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									A feature film in the making …

Every now and then a story comes along that has such resonance,
compassion and emotional force that it immediately commands attention.
When that story is true and not only the intimate story of a living person, but
also a telling reflection of the demise of a political regime, it has the potential
to reach and inspire a global audience. That story is SKIN and the creation of
the film is now an opportunity for sponsorship.

Based on the life of Sandra Laing, SKIN is one of the most fascinating and
emotive true stories to emerge from apartheid South Africa: the story of a
black girl born to two white Afrikaner parents, unaware of their black
ancestry, it demonstrates the insanity and arbitrary cruelty of a society
divided along racial lines. It is also a story of family, forgiveness and the
triumph of the human spirit. Having spent six years developing the project,
director Anthony Fabian of Elysian Films and producer Margaret Matheson of
Bard Entertainments are in the final stages of developing SKIN as a feature

With core finance in place, key cast confirmed and a UK Film Council funded
Pilot just completed, a final element is now sought. This is the active
involvement of a major corporation with a global presence, which can serve
two vital functions – firstly to provide top-up funds to enhance the film’s
production values and, secondly, to utilise its global network of contacts to
ensure the film reaches the widest possible audience.

The enclosed showreel contains excerpts from documentaries and news items
made about the real Sandra Laing, scenes from script development
workshops held in Johannesburg, and a trailer for the recently filmed Pilot.
The full eight minute Pilot consisting of three scenes from the film is also
available, as is the time of the film’s director and producer.

For further information on this sponsorship opportunity, in the first instance,
please contact:
The story so far …

The showreel contains footage from Sandra Laing’s life over the past four
decades: from the first press conference in 1966 when Sandra was expelled
from school because of the colour of her skin, to the seminal documentary
made by Antony Thomas in 1977, which includes a heart-rending interview
with Sandra’s parents, to a documentary made in 1998 by SABC and a BBC
News item announcing the abolition of the race classification law in 1991. The
showreel goes on to demonstrate how an early draft of the script was
developed through structured improvisations in Johannesburg and the
enormous effect this had on the actors taking part. Short clips from the
recently filmed Pilot, funded by the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund, are
also featured and indicate the impact the film will have.

The realisation of this extraordinary story as a feature film is very close. Key
members of the cast are confirmed, with Sandra herself to be played by Oscar
nominated British actress Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda), and her mother,
by the South African born, award-winning actress, Alice Krige, (Chariots of
Fire, Star Trek, The Line of Beauty). Core funding is in place for the eight
week shoot, which is provisionally scheduled to commence in South Africa in
March 2007.

Following completion, the film will screen at international film festivals as part
of a co-ordinated press and pr campaign. The film is in fact expected to
launch at a premiere festival such as Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Sundance or
Toronto. A marketing strategy involving print, TV, internet and radio editorial
and advertising will be devised by the film’s distributors to give maximum
exposure for its worldwide theatrical distribution throughout 2008, and then
wider distribution through DVD, television and ancillary sales such as airlines
and the internet.

Miramax Books is to publish Sandra Laing's biography in 2007 to tie-in with
the film.
The involvement of a sponsor …

The producers have secured core finance to enable production of the film to
go ahead. Financing deals are in the latter stages of negotiation with the UK
Film Council, European Financial Products, and the South African Industrial
Development Corporation (IDC) as investors.

This proposal is about securing a final tranche of funding of up to £1 million
GBP in the form of sponsorship, to ensure the film has the production values
to do the story justice. The involvement of a sponsor is also particularly
sought at this stage, rather than an additional investor, in order to enhance
the world-wide distribution potential of the film and to be associated with the
educational messages the film so effectively dramatises.

The opportunity here is to forge a close association with a powerful project by
making a significant financial contribution to the film, and then profiling that
association as part of ongoing dialogue with clients and customers over the
next two years. The association will provide an excellent and appropriate
example of a resounding commitment to the principles of Corporate Social
Responsibility around a theme of relevance to every culture throughout the

The sponsor will secure a unique position in relation to this film, be associated
with the key educational messages and potential for further exploitation as a
teaching resource around the world, which will in itself significantly enhance
the global distribution and impact of the film and its key underlying messages
of tolerance, forgiveness and hope.
The key sponsorship deliverables …

Close association with SKIN throughout production and distribution including:

      Access to the production, with invitations to visit the set and meet the
       actors, director and production team

      Credit on screen and in all paid advertising for the film

      Invitations to international film festival screenings of SKIN and to all
       other international premieres of the film

      Opportunities to screen the film to your own audiences before the
       theatrical distribution of the film in each major territory

      Involvement in the marketing strategy for the film including print, TV,
       internet and radio editorial and advertising which will be devised in
       association with the distributors of the film. The involvement of a
       sponsor in the making of the film will be a story in itself and will form
       an important part of the marketing strategy

      Exclusive content to contribute to your own CSR programme, and as
       an educational resource, including the film itself, together with
       interviews secured from Sandra Laing, the film’s director, producer and

      Further involvement from Sandra Laing and the actors involved in the
       film, for appearances at special events and for any further associated
       educational events


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