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									Mont Blanc ink
Mont Blanc ink is used exclusively for Mont Blanc pens. This simple little pen company has been in existence since 1913 and has made quite a name
for itself very soon after. Mont Blanc pens are collectors' items that are highly sought after by people in the know. Mont Blanc ink should only be used
with Mont Blanc pens because it is specifically designed for use with luxury pens.

The birthplace of Mont Blanc pens was Hamburg, Germany. In 1934 Mont Blanc expanded to meet the customer demand it was receiving. After this
company growth, Mont Blanc changed its company name to Montblanc-Simplo, though many people still refer to the company as Mont Blanc pens.
Many years later in 1977, Montblanc was bought out by a company called Dunhill. Dunhill lowered the price of the Mont Blanc ink and pens and
started using the brand name to label other luxury items, in addition to pens.

Most recently Mont Blanc is considered part of a company or group of companies called the Richemont group. Other members of the Richemont group
include Cartier and Van Cleef--there are other members of the Richemont group as well. Mont Blanc is the brand quality behind Cartier pens and Mont
Blanc ink can be used with many other luxury pens because of this.

Mont Blanc ink can only be purchased through select online venues, so once you find a retailer or wholesaler of Mont Blanc ink, you have truly found a
treasure. If you are an avid collector, finding a reliable sales venue of Mont Blanc ink should be one of the main priorities on your list. Mont Blanc ink is
considered to be some of the highest quality and most versatile luxury pen ink on the market today. In addition, always keep in mind that Mont Blanc
ink cannot be replaced with a generic version because this will reduce the value of your luxury pen.

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