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									VICENZA FAIR   May 12 - 16, 2007

               EXHIBITORS GUIDE
Advertising and showcases              page   5
Booth fitting keys                      page   5
Booth set-up & dismantling             page   5
Customs                                page   5
Exhibitors’ badges                     page   5
Exhibitors’ catalogue delivery         page   6
Fascia board                           page   6
Gold Design Jury                       page   6
Guest invitation cards request         page   6
Handicap parking                       page   6
Hotel booking                          page   6
Indoor surveillance                    page   6
Insurance                              page   7
Miscellaneous services                 page   7
Nursery                                page   7
Offices - telephones                    page   4
Opening hours                          page   5
Payment                                page   7
Pre-registration for trade operators   page   8
Press Offices                           page   8
Promotional leaflet                     page   8
Safe deposit boxes                     page   8
Safe rental                            page   8
Security rules                         page   8
Services lay out                       page   3
Shuttle Buses                          page   9
Trade operators registration           page   10
Video–audio commercial signs           page   10
Vioro Wireless                         page   10

SERVICES                                   Technical assistance, Snack Bars and WI-FI
Travel Agency                              coverage in each pavilion.
Gold Cab-Taxi Service                      Information offices at the entrances and in
Post office                                 all pavilions.
Photocopy service
Medical Service
Police Station
Internet Point
Business Point
Italian Press Room
International Press Room
Trissino Room (100 seats)
Fogazzaro Room (40 seats)

Newsagent’s and tobaconist


Kosher Restaurant                          For hotel bookings, train and plane timetables, car
Cloakroom                                  rentals please contact the travel agency that manages
                                           incoming traffic for Vicenza Fair:
Chinese Restaurant               
Cloakroom                                  T +39 02 580 34454
Photocopy and fax service                  T at the Fair +39 0444 969 848
Trade operators reception        
Internet point

PAVILION I                                 For historical/artistic information, shows, exhibitions
Palladio Room (750 seats)                  and museums, please contact:
Restaurant “Ground Floor”                  Convention & visitor bureau
Restaurant Service Centre “Pigafetta”      T +39 0444 994 770
                                           F +39 0444 999 779
Shuttle service to the Fair (round trip)
Cloakroom                                  Gold Cab - Taxi Service
Photocopy and fax service                  T +39 0444 920 600
Trade operators reception
Internet point                             Special Rates:
Medical Service                            Airport Marco Polo Venice to the Fair and return

                                       Fiera Vicenza S.p.A. - 36100 Vicenza (Italy) - Via Dell’Oreficeria, 16
                                                        Tel. (+39) 0444 969.111 - Fax (+39) 0444 969.000

President                                                   Dino Menarin

Director General                                            Maurizio Castro

President’s Secretary                                       tel. 0444/969.918

Director General Secretary’s Team                           tel. 0444/969.994 - 969.957

Business and Legal Affairs                                  tel. 0444/969.912

Jewellery Fairs Management                                  tel. 0444/969.916
Customer Service - Italy                                    tel. 0444/969.935 - 969.942
Customer Service - International                            tel. 0444/969.905 - 969.971

Exhibitors’ Technical Assistance                            tel. 0444/969.988 - 969.926

Technical Management                                        tel. 0444/969.937
Technical Services                                          tel. 0444/969.910 - 969.911
Graphic and Interior Design - Planning Dept.                tel. 0444/969.993 - 969.959 - 969.981

Logistics                                                   tel. 0444/969.990

Administration Management                                   tel. 0444/969.904

Customer Accounting                                         tel. 0444/969.909 - 969.941

Public Relations                                            tel. 0444/969.920 - 969.979

In-Fair Advertising                                         tel. 0444/969.907

Brand Marketing                                             tel. 0444/969.970 - 969.964

Communication Management                                    tel. 0444/969.917

Press Office                                                 tel. 0444/969.914 - 969.908

Multimedia Web marketing                                    tel. 0444/969.989

Italian Press Office                                         tel. 0444/969.952 - 969.965

International Press Office                                   tel. 0444/969.025

For Exhibitors:                                                     For Trade Visitors:
May 12-16:              8.30 am - 6.30 pm                           May 12-16:          9.30 am - 6.30 pm

For information on advertising inside the Fairgrounds and showcases please contact the Advertising Office of the Vicenza
Fair-Tel. +39/0444/969.907.
Technical Assistance: Clear Channel Jolly Pubblicità spa Tel. +39/049/895.5200.

