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									                                       CITY OF FIFE
                                PLANNING COMMISSION
                                 MINUTES OF MEETING

Fife City Hall                                                               September 8, 2008
                                                                                     7:00 p.m.

The Planning Commission meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm with the following present:

Commissioners: Chairman Gerald Albertson, Jeff Brown, Jim Call, Grant Neilson, and Fred

Staff present: Planner 1 Chris Pasinetti, Code Enforcement Officer Chris Larson, and Senior
Administrative Assistant Katie Bolam.

Presenters: Brice Maryman and Peg Staeheli of SvR Design Company


Commissioner Neilson moved, seconded by Commissioner Brown, to approve the minutes
of July 28, 2008, as presented. Motion carried unopposed.


   a. Chapter 17 – Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Plan

Planner Pasinetti reintroduced this topic by providing background information about the
program, stating that the state’s CTR Efficiency Act of 2006 put the Fife Municipal Code out of
date concerning the CTR program. The new goals mandated by the state required Fife to
develop its own CTR plan. The plan that staff is proposing will provide the following benefits:

      updates the FMC to align with state-mandated goals to reduce single-occupancy vehicles
       by 10% and vehicle miles traveled by 13% by the year 2011 for Fife’s urban growth area
      coincides with Fife’s Comprehensive Plan Transportation Element Policy 1.3
      conforms with state law (Clean Air Act RCW 70.94)
      has been approved by the Puget Sound Regional Council
      has been approved by the state CTR board
      helps meet the goals of GMA, by discouraging sprawling development and encouraging
       efficient transportation systems

Chairman Albertson asked if there’s state funding allowances for developing and implementing
this plan. Planner Pasinetti said not directly, it’s just state law. There’s a possibility that
WSDOT could withhold funding for affected worksites that don’t comply.
Fife Planning Commission
Minutes of Meeting
July 28, 2008 – Page 2 of 6

Commissioner Thomas sought clarification that the concern here is just the 4 businesses listed in
the packet. Planner Pasinetti confirmed that, right now, those 4 businesses are the only ones
identified as affected, although Milgard may join that list shortly.

Commissioner Neilson stated that there’s a lot of money talked about here, and his concern is the
potential that government is playing “big brother”. He asked if this is really our jurisdiction to
mandate. Planner Pasinetti answered that the state, with the CTR Efficiency Act of 2006, did
mandate it at the jurisdictional level.

Discussion ensued regarding the ethics of making companies pay for this.

Chairman Albertson stated his approval for the plan, adding that he would support a more
efficient way to administer and implement it in the future.

Commissioner Neilson asked who will fund transit? Planner Pasinetti answered that transit is
generally funded by sales taxes.

Commissioner Thomas asked if the plan is just an amendment. Planner Pasinetti answered that
no, it’s been approved regionally already, but it is a new plan for Fife.

Commissioner Call moved that the Planning Commission recommend to the City Council
to amend the FMC (Chapter 17) to include updated language and adopt the new CTR
Plan. Commissioner Thomas seconded the motion. It carried 5-0.

Planner Pasinetti asked for a revised agenda to the evening in order to allow our guest speakers
to present next. Chairman Albertson concurred.

   c. Low Impact Development draft Code, presented by SvR Design; Formal

SvR Design representative Brice Maryman presented the draft amendments to the FMC, which
introduces LID facilities and techniques for development. Mr. Maryman defined facilities and
techniques, adding that the Pollution Control Hearings Board passed a new ruling [(August 8,
2008) stipulating that the state Department of Ecology require LID techniques to be used on all
new development wherever feasible.] He then gave an overview of the code changes, beginning
with Chapter 21, explaining what it contains as the new stand-alone chapter on LID.

Commissioner Neilson asked for Mr. Maryman’s opinion on the percentage of developers who
may need staff assistance to accomplish this, whether there may be a need for additional City
personnel. Mr. Maryman answered that Ken Gill, City engineer, will take on the bulk of the
review process, resulting in no additional position needed.
Fife Planning Commission
Minutes of Meeting
July 28, 2008 – Page 3 of 6

Mr. Maryman then began at the beginning of the document, overviewing the code changes
chapter by chapter:
     Chapter 12 – Streets, sidewalks and public places, and City Parks
     Chapter 13 – allowing for a storm water discount, describing this as the “carrot”, or
         incentive for developers
     Chapter 15 – building and construction        these chapters cross-reference
     Chapter 17 – critical areas                   with Chapter 21
     Chapter 18 – subdivisions – mainly stipulating that alleys be permeable and disallowing
     Chapter 19 – zoning – introduces the “Green Area Factor” score – what it is, what
         triggers it and how the score system works

Commissioner Call wondered why the list of available native shrubs/trees is not very long. Mr.
Maryman answered that the list can be added to, but many were left out due to various
characteristics that leave them inappropriate to these uses.

Mr. Maryman then used the new Federal Express site as an example of how the Green Factor
Score could have been put to use with the same footprint and overall design.

Commissioner Neilson asked how developers and engineering firms will be aware of what they
can do. Planner Pasinetti answered that, just as now, they will need to conform to the existing
code; these proposed changes will stipulate what they can and need to do.

Commissioners Call and Albertson asked how some of this would be policed. SvR Design
representative Peg Staeheli answered that SvR suggests that initially the City use special
inspectors, billed to the developer, for heavily engineered things like green roofs and porous
surfaces, during the learning curves.

Commissioner Thomas asked what this does to the costs for the developer. Mr. Maryman
answered that, based on experience in Seattle, typically LID practices run around 2-6% of the
cost of the project – he anticipates Fife development coming in lower than that. Ms. Staeheli
added that when there is a higher initial cost, studies bear out a lower life-cycle cost in many
cases – the math will have to be worked on a project by project basis.

