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Straightforward Pre Intermediate Unit Test 1

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									Straightforward Pre-intermediate Progress Test 3
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Language section
A         For questions 1 and 2, which word is the odd-one-out?

(1)       a) log on          b) download       c) sitcom         d) cursor

(2)       a) referee         b) setting        c) extras         d) special effects

B         Choose the best word or phrase a, b, or c to complete 3–10.

(3)       Thousands of people saw Titanic on its _______ day.
a) open            b) opening        c) beginning

(4)       Oscar winners sometimes _______ very disappointing speeches.
a) make            b) do             c) have

(5)       Could you _______ me your Men in Black video, please?
a) pay             b) borrow         c) lend

(6)       What are the most _______ computer games in your country?
a) favourite       b) popular        c) best-selling

(7)       The perfect boss should have a lot of _______.
a) patience        b) patients       c) passionate

(8)       Madonna began her _______ working in a donut shop.
a) job             b) work           c) career

(9)       Do you think teachers get a good _______ for the job they do?
a) pay rise        b) salary         c) well-paid

(10)      Your idea is good, but you need to write a business _______ before the bank will give you any
a) consortium      b) product        c) plan

                                                           Straightforward Pre-intermediate Progress Test 3 p1
C        Complete sentences 11–15 with a word from the box.

about      of       from      on          by      at      in      with

(11)     To be honest, there aren’t many things Serena isn’t good _________.
(12)     Did you know that Ted was fired _________ his last job?
(13)     Some space scientists think humans will one day be able to travel _________ time.
(14)     Who were the James Bond books written _________?
(15)     At some theatre box offices there is as booking fee _________ two pounds.

D        Choose the best word or phrase, a, b, or c to complete 16–22.

(16)     How many different jobs ________ in your life?
a) do you have             b) have you had             c) did you have

(17)     Have you read your horoscope ________, Jackie?
a) yet                     b) already                  c) still

(18)     The best concert ________ to was Justin Timberlake.
a) I’ve ever gone          b) I’ve ever been           c) I saw

(19)     Harry ________ with us on holiday this year.
a) is coming probably      b) is going to probably come
c) will probably come

(20)     We’ll leave for school after ________.
a) Barry arrives           b) Barry will arrive        c) Barry is arriving

(21)     I was responsible ________ the coffee machine in my last job.
a) for to clean            b) for clean                c) for cleaning

(22)     Why ________ by Simon Rattle?
a) wasn’t the concert conducting
b) wasn’t the concert conducted
c) the concert wasn’t conducted

                                                        Straightforward Pre-intermediate Progress Test 3 p2
E      Correct the mistakes in the sentences.

(23)   In many reality TV programmes the viewers asked to vote by phone.

(24)   When Joe will finish his homework he can play football with his friends.

(25)   Engineers will build perhaps factories in space in the future.

(26)   He won’t certainly pass the exam. He hasn’t done enough work.

F      Make the active sentences passive.

(27)   They filmed the movie in Venice.

(28)   An iceberg sank the ship.

(29)   My sister didn’t invite me to her birthday party.

(30)   They made those cars in Germany.

                                                  Straightforward Pre-intermediate Progress Test 3 p3
Functional language

G        Complete the phone conversation between Craig (C) and Irene (I) with a word or
         phrase from the box in each space.

why don’t you        don’t forget       available       after that      box office
should we        sold out       booking fee         what about       we should do

C:       I’m thinking of going to the theatre tomorrow to see Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Would you like
         to come with me?
I:       Yes, great. Macbeth is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays.
C:       (31) ________________ buy the tickets tomorrow at the theatre?
I:       No, I don’t think (32) ________________ that. It might be (33) ________________
         tomorrow. (34) ________________ buy them online now?
C:       Online? I’ve never done that before. What should I do?
I:       First of all, you log on to the internet, then you find the theatre website, and
         (35) ________________ you click on the online booking link. (36) ________________ to
         have your credit card ready!
C:       (37) ________________ ringing the theatre (38) ________________ now instead? I think that
         should be quicker and easier.
I:       OK. But I think you have to pay a (39) ________________ if you phone.
C:       Never mind. At least we’ll be able to ask what seats are (40) ________________.
I:       OK. Fine.

