Student Questionnaire – Transition Readiness by psf35982


									         Student Questionnaire – Transition to Post Secondary Education or Training Readiness
Use this questionnaire to help identify where you need help, and where you don’t. Write comments that are helpful to you and
your teacher.

Name_____________________________ __________________________ Grade______ Date_______________________

My plan for after high school is: ___________________________________________________________________________

Directions: Please circle the correct response:
Y – yes         N – no            NS – not sure NA – not applicable

1. I want to continue my education after high school.                                   Y     N     NS    NA

2.. I have taken the classes I need in high school to prepare me for my goals.          Y     N     NS    NA

3. I know what type of employment I want after high school.                             Y     N     NS    NA

4. I know what I need to about the regional colleges and training possibilities         Y     N     NS    NA

5. I have visited the college or training center I am interested in attending.          Y     N     NS    NA

6. I can budget money so I have enough each month to pay what I owe.                    Y     N     NS    NA

7. I have a vehicle or I have other transportation available to me.                     Y     N     NS    NA

8. My family is helping me with my post secondary goals (education, training, job)      Y     N     NS    NA

9. I understand how to use a college course catalogue.                                  Y     N     NS    NA

10. I have a way to pay for my post secondary education or training.                    Y     N     NS    NA

11. I need help making plans for my post secondary education or training.               Y     N     NS    NA

12. I know how to enroll with the Disability Coordinator at a College or Vocational     Y     N     NS    NA
13. I know where I will live while I am attending college or training.                  Y     N     NS    NA

14. I will not need to find a job after I graduate.                                     Y     N     NS    NA

15. I have health insurance and it will continue after high school.                     Y     N     NS    NA
16. I am able to manage a bank or checking account.                                           Y   N   NS   NA

17. I have practiced asking for accommodations with high school teachers or                   Y   N   NS   NA
18. I know what academic accommodations work for me and why they work..                       Y   N   NS   NA

19. I have practice advocating for myself with teachers and others.                           Y   N   NS   NA

20. I know that I am the one who needs to enroll with the disabilities office at college.     Y   N   NS   NA

21. I know that I am the only one who can advocate with teachers in post secondary            Y   N   NS   NA
education settings and I am confident I will do this well.
22.. I have applied for financial aid, or I am confident I can do it myself.                  Y   N   NS   NA

23. I will need help filling out the paperwork for post secondary education.                  Y   N   NS   NA

24. I know about paying rent, signing leases and living with roommates.                       Y   N   NS   NA

25. I am aware of how my disability or individual learning style will affect me in college.   Y   N   NS   NA

26. I know what study skills I need to improve to be successful in post secondary ed.         Y   N   NS   NA

27. I have a backup plan if I find post secondary education isn’t right for me.               Y   N   NS   NA

28. I know how to make new friends and develop my own network.                                Y   N   NS   NA

29. I have an organization system that I practice which works.                                Y   N   NS   NA

30. I can manage my time to get work done and be places on time.                              Y   N   NS   NA

31. I know how to use the internet efficiently for research and finding information           Y   N   NS   NA

32. I am good using computers for typing and word processing.                                 Y   N   NS   NA

33 . I am sure I can find the help I need after high school.                                  Y   N   NS   NA


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