Commissioner Neilson moved that the Commission recommend to City Council to amend
the FMC to include the Low Impact Development regulations as seen in Exhibit A.
Commissioner Call seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.

   b.i CPA08-01 – Land use designation map & zoning revision

Planner Pasinetti began by explaining the reasoning behind this proposed revision: at the April
joint meeting between the City Council and the Planning Commission, it was determined that
there could be some land use conflicts to be remedied, and the best place to start was determined
to be the 70th Ave E/48th St E area corridors. This is an ideal location because it is mostly
Fife Planning Commission
Minutes of Meeting
July 28, 2008 – Page 4 of 6

undeveloped and the possibility of a sewer LID exists. He presented current and proposed land
use maps and zoning maps, based on the July 28 Planning Commission meeting suggestions.

Commissioner Call asked if there was anything that could be done to buffer the Ardena Gale
mobile home park better that the current Community Commercial zoning. Planner Pasinetti
answered that there was nothing he could think of, but he would look into it and report back.

Commissioner Brown moved, seconded by Commissioner Call, to recommend to the City
Council the proposed amendments to the Future Land Use Designation and Zoning Maps
as indicated in Exhibits A & B. The motion passed 5-0.

   b.ii CPA08-02 – Updates to Land Use Element

Code Enforcement Officer Larson presented this item, explaining that new figures from Pierce
County buildable lands necessitate an update to existing tables in the Comprehensive Plan,
specifically those showing employment and housing capacities and future needs. Additionally,
staff used more current information, through mid-2007, to update redevelopable and vacant lands
inventories in Fife. He pointed out that the housing capacities shown do not reflect the recent
CMU zone or the building height increase along Pacific Hwy.

Chairman Albertson clarified that this information just brings existing tables up to date.

Commissioner Call noted the striking of wetlands in the inventories, asking why that was done.
Planner Pasinetti expanded on what staff used to determine the inventories, and how that differed
from Pierce County, including the striking of wetlands, roads, etc.

Commissioner Neilson moved, seconded by Commissioner Brown, to recommend to City
Council the approval of the updates to the Comprehensive Plan as outlined in Exhibit A.
The motion carried 5-0.

Commissioner Thomas congratulated staff on their work on this item.

A break was taken from 8:30 to 8:40.

   b.iii CPA08-03 – Sustainable Development Goals & Policies

Planner Pasinetti gave a broad background and explanation of Sustainable Development goals,
highlighting the “complete streets” concept, taking more than just automobiles into account in
street design.

Commissioner Call pointed to section 15.5.1, asking what kind of incentives are referred to,
stating his opposition for the City to pick up the tab for them. Planner Pasinetti answered that it
ties in to the LID presentation made earlier by SvR Design, especially the Green Factor Score.
Fife Planning Commission
Minutes of Meeting
July 28, 2008 – Page 5 of 6

Commissioner Brown moved, seconded by Commissioner Call, to recommend to City
Council the proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan regarding sustainability as
shown in Exhibit A.
 NOTE: These minutes were ratified by the Planning Commission on October 6.
 Subsequently, it was discovered that the official vote for this item was not noted in the
 minutes. An email and phone campaign was initiated to the commission, who verified that
 this item was recommended to go to Council by a vote of 5-0.

   b.iv CPA08-04 – Update to Housing Element

Planner Pasinetti gave a brief overview of this item.

Commissioner Neilson moved, seconded by Commissioner Brown, to recommend to City
Council for adoption CPA08-04, the insertion of Figure H6(a), Total Dwelling Units by
Zone, as shown in Attachment 1, into the Comprehensive Plan, Housing Element 4. The
motion carried unopposed.

   b.v CPA08-05 – Update to Parks Element

Planner Pasinetti gave a brief overview of this item.

Commissioner Neilson moved, seconded by Commissioner Brown, to recommend to City
Council for adoption CPA08-05, the full update of Element 6 of the Comprehensive Plan,
as shown in Attachment 1. The motion carried unopposed. CPA08-06 – Update to Capital Facilities Element

Planner Pasinetti gave a brief overview of this item.

Commissioner Thomas moved, seconded by Commissioner Call, to recommend to City
Council for adoption CPA08-06, update of Element 7 of the Comprehensive Plan, as shown
in Attachment 1. The motion carried unopposed.

   d. Benthien Loop – Recommendation to proceed

Code Enforcement Officer Larson reported that City Council had approved the circulation of the
petition to annex on 7/22/08, and the completed petition was submitted to the City on 8/12/08;
the Boundary Review Board declared the petition sufficient; one small adjustment was made to
the legal description. Currently, after Council approves the annexation, with a recommendation
Fife Planning Commission
Minutes of Meeting
July 28, 2008 – Page 6 of 6

from the Planning Commission tonight, a letter of intent to annex will be submitted to the
Boundary Review Board, followed by the actual annexation at a later meeting.

Commissioner Call moved, seconded by Commissioner Thomas, to recommend that City
Council declare their intent to annex the Benthien Loop as indicated in the resolution
shown in Attachment 1. The motion carried 5-0.


Planner Pasinetti drew Commissioner’s attention to the note from Director Durham posted on
tonight’s agenda.

There was brief discussion of the results to the library survey.


Commissioner Brown moved, seconded by Commissioner Call, to adjourn the meeting at
9:05 p.m. Motion carried 5-0.

                                                      Prepared by: Katie Bolam, Senior Administrative Assistant
                                                             City of Fife – Community Development Department

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