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       Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held on Sunday, 9 March 2008, at Strawberry Bank Hotel, Meriden
1          Attendance and apologies
                  Officers/specific roles                                  In attendance                            Apologies received
President                                                 Joyce Stewart
Chairman                                                  Sue Lane
Acting Vice Chairman/Chair Conservation                   John Spires
Acting Hon Secretary                                      Richard Baxter
Hon Treasurer                                             Iain Wright
Minutes Secretary                                         Celia Wright
Chairs Judging Subcommittee                                                                                 Johan & Clare Hermans
Chair Communications Subcommittee                         Ian Parsons
Slide/CD Librarian                                        Tina Stagg
Website Manager                                           Graham Smith
Lecturers List manager                                                                                      Anne Rutter
                Organisation represented
Birmingham & Midlands Orchid Society                                                                        Allan Luckman, Steve Penzer
Bournemouth Orchid Society                                Graham Smith                                      Joy Eng
Bristol & West of England Orchid Society                  Ian Parsons                                       John Hale
British Orchid Growers' Association                       Peter White
British Paphiopedilum Society                                                                               Brian Walker
Cambridge Orchid Society
Central Orchid Society                                    John Spires, Mike Bull
Cheltenham & District Orchid Society                                                                        Leon Habgood, Tom Price
Cheshire & North Wales Orchid Society                     Iain Wright, Denys Morten
Chester Zoo
Chiltern Orchid Society                                                                                     Betty Barber, Lydia Cobb
Cotswold Orchid Society                                                                                     Janet Newson
Cumbria Orchid Society                                                                                      Allan Rowntree, Mr A G Britton
Darlington & District Orchid Society                      Chris Barker, Jean Barker
Devon Orchid Society                                      Sue Lane
East Midlands Orchid Society                              Max & Celia Hopkinson
Eric Young Orchid Foundation                                                                                Chris Purver
Glasgow Botanic Garden
Hardy Orchid Society                                      Celia and Iain Wright
Harrogate Orchid Society
Hinckley & District Orchid Society                        Richard Flemming                                  Keith Bates
Lea Valley Orchid Society                                 Michael Potter, Neville Dunn
Mid-Sussex Orchid Society
Mid-Wales Orchid Society
North Bucks Orchid Society
North East of England Orchid Society                      Jean Barker
North Hampshire Orchid Society
North of England Orchid Society                           Steve Manning, Ken Russell
Orchid Society of Great Britain                           Betty Barber                                      Chris Bulpitt
Pleurothallid Alliance – UK                               Steve & Frances Manning
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Royal Horticultural Society                                                                                 Johan and Clare Hermans
Scottish Orchid Society                                   Chris Barker
Sheffield & District Orchid Society                       Cedric & Silvia Maunder, Richard Baxter
Solihull & District Orchid Society                        Bill Bond                                         Anthony Johnston
Somerset, Wiltshire & Dorset Orchid Society               Peter Hunt                                        Simon Pugh-Jones
South East Orchid Society                                 David Thurtle
South Wales Orchid Society                                                                                  Alan Gregg
South West Orchid Society                                 Ian Parsons                                       John Saunders
Southern Counties Orchid Society
Suffolk Orchid Society
Sussex Orchid Group                                                                                         Val Micklewright
Thames Valley Orchid Society
Wessex Orchid Society
West Cornwall Orchid Society                                                                                Ron and Kit Lindsay
Worcestershire Orchid Society

Changes of Delegates
RHS is now represented by Johan and Clare Hermans.
Steve Manning announced his retirement as Pleurothallid Alliance delegate from the end of this meeting.

Standing Note from Minutes Secretary -
The names of those recorded as being present are taken from an Attendance List circulated during the Meeting. Apologies are also
taken from the Attendance List or can be emailed in advance to the Minutes Secretary
2.      Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held on 2           December 2007
Celia apologised for spelling Simon Pugh-Jones’ name as Hugh-Jones.
The Minutes were agreed without further amendments and signed by John Spires

3.      Matters Arising not elsewhere on the Agenda

Possible new venue for Council meetings at Great Barr Hotel

The room at Meriden is only just acceptable. John Spires planned to get costings for Great Barr but has not yet
been able to do so. He knows the hotel well. It is a proper Conference Centre with 4-5 rooms. Its location is close
to Junction 7 of the M6; directions are on the Hotel's website. It was agreed that the present room is unsuitable. It
is too small and too expensive.

