AcceleNet'sAdvantagein Application Acceleration and WAN Optimization

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					AcceleNet’s Advantage in Application Acceleration and WAN Optimization
What sets AcceleNet apart from other remote and mobile acceleration solutions? Performance!

Designed specifically for small office, home office and mobile users

        Highest performance over last-mile networks, including broadband DSL, wireless, dial-up and satellite networks
        Optimized for first download performance, not just cached content
        AcceleNet is not appliance software ported onto Windows – it uses fewer computing resources and does not
         require a head-end appliance
        Transitions transparently from LAN-to-WAN when travelers leave and return to the office
        Software-only solution with centralized management; no need for remote support staff or equipment
        Support for diverse applications, networks, and client operating systems


        Major deployments by Enterprise customers around the globe
        Patented compression and WAN optimization techniques
        Pre installed at the Broad Sky Enterprise HUB. Clients must only deploy software to each device or computer.

Industry-leading performance
Although performance can vary greatly depending on compressibility of the data, WAN characteristics, and utilization, typical
usage can produce the following performance improvements:

* Actual results are often better. Performance results are “typical” and vary based on compressibility of data, WAN
characteristics and utilization

Our vast understanding of the challenges associated with single- and few-user environments – such as small, home and
mobile offices – has helped us develop the industry’s greatest performance gains with file shares and application use across
the extended WAN.

Request a free trial to see how AcceleNet can increase productivity for your remote offices with Broad Sky’s Enterprise
satellite service.

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