Boys Basketball Day Camp by psf35982


									Campers will be required to attend                  Typical Camp Day
all sessions and comply with camp            July 19 - 23 Ages 8 - 17
regulations. Failure to do so may
                                                          $125                             Pitt-Bradford
result in dismissal from camp.

Upon receipt of this application
and deposit, release and insurance
forms will be mailed to the address
listed on this form.

 My child has permission to at-       8:15 - 9:00           Registration (1st Day)
 tend Pitt - Bradford’s instruc-      9:00 - 9:15           Stretch
    tional basketball camp.
                                      9:15 - 10:30          Offensive Stations
__________________________________    10:30-12:00           Games

       Parent’s signature             Teams are created before camp begins. Adjust-
                                      ments are made on the first day of camp to pro-
                                      vide balanced competition in the games. All
                                      campers participate equally.
  For more information contact:
           Andy Moore
                                      12:00 - 1:00
                                      1:00 - 1:30
                                                            Lunch/Free Throws
                                                            Defensive Stations
          Camp Director               2:00 - 3:30           Games                       Boys Basketball Day
        W (814) 362-5276              3:30                  Group Meeting                     Camp
        H (716) 372-5682              On Friday, the schedule varies due to play-offs
                                      in team and individual competitions.                 July 19 - 23
                                                                                            Ages 8 - 17
        Suzanne Dittman
                                                                                         Monday - Friday
      Department Secretary
         (814) 362-7520                                                                 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
Pitt-Bradford Basketball Camp...Learn....Practice...Develop new skills...Have fun...Improve!

         Andy Moore                                                                              Boys Basketball Camp Application
                                                          Camp Objectives
                                                     Coach Moore is present during the en-     _______________________________________________________

                                                       tire week and personally provides indi-   Name of Camper

                                                       vidual and team instruction.
         Camp Director                               Teach fundamentals of basketball to       _______________________________________________________

                                                       campers through individual and group      Address
    Head Basketball Coach Andy Moore com-
pleted his sixteenth season with the University        instruction.
of Pittsburgh at Bradford. The panthers record                                                   _______________________________________________________
                                                     Provide competitive game situations to
under Coach Moore is 270 - 186 including 12
seasons with 16 wins or more. The panthers
                                                       practice individual skills.               City                    State                Zip

made school history in 2001 - 2002 and in            Receive quality coaching in team play.
2002 - 2003 as one of 48 teams selected to the                                                   _______________________________________________________
NCAA Division III Basketball Tournament.
Coach Moore has also led the panthers to four
                                                             Cost & Dates                        Home phone                          Cell phone

ECAC Division III Tournament berths and two
NAIA Regional Tournament berths.                  July 19 - 23                $125               _______________________________________________________
         Coach Moore believes in a fundamen-                                                     Date of Birth                Age            Height
                                                  A deposit of $35 (non-refundable) is re-
tally sound approach, and individual and team
skills are stressed throughout his program as     quired with the application. Balance of
well as his camp.                                 camp fee is due by the first day of camp.      _______________________________________________________

                                                                                                 School                                Year/Sept. 10
                                                  A $10 discount for each sibling will be        _______________________________________________________
                                                  provided for families registering two or       Team level played (Elem./Modified/JV/Varsity)
                                                  more siblings.

                                                  Meals:                                         Adult Shirt Size: S M L XL XXL

                                                  Each camper may purchase a lunch at            $35 non refundable deposit must accompany
                                                  the snack bar located in the sports com-       this application. Make checks payable to:

            Camp Staff                            plex or they may bring their own lunch.                    University of Pittsburgh

    The camp staff consists of local coaches
                                                  Snacks:                                        Send application and deposit to:
                                                                                                                 Andy Moore
and college players. A 10 - 1 camper coach        Available for purchase daily during camp           University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
ratio is maintained throughout the camp to                                                                    300 Campus Drive
                                                  hours. Campers may open an account at                          Bradford, PA
provide quality instruction.
                                                  registration to keep their money safe.

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