Agreed Action: John will get a cost for a meeting room at Great Barr. He will also challenge the costs at the current
venue. The Executive will then discuss this and decide whether the venue should change. NOTE – there will be
no change for the next meeting in June 2008.

Alternative venues were also discussed as well as the idea of meetings in different locations, though this latter
suggestion was not popular with those present. It was also suggested that meetings could back onto other events
such as the Peterborough Show or the London Orchid Show. Silvia Maunder pointed out that at such events
people are often busy with other things and might not be free to attend BOC meetings.

4.   Secretary’s Report
     Contact - John Spires       E-mail -

John Spires reported receiving the following correspondence while Secretary -

By letter and e-mail:
Two letters of interest, the first confirming that Johan and Clare Hermans are now the delegates from the RHS, and
the second from BOGA (David Stead), assuring us of their continued existence and support. They say they will
continue to publish the Growers and Buyers Guide.

Peter White commented that David Stead is writing to new traders with the aim of broadening BOGA membership.
Peter White is the current BOGA delegate on Council.

Agreed Action: Peter will let the Membership Secretary know when a second BOGA delegate to BOC has been

By phone:
Only one phone call this quarter, about how to reflower a Phalaenopsis.

5.     Treasurer's Report
     Contact – Iain Wright       E-mail -

Iain Wright reported –

“Since the last meeting, I have paid out the following cheques:
                 £45.16                        Judging postal expenses – EYOF symposium
                 £168.75                            Hall hire for the December meeting
                 £76.40                         Treasurer and Minutes Secretary expenses
                 £93.18                            Hon Sec – postage of Golden Guides
                   £30                  2008 subscription to SUN, the Sustainable User Network
Taking these into account I can report that we have a total of £3044.42 in the current accounts and £24,219.56 in
the deposit account.

Today, I expect to issue further cheques:
                              £6                                 Treasurer’s expenses
                           £142.20                Web site expenses (inc 5 year domain name payment)
                        approx £170                            venue hire for this meeting

I expect to have to pay a catering bill for the Eric Young Judging symposium very soon, towards which cost I have
presently received a total of £541.50 from participants. I also need to send money to cover our EOC subscription,
for which I have received an invoice.

Because of our trip to WOC in January, I was not able to dispatch the forty six invoices for 2008 subscriptions until
the middle of February. Nevertheless, I am pleased to report that twenty four of these invoices have been paid
already, with more arriving each day. I would like to thank everyone who has made such a swift response.

At this moment, we do still have the Lloyds TSB current account but the letter requesting its closure was signed just
before this meeting and will be with the bank this week.”

6.   CITES
     Contact - John Spires         E-mail -

John Spires reported

“The joint SUN meeting which was to have been held in January has now been called for June. I am not able to
attend, but I do think the plants-only meetings are more appropriate for us. There should be a plants only meeting
later in the year that I will attend.

DEFRA have now published the consultation paper on full recovery fees for licences. They are suggesting a fee of
£59 for the import/export of Annex A specimens to be introduced on October. I have only just seen the paper to
which responses are called for by May 6th. I need to study it further before responding and I would welcome any
input from delegates after you have looked at it. You can find it via the DEFRA website at”

Anyone who would like to go to the June meeting in John’s place should contact John for details. It is held in

Discussion followed on the DEFRA Consultation paper. John wants input from others (preferably by email) within
the next month before he responds. He will then circulate the Executive with a suggested response. There was
concern that with a planned increase in fee to £59 (it was uncertain whether this was per genus, per species or per
plant) that this move will drive trade to other EU countries, especially to France where there is currently no charge
for this documentation.

Iain Wright raised the subject of phytosanitary certificates and his inability to get a certificate to import flasks at the
recent WOC in Miami. The problem was additional requirements by the EU that the nursery producing the flasks
should have been inspected three weeks previously. Iain plans to write to DEFRA about this and asked for BOC's
support which was given.

7.      Congresses and Weekend Events
     23 BOC Congress, Devon, 2008
     Contact - Sue Lane   E-mail -

Arrangements for this are progressing well. Display forms should be sent in good time as there is not a lot of
space. Sue will be putting more information on the BOC website soon.

     Peterborough as the site for the 2010 Congress

Brian Woodward presented on behalf of the East Midlands Orchid Society and the Peterborough International
Orchid Show. Richard Hartley, Max and Brian to Chair. The Peterborough Orchid Show is currently held in a
28,000 sq ft orchid marquee that will accommodate 73 stands this year. There will be a choice of two venues for
lectures and a Registrants Lounge has been identified. The East of England Agricultural Society (responsible for
the current Peterborough Orchid Show) will supply the Preview Supper. Quotes have been obtained from local
hotels for the Congress dinner. Outside trips to places of interest could be arranged if there was support for this.

