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					Congratulations!                                            Due Wednesday, November 11, 2009
~You have just won a trip to a Spanish-speaking country of your choice! Your trip includes
round trip airfare from Pittsburgh International Airport to the capital city in the country you
select. You will also be provided with accommodations for two weeks of travel around the
country, including excursions, tours, and meals.

~But wait! There’s more! YOU get to plan your own trip.
What country did the awards committee approve for your trip? __________________________
Where will you go? What city’s airport should we send you to? What sites do you want to see?
What national holiday might you be able to enjoy while you’re there?

~We will provide you with U$S 5000 to spend on your trip, but US dollars will not get you far
once you leave the airport. What type of currency will you need, and how much of that currency
should we give you? (check and include the exchange rate so we can verify the correct amount)

~In order to receive your tickets, you must present a printed copy of your planned itinerary to the
awards committee at South Allegheny Jr/Sr High school.
The awards committee requires an informational country presentation, including:
       -picture of the map of your selected country
       -picture of flag
       -boundaries --- What countries and bodies of water (seas, straits, oceans) are
               along the country’s edges?
       -capital city, where you will arrive and depart the country
       -5 interesting facts of your choice             DO NOT CUT AND PASTE!
               Use any reliable website for your facts. One reliable site is suggested below.
               See for examples like:
                               Products the country makes
                               Languages other than Spanish that may be spoken
                               Type of government - King? Parliament? Congress?
                               Main types of local jobs
                               Religious affiliations of the people (holidays?)
                               Voting rights (check under the title suffrage)
                               Highest mountains and lowest valleys
       -Your trip plan! You may not stay in any one location for more than four (4) consecutive
               days, and you may not return anywhere except for the capital during the last
               couple days before your return flight.
       -Your activities – What do you plan to see and do in each location?
       -The type and amount of money we should provide you (see explanation above).

~Be familiar with your presentation information, because you will be required to present your
country and your trip before the awards committee. Feel free to be creative, because some
committee members have been known to award extra prizes if they are particularly impressed
with a winner’s presentation.

~Include one additional page citing all references you use to gather information. You must use
at least 3 sources, 2 of which must be print materials such as books, encyclopedias, journals or

Name _____________________________                             Country Research Project
Country ___________________________

     Presentation Page
     2pt    -picture of the map of your selected country
     2pt    -picture of flag
     5pts   -boundaries
     2pt    -capital city, where you will arrive and depart the country
     15pts -5 interesting facts of your choice --- 3 pts per fact
     8pts   -Your trip plan! --- At least 3 places plus capital
     8pts   -Activities for your trip –at least one specific activity/sight to see per place visited
     2pts   -Brief description of a National Holiday for the country you are visiting
     4pts   -The type and amount of money we should provide you
     5pts   -Include an additional page citing all references you use to gather information
     7pts   -Creativity in presentation

     60 points total

     Class Presentation                                             Presented _______________
     2pts   -Presence—speaks clearly and confidently
     2pts   -Preparation—knows basic information
                   2pts-at least 70% without notes
                   1pts-about 50% without notes
                   0pts-less than 20% without notes         reads almost all
     2pts   -Stays within time limit (3-6 minutes)
     2pts   -Creativity in presentation
     7pts   -Includes all necessary information
                   Capital, currency, boundaries, trip plan, 5 facts, shows map and flag
     15 points total

            Your Grand Total for both paper and class presentation. 75 points possible.