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                                        “200 years”
                 Stage performance in collaboration with the
                          Watford Palace Theatre.

Our partnership work with the Watford Palace Theatre will
culminate into a stage performance on Saturday 3rd November .

“200 years” would be the last event in our series of activities to mark the bi-centenary
anniversary of the abolition of the Slavery Act of 1807.

The performance will feature plays in four segments produced by writers of the creative writing
group– Ademola Adeniji, Charles Adams, Marijah Butcher and Vanceroy McCall.

The dramatisation includes traditional and contemporary aspects of slavery filled with humour,
suspense and laughter that would suit a family audience.

Sponsorship has been received from the Local Heritage Fund
towards the production of the Performance.

We acknowledge the support of „Learning through the Arts CIC‟ through which the first series
of writings developed during 2006 and 2007 and express appreciation to the Coordinators
from the Watford Palace Theatre.
                                Supplementary School

Thank you for all for supporting the School over the past year. We have been closed for the
summer break and we hope that you all had an enjoyable summer break.

On Saturday 8th September we plan to visit the Slavery Museum in Liverpool. Some of you paid
your deposits on Saturday; however, we are still short of the required number for a full coach for
the trip. If you are interested in going and you have not already paid a deposit, could you let me
know by the end of this week with names so that we can finalise arrangements. If you have friends
and relatives who may have an interest, please invite them too.
As for the next academic year, we will start the new term on Saturday 15th September at 10.00am
as usual.

                             TACEP’S Liverpool Trip
It was 23rd August the designated day for the remembrance of the Slave Trade and
its Abolition.
53 people boarded the coach for a visit to Liverpool to see the
International Slavery Museum.
The day was dull, damp and drizzling.

Members cheerful and dressed in brightly coloured clothes set off on the long
The further north we travelled the brilliant sunshine illuminated our path
 A few comfort breaks, sharing of food and drink we arrived at our

Excitedly we disembarked to the beat of the drum
To see the historical and contemporary aspects of slavery;
Enslavement and the Middle Passage
Igbo Compound
Life in Africa
Music Desk
Black ‘Achievers’ Wall
The Replica and story of the Armistad

It was much to take in the few hours we were there.
                              Exhibition —A Journey in History
                                      -June 22nd—Aug 31st
The culmination of 6 months work came to fruition on Friday 22nd June, when the
Watford African
Caribbean Association launched its 12 storyboard
exhibition titled : A Journey in History: Slavery and its Abolition at the Watford Museum.
Over 50 guests attended the launch event.
The exhibition, conceived by Ademola Adeniji, Community Services Manager was to
commemorate the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act of 1807. It was designed to educate
the viewer not only about the
history of slavery, but also to highlight Britain’s involvement in the trade and to give an
insight into some of the legacies prevalent in British society today.
Recounting stories from former slaves, visitors learned how Africans were captured,
about their treacherous journey through the middle passage, their squalid life on the
plantations in the Caribbean and their bravery through continued resistance.
The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The Chairman, Richard Powell was
one of the special guests along with Claire Ward MP for Watford who both gave
encouraging speeches about the value of the work of the Watford African Caribbean
The launch was opened by speeches from both the Chair and the Manager of the
Association Mr Clive Saunders and Mr Ademola Adeniji respectively. Other speakers
included the Vice Chairman of Watford Borough Council, Jan Brown who spoke about
educational value of the exhibition. There was also a brief speech from Sarah Priestly of
the Watford Museum.
It is hoped that this exhibition will serve as an educational resource to local communities
and schools. The Association will be publishing a hand book complete with a detailed
bibliography on the exhibition. Two Workshops were also held to further reinforce the
learning from the exhibition.
Some comments made by the visitors were:
“An education, shocking complex and increasing understanding the social situation today.”
“A wonderful chance to see the Watford African
Caribbean Association’s efforts and make Black
History visible….”
                       Upcoming Events For Your Diary
Supplementary School

22nd September 2007
Supplementary School
Sponsored Walk
10th November 2007
Education Conference
20th October 2007
Supplementary School Quiz Night

4th September 2007
Carers fundraising Luncheon
Health Awareness Sessions

16th September 2007
17th-23rd September 2007
20th October 2007
12th October 2007
Mouth Cancer
19th—24th November 2007
Indoor Allergy
Black History Month

1st October 2007
International day of older

1st-31st October 2007
Lupus Awareness

22nd-26th October 2007
Film shows

27th October 2007
“Honouring our heroes”
Commemorative service on Abolition of Slave

3rd November 2007
“200 Years” Stage Performance at the Watford Palace Theatre

    Interview techniques
    CV writing
    Cover letter/supporting statements writing
    Completing Application forms
    Voluntary community Work experience
‘opening doors for a new generation’


                      Give us a call on 01923 220810
                                      outreach worker


Our Anthology of ‘Childhood Memories’ is in its final stages and close to publication.
Copies will be available at our offices in October.