This is a busy 3 day Country Show to which more than 100,000 people go each year. The East of England
Agricultural Society employs 43 full time staff. Their facilities will be available to the Congress organisers, including
help with publicity. In 2009 the Peterborough Orchid Show will host the International Phalaenopsis Alliance in
2009; this should give useful experience prior to the BOC Congress.

The planned organisational structure recognises the Peterborough International Orchid Show and East Midlands
Orchid Society as the hosts. They would like to involve Sue Lane as Chair of the BOC Congress Committee.
Locally they have people willing to be involved with all the necessary roles. There will be an Organising Committee
consisting of Max Hopkinson, Richard Hartley, Brian Woodward, the Chair of the East of England Agricultural
Society and Sue Lane. They plan to communicate mainly by email and phone to avoid too many meetings and will
not pay expenses for meeting attendance.

A number of questions were asked –
 Will there be registrants? (Iain Wright). Yes. The prices are likely to be similar to those at Dawlish. The cost of
  registration will include entrance to the showground.
 Where will the lecture facilities be? (Steve Manning) There was concern about noise if it was in a marquee.
  Brian said that one option was a 50ft square pavilion marquee and one is in a building. Iain reminded Brian that it
  can be noisy in a marquee because of other attractions, such as brass bands and traction engines.
 When will BOC Judging take place? (Graham Smith) The Orchid Show must open to the public at 9am on
  Saturday so judging will have to be on Friday evening with staging finished by about 5pm. This is what they do at
  Peterborough Orchid Show at the moment. Brian has spoken to Johan Hermans who thinks it will be possible to
  complete judging before the buffet and opening evening.
 What is the proposed financial relationship between BOC, East Midlands Orchid Society and Peterborough
  Orchid Show? (Iain Wright) Brian felt that this could be sorted out later. Their aim is to cover costs, not to make
  a profit. Iain said that one reason BOC has money is careful management of Congress finances in the past when
  some profit for BOC has resulted. It was agreed that BOC will be underwriting the costs as usual for
  Congresses, though these may be less than average. No costings are currently available.
It was agreed by Council that the 24 British Orchid Congress will be held as part of the Peterborough International
Orchid Show on the 2nd weekend in June, 2010. John thanked Brian for his presentation.

8.      Sub-Committee Reports
     a. Judging Sub-Committee
     Contacts - Clare & Johan Hermans    E-mail -

Johann and Clare Hermans sent their apologies. This report was read on their behalf by Joyce Stewart.
“Miami WOC - Several BOC judges and trainee judges participated in judging at the 19 World Orchid Conference
in Miami.
                                                                  st      nd
Jersey - A very successful Judging symposium was held on the 1 and 2 of March 2008 at the Eric Young Orchid
Foundation in Jersey. Fifty-six Judges and Trainees attended. We were given access to the unique orchid
collection; there were stimulating lectures by John Valin, Thomas Brown and Chris Purver. A good variety of plants
for the training sessions and refreshments all contributed to the success of this symposium. We would like to thank
the Trustees, Chris Purver - curator of the Foundation and the staff of Foundation for their excellent hospitality.

The following trainees qualified as judges at the Jersey symposium:
    Jean Barker of the North East of England Orchid Society.
    Hilary Hobbs of the Harrogate Orchid Society.
    David Thurtle of the Orchid Society of Great Britain.

New Trainees:
Paul Muller of the Sussex Orchid Group will be mentored by Michael Penney.

Future events
 There will be a one-day symposium on Sunday 15 June at the Peterborough International Orchid Show, at the

   East of England County Show.
 There will be BOC judging at the next BOC Congress at Dawlish Warren on 24-26 October 2008, hosted by the
   Devon Orchid Society. Please note that this is not a training symposium.
 There are planned that there will be a one-day Symposium at the 2009 London Orchid Show. Details about
   future events will be circulated to members of the judging scheme in due course.”

Council suggested that David Ridgeway (who will take over as Chair of the Judging Subcommittee in the autumn of
2008) should be co-opted formally on to the Judging Subcommittee now. Silvia Maunder reported that he has
been involved for some time, helping in Glasgow and taking a full part in the Jersey meeting. Joyce asked if he
had yet appointed an assistant; it was thought that he had not yet done so. Council asked Joyce to ask Clare and
Johan Hermans to make David a member of the Subcommittee.

     b. Congress Sub-Committee
     Contact - Sue Lane          E-mail -
Nothing specific to report.

     c. Communications Sub-Committee
     Contact - Ian Parsons E-mail -

Ian Parsons discussed the proposal for a central BOC database. A briefing document had been circulated with
the Agenda.

The database will make it the responsibility of members to keep their own information up to date - contacts,
meetings etc. Each society will need to appoint a web contact who will have unique password for entering and
altering details. For events, there will be 6 entries to cover up to 18 months ahead - this information will be used for
the Golden Guide. Ian offered a full specification to anyone who would like to see it. He will also make it available
on the website.

Richard Baxter asked about security. Each organisation will have a unique password. They will only be able to
see and alter their own organisation’s information. It will be clear on the input pages which information will be
placed in the public domain and which is only for internal use within BOC.

Action agreed:
 There was general support for Ian to continue.
 Members are asked to appoint a web contact as soon as possible and inform Ian of that person’s name and
  contact details.

Growers and Buyers Guide (The Golden Guide)

Ian had previously made proposals concerning a BOC Yearbook but he thought that these were probably no longer
relevant as BOGA was planning to continue with the Golden Guide.
Peter White for BOGA will be the co-coordinator for the Golden Guide this year. Ian will be the BOC contact and
they will work closely together. They hope to have the Guide out for the BOGA Fayre at end of August.

Action agreed: Societies are welcome to send any altered information, for example for the culture pages, either to
Peter or to Ian.

     d. Lecturers’ Panel
     Contact - Anne Rutter       E-mail -

Anne Rutter was unable to attend the meeting but sent the following report –

“Another three months has past uneventfully. We have had only modest changes. Two new email addresses from
thoughtful people who remember that it is important to the credibility of the list that I am advised, plus a change of
benefiting charity.

Sadly, however, one name has been removed, as Huw James no longer feels able to travel. However, Mick
Armstrong has added 5 new talks to his list.

As always please don’t forget the list is only as good as you make it - I need fresh names of good speakers so that
we can all benefit.”

     e. Slide Collection
     Contact - Tina Stagg        E-mail -

Tina Stagg reported –

“There have been two borrowings this quarter. Two boxes of slides were received but as the slides in one were
unlabelled they have not been catalogued. I would like to remind donors that slides should be either accurately
labelled, or numbered with a separate list.

It is a sad fact that the library is becoming somewhat dated in its holding of slides of hybrids. Very few people now
take slide photographs and representation of modern hybrids is therefore lacking. No digital images have been
received, presumably because of the difficulties of protecting copyright. I would like to suggest, therefore, that the
library could perhaps hold lists of images belonging to people who may be willing to negotiate loans privately but
with the actual images remaining solely with the owners.”

Council agreed that this was a good way to deal with digital images.

Action agreed: Tina to look further at how this might work

    f.  Conservation
    Contact - John Spires        E-mail -

John Spires reported that, as mentioned briefly at the last meeting, Dick Warren of Equatorial Plants and The Rio
Atlantic Forest Trust is asking for financial help towards the costs of translation of a book published in Portuguese
on the Organ Mountain Range, its History and its Orchids. A copy of the original book was tabled at the meeting.
They need to raise £20,000 of which they have already raised over a quarter.

Action agreed:
BOC does not usually give grants. IW suggested that if there were particularly good proceeds from a Congress,
some could be given to a specific project. The request was rejected.

Action agreed: John Spires to inform Dick Warren of Council’s decision.

    9.    Any Other Business

    a.    Steve Manning announced that this would be his final meeting as delegate for the Pleurothallid Alliance.
          As yet, he has no replacement.

    b.    Max Hopkinson reported further information on Frank Gray, after whom a trophy was named. He wrote an
          article in Orchid Review March 1970 page 80 entitled “Slugs and how I hate 'em”

    c.    There has been a major theft of orchids from Hazelgrove Surrey. Action agreed: Betty Barbour will email
          a list to the membership Secretary to circulate with these Minutes.

    d.    For information it was reported that Allan Long is retiring and Mansell and Hatcher are closing down.

    10.                     Date and time of the next meeting
The next meeting will be held at The Strawberry Bank Hotel, Meriden on Sunday 1 June 2008

There being no further business, the Meeting was declared closed at 4.09pm.

Minutes Secretary:     Celia Wright
                       The Windmill, Vennington, Westbury, Shrewsbury SY5 9RG
                       Tel:     01743 884576