Part 1

Read the article and decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F).

(1)      The best way to get a new job is to have a good handshake.                           (T / F)
(2)      Professor Iverson says that communication is only about speaking.                    (T / F)
(3)      A weak handshake means you are sensitive and emotional.                              (T / F)
(4)      Sales assistants, train drivers, waiters and accountants are the
         best communicators.                                                                  (T / F)
(5)      Professor Iverson trains politicians and television presenters.                      (T / F)

What’s the best way to get a new job? Is it an attractive CV, the right qualifications, a well-organized application
form, a good interview technique? Well, important as these things are, none is more important than a good

                                                          Straightforward Pre-intermediate Progress Test 3 p4
handshake according to new research. Professor Jana Iverson of Columbia University in the US has completed
research that shows that a good handshake is crucial in creating a good first impression at a job interview.

Her research shows that hand movements and body language are up to eight times more important in a job
interview than what an interviewee says. ‘Communication is not just about speaking’, says Iverson. ‘A weak
handshake means a person’s personality is much the same. A firm handshake on the other hand means a person
is open and confident, likely to be skilled, well-organized and independent.’

This research may explain the importance Western society has placed on people shaking hands. Whether you
want to be a sales assistant, a train driver, a waiter, or an accountant, the secret of communication is in the
hands. The most successful businessmen and interviewees all know that.

Professor Iverson’s research will come as no surprise to some psychologists, who have known for a long time
that body language is important. Politicians and television presenters are given special training in what to do with
their hands. ‘Our hands help us to communicate ideas’, says Iverson. ‘They also help the speaker to think more
clearly about what they are saying. If there is anything you want to keep secret from the people you are speaking
to it is probably best to just sit on your hands!’

                                                         Straightforward Pre-intermediate Progress Test 3 p5
Part 2

Read the letter and answer the questions.

(6)      What is tiring?
(7)      What are fascinating?
(8)      What makes her depressed?
(9)      What was relaxing?
(10)     Why was she surprised?

Dear Joanna,

I’m having a great time here in Oxford. My school is good, the teachers are nice, but six hours of English every
day is rather tiring!

My English is getting better. I’m watching a lot of TV in the evenings and that is helping my listening. There are
five TV channels here, and they show current affairs programmes, documentaries, game shows, that kind of
thing. My favourite programmes are the soap operas. They are fascinating and give you a really good idea of life
here in England. The acting is good too, but the actors speak quite quickly, so I get a bit depressed when I can’t
understand what they are talking about!

There’s plenty to do here. There’s lots of entertainment and I’d like to tell you about a few of the things I’ve done
so far.

Last week I went on a cruise down the River Thames. It was a beautiful sunny day and I had a really relaxing time
on the river. Then, something exciting happened. A limousine came to my hotel and took me to a classical music
concert in the Sheldonian Theatre! I was so surprised. One of my friends arranged it for my birthday. The
musicians were really talented, it was an unmissable performance. Yesterday I went to a matinee performance of
the musical Starlight Express, which was really good. And tonight I’m going to see an impressionist!

So, you can see that I’m busy and not at all disappointed in my decision to come to Oxford.

I hope you’re well. I’ll write again soon.

Lots of love,


                                                          Straightforward Pre-intermediate Progress Test 3 p6

Speak Easy runs summer schools in Oxford, England, for children and young adults of ages 15–25. We are
currently looking for a social organizer for 3 months over the summer (June, July & August). Please send your CV
and a letter of application to: Nick Shearer, Director, Speak Easy

You are a university student. You have seen this advertisement for a job organizing
sports and social activities at a language school in Oxford during the summer
vacation. You want to apply for the job. Write a letter of application. Give information

   why you think you would be good at the job
   what you are currently doing
   your relevant experience and qualifications
   your university holiday dates
   the name of one referee

                                                      Straightforward Pre-intermediate Progress Test 3 p7

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