Creative Writing continues with ‘Learning Through the Arts CIC every Saturday morning
at 10:00am
 Tel: : 07912285222

Please call 01923 220810 for further details.

                           ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Thanks to all those that attended our AGM on Sunday 15th July.
Dr Hakim Adi gave a superb presentation on slavery and the continuing
impact of that experience has on us today.

50 people were in attendance at the meeting.

All members of the Executive Committee were re-nominated unopposed.
We welcome Karen Ali as a newly nominated member of the Executive Committee.
                                  YOUR HEALTH
                         Why do I have to and must eat 5
                         portions of fruit and vegetables?

Prevention is better than cure.
Research has shown the invaluable
properties of eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables.

Cruciferous vegetables, cauliflower and broccoli.
Recent research shows memory performance and
thinking turns the clock back by 2 years.

Green leafy vegetables eg. Spinach, cabbage provides B vitamin which plays an
important part in stroke

Blueberries are a powerful antioxidant and it is said to stimulate nerve cells.

Healthy fats eg. Nuts, canola, mackerel, salmon should be eaten at least twice

                                    Bon appetite!
Why get fit?!

    Exercises make you feel more energetic
    Improved sleep
    Stable weight
    Improved circulation and lower blood pressure
    Delayed ageing

Keep mobile: Adults tend to assume the benefits and
pleasure of sport, fitness and exercise are only for younger people. The benefits of
improved fitness later in life can be great for health and social life.
                           Sickle cell Awareness Seminar

75 people attended the Sickle cell awareness seminar on 10th July 2007. The morning session
was delivered by Dr Anna Wood,
Consultant Haematologist from the West Herts. Hospital Trust.
Dr Wood provided detailed medical explanations of what Sickle Cell is and how it develops,
she explained some of the medical aspects of the disease
including diagnosis, its prominence and associated medical problems.
The second session was facilitated by Mrs Delores Smith from the
Association’s Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia group. This session
 focused more on the management of the disease.
All attendees gave positive feedback stating that it was very
informative. Many expressed that it was the best talk that had been delivered. All attendees
suggested more talks on health especially on Lupus.

                        Glaucoma Seminar-12th June, 2007

A Glaucoma seminar was held as part of the National
Glaucoma Week.

40 people attended the seminar at the Holywell Community Centre where
guest speakers Valerie Greatorex (International Glaucoma Association– IGA)
and Mr S.
Kodati (Eye Specialist, Watford General) discussed the early detection of
glaucoma and the clinical aspects of the condition.

The audience interacted very well and asked various

Feedback for both speakers was positive and particular credit was given to
Olabisi Onanuga for her hospitality.

IGA leaflets were distributed to attendees. We hope that this response will
encourage people to be more vigilant, get regular eye tests and educate
others in the community.
The African & Caribbean Elders Project (TACEP): provides a
meeting place for African & Caribbean people on Tuesdays and
Thursdays. Activities provided include : Keep Fit; Board Games;
Talks; Outings; Arts & Crafts; Education.

The Supplementary School: meets every Saturday during term time
at Westfield School, Tolpits Lane, Watford. It provides educational,
cultural and recreational facilities for children aged 5 to 16.

Creative Minds: Provides a forum for the expression of African &
Caribbean arts.

Carers Support Group: The carers support and development was
started in 2001 and works with social services and carers in

Sickle Cell Thalassaemia Support Group: provides information,
advice as well as gives support to sufferers and their families.


 You can contribute to our Association and have a say in the
       Enjoy social occasions and make new friends.
 We welcome you to come along and help to give us new ideas
               and activities for the future.

                       For more information contact the
                   Watford African Caribbean Association,
                16 Clarendon Road, Watford, Herts. WD17 1JY.
                   Tel: 01923 220810 Fax 01923 218937
                     E-mail: ac.comserve@btconnect.com
                    Website: www.watfordafricarib.org.uk

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