Jim Welsh                              12       12
    Frank Robinson                          8        8
    Gail Hallman                            8        8
    Mr. Rob                                 7        7
    Tom Dunning                             7        7
    Kelly Estes                             6        6
    Kyle Davis                              6        6
    Pastor Brad Roth                        5        5

Other Names offered

    Vern Ingham
    Dave Snyder
    Bart Votta
    Marianne Scott
    Elijah Platcheck
    Derick Major
    Teri Kropp
    Kevin Kulp
    Marcie Houck
    Mark Singer
    Tim Roof
    Any board member
    Cathy Ingham
    Pam Davis
    Hal Major
    Bill Silbert
    Ralph Owens

Dr. Smock's son-in-law
Fifth grade teacher
Holly Miller
Miss Vaughn

Extra Comments:

An outside leader
Should be a paid position and must have connections in the community

                                        Appendix E

                          Excerpts of Areas to Be Evaluated

WCA has smaller classes; small school with larger school program

WCA should do a free fall play for the community; give parents tickets to bring others

We must pay for quality (concerning raising teachers’ salaries)

No balance without women on WCA board

Community service projects are more important than mission trips

More students are involved in sports than drama; so – build the gym first/New gym w/high
school requirements

God has worked miracles in this school many times

Live auction with quality items/donated food; make 100% profit

Dr. Smock really knows education because he serves on both public school and WCA

Son loves Mr. Moore; would like him to be more of an influence in his life

Have WCA families do service projects for lower income families in the community

No good evacuation plan if the atomic power plant has a problem

Stable girls cheerleading squad for middle school/high school girls that do not play sports

We aren't a visible board; but the majority will work hard for the campaign

If we were to lose Dr. Smock and Mark, we would lose our best motivator

Mr. Moore is a great leader and really shows his heart

We should do children's skits in churches followed by a ten minute presentation

Have to grow to stay alive


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