Please contact Europstand (tel.: +39/339.430.30.47)

In order to avoid any kind of problem concerning security, exhibitors shall be obliged to respect the following time table for site
• Pavilions will be open for booth construction & decoration from the Monday prior to the beginning of the exhibition – opening
      hours 8.30 am – 6.30 pm.
• Booth construction has to be completed at 6.30 pm 2 days prior to the opening of the show.
• Booth cleaning and final works have to be completed between 8.30 am and 2.00 pm on the day prior to the opening;
• Booth dismantling has to be carried out within 3 days after the closure of the show (8.30 am - 6.30 pm).
• Removal of precious items: between 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm on the closing day.
Requests for extension of the above mentioned working hours, if necessary, have to be presented to the Technical Dept, that
will advise costs and conditions (tel.: +39/0444/969.910-911) 1 day in advance.
For loading/unloading assistance Exhibitors may contact the company “Gruppo Servizi d’Impresa” – tel.: +39/0444/288.744.

Customs clearance can be carried out on the day before the opening between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm and on the last
exhibition day between 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm in front of the Italian press room - West entrance.

Upon arrival, exhibitors are requested to collect their badges starting from the afternoon on Thursday May 10, at the
West entrance. Badges are strictly personal and cannot be transferred.
The exhibitor will be charged Euro 11,00
- for all badges exceeding the number due to each exhibiting company
- if badges have to be replaced during the show

The Exhibitors’ Catalogue and the VIORO International Magazine will be handed at the booths.

No sign indicating company name and booth number will be provided by the Fair, except for those companies making use of booths
supplied by the Fair. Therefore, exhibitors who have their own booth fittings, are requested to provide for the fascia board
including company name and booth number (for further information please contact the Technical Dept. at +39/0444/969.910-11).

The Gold Design Jury established by ASSICOR (coordinating Association for the productive development of gold jewellery,
silverware and similar) is located at the Business Point - West entrance (Tel. +39/0444/969.696).

The Vicenza Trade Fair will send to the exhibiting companies, upon request, free invitation cards (maximum 15) valid for
one entrance of guests who are not trade operators.

Exhibitors or trade operators with physical diseases can ask for a temporary parking permission inside the Fairgrounds
– until all available parking spaces are allocated – applying to the General Secretariat (tel. +39/0444/969.994) presenting
a medical certification. We also inform exhibitors that all pavilions are accessible to people with physical diseases.

For hotel bookings, train and plane timetables, car rentals please contact the travel agency that manages incoming
traffic for the Vicenza Fair:
Carlson Wagonlit Travel - West entrance - tunnel Pav. F/I Tel. +39 0444/969.848.



Tel. +39/0444/969.300

West entrance - tunnel Pav. F/I - Tel. +39/0444/969.714

The Vicenza Fair will provide security arrangements inside the fairgrounds starting from 2.00 pm 1 day prior to the opening
until 2.00 pm on the day after the closure of the show.
Exhibitors however are recommended to remove all precious goods from the showcases at the end of each exhibition day.
In case of emergency call:
Technical Office:                           Tel. +39/0444/969.910 - +39/0444/969.911
Security Office:                            Tel. +39/0444/969.931 - +39/0444/ 969.947
Police Office:                              Tel. +39/0444/969.943

Exhibitors are requested to provide themselves with an insurance for the booth and for all the displayed goods.
The Vicenza Trade Fair does not take any responsibility for damages to people or things by whoever or
however caused.
Exhibitors are also recommended to take all precautions against theft as underlined in the security rules.

Exhibitors may contact the following companies for different services:
Rangers - Tel. +39/0444/510.133 -
Cooplat scarl - Tel./Fax +39/045/820.0151;
at the Fair: Tel. +39 0444 969 062 - Fax +39 0444 969 063
Della Valle Tel. +39/0444/543131 -
Verona 83 Tel. +39/0444/346014 -
Digital Network Tel. +39/045/8701030 -

Children under 12 years are not admitted to the Fair.
A free nursery for children over the age of 3 is available at the Service Center - West entrance Tel. +39/0444/969.978

The balance can be remitted upon receipt of the invoice:
- at BANCA POPOLARE DI VICENZA - located at the West entrance
  opening hours: 9.00 am - 12.30 pm / 2.35 pm - 4.05 pm.

- by wire transfer on account number 018570000707
  BANCA POPOLARE DI VICENZA - ABI 05728 - CAB 11818 - CIN: R - swift code: BPVIIT22159
  IBAN code: IT38R0572811818018570000707.

Please fax a copy (Fax no. +39/0444/969.000) of the receipt to the Accounting Dept. to allow the issue of the
exit permit.

Exit permits must be shown to the surveillance when exiting.

We remind exhibitors that a pre-registration service is at disposal of their customers, who can order
and receive in advance the annual trade operator’s entrance pass, completely free of charge.
This service is addressed to the following categories: Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Import-Export,
Retailers and Agents/Representatives, Gemmologists, Designers. Exhibitors are kindly requested to
remind their customers of this service.
In order to obtain your pre-registered entrance card, please send a fax to +39 0444 969.000, an e-
mail to, or pre-register online through

Exhibitors may deliver to the press offices (located in the hall of the West entrance) their press releases
with the acquittance for press usage, starting the day before the beginning of the fair. For more
information please call: +39/0444/969.914 - 969.908.

We remind you that the promotional leaflets will be sent to the exhibitors in a timely matter to publicise
their participation in the exhibition, underlining the pavilion and the booth number, to their customers
(see Trade operators Registration); the promotion leaflets can not be used as an entrance ticket. The
Vicenza Trade Fair has also started a service of promotional cards, in Italian and English, that can
be personalized with the company data, Pavilion and booth number, and being sent to the customer
by e-mail. Every client will receive the invitation without seeing the other addresses inputted by the

Safe deposit boxes are available at the BANCA POPOLARE DI VICENZA, located in the West
entrance hall (Tel. +39/0444/565.656).

For safe rental, Exhibitors may apply to ROMOLO URBANI & FIGLI (Tel. +39/0444/960.945 - Fax
During the Fair: Pav. G booth no. 13G.

Exhibitors are requested to pay attention to the safety rules and in particular:
- to negotiate inside their booth and to report each possible suspect (tel.: +39/0444/969.910 -+39/0444/969.931
- to close the door of the booth at the end of each exhibition day, to switch off the electrical plants, to remove all
  precious goods on display and to make use of the storage facilities of banks, safes etc.
- inside the Fairgrounds it is compulsory to wear visibly the personal ID badge.
The Vicenza Trade Fair Board reserves the right to exclude companies from participation in case of repeated
and grave violation of the indicated rules.

Connection from the PARKING AREAS located along the neighbouring roads (Via del Commercio
- Via della Scienza - Via dell’Oreficeria) to the FAIR (in front of the West entrance). The service is
available during the Fair with the following timetable: from 9.00 am to 12.00 non stop.

Connection from the WEST ENTRANCE to L PAVILION “Oromacchine”
May 11:                from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm non stop
May 12-16:             from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm non stop

Connection RAILWAY STATION - FAIR (in front of the West entrance)
From the Fair:
Fair - SS11 (stop in front of Hotel Europa) - Viale San Lazzaro (stop Hotel Tiepolo) - Viale Verona (stop
Hotel De La Ville) - Viale Milano (stop near Hotel Cristina) - Railway Station. Timetable: from 8.00 am
to 7.30 pm every 30 minutes.

From the railway station:
Railway Station - P.le De Gasperi (for downtown hotels) - San Felice (stop Hotel Cristina) - Viale
Verona (stop Hotel De La Ville) - Viale San Lazzaro (stop Hotel Tiepolo) - SS11 (Stop in front of Hotel
Europa) - Fair timetable: from 7.30 am to 7.00 pm every 30 minutes.

Connection from the HOTELS listed below to the FAIR and return:
The service is reserved exclusively for guests. For further information regarding the transfer schedule
please contact the reception of your hotel.
PADOVA: Hotel Sheraton

Connection from MARCO POLO Airport at Tessera, Venice, to the FAIR:
The service is available daily from May 11-16, with the following timetable:
Departure from Venice to the Fair
9.15 am -10.30 am -12.00 noon
2.00 pm -5.30 pm -6.30 pm
Departure from the Fair to Venice
1.00 pm - 4.00 pm
May 16: 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm - 6.30 pm

Connection from VALERIO CATULLO Airport at Villafranca, Verona, to the FAIR.
The service is available daily from May 12-16, with the following timetable:
Departure from Verona to the Fair
11.15 am
Departure from the Fair to Verona
5.00 pm
                                     For departure times visit:

                            Timetables are subject to changes: please
                                      refer to Vicenza Fair

Entrance badges are available, free of charge, at the Trade Receptions located at the West and East
entrances, in Pav. H and in Pav. L upon presentation of a documentation stating the activity on the
jewellery sector and an identification card. This is valid for:
- all trade operators
- all guests of the trade operators
- all guests with the “President invitation” or the “opening ceremony invitation”
- all conventions speakers and gold sector students.


Each exhibitor can display commercial signs in the booth, up to one sqm. If you need to use more
space, please inform the Fair, and inform the competent municipal office. Exhibitors making use of
audio-visual equipment in their booths are requested to pay for the use of the audio & video material
to S.I.A.E. (Vicenza - Viale Astichello, 10 - Tel. +39/0444-928.674 - Fax +39/0444-928.736) upon
previous request to the Vicenza Trade Fair and to S.I.A.E. itself.

Vicenza Fair offers free of charge to the exhibitors VICENZAWIRELESS, the new wireless internet
For more information please call: Tel. +39/0444-969.928 or see the web site


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