MEAL PLANNING ASSIGNMENT

For this assignment you will be planning a weekends worth of meals for your family. You will need to use
Canada’s Food Guide to ensure that you are planning balanced meals. You will also have the opportunity to
price out your shopping list using flyers from your local grocery stores and by taking a trip to Loblaws at
McCowan and Hwy #7.

STEP ONE: Plan your Menu…
*A chart may be helpful in organizing the information in this step .

1. Plan a menu for a Saturday and Sunday’s worth of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks) for you and your
family members to enjoy. Make sure to consult Canada’s food guide to ensure each person is getting enough of each

*It is common for a family to prepare one thing for dinner that everyone enjoys at different portion sizes.
*Snacks and the smaller meals are more likely to differ between family members to meat Canada’s food guide recommendations.

2. Identify how many of each food group is used for each meal (and day) for each family member using Canada’s Food

3. Identify what makes each meal appealing using the meal appeal vocabulary learned in class.

STEP TWO: Prepare a grocery shopping list…

4. Prepare a shopping list of all the ingredients you need for your meals for the weekend. Include the quantity of each
item. (We will also be pricing the items out when we go to Loblaws)

STEP THREE: Walking Field Trip to Loblaws…

5. Using the flyers provided in class and during our trip to Loblaws, price out all the items on your list (make sure to
factor the quantity needed into the final price of the items needed).

6. Record the “best before” or “use by” dates for any item that is not vegetables, meats or single serving items. Include
this in your chart next to the prices of each item.

7. While at loblaws, sketch out the layout of the store including where all the departments are located and how you are
meant to move through the store.

8. Identify the items that can be found down each of the aisles.

STEP FOUR: Reflection…

9. Write a reflection discussing your experience doing this project. Why is it important to plan meals and prepare a
shopping list before going to the grocery store?
                                LEVEL 4                       LEVEL 3                     LEVEL 2                          LEVEL 1
KNOWLEDGE /                     Demonstrates a great          Demonstrates an ability     Demonstrates some ability to     Demonstrates a limited
UNDERSTANDING                   ability to calculate unit     to calculate unit prices    calculate unit prices and        ability to calculate unit
Demonstrate an ability to       prices and choose the best    and choose the best         choose mostly good items.        prices and the items
calculate unit prices,          items (most economical,       items (most economical,     (economical, checks best         chosen are not necessarily
decipher “best before”          checks best before date       checks best before date     before date and nutritional      the most economical or
dates, read ingredient lists,   and nutritional value of      and nutritional value of    value of each item).             nutritious. Best before
and understand how              each item)                    each item).                                                  dates are not checked.
comparatively expensive
convenience foods are. /20
THINKING / INQUIRY              All items on your menu        Most items on your          Some items on your menu          The shopping guidelines
Produce general food-           and your shopping list        menu and your               and your shopping list follow    discussed in class are not
shopping guidelines that        follow general food           shopping list follow        general food shopping            followed and the food
are efficient and               shopping guidelines that      general food shopping       guidelines that are efficient    choices made are not very
economical.          /20        are very efficient and        guidelines that are         and economical but more          economical or efficient.
Your food choices follow        economical.                   efficient and               consideration is needed.         Your food choices
Canada’s food guide’s           Your food choices follow      economical.                 Your food choices somewhat       limitedly follow Canada’s
recommendations. /15            Canada’s food guide’s         Your food choices           follow Canada’s food guide’s     food guide’s
Effectively identifies how      recommendations for each      mostly follow Canada’s      recommendations for each         recommendations. (Most
the layout of a grocery         family member very            food guide’s                family member. (Some food        food groups are over or
store is planned to move        accurately.                   recommendations for         groups are over or some are      under the
the consumer through it.        Very effectively identifies   each family member.         under the recommendations).      recommendations).
/10                             how the layout of a           Effectively identifies      Somewhat identifies how the      Limitedly identifies how
Identifies the products         grocery store is planned to   how the layout of a         layout of a grocery store is     the layout of a grocery
available at the grocery        move the consumer             grocery store is planned    planned to move the              store is planned to move
store and where they are        through it.                   to move the consumer        consumer through it.             the consumer through it.
located / how they are          Accurately identifies the     through it.                 Identifies some of the           Does not identify the
organized within the store.     products available at the     Identifies the products     products available at the        products available a the
/10                             grocery store and where       available at the grocery    grocery store and where they     grocery store or where
                                they are located / how they   store and where they are    are located / how they are       they are located / how they
                                are organized within the      located / how they are      organized within the store.      are organized within the
                                store.                        organized within the                                         store.
Total               /55                                       store.
APPLICATION                     Very effectively plans and    Effectively plans and       Somewhat plans and budgets       Limitedly plans and
Plan and budget for a           budgets for a family’s        budgets for a family’s      for a family’s meals.            budgets for a family’s
family’s meals and              meals.                        meals.                      Somewhat prepares a list of      meals…more detail is
prepare a list of all           Very accurately and           Accurately and              ingredients needed to prepare    required.
ingredients.           /10      effectively prepares a list   effectively prepares a      the meals but needs to write a   Limitedly prepares a list of
Demonstrate creativity in       of all ingredients needed     list of all ingredients     more thorough list.              ingredients needed to
planning meals that meet        to prepare the meals.         needed to prepare the       Demonstrates some creativity     prepare the meals but
the specifically defined        Demonstrates a lot of         meals.                      in planning meals that meet      needs to write a more
needs and budget of a           creativity in planning        Demonstrates creativity     the specifically defined needs   thorough list.
particular family or            meals that meet the           in planning meals that      and budget of your family.       Demonstrates limited
individual.          /20        specifically defined needs    meet the specifically       More organization is needed      creativity in planning
plan meals that address         and budget of your family.    defined needs and           in presenting your               meals which need more
factors such as nutritional     Very effectively presents     budget of your family.      information.                     consideration to meet the
needs, age, likes and           your information in an        Effectively presents                                         specifically defined needs
dislikes, activity levels,      organized way.                your information in an                                       and budget of your family.
special diets, and                                            organized way.                                               Much more organization is
considerations related to                                                                                                  needed in presenting your
time, money, and effort.                                                                                                   information.
   Total                /50
COMMUNICATION                   Thoroughly and very           Mostly organizes,           Somewhat organizes,              Limitedly organizes,
organize, interpret, and        effectively organizes,        interprets and              interprets and communicates      interprets and
communicate the results of      interprets and                communicates the            the results of your inquiries    communicates the results
their inquiries, using a        communicates the results      results of your inquiries   using charts, diagrams, etc…     of your inquiries…needs
variety of methods. /20         of your inquiries using       using charts, diagrams,     Somewhat communicates the        to use charts and diagrams
effectively communicate         charts, diagrams, etc…        etc…                        results of your inquiries        to organize your info.
the results of their            Very effectively              Effectively                 through your reflection          Limitedly communicates
inquiries.               /15    communicates the results      communicates the            however, more discussion is      the results of your
                                of your inquiries through     results of your inquiries   required.                        inquiries through your
                                your reflection.              through your reflection.                                     reflection…more
Total                 /35                                                                                                  discussion and
                                                                                                                           consideration